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  • The story has an original premise in that's it has a fairly familiar ideas (witches and magic - one of the oldest subjects for stories - strange kid moves into town and changes everything, secrets about the town are unveiled etc.) but the focus is on how the caster girl's powers affect her and her feelings of being outcast all her life, and the story revolves around a teen romance with a twist.

    I went to see the film expecting to follow Lena, the caster girl who is struggling with the powers of light and dark inside her, but was (pleasantly) surprised to see the story was generally told from the point of view of her love interest Ethan, the 'normal' boy who falls for the outsider when everyone else shuns her. He's a very likable character, clearly passionate and compassionate, and has a good sense of humour that provides fresh light on the sometimes dark story matter.

    It was also a bit creepier than I expected. There is conflict between the light and dark casters, as well as these elements within the characters, fighting for supremacy - danger and fear run through the film, and you will be surprised more than once.

    Personally I found this film really entertaining, though I understand many fans are unhappy with the adaptation and I'm considering reading the books myself. I thought it offered everything, humour, action, fear, a sweet romance, a healthy dose of magic - and it's fresh! This is a solid, quality young adult movie.
  • OK so I postponed watching this movie due to the harsh comments it had gotten from many people about how it wasn't worth watching and I have to say I completely disagree with them!

    I watched this movie and loved the story and will admit even got sad/happy at points following the characters growth and change in the movie. It took me to a place that I had never thought about and I will say that, that is something when there are so many movies out these days.

    For those who give it crap for not being like the book I do have to say that look at most any book to movie series i.e Harry Potter/Twilight/Hunger Games there are things that have to be left out or reworked in order for a movie to go through it will never be EXACTLY the same. Some things just don't work in the movie world.

    Again I loved this movie and would love to see a sequel come out of it. (Yes I do plan on reading the book anyways.)
  • When I first heard that Beautiful Creatures (the novel) was going to be adapted into a movie, I was hesitant to see it, due to the fact that the trailers were absolutely horrible. I'm just glad that the movie focused on a lot more than a supernatural romance, because that's only one of many interesting and complicated plot lines.

    Despite the fact that the LA Times and the NY Times gave the flick great reviews, a bunch of lesser-known critics were much harsher on it. After reading some of these reviews, I was shocked to see how biased and silly some of the comments were. It was clear that these were people that walked in to the theater expecting Twilight and were too self-conscious about praising a teen movie to say that it wasn't.

    Twilight is all about the romance. Beautiful Creatures has a big Romeo and Juliet thing going on, but at the same time, there's mysteries, prophesies, hypocrisy, Southern politics, Civil War history, religion, death, evil forces, and all sorts of madness making for quite an interesting story (with some very witty and sarcastic dialogue to put a cherry on top).

    Other people that read the book were likewise upset, because they thought it strayed too much from the source material. The only MAJOR change made was about 3/4 of the way through the movie, and the end result was still the same as the book. The reason why the writer did this was for the sake of TIME. If he hadn't made that change, the movie would have dragged on for three hours as oppose to rapping itself up nicely at two.

    I thought the acting was good as well, and Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert had nice chemistry as Ethan and Lena. Of course, Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson, and Viola Davis gave great performances, but that comes as no surprise. Emmy Rossum as the wicked siren, Ridley, was fabulous, and Thomas Mann was hilarious as Link.

    I especially loved Thompson's twisted character-she played a crazy Republican fundamentalist named Mrs. Lincoln, who gets possessed by Sarafine Duchannes, the most powerful Dark Caster alive. As Sarafine, her performance was definitely "Dark", bridging on psychotic. Not what I was expecting, but I liked it.

    However, I thought some of the other actors, like the girls that played the Barbie cheerleaders, were horrible. There is a way to portray phony people and there is a way to pull off a satire while still keeping it believable.

    Besides plot and acting, I loved the costumes and set. They were very beautifully done and really captured the gorgeous yet creepy atmosphere of the story. In addition, the effects were cool-nothing to die over, but they served their purpose.

    Lastly, I thought the soundtrack was awesome and very different. The mix of classical, blues, country, and alternative music worked great with the film.

    Overall, I think the movie is an 8 out of 10. It's not amazing, but it is entertaining, interesting, and something I recommend seeing.
  • A common criticism of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES is that it doesn't do justice to the original novel, which is often the case when the book is really good. I had not read the book prior to watching this but am now eager to do so.

    Regardless, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES is vividly filmed with good performances by Alice Englert, Alden Ehrenreich, Emmy Rossum, Rachel Brosnahan, and just about everyone else. Another frequent complaint seems to be that there is not enough in the magic/special effects department: True, but the relative sparseness here adds a necessary realism and highlights what spectactics the film does have. The townspeople of Gatlin, South Carolina, are stereotypical Bible-thumping yokel-rubes, but that serves its purpose in the way it contrasts Lena (Englert), who is just about the only character who does not speak in a deep-southern accent. It also helps in how Ethan (Ehrenreich) and his buddy Link (Thomas Mann) completely defy their hickish appearances. BEAUTIFUL CREATURES captures the whole Southern Gothic tradition quite well. One way or another, the relationships in this film are very real. BEAUTIFUL CREATURES also walks the thin horror-comedy line most admirably.

