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  • Warning: Spoilers
    From the time that the credits roll on to the screen (Thanks to Shahenshah Amitabh, Superstar Rajnikanth and hugs to Sanjay Dutt & Priyanka Chopra), one gets the feeling that the movie is an indulgence in the exercise of 'I scratch your back and you scratch mine' and not the self proclaimed revolution in Hindi film making.

    It is a confused mishmash of the same formulae that have been used in the Hindi film industry for all these years with some early 90s style Hollywood special effects thrown in. Somebody needs to tell the director Anubhav Sinha and the producer/actor Shah Rukh Khan that one cannot and should not try to please all the people in the audience, else the end result is exactly what they served: a movie that feels forced and stale

    Story: By now, all who are remotely interested in this movie know about the story. It is the weakest link in the entire setup. The entire writer's union (even SRK has been credited with contributing to something that amounts to nothing) couldn't decide whether this needs to be a sci-fi, superhero, romance, children or an action flick. Some of the outstanding moments (scenes where I nearly stood outside the theater)are:

    1. A press conference at the start where the audience is dumb as it believes the crap that Ms. Reddy dishes out about technology

    2. The moment when the antagonist steps out of the game - no explanation on how the game developed an intelligence on its own or how it could move into the physical world in a suit that obviously does not have even a millionth of the processing power or storage capacity needed for such a complicated being to function

    3. The superhero's entry - again, no idea how it came into being in the physical world. And how the hell did Ms. Reddy (who seems more like a marketing executive) figure out what the lead game designer / team leader SRK could not

    4. How was Kareena able to keep her husband's death a secret from the neighbours in India? These days when even a burp is reported on the Facebook and/or Tweeted around the world, it seems highly unlikely

    5. Why the hell did the robot have to run along the side of the train when running on the top would have been the fastest way to the motorman's cabin?

    Frankly, the entire story leaves a lot to be desired

    Influences: 1. Poster inspired from Batman Begins 2. The story inspired from Judgement Day (robot saves mother and son from another robot), The Last Action Hero (characters from imaginary world stepping out into the real world), Tron (gaming world characters vs real world characters), Kalicharan (father dies, someone replaces him to protect family), Iron Man (the concept of H.A.R.T. is the same as the arc reactor), Millennium Man (a robot learning about emotions) 3. Scenes inspired from Spiderman series, Batman series, Terminator series, Iron Man series, Rajni's Robot, whew 4. The best moment in the film for me was when the film's shooting was at the factory featured on Pink Floyd's Animals'cover. The only issue is it didn't look half as beautiful

    Acting: the less said the better

    Overall: Watch at your own risk

    SRK may have recovered his investment but he has to remember that he may fool some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time, but he can't fool all the people all the time with his over-the-top marketing gimmicks

    P.S. the much vaunted Rajnikanth special appearance seems like its airbrushed on to the reel
  • Warning: Spoilers
    SRK is a genius. At conman ship!

    He's single-handedly taken a mega-crap garbage of a movie and turned into a must-see event. Now if that isn't genius what is? I think he said no to Shankar and yes to Anubhav Sinha is simply because he couldn't control Shankar but would be able to control Anubhav Sinha. A talentless soul who's only made sub-par crap reaching rock bottom in crappiness by making Cash. And flop-master Anubhav jumped up with joy and couldn't believe his luck that he was getting a 150 crore budget and India's biggest superstar after the disaster like Cash. It's just an example that God doesn't condemn anyone.

    The movie or the pathetic example of a grotesque cinematic experience :-

    1. G.One. The video game character actually smiles, sings and dances. Stupidity.

    2. Ra.One. The villain doesn't want to dominate the world. He just wants to kill a silly annoying kid. Did the makers stop to think that the audience would actually support the villain on this one?

    3. No explanation for anything. If it's SRK kuch bhi chalta hain.

    4. Action scenes look they are directed by someone else. Not a good sign for Mr.Sinha. If only the rest of the movie had been directed by competent people.

    5. Bad background score. For e.g. - the intro of G.One. We don't even realize the hero has arrived. Basic superhero movie 101. I guess it's too much to expect from morons.

    The list could go on and on but I'm just too tired and don't want to relive the experience.

    But the biggest people to blame are the stupid Indian audience. They'll turn up in droves like marionettes to watch something as bad as this if there's a star. But let quality movies go a begging.

    Wonder why don't theaters just play slideshows of still pictures of movie stars in theaters. That should be enough.

    I've nothing against movie stars, but only against talentless people being given the reigns to make movies and the result being presented as something worthwhile.

    Shame on you Mr.Khan. I really like you and your movies but this one was below the belt.

