Frightening & Intense Scenes (2)

  • Mild
  • There is a strong religious aspect of this film. A girl and her family are often called 'devil worshipers' by classmates. Two girls pray loudly and in a chant that ends up in windows smashing.
  • Threat occurs at various points in the film, when supernatural elements come into play. The witches' powers are mostly telekinetic and we see windows of a school made to shatter and a family dinner table made to spin around. Neither event results in any injury and both are over quickly. At one point, a character is covered with inky brambles as the result of a spell, with creepers moving up his body to his face. Again, the sequence is soon over and the character is unharmed by the experience. The same black creepers appear in a scene in which two witches confront each other. The black brambles move over one woman's body and she is restrained against the wall behind her. As she struggles, she turns into a creature and explodes in a black cloud of dust. Bad witches are seen with glowing amber eyes and one witch has the ability to make people's eyes go red at her touch.