    On the dimmer end of things, the whole texture of the film is a little slow and murky, and it would probably have been a little better with a few minutes cut here and there.
  • wolfsinger9916 February 2013
    Okay so here is the deal with this movie. no it doesn't follow the book exactly, but then again, what movie really does? I read all the books in this series about 3 years ago and just finished the last in the series recently. The movie got the main events pretty much right so that is all that matters. The effects were pretty amazing and I have nothing to complain about on the acting. But the only thing that bothers me is that people keep calling this Twilight.

    For one, Twilight has poor acting and a stupid story line. I read the books before the movies, and they were only okay. This has a fantastic story line and it is more... realistic i guess. Yes it has magic and what not but he likes her because of her! Not because he "just cant stay away from her". The movie does have a lot of romance but it's more believable that they really care for each other.

    It is an insult comparing this amazing book and pretty good movie to Twilight. Yes if you like Twilight you should like this too, just because Twilight was made into a movie first does not mean that this should be compared to it. It is not a Twilight copy. Especially if you read the book, it is for a much more mature mind.
  • The word on the street is that this is the expected successor after the conclusion of the Twilight film franchise, having some parallels in its tale that deals with the supernatural, and love between a being of higher power and that of an ordinary human except for the reversal of genders, and set in a schooling environment of an idyllic small town where people know just about everyone else. It's also based on a successful series of novels by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, so it's everyone's bet just how this first installment would perform that would determine its future as a potential film franchise, where many other potentials have fallen after its initial start - The Dark is Rising, The Golden Compass, and I am Number Four, to name but a few in this genre.

    Beautiful Creatures starts off rather beautifully, with awesome visuals that would set to engage and create that visual feast for the eyes, crafting a mystery from the onset in the dreams of protagonist Ethan Wate (Alden Ehrenreich), who see an ominous sequence of events, only to not see who that raven haired female is due to a deliberate obscuring by her long tresses. But soon enough the latest stranger in town happens to be Lena Duchannes (Alice Englert), who brings forth with her immense powers, conveniently unleashed against those who taunt her because of their small town mentality, especially that of Ethan's ex Emily (Zoey Deutch).

    But Lena has other problems to worry about, and that's due to an internal family feud, with different camps set up who want her pledged allegiance, being a caster and thought to be one of the most powerful ones yet. On one hand there's Macon (Jeremy Irons) her uncle who serves as adviser and father figure. But on the other, is mom Safarine (Emma Thompson) and evil cousin Ridley (Emmy Rossum) who try to turn her, all of whom come together for that merry celebration of computer generated imagery that in all honesty, are gorgeously rendered, making Beautiful Creatures live up to its namesake. It's almost like Star Wars with Safarine dead set in getting Lena turn to the dark side when it's her 16th birthday, so that they can rule the universe and galaxy with their powers, between mother and daughter. Lofty ambitions, but that's what evil folks fantasize about.

    The romance is something you'd have to get used to though, since it forms the bulk of the story here. If you're a fan of Twilight and its treatment of first love between two unlikely beings separated by life, then this would be something quite up the same alley, with inherent powers that define the abilities of one side of the couple, which are used for that effective courtship. There's plenty of cooing between the love birds here as they spend time together like any teenager in love, if not researching with Amma (Viola Davis), who is a seer of the town, and an ally in Lena's identity crisis.

    If I had to give this film its due credit, it will be how it set up the hook for that emotional resonance in the final scene. There has to be some personal sacrifice in store for our protagonists in order to cement their relationship, although the solution presented here was of a taller order, that called for some twists during the big magical battle set against the recreation of the Civil War's Battle of Honey Hill. It was in fact, the final few minutes that became the movie's saving grace, and lifted it from mediocrity, providing it that bit of a heart beat and soul that primed itself for subsequent episodes in the series.
  • kjetil197914 February 2013
    Im 33 years old and probably not in the main-group for this movie (teengirls maybe). But me and my friend got a free ticket and went for this movie we would normally not had seen.

    But i was charmed. The young actors played well, was cute and had chemistry together. We smiled many times, and the effects was good. The story was OK, and i have never read the story this movie is build on.

    This is a good movie i think, and probably they will make more movies so we see how the story will go. I found it fun with the southern small town fun of religious narrowness. And the fight between good and evil is a fight in many of the fantasy-movies, and that was a red line in this movie and worked good.