    I mean you cheated your fans. Your real fans that is.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    At the end of Ra.One I was left wondering how King Khan had a Tata Nano and sold it as a Ferrari! The beauty of the graphics and the density of the screenplay can be compared to the best of the Hollywood movies but Ra.One lacks character.

    The story begins on a bad note and quickly drops from there to nothingness. SRK is Shekar, a video game designer from Chennai at London; a stereotype South Indian, who speaks bad Tamil and looks hardly the part. Bad acting has ripped this movie in tatters. The first half is a test SRK has prepared for your nerves with such mind numbing comedy. The lines were obvious and scripted lacked any surprise or energy.

    Kareena manages to look gorgeous but hardly looks like the mother of Armaan Verma who by the way has done a great job.The 'wow' factor of the movie is Arjun Rampal who manages to pull you with his suave and angelic Powers. 'Chamak Challo'; that my friends, is the high light of the entire movie! And everything else is mental rape of common sense for you. SRK is a fantastic producer lavishing on the sets and props but made a disaster of a movie. The King is severely stressed and appears like a half baked cake throughout the movie.

    My dear SRK; you cannot be Rajnikanth not only because you are not Rajnikant but also because you are King Khan! This movie can be a great marketing case study on how excessive marketing of a damp product can actually set the box office on fire (Arindam Chaudari hope you are listening!) SRK's media prowess is obvious with people calling this the movie of a lifetime. YUCK!! In short Ra.One is a boring science lecture on Artificial Intelligence and also the 150 crore ego boost of a bad actor. If you decide to watch this movie; please leave your brains in the fridge!
  • THE GAG: Ra-One should have been released in the month of April. We could have laughed it off as a 'fools day' gag considering the content, the inflated ticket prices and non-stop TV branding. The average movie goer was fooled left, right and center..!

    THE PLOT: Shekhar (Shahrukh Khan) is a video game developer who develops a game that has an unassailable villain so as to impress his villain fanatic son Prateek (Aman Verma).

    THE MISSING PLOT: RA-ONE is the villain 'program prototype' in the game which goes on to assume the body of Arjun Rampal from an advertisement poster, in real life. How the villain character transforms into a real life super villain is beyond the average movie goer. RA-ONE , now transformed, is on a Prateek chasing spree, just because Prateek's good at video games. And remember this was not supposed to be a 'leave your brains at home' kind..!

    POSITIVE CHARGE: The music needs a mention. It is catchy. The audience love the party dancing. G-ONE (who is the ever predictable counter measure of RA-ONE aka HERO ).

    NEGATIVE CHARGE: The outcome of the movie is not convincing. SRK is not SFX material. His acting is his strength which lacked limelight.SFX took precedence in some parts. The script of Ra-One has more pot-holes than that on the streets of Bangalore. Kareena (Sonia) and Arjun(RaOne) lack screen space.

    THE WAY AHEAD: There are no B-SCHOOLS in the world that cannot deny Shahrukh an honorary MBA. With the hype he generated for a 6 month period if not more has proved him an expert marketing tycoon. Will the audience be fooled again come DON-2..?? Time will tell. But surely,next time any form of promotional overdose will not work.

    SEQUEAL SCENARIO: The movie ends with an invitation for a would be producer of a RA-ONE TWO. But I'am sure as hell that there will not be any sequels for this movie. Remember the 'super hero' audience is 'once bitten twice shy'..!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    finally a movie that infuriated me enough to write something about it. This is typifies the ..scope creep.. that plagues most big budget Hindi movies. that extra non-sensical musical number with scantily clad Caucasian women, the slow motion muscle flexing muscled Neanderthals in this case since this is 3D lots of breaking glass and running through flying glass. You start with a decent premise and by the time the final cut is done it ends up being am incredibly stupid mishmash of slow motion ads with a few brain dead songs and comedy sketches. Don't even get me started on the tech story in the movie. It's like some 10th class fail science student making stuff up. This is typical for most bollywood movies now. All pomp and show and no substance.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK so 26Th RA.One released and although I had decided that there is no way that I'l watch this stupid movie, my friends were bored and they thought we should watch it(we realized later when we started watching that this was the part where we seriously went wrong!). So, anyway, we went and got ourselves some "jubilee" class tickets and started watching this unbelievably crappy movie.