    Fun also to see Emma Thompson, she did a awesome actor-work.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As a die-hard fan of the Beautiful Creatures series, this movie was completely and totally horrible, and almost painful to watch. The movie was basically a Twilight-ified version of the books I loved. From the complete absence of key characters (Marian, the Sisters, Reece, Mr. Wate) to the ridiculous additions to the plot line (Ethan forgetting Lena) and the major events and character aspects left out (Ridleys lollipop, Larkin being Light, Macon being a Caster, Link killing Ethan, and don't get me started about Genevieve killing Ethan!), this movie was horrible. I understand that the director and the screenwriter were allowed to take some liberties with the script, and some parts of the book were just impossible to adapt into a movie, but this 'interpretation' was awful. I would not recommend this movie to anyone, even someone I deeply disliked. I was close to getting up and leaving the theater.
  • Although there are some elements of twilight in the story. I found it to be a much better viewing experience. I was definitely surprised by how good it was. I may be biased because I like fantasy films a lot. Nevertheless, in some areas it was a little slow, especially at the beginning, but it does pick as the story continues.

    Typical fantasy romance film plot, but it is fun to watch.I liked the fact that the story occurred in an isolated town and the rest of the world being completely oblivious to the existence of witches. Personally it made me feel as if something like this, no matter how absurd, could actually be happening.

    Note- this is my first ever review and it is rushed, so be nice.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First off, how many times do people get let down going in to movies expecting them to be like the movies??? Get over it! The movie was great...the main characters were great actors and had great chemistry. I personally loved the movie. I actually liked it more than i thought, which is a good surprise for me. I knew id like it, but i liked it so much more! I really hope they continue to make movies from this series whether or not they follow the books. A good movie is a good all u disturbed book series followers get ur panties out a wad nd learn to appreciate great young actors and their hard work to make entertaining movies. For those looking for a good fantasy movie with love, action, and funny moments, this is the movie for you. It was good beginning to end.
  • ecslammer26 April 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've read ALL of the books in the Beautiful Creatures series and I found the ending a HUGE disappointment. Ethan doesn't go off to look at colleges in the books and the whole thing of him losing his memory of Elena?! BS! The director DEFINITELY could of made the movie almost perfect to the book like most movies do, the add in were a huge disappointment but other than that I found the way the director brought the characters many people cherish to life excellent! I think that the actors portraying Elena, Ridley and Ethan were perfect. (Those were always my favorite characters). I also enjoyed the fact that Amma was also the Librarian. The roles in the books were very short and less mentioned but since in the movie they were the same person we got to learn EVEN MORE about the Castor world which is perfect in a fans mind like mine. I would definitely see this movie but if you read the books you'll be somewhat disappointed in the ending.....
  • hidlu21 February 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    The screenplay is completely wrong! I was so angry I wanted to ask for my ticket money back! I read all four novels and am not sure how they could attempt to make the next three into movies. Amma is supposed to be an OLD southern black lady who is involved with voodoo and is continually places "dolls" and salt to "protect" Wate's Landing. She IS NOT the Keeper! Professor Marian IS and she is also Lila Evers Wate's best friend and colleague at the Gatlin Library! Uncle Abner likes Wild Turket Whiskey and Lemon pie. Amma is a county fair winning cook who lives at Wate's Landing and is taking care of both Ethan and his father as she has done her entire life.

    The Book of Moons was in the Duchannes Crypt not in the Caster Library which is only open on holidays when the Gatlin Library is closed! What happened to the Sisters??? They play an ever increasing role in the books. Without them Ethan and Lena will not get the maps of the Caster Tunnels.

    Serafine does not die until book three. They killed her off in this movie. She is an important evil, destructive force in the novels.

    Uncle Macon, a Dark Caster??!!! No!! He is a Blood Incubus who chose to "feed" on dreams! He does not have Caster abilities at ALL! Where is Link? The basketball team? Savannah Snow is a blond blue-eyed southern belle! The English teacher has a good eye side and a bad eye side not the history teacher. Ethan, Link, and Lena do not attend the Battle of Honey Hill.

    Ethan is stabbed by Serafine on the 26th moon and Lena uses the Book of Moons Ethan finds in Genieve's grave to bring him back to life causing Macon to die. This fact is not in the movie creating more problems for the next three novels in the series! The only good thing I can say about the movie is RIDLEY ROCKS. Her character is spot on and she steals the movie from the main characters. The casting for her role is PERFECT!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When asked if I wanted to see this film I half-heartedly said yes with little understanding of what I was going to see, wondering if I will regret it and have teen girls crying around me (I'm a guy), I was expecting an over romantic chick flick with something to do with magic, love, forbidden love and sacrifice. Something along the lines of 'Twilight' this assumption was Incorrect. And I was pleasantly surprised and pleased this wasn't another case of sparkling vampires or something similar. For all those who haven't seen this movie and believe it's the same thing as Twilight this alone being the reason you're not going to see it, you'd be wrong like I was at the start I recommend getting a bunch of friends and seeing it on a weekend . Where Twilight was just a pure romantic love story for fanged freaks, 'Beautiful Creatures' is a contemporary version of 'Romeo and Juliet' that explores the "humanity" of an unknown supernatural world of powers, preferably known as 'Casters' that's what they call themselves.