    The first half started and as it progressed it became, literally, the most boring,stupid and just plain "lame" thing I have ever seen in my life in a movie. SRK plays head of technical department of a gaming company that desperate to come up with a good game release, he has a son who has a really BAD hairdo and likes playing games but hates superheroes and loves villains. SRK is seen struggling with getting attention of his kid who tells SRK that he likes villains and that his father should make a game in which the villain will never lose. Amazingly (I think this is the part where the movie just goes insanely dumb and lame) he creates such a game in ONE DAY and guess what the game characters then come to life out of thin air without any SOUND explanations(yeah!!I know-->WDF!!)!After that every damn stupid thing that happens is predictable and anyways the story is so lame that I don't even want to talk about it cause just thinking about the stupid story pisses me off! Seriously at one point I was so angry, frustrated and irritated I just wanted to rip off my buddy's head who's idea it was to watch this *beep *beep*beep movie. I felt as if I was being punished by the so called 'King khan' for some mistake I didn't do. If you know some people you seriously hate, I would suggest you gift them tickets to 'RA.1'!

    You'll hear some people say that the effects are good and that "oh no Bollywood movie has done such effects". Well, let me inform everyone who shares this same view that nobody is saying that the effects were bad but what about everything else, Raone has a really predictable and weak storyline and the dialogues and acting is just dump.

    I dare any normal person to see 3-4 shows of the movie non-stop and LIVE to tell the tale...yeah!! its THAT BAD!

    Seriously, If you are a die hard fan of SRK and don't really give ANY importance to story OR dialogues OR acting OR editing OR screenplay, go see it today! But in case if you are a NORMAL sane Human Being like me then Do NOT waste your money, I did the mistake and I want everyone to make a better choice of NOT going to this movie. It (mark my words) is a complete waste of your time and money.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Before reading any further please note that unlike Taran Adarsh & many others, I didn't get paid by SRK. If you are a SRK fanatic, read no further.

    Before intermission, Kareena utters the best dialogue in the entire movie, 'Kya RA.One, Kya G.One! Mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha!!'. Well she spoke for everyone in the cinema hall! After all the crazy marketing & hype by SRK, the movie turned out to be DUD! The movie has a weak story, screenplay and was supported by even a weaker performance by most of the cast. 'Twas like watching a daily serial on TV. One can guess what will happen at the end which is like 10,000 episodes from now but still one would watch it everyday just for the heck of it! Well that is how I felt watching Ra.One.

    Visual EFX: Amazing!! Though you see heavy influences from Video games like Mortal Kombat and movies like Matrix and Terminator, I still see it as the biggest strength of the movie. 3D was alright. Looks like it was hurriedly done.

    Stunts: RA.One and are like Iron Man, Spider Man and Robots from Real Steal movie all combined into one. Some stunts were good but most weren't. Almost every single action sequence has been lifted from Mortal Kombat. But I was disappointed with the climax fight. A BIG LET DOWN!

    South India Killed: "Ayyo" is all you get to hear from SRK during the first half of the movie. SRK struggles with his Tamil big time and he is a tamilian in the movie?!?! Whoa! Mixing curd with noodles and taking long coffee breaks is his depiction of a South Indian guy? Great! Chammak Challo - great song but the situation of the song is so wrong. I never knew South Indian women dress the way Kareena & the background dancers have dressed in the song! Well may be in a South Indian adult movie YES :P

    RajiniKanth - Plays a minuscule role and I don't now why he decided to do it. Horrible wig and make up. I couldn't believe if it was Rajinikant for real. Again the storyline around him is SO WEAK. I seriously don't understand how this movie is a tribute to him. Another marketing gimmick by SRK I guess.

    Overall: RA.One didn't quite work for me... it wasn't boring but at the same time, there was nothing interesting to keep me glued to my seat either, no nail-biting moments, power packed action sequences.. instead we got a heavy dose of Karan Johar's sentiments, emotions, KKHH, Karwa Chauth etc! I am sure the movie will be fun to watch for kids and SRK would make his money at the box office but I don't wanna torture Any.One by recommending them to watch RA.One
  • There was a SMS joke doing the rounds after this movie released - "Entry to Ra.One is free, but for early exit one has to pay Rs.500/-, That's how Ra.One made all the money!"

    That SMS I would say sums all of it. Watch at your own risk.

    Most of the storyline is a hotchpotch of various movies from Hollywood. Including iron man, mr.beans, spidy and so on.

    Though it was earlier meant for kids, there are vulgar jokes, scenes and dialogues that make it unsuitable for kids.