    When I came out of the cinema I was smiling, I would even go as far as saying I was 'Claimed' by it (HAHA lame joke). This was an entertaining film; all the actors had chemistry together and it was refreshing to see new actors take on a role such as this one effortlessly. The main characters that stood out from the rest would have to of been Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson, Alden Ehrenreich, Alice Englert, Viola Davis and Emmy Rossum. (Just the main characters is all, I'll mention only three below ) Alden plays the role of Ethan Wate the main character we are first introduced to and which the plot of the story follows from his point of view, much like the books this is based off.

    Alden Ehrenreich plays a convincing role as the small town boy who aspires to be different and intelligent planning to leave rather than follow the small minded community members of Gatlin that will undoubtedly stay in the town for the rest of their lives, this Southern gentlemanly style of character stays with Ethan and is more so expressed when the new girl arrives at the school, Lena Duchanne also known as "old man Ravenswood's niece."

    Alice Englert plays the unknown new girl Lena and we soon realise she isn't what she seems, as windows decide to smash inwards all on their own doing, along with bizarre weather patterns that involve lightning hitting the same place, making the towns folk dust off their bibles and prayin to the good lord for mercy. But this is a romantic and all the commotion has an appealing magnetism for Ethan and so instead of avoiding the 'not so cool girl' that dresses weird and is related to the towns version of the Boogie man Macon Ravenwood (Irons), he goes and talks to her getting closer to her feelings than her not so normal family would like, the idea would be to break them apart and Lena's Uncle, Macon Ravenwood is determined to do so and who better to play the role as the intimidating relation but Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons.

    Irons brings a life time of experience to the set and to see him perform in this type of genre is quite different but effective, as he plays Lena's Uncle we see he cares for her deeply and can be instantly branded with being an over protective guardian, but who wouldn't be if your nieces sixteenth birthday would decide whether or not you turn to the 'Dark or the Light' also known as the 'Claiming' simply put the Good, or the bad to the bone destroy everything in your path Evil, what a hurdle to get over right and it's not like anyone wants her to go Dark yeah? Right well there's that to.

    With a well written script that involves expressing humanity in a supernatural world coupled with wit and humour and just the right amount of special effects this is a fun and entertaining film to see. It wasn't spectacular but it's worth a look. And I hope someone gives the two budding actors Alice & Alden another go because they weren't all that bad.

    PS If you have read the books and disagree with how the movie panned out, don't make it your mission in life to hate it, take it for what it is, they can't make the same magic that a writer can with a pen but they can get pretty close. I had seen the movie first before I read the book, there are some major changes. But I liked the performances of the cast hence the reason for (My score) below.

    Acting (On all accounts) 8/10 VFX (for what there was) 6/10 Costume & Design 8/10 Book to Film Adaptation 4.5/10 Genre (Supernatural Romance, forbidden love, did it fit well in the film?) 7.5/10

    (My score) 7/10

    Personal opinion I found it more enjoyable than Twilight. Worth a look, possibly not a read, you will probably be disappointed.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    I just came back from watching this at the cinema. I only read the book two weeks ago after seeing the trailer and was so hooked went and got the second book. Well this film does the book no justice. Half the characters are missing and the main characters in the book do not have the same characteristics. I found it completely different. Its almost like they re-wrote the whole book (a very sub-standard version). I almost left half way through the movies but stayed just to see it through.

    The end of the movie. I'm sorry, but it was completely awful.

    I don't know how they could even make the sequel as half the main characters aren't even there.


    Rant over
  • My brother and I went to see this in theaters by using our birthday gift our grandmother had given us with much expectations. Later, we walked out of the theater and we had a good time. Even though the professional critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave it mixed feelings, I thought this is a pretty good film. It's not spectacular, though for there are some problems that I do have with the film.

    The story was OK. It became quite predictable by using some of the same clichés that we've already seen before like in Twilight, but it got me interested especially towards the end of this flick. There are some times where the exposition throughout the film is a bit too much for my tastes.

    Flaws aside, this film does have some good qualities. The cinematography is brilliant and the scenery of South Carolina is beautiful to look at. The direction is above-decent and the music score is surprisingly good. The special effects are pretty good too and the golden eyes effect is the perfect highlight. The dialog is pretty smart and mixes melodrama and campy humor pretty well throughout the film.

    The best part, however, would have to go to the cast. Emma Thompson as Serafine sometimes overacts, but by golly was she enjoyable; Emmy Rossum did a nice job as the foxy Ridley, Viola Davis did very good as Amma and Jeremy Irons (the famous actor from The Lion King, Eragon, etc.) did a fantastic job as the menacing and edgy Macon Ravenwood. However, the best characters would have to go to the two main protagonists. Alden Enrenreich did an amazing job as the charismatic Ethan Wate while Alice Englert is a perfect Lena Duchannes, thus making them a much likable duo than Bella and Edward from Twilight.