    SRK has thrown in all masala thinking of targeting all audience segments, and has therefore been unable to please anyone.
  • It is with absolute disgust, a sense of shame and eagerness that I write this review. A movie that lacks character, script, story-line and finesse is expected to impress the audience with just one element - A over hyped budget invested into visual effects. Oh by the way, did I also mention it has also copied various themes from Sucker Punch, Iron Man, Terminator and Spider-man? The movie is such a awful mess, it is not worth even a watch even if you life depended on it! I mean where in the world do you get the director making fun of a character you are expected to take seriously. And where the main theme was to keep it dedicated to a family audience, you have so many embarrassing moments which try their best to fall into the category of humor but seriously fall short into making people uneasy in their seats. All in all, superstar SRK post promotional attempts have been to keep a smiling face, employ the services of marketing companies and pay movie critics to praise and compensate for undoubtedly what qualifies as the most shameful and sad attempt by the Indian Cinematic Movement to try to qualify itself as a formidable force in entertainment. I would say, better than watching this movie, is go home and wash the dishes.
  • It takes a lot of courage to put your money and time behind a story and bring it to the screen. But does it? I have seen many a flick in probably every genre (except perhaps horror), but this movie takes the cake for the worst sci-fi movie ever made.

    The film starts off with a lewd and disgusting imitation of south Indians by Shah Rukh Khan. Not only is his acting (or should I say lack of it) hideous, it is insulting and revolting.

    This movie is the strongest evidence that people still judge a book by its cover. From the ludicrous display of women as toys for sex, to the abysmal and down right disgusting show of cheap and ill conceived comedy, this movie is a hallmark of errors that needn't be made by film makers.

    Shah Rukh Khan in his various avatars during this movie shows that all you need to SELL a movie is sex, regionalism, an extremely popular star cast and an international music artist (yeah Akon, I'm talking about you).

    With a plot that you could summarise in less than ten words, and acting that would make a 1 year old seem a worthy Oscar performer, this movie could not have been more worse.

    The word disappointing doesn't even begin to show the worth of this movie. It was so bad, I wouldn't even watch a pirated copy.

    I wish there was a minus rating available here. Alas!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I seriously don't know what to say about this highly disastrous movie ever made in Indian Cinema. Seriously where are we heading to? Is this a movie we are taking to raise our bars in International Markets. Then its definitely the biggest joke I have ever heard.

    Liking an actor and Liking a film are two different things. Wish Shahrukh Khan had realized this and made a movie ahead of his caliber but unfortunately it comes nowhere to the work he has done before.

    Seriously I couldn't understand the reviews giving 4.5 stars to this DUST. *Face-palm*. What makes a good superhero movie? Good VFX and a great story. Sure this one has some limited but good special effects but what about the story man? Where was it? Also a story is required that could bring out all the emotions together. This film evokes only one expression - laughter, poke and fun. A woman's husband gets killed but after one day she is seeing happily with a robot and her son and fighting the goons.

    A superhero gaming character has to save a fast racing train to death. yet he saves it in the comical way ever seen. The background score of RD Burman's mixture of songs can be heard during his mission of saving lives and it gives us a proper picture that this film is just made to make fun of itself.

    IF U JUST WANT TO ENTERTAIN...then why do you put so heavy amount of money on special effects just for this? If its all about entertainment then shahrukh could do this without going the superhero way, i am sure that movie would have made much bucks than this waste.

    Sometimes when a movie is released, we often say don't believe the negativity just go and watch the movie, this time its just the opposite..if you want to go for a good movie than is definitely not that one. The first half of the film is somewhat tolerable, But believe me after the interval, You will beg God to finish it as soon as possible. If you don't believe me you can go through the experience yourself.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There are so many bad words and disgusting feeling to write here..... This movie is full of idiotic sequences and good animation only. Lack of sense and an unwilling, impossible truth which is marked as "The different cinema". Movie starts with a game and the child wants his dad to create a super villain for the game.

    SRK the dad of this kid creates RA-one to cheer his son and apparently creates the hero G-one...

    Without any clue, RA-one comes out of the game. Question arises "How is it possible that a game character can come out of game screen?" He/it what to call him I don't know because it appears that it is robot but talks like human. Same thing happens to G-one, it loves kareena but I don't know it is robot or he is man? What the hell?. If he smokes, he coughs but if he grabs the "main point", "Ra-One" asks "What are you doing G-one"? Not only this, nut animation of train engine out of damaged CST station is total animated and no feeling of reality. The dialogs are stupidest in the whole world.... SRK acts like a lover boy instead a game character....

    I fell asleep and asked my friend to wake me up when the movie is over...

    Bloody hell, nothing good. I f you want to go for special effects, you better go and play games like Bioshock, Tekken 6 and all.

    Never watch this stupid 3 hours crap...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Any SRK films comes with huge hype and why not......he has always been associated with good and popular films. So when Ra One was announced I like millions of others were eager to see the movie. Before watching it I had only one apprehension, The director was Anubhav Sinha who had made films like Cash (Memories of my worst film watching experience). But then I thought, its a SRK film and he himself is the producer (his wife Gauri is actually the producer, I should not worry.........