    Overall, I have yet to read the book it was based on and I understood all the hatred this flick had, but despite it's own problems, Beautiful Creatures is a pretty good fantasy romance flick that is way better than the Twilight movies and I think would be recommended to those who haven't seen it yet.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The trend for magic and fantasy based romantic chronicles, something older than time itself, has recently gotten a 21st century reboot with Harry Potter and Twilight, and a tidal wave of "teen fiction" has emerged, each winning its own followers in the same way bands or sports teams do. Hollywood, scenting a sure buck, has begun adapting these, with differing rates of success. The template for them all is of course the runaway success of the "Twilight" films, which stuck close to their literary sources and used a cast of pretty and pretty vacant leads, leading to the films deserved reputation for boredom and cringe worthy sappiness (as well as slow meandering plots that went nowhere very slowly) Now that Meyer's cycle has played itself out, we're all waiting for "the new Twilight" in the same way people of a previous generation looked for "the new Star Wars" Could it be "Beautiful Creatures"?

    The novels by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl have been phenomenally successful and earned their own devoted fans. From the comments on this site, it appears the film has deviated pretty massively from the book (as many adaptations do) angering fans in the process, but also meaning that the film, written and directed by Richard LaGravanese, stands and falls as its own original creation, and as a standalone film it is actually pretty good!

    The storyline of course is made of mythopoeic tropes, like destiny, first love, forbidden love, the chosen one, the call, the call rejected, the wise counsel, the murdering/protecting parent figures, etc. It is all transposed to a sleepy town (where all American fiction it seems exists) in South Carolina, a place where the minds are as small as the town and the future is anything but rosy. Of course into such a place must come the outsider, in this case our heroine Lena Duchannes (Alice Englert) who is of an ancient line of witches, called "Casters" who are born with an imprinted character, a destiny that will either be for light or dark (the world exists on a balance of the two apparently so both are needed) The female Casters apparently have no choice in the matter, and at moonrise on their 16th birthdays, the "claiming" happens and they become their predetermined type (Now how's that for a mythology?) Seems Lena may be going the dark way, especially given a family curse going back to a Civil War ancestor who committed an Imothep-ian blasphemy by using a forbidden spell to resurrect a dead Reb' lover, but seems there may be a way out of it but with a very high price indeed. Drawn to her is the local intellectual kid (but with jock looks) Ethan Wate (Alde Ehenreich) whose love of the edgy works of Miller, Burgess, Vonnegut and Buchowski unite the two lovers (an interesting idea in this sort of milieu) as well as contempt for the local prom queen bitches. Also in the mix is her protective Uncle Macon (Jeremy Irons) who is a Caster too, as well as Ethan's dead mother's lover (are you getting all this?) and guiding her into the light. On the other side is Macon's sister and Lena's mother Sarafine (Emma Thompson) a very dark witch indeed who knows Lena will be the one to bring balance to the Force (oops wrong movie!) and wants her to turn evil so she can get Armageddon on the boil, aided by Lena's sister Ridley (Emily Rossum) a sexy man teasing bitch witch. Aiding the light side is the local supernatural record keeper, seer and Voodoo high priestess Amma (Viola Davis) who will guide Lena to the truth. Oh yes, and Ethan is the descendant of the dead Reb' lover that cursed Lena's line! How will destiny play out?

    "BC" is, for such a film, quite smart, with ideas about fate, choice, responsibility and sacrifice, as well as an appreciation for great literature and the lust for knowledge and growth. As in most modern fantasy movies, the age old division of Light and Dark takes on an ideological character, with Serafine and Ridley espousing a pessimistically nihilist worldview, damning love, God, virtue et al as feeble fantasies where only power over others really exists. Macon, Lena, Ethan and Amma of course have faith and respect, and a little wisdom too. Serafine interestingly hides as a Bible bashing Christian Rightist, her own dark joke about what she perceives as the worst of Human folly, while the Human Prom Queen bitches claim Christianity but are the exact opposite of all its virtues and teaching

    The direction and writing by LaGravanese are excellent, and show he was interested in making a good movie rather than just a successful one. The film is long but plays well, and never drags. The main asset the film has is its great cast. Englert and Ehenreich are superb as the young lovers, smart, sassy and very credible – No Stewart or Pattinson are they! Backing them up are three top drawer actors, Irons, Thompson and Davis, and rather than stunt casting they add real weight and power to the story, and they are never short changed by the script but given room to breathe and live. The special effects are pretty dire, but they count for little in this story, so it won't make too much of a difference. The Southern-tinged music by "Thenewno2" adds local colour to the proceedings, and technically the film is fine (apart from SFX).