    With lot of excitement I pre booked my and my family's tickets. Well the The Day came and we went to the theater. 2 and half hours later thanks to Mr. Anubhav Sinha's direction (and script) and Mr Khan over acting and some crude jokes and some cool effects (the only good parts) I was reminded of the memories of Cash.........

    Just pouring in money and showing special effects doesn't help a film become good. Love Story 2050 had good effects, but the movie? well lets not talk about it. The characterization is half baked, the plot, nothing, the story...... Its a fairy tale in a fairy world, its that bizarre.

    The rating should be around 3 but since I saw many readers (read SRK blind fans) gave it high rating I have reduced the rating to balance it. Save money, save time, save yourself from watching RA One..........
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Shahrukh can't be this wrong ,this is a team effort.Story is fresh but we didn't had time,budget & courage to portray it,because we have to spend our resources on stupid exposing songs ,right ? The amount spent in the publicity could have been used to convince at least few of many illogical points. At least one shouldn't be wrong in basic laws of physics, electro magnetics,transmission etc,forget about robotics(hilarious). I didn't liked Rajnikant's Robo either,but it at least tried to show the underlying technology behind 'chitti' and acting of Rajnikant as a robot convince you at some point. The movie is not even close to any Hollywood sci-fi.Sorry team,making good chase sequences and lucid fights doesn't make it Hollywood standard.Accept it, its a complete desi movie,with regular songs,romance andfights(useless).Even the dialogues are so poor that you end up looking your neighbours and not to forget the unconvincing climax.

    The EFX team has done a good job.Not the best though.I must say stunt master of this movie need to be applauded.The starting chase sequence and pre-climax train sequences are beyond expectation.I must say this train sequence is better than ROBO.

    I wonder how almost all multiplexes are playing 90% of their shows.Its total monopoly.With these many shows any movie can get its share within two days. Believe it or not. I'm a big shahrukh fan.I always watch his movies on first day.I went for 'Swadesh' thrice,'Chak-de' twice.Compare to these, this is complete deal breaker.

    One last point.This is basically a children's movie.It gets clean 'U' certificate,that means no vulgarity and wild actions.But i found few scenes offensive.This may be cool with urban kids but in most part of the country parents will be uncomfortable to watch with their kids.I hope i made my point.

    Shahrukh Sir, i understand the hard work and efforts behind this project,but it seems to me a personal movie,as if you made this for your son.I guess you will realise soon.

    Sorry Lord 'Rama',i could have celebrated your victory rather than watching this.You warned us about Raavan before(Ra-One).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    With 52 crores being spent for promotion Ra one is being touted as a breakthrough Indian superhero movie. But apart from the promotion nothing has been done right by the film makers. The culprits 1- A very weak script. The main good super hero(G One), bad super villain(Ra One)is standard like all superhero movies. But the subplots are extremely weak. And at times pathetic and not needed. G One is robot/computer program machine. There are issues related to him not understanding human emotions and then at times he gets too touchy which makes no sense. Kareena Kapoor on the other hand is not human. Sometimes upset that her husband is dead and the very next second she is dancing to "Chammak Challo". There are some attempted comedy element tried to put in between the movie from time to time which are poor. **The scene when Shahruk and his son get mugged by dwarf guy is embarrassing. That time the movie hall was in pin drop silence. As confused as the script writer. 2)Cheap humor-The only audience that might find this movie decent would be age 5-10 years. Sadly this movie has messed up for even them.The culprit the not needed, cheap adult humor. A scene where G-one tries to grab kareena's boobs, which for some reason comes in between and action scene. Then there is a scene when G one is holding the Ra one's crotch for a painfully long time. One wonders what Shahruk was thinking during the filming. Another one in which G one holding a packet of condoms and telling Kareena that they would improve her mood. Really????? Does he really expect us to laugh at this. 3) Misdirected Special effects - The special effects are of high quality. But with weak plots and too many effects on a single event. The whole thing gets diluted and excruciating to watch. The train chase is all about Shahrukh twisting and turning. The special effects are shown from every possible angle and with the amount of time spent one wonders how long is the train which G one is scaling. There is a fight sequence when some ruffians come at the standard bollywood - one at a time sequence and keep getting bashed up by a football. After 5 minutes it gets on your nerves and Rajni's entry after 15min of that torture adds to the pain. I guess only die hard Rajni fans could tolerate it. 4)Horrible acting. Shahruk should hang up his boots after this.He looked amateur in front of the kid actor. Kareena cannot act. And please don't make her a mom.She only looks comfortable as a bimbo. The attempted pseudo west lingo of "Dude" and "kick ass" is stupid. They are extinct in the west and too old even for India. And last but not the least among the several low points in this movie there is also a racist comment by Ra One "I hate Chinese".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is after a long time I am writing a review for any movie, and its because the movie is so so bad, it warrants a trashing... or worse, everyone behind the movie put into a virtual world N plug removed to end the horror of having to watch such bad piece of cinema ever again.