    Apparently it has not been a big success, and that may damage its sequel chances. As a standalone it is a fine film, and has a self-sealing ending of the "Ruby Sparks/Nightwatch/Prince of Persia" kind that hints to more should we wish to go there again one day.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So this movie is set in Gatlin...and the main characters are Ethan and Lena... and that is where the similarities to the book end. My friend and I recently read the book in preparation for going to the movie. We adored the book and were excited to see the film.

    First, let me say that I have seen countless movie from book adaptations and, granted, they all stray. However, most of the time, there are just a few niggling details that bother me. This movie COMPLETELY lost the charm of the book it was adapted from. Every beautiful moment, every lovely detail was eliminated for cheap, CGI effects and cloying, pitiful attempts at romance.

    While the performances were solid by some very talented actors, I have to wonder why they even accepted the parts??

    The most glaring problems were the following: 1.) Amma and Marian fused into one character - WTF? 2.) Ethan portrayed as a lovable idiot 3.) The HORRIBLE accents used in this movie were incredibly grating - and I am from Mississippi 4.) Why did all the inhabitants of Ravenwood look like they just stepped out of a community theater's performance of Alice in Wonderland? 5.) Where was BOO RADLEY?!?!? How hard is it to get a dog people!?! 6.) Larkin wasn't dark - he was insipid and frankly a useless character 7.) Why was the trial at the beginning of the movie and not after the dance, and for that matter - why didn't we see the dance? 8.) Rosemary and Lemons anyone?! 9.) the sixteen moon song 10.)Nothing with Ethan's dad - nothing. 11.)All of the scenes with the locket visions were pitiful.

    I could go on and on and on and on...even small things like the movie Ethan is watching when Mrs. Lincoln comes to his house on Halloween were different. How hard is that to get right for goodness sake?!

    In summary, this movie was awful. I tried to just view it as a movie and separate it from the book I had read in my mind, but that made it even more insipid. I was literally laughing out loud in parts they were so schmaltzy and ridiculous. MAYBE, maybe if you hadn't read the book and were 12 years old and were an idiot, maybe then you would enjoy this movie. At least I got to listen to Jeremy Irons talk, that was the only redeeming factor.

    I wanted to address other reviewers comments that "even the Harry Potter movies strayed from the books". This is true. However, key characters, plot lines and story elements were never eliminated as they were in this film. Based on the storyline of this movie the film makers have made it virtually impossible to continue the series. Rant over.
  • In Gatlin, South Caroline, the teenager Ethan Wate (Alden Ehrenreich) dreams on leaving the conservative town and go to the college. Ethan has dreams with a mysterious girl and when he meets the fifteen year-old newcomer Lena Duchannes (Alice Englert) in his class, he realizes that she is the girl of his dreams. The outcast Lena is rejected by the mates since she is the granddaughter of Macon Ravenwood (Jeremy Irons), who is considered a worshiper of the devil by the superstitious dwellers.

    Ethan gives a ride to Lena and they fall in love with each other. Soon he learns that Lena is a good witch that on her sixteenth birthday will be claimed by the light and the darkness. She may stay in the light, but is cursed to change to the dark side if she falls in love with him. Further, her evil mother Sarafine (Emma Thompson) is a caster that is pushing Lena to the dark side. Now they are seeking a spell to save their doomed love. Will the lovers succeed?

    "Beautiful Creatures" is a pleasant romantic fantasy about love, curse and sacrifice. The fight between light and darkness is well resolved and the conclusion is open to interpretations. It will never be nominated to an Oscar, but entertains. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): "Dezesseis Luas" ("Sixteen Moons")
  • Rhea07041 May 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    ****May Contain Spoilers**** This was completely awful. If I were Kami Garcia I would be embarrassed. There were actually only 2 things in this movie that followed the books and I can't even remember what the second one is that is how disturbed I am. Within the first 2 minutes they had already screwed it up. The dreams that Ethan has pertaining to Lena. Where is the rest of the cast?? I can understand them not having a big budget (I don't know whether they did or didn't I am just assuming they didn't because of lack of characters) but really? They can't get even the lollipop that Ridley uses correct? Lena and Ethan don't Celt at all in the movie. Ethan never dies. Why the heck did Genevieve kill her Ethan? And not even have the Book of Moons. Where is the Sharpie? Why wasn't Lena driving a hearse? This really just makes my head hurt. I am so disturbed by how much they butchered what could have been an amazing movie. I really don't expect them to be able to even make a sequel now that Ethan didn't even die. I won't be watching it either if they do. This is an atrocity.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After seeing this film last night it is clear that they did not want to make it like the book, and if they did they did an awful job in doing so. There were so many characters missing along with so many enchanting moments that made the book. With that being said the film itself was outstanding. Great performances by all actors and just all around a job well done. Had I not read the books I would have walked out giving it a 9/10. For me I am going to take the book series and the movie series as two separate stories that are so close to being the same in that they have the same story line. If others can do the same and try to just see them as separate things than this could be a really successful movie series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was thrown off by the positive reviews and the ones saying it's better than "Twilight". That's not saying much.