    SRK can only make movies that allows him to showcase his mimicry, story, other characters and everything else just goes out of the window. SRK does not understand Sci-fi or art, he should stop releasing movies for the public and just do it for his dumb fans and there should also be a new certification for SRK movies, 'certified crap' a big 'C'.

    And SRK, please leave sci-fi alone for us, sci-fi fans coz we don't want to see your candy floss nonsense in a sci-fi movie. Please stick to making movies like KKHH or KKKG and please leave the sci-fi genre for people with brains (innovators), its a kind request.

    For the people reading this, please please take my advise and don't waste your time and money on this dud...

    Someone should kill the person who wrote the story/screenplay, when did British thugs started talking in Hindi, and when did a Bandra Train started going to CST station. There were a few more but I don't recollect them now. Also Arjun Rampal should take some dialogue lessons, not from SRK for sure...

    I am really really disappointed with it... please please don't encourage SRK to make a sequel to this torture/ham fest...

    I am giving it 2 out for 10 for its Sfx... and its 'Condom, Condom' dialogue... ;-) else its just avoidable...
  • Warning: Spoilers is called the most 'ambitious' Indian superhero movie, with a budget exceeding Rs.100 crores, most of it from SRK's own bank accounts.

    It is supposed to have harnessed advanced technology to give more punch to the action sequences. Hence, we have video game characters bursting to pieces that look like jelly-blocks and then joining back miraculously.But what about the emotions and the real world scenes in the movie where everyone seems to be 'acting'? Instead of the motto "Don't be caught acting", the saying "Yes, come watch us ACT" is followed by almost everyone. In simple terms, is a pain in the bum.

    SRK's south Indian character is a leading video game developer whose virtual-reality games are world renowned. He tries to impress his 'cool' son but is never able to gel along and therefore creates a game where the bad guy is extremely powerful and the good guy has 0.01% chances of winning. This brings him close to his son (what a materialistic kid) but problems arise when the video-game villain comes to life.

    I am a big fan of video games, and am currently playing Uncharted 3. The most impressive aspect of the game is the cinematic approach to the game. Gaming industry has revolutionized. Unfortunately,'s video-game seems like one of the defunct late 80s games that lie dusty in some old cupboard.

    The critical mistake committed here is lack of research which is a common one among many Indian film-makers. The opening scene has Shahana Goswami's character jabbering so seriously about the advancement in virtual-reality to a bunch of wayward foreigners in 'shuddha' Hindi. Why so serious, by the way? Then pops up an ugly image of Dalip Tahil with long black-white hair and a leonine face and Shahana tells that it's a virtual image that can be touched. Here, the 'intelligentsia' foreigners have to look astonished and hence the open mouths. I hate this 'group' acting where everyone has the same f****** reaction to some situation. A more realistic shot would be to have some people looking impressed, some making notes etc. Here instead, the foreigners try to 'touch' the virtual image like a bunch of impressionable kids.

    The next shot has SRK mumbling nonsense while on a roaring bike on some alien planet trying to save Priyanka Chopra's character (promotion for 'Don 2', I suppose?) from the hands of Sanjay Dutt's evil character ('Agneepath's promotion, I think) and his three henchwomen'Iski Li' 'Uski Li' and 'Sabki Li'. I admire the level of humor in the film…. (Please note the sarcasm). It all turns out to be a silly dream of Amaan Khan's character (who plays SRK's 'cool' son), another one in the list of snotty teenagers, who too seems to have the perspicacity in the field of computers, which leads to one of the most tiresome scenes in film history- a teacher's pole dancing video is seen by the whole class. Now the scene could have been funny if the teacher had actually danced properly but she seems to have danced keeping in mind that the video was meant for kids. So there's an unnatural feeling when she taps her bum completely the wrong way. Anubhav Sinha, the director-watch stripper videos and then hire the right actors.

    SRK's south Indian character is probably the worst characterization ever- no genuine acting, just a clichéd performance for the cameras. Kareena brings her Jab We Met act and makes an unappetizing broth out of it with her double meaning dialogues. The noodle with dahi scene is just gross and dumb, so is the Michael Jackson dance sequence. And to believe this guy is a leading video-game developer, that too internationally renowned, is implausible.

    When the game is made, the intimidating baddie seems menacing but only when he is in the game. The moment he leaps out, he is the poor beta version of Green Goblin. Then comes the tears, with the apt music behind to tug the heart-strings of the gullible ones who are more influenced by external factors than the actual progression of the story. I didn't cry, I laughed; I could clearly make out the ploy used by the film-makers- use music to bring out emotions when the characters don't incite any.

    Then comes who is the avenger, and let me note the painstaking attempts by Shah Rukh to look young. It a pity most of the leading men here try to look like college guys to play young characters when they very well can take some advantage of their age and do some better, deeper and layered roles. But NO, here everyone has to look young and pretty and act young and pretty, forget maturity.

    The train sequence is even more intolerable with Delnaz Paul (I hope the name is correct) who adds to the saccharinity of the movie. Then the Silver Streak inspired end to the train sequence is absolutely bananas! The action sequences have too many close-up shots and I found the tempo of the fights to be quite slow and turgid. Rather than utilizing the technology resourcefully, it is exploited to impress. I remember the GREAT Spiderman 2 train sequence where the passengers agree to keep Peter Parker's identity a secret after he saves them. Here, I wanted the passengers to perish, along with and that Kereena thing.

    The homage to Robot and the street fights are over-excessive to the point where I lost any interest in the film and began paying undue attention to the lighting system in the theater and all those curtains and projectors and sound systems. Unendurable was the scene where Kareena gets possessed and does the Chammak Chalo dance. Pauline Kael had said regarding Sound of Music "It's a sugar coated lie people seem to want to eat". I say this for its candy-floss, overcooked rubbish that'll smash box office records.

    My Rating: 2/10
  • kamhassan6 November 2011
    Awful, awful, awful! I really don't know where to start??? Let's start with the ridiculous title of the film - - Random Access One??? In the film is a evil character from a computer game. One of the development team whilst brainstorming says that the name of the 'baddie' is obvious and it's 'staring them in the face'. Written on the White board as a title is - Random Access One. Hence the name Ra.One. No, it's way over my head. I have no idea why it's so clear to name the character Random Access one. With great baddies like the Joker, Dr Octopus, Lex Luther, Dr Doom and now we can add Random Access One to the list.....not! The film has no coherent plot to speak of. I think they had a basic premise to work with and just made it up as they went along. Unnecessary crude jokes that are not funny and a very nasty, racist joke about Chinese people. Shah Rukh Khan must be extremely delusional to believe in this plot less, clueless, racist garbage is worthy of his name and time. How can an actor of his stature accept this job. Does he not read the script before hand? Oh yeah there wasn't a script. Utter tripe!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Every Diwali, some cheap movie is thrown at us Bollywood buffs. Om Shanti Om, Saanwariya, Action Replay, Golmaal-3 etc. But the nonsense that Ra.One is makes all the above-mentioned films pale in comparison. When "Blue" released two Diwali back, everyone was criticizing it. Now I feel that was way better than which is a total flop movie.

    Remember those Flash-Gordon and Star-Trek inspired soaps like "Captain Vyom" that had a gorgeous Milind Soman and tacky special effects trying to woo kids (and possibly women) in old DD days? Well, if you see Ra.One, you will remember those tacky effects once again. Yup, there are occasional VFXes on par with Hollywood movies. But that's all about it in this SRK crap-fest.

    Which brings us to the star himself. Yes, he is no Soman and age clearly shows on his face. In fact, he has never looked so old before. Add to that the overacting that he has become a master of. You will get a neat idea about what is.

    The rest of the cast were just about okay. Rampal is the best. Kareena looks lost, though amazingly beautiful in a hot way. The child artist is okay too. Music is pathetic with only Chammak Challo standing out. Overall, a horrible film that you should give a miss. I personally feel this is a trailer of what "Don-2" is going to be. One shudders to think of the promotion juggernaut that we have to suffer again from SRK (Seriously Retarded Khan). I lost hope after MNIK. I have seriously given up on him after Thank God I saw the movie on the internet.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all my review got some attention by people , i guess who have seen this movie and didn't like it(which is true) and they liked my review(Review was written on 26 october,2011) but because of some die hard SRK fans reported my review by saying ,i used some abuses words so i send an e-mail again and again to IMDb site till they notice this and when it happened then i asked them , can they tell me where i have written abuse , so they looked at it and didn't find anything so they allowed me to write the same review again and i am pasting it again ! I guess this can easily prove the level of SRK'S FANS.

    REVIEW:- Cant believe of extremely high IMDb reviews!!!!