    I really wanted to like the movie. I did. But there are a few key areas which I feel it fell flat on it's face.

    On the positive note, there were pieces I liked.... The sub-plot of motivation for leaving town, the poetry, etc... added a certain depth and feeling to the story.

    First off, it feels like an early teen novel in the sense that the storytelling is a bit fantastic, and not in the good sense of the word. One defining characteristic of teen novels are the implausible and extreme (ie silly) behaviors of characters (overemphasizing good and evil) without any sort of relation to human psychology. I don't think it's the fault of the original author of the book, I'm thinking it's more the director who seems to have the mentality of a 13 year old girl. Totally lacking of any emotional or psychological depth behind what happens. Personally I don't think there's such thing as "good" or "evil", so when a story overemphasizes it, it seems corny and aimed at pubescent children who have yet to understand morality. Good stories of morality are supposed to teach our youth how to choose good and how to avoid a selfish and reckless way of life. Without the moral tale, it somewhat gives off the sense that evil is just inevitable. It's not like life events make people selfish or empathetic (sarcasm). Not what teens need to hear. We've gotten to an age where stories entertain and no longer teach, which I find tragic.

    Second, the concept of "light versus dark" seemed annoying. To say that whether a teenage girl chooses good or evil is beyond her control, seems sexist if you ask me. Boys can control their will, but girls can't. Probably a plot point to make the whole story even possible. In the end, the girl chooses both.

    I was a bit annoyed by how the adults acted with authority but they all had a certain cluelessness of what was going to happen or what was possible, ie how the girl could break the family curse. Seemed to reek of Twilight. Maybe if these two teen lovers just love each other then that will be enough. Major Cheese.

    Also, I didn't quite understand the whole hatred of the girl's family. Everyone thought they were witches, and as the bible-thumpers they were, they hated them - but overall it felt forced and perhaps due to the fantasticness of being a young teen novel. Again, no real explanation or psychological justification. I didn't feel like it made sense. Maybe the novel was just bad at addressing that, or maybe the movie just skipped that part. But the Ravenwoods having founded the town and owning much of the land, yet being the hated of most - seemed an odd combination. If people didn't like them so extremely, why not leave for the next town? Why rent land from them (for various local businesses) and support them financially? Just seemed silly.

    The explanation of the cause of the family curse - a "castor" could never love a "mortal".... Seemed ridiculous. I could let some types of "magic" pass as reasonable - such as the spell the uncle put on the boy to get him to spew out his most plausible - and pathetic - future (rather than his actual aspirations to get out of the area).... Or even the storms, the wind, the trap at the front gate of the house.... But the "never loving a mortal" thing seemed more of the life isn't in your control nonsense. All because her ancestor used a 'forbidden' spell to bring her then husband back to life. Only for her to turn 'evil' and kill him again. I mean I would like to appreciate teen romances (and some are good), but this is ridiculous.

    Lastly, the "only way to save him is through erasing his memory" is lame, and my understanding is that was added to the script not in the original novels. It seemed cheap, like a way to jump the story ahead without explaining how you went from point A to point X.

    I went into this looking for the romance, and it seemed to go well for a while, but out of the blue they cut that part of the story out.

    I would say if you're a 14 year old girl, you'll probably like this movie. Otherwise, be wary of the story's immaturity, lack of depth, and just plain silliness. I felt like with the right screenwriters and director, this could have been something radically different. If people get offended at the suggestion that this has the cheese factor of Twilight, then I would hate to watch Twilight because this isn't that great either.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    so this weekend I went out of my way to catch a movie that interested me a lot from the trailers and the concept. Beautiful Creatures I know at first glance it seems like a wanna be twilight but I actually found it a lot better. I had to drive to another city to a theater I've never been to and see it all by myself in an empty theater and I didn't care. It was that good lol .Both Twilight and Beautiful Creatures are in the same genre of "Young Adult" stories but both couldn't be more different. From a film level, this tops the twilight films.

    The actors are way better. The two leads in the films were charming and great in their roles. They really made them seem like real people then cardboard cut outs of people (like twilight) so when the two leads fall in love... it's built honestly and naturally instead of it being unrealistic. Alice Englert was beyond impressive in this role. She natural, frail and yet you don't know what lies in her character. It's great seeing the object of affection of the main character being down to earth and yet gorgeous.

    Alden Ehrenreich as the lead was pretty good, I wasn't sure how I was going to like his character because at first he seemed too silly but slowly the film makers made him seem real... someone who was willing to fight for what he knew was right... which was Lena. Not just that but the supporting characters were well rounded solid actors who really gave this film a sense of being a real story instead of a cheesy teen movie. Jeremy Irons is amazing as always. I love how the film flowed through out, it's not an original story but I loved the rich history of the story and the world that was in.

    My issues with the film are small... mainly i wish they film makers would be have let this film breathe a bit and take it's time. They a great story and interesting history... i wanted to see them take the time to actually go deeper into the world and let us enjoy it for bit. At times, the film seemed to rushed at points or when something really cool or interesting happens... the film makers don't take the chance to really use it the best it can. Some of the CGI was kind of cheesy and towards the end the story uses a plot element that if they would have gone with completely then I would have hated this film but they didn't and gave me what I wanted for the characters.

    At that point, getting to really enjoy the story and the characters... you can't help but to cheer them on. There's a lot of moments where i thought i knew where the film was going to go and it changed it on me. Personally I don't think i would have done some of those choices as a writer but it worked for this story. It really kept me interested. I didn't think I was going to like this film as much as I did. There was a lot that worked in it's favor and it's sad that not a lot of people turned out to go see it.

    It's way better then the twilight films and it actually has good acting. I think with a lot bit more time and money... this film would have been even better, truth be told there are some moments that are on that edge of being too cheesy, but despite that... I completely loved this film and enjoyed it for what it was. A good little story about supernatural powers, good vs evil, love and the power of love. I know there's a lot of people that will think this film will be as bad as twilight and it isn't... I actually thought it was nice charming film.
  • This is one of the absolute WORST movies I have ever seen. I haven't read the books, so this is not based on how good or poor the adaptation is...just how purely awful the movie is. All three of the "senior" actors are great actors. The fact that not one of them was able to pull off even one well-acted, honest scene should tell you something. The younger actors are unknown to me, and I now have no desire to know them. There are actually good (funny/satirical) B movies out there. This isn't one of them. It is a BAD B movie. I took a young teen who wanted to go and she was bored but stuck with it because of the books. I honestly felt tortured having to sit through this show. The saddest thing is that I wanted to read the books prior to this and now I think the well is poisoned. I can't imagine anyone liking this movie. Our audience grumbled and complained during the show and afterwards.
  • I am not going to say I read the book and this movie is nothing like it because I haven't read the book. :) From the reviews I have read on this movie, if you have read the book you might be better off saving your cash and rereading the book again LOL! This being said, for the life of me I will never understand why anyone who has throughly enjoyed a book would ever go see a movie about it. THEY ARE NEVER AS GOOD AS THE BOOK!

    My wife and I really enjoyed this movie. It wasn't a great movie but my wife and I found it pretty entertaining. It had a good story and a fair amount of interesting special effects a typical teen love story and a decent ending that does leave room for a second movie. Check it out if you have a few hours and dollars to spend, just don't read the book before you see it LOL!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Lead by two really unknown actors the love story is allowed to be told for all it's problems and over the top characters in a universe that feels both new but old"

    If it was not for the cast of actors the film was able to get I never would have watched the film because I just imagined not being able to handle another supernatural romance story. The film tells the story of small town boy Ethan Wate (Alden Ehrenreich) when he meets Lena Duchannes (Alice Englert) who seems to change his life with how different she is from the Christ worshiping people of the small town that seem to turn away anybody new. Lurking also in the film is the story of dark magic that may change the faith of these characters for either the good or bad.

    Making the female counterpart the supernatural character was quite different from past teenage romance stories and made for a more interesting story. The film did not feel like it went on for too long because of how fun the film felt at times to see some of these great British actors doing what I would call horrible southern accents especially in the case of Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson. The production people of the film did not seem to take any care since at times the visual effects and cinematography of the film did look good at all which was a negative to the film. The film was interesting to watch even when I was annoyed having characters to explain everything for people whom have not read the books the film was based on (I did not read the books myself but did not need an explanation).

    Alice Englert might breakout with this film even though the first thing I really remembered her in was when I saw her play Rosa in last year's "Ginger and Rosa". I did not like her much in that film but in this film she made more of an impression on me as her performance was both convincing and had a natural feel to it. It's funny that she is the daughter of director/writer Jane Campion. Alden Ehrenreich played the mortal Ethan and while I was unsure of his performance at the start of the film his performance became better as the film went on. Emmy Rossum only appeared in small scenes playing Ridley Duchannes and she mixed both her flare for comedy and drama and if only she was given more to do she would have stole the movie. Other actors also doing good work in the film and also looking they were having fun was Jeremy Irones playing the same character he always plays, Emma Thompson playing both good and bad and Viola Davis doing some good work which involved her sitting in a church once again (every movie she makes her character has to sit at the aisle of a church).

    The film was enjoyable to watch for the actors and an unexpected turn on romance. However watching the film did feel hard at times to see the bad production work on the film that seemed like an afterthought for the people involved.

    MOVIE GRADE: B- (MVP: Alice Englert)
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