    This movie is really bad , VERY WEAK STORY nothing new, if you watched Hollywood Superhero flicks don't watch this you are going to get BORED And this is not the main reason.The main REASON is this movie is just for 6 year old kids.Even the boys who are saying this movie is really good or awesome are fans of Shahrukh, who just like watching his movies whether he bring Om Shanti Om too, and I bet these Shahrukh fans cant even find a difference between Chak De India(Awesome) and Rab Ne Banadi Jodi(disaster).

    Talking about acting , we all know how much Shahrukh Khan is talented but he is totally wasted in this movie , you never going to remember this Shahrukh who played in upcoming days . For Kareena ,oh lord!! there is no difference between her and Katrina Kaif (beauties without acting) which i never expect from Kareena,who proved herself with the movies like jab we met and Kurbaan . Arjun, he did a decent job which i was expecting from him . And i don't want to say anything about that kid who played Srks son he was awful .You will find very talented kids rather then this one whose hairs more heavy then his weight !!! Story---There is a father (SRK) whose son loves BAD GUY more then hero in games.So Srk designed game and from there a big evil came out(only Shahrukh knows how). After that typical Bollwyood story(and even worst then that ).

    There are so many errors in the movie that you will stop even counting at one stage, believe me don't watch you are seriously going to waste your money and 2 and half hours of your life.

    Don't believe in critics(4 and half stars) ,this is just a publicity stunt. All the critics are highly paid in India after watching i can bet that. There is no doubt this movie is going to earn lots of money due to highly over-rated publicity done by SRK , but then also this movie cant stand in front of Real critical acclaim movies like Rang De Basanti, A Wednesday and 3 IDIOTS , can only stand in front of big dumb movies like Om Shanti OM , Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna etc.

    Worst movie i have ever seen on the name of movie , so forget science fiction in it .1/10(only for Arjun Rampal).

    *VERY VERY WEAK and Hope the international audience wont judge Indian Cinema by this high-budget mediocrity.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am usually not a big fan of Hindi mainstream movies, and so had not planned to watch Ra One. But free tickets and some pressure from friends, I ended up going. I went expecting a bad movie, but decided I will enjoy some mindless action, perhaps good special effects and check out Kareena in that sexy red sari in Chammak Challo. But right from the outset I realized that this movie will not meet even my very low standards! SRK doing a Tamil nerd impression is painful to watch, the 'aiyyo' and eating noodles with curds by hand, are jokes that only a six year old would find funny. Not only is there no story, there isn't even an attempt to have a story. The special effects are a yawn (as one reviewer has said, nothing you wouldn't have seen in umpteen Hollywood movies, actually even on HBO!) and the sci-fi explanations (Ra One and G One coming to life are not even explained!) are lame. There are utterly ridiculous and pointless fights, like outside the airport, which go on forever. The song sequences make no sense, even for a Hindi movie, where usually the trick is to use a dream sequence. There are no other characters in the movie, other than a pointless and very unfunny Satish Shah. The finale is boring, predictable and pointless. Oh and the kid is annoying (typical NRI brat types, who of course has the computer skills of 10 top hackers in the world put together, utterly unbelievable). Only, and I mean only, 5 minutes in the film that entertain is the Chammak Challo song.
  • babul-krishna29 October 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    Disclaimer: OK I have to admit I am not a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan, no wait, take 'big' out..OK take fan out as well...I used to like him during Fauji/Circus days and then for the first couple of movies, till he joined the Yash clan and went that lover boy route. There were moments of brilliance from him in the form of Swades, Paheli and Chak de but that required a very strict director at the helm to keep the Khan in control. Which brings me to RApe.One which truly is a rape of all senses!!

    Let me start off with the good points: a. There IS a story - structured thorough storyline. b. Technically it is good, not brilliant, but good. c. Arjun Rampal as the Ra.One does add some style to the movie, he does what he can with the script given, with mostly an angry constipated look.

    Now for the bad points: a. Shah Rukh Khan - he can just about pull off the lover boy roles, you know the ones where he runs out from a castle, which is his house in UK, lands on his knees, pushes out his chest and arms in the air..and then does that look with his eyes, like he is trying to hypnotize a pigeon to land on his head. Why would anyone let him play a Tamilian character? The accent is atrocious but what I find the most obscene and offending part is in a scene where he is eating noodles with yoghurt using his fingers - really? Is the kind of cinema we can expect from Bollywood in 2011, and that too from someone who is supposedly the King of Bollywood?

    b. Anubhav Sinha - a bad choice for a director who, to be fair, has not had the best run at the box office so far. This movie required a director who would keep the Khan in check, and totally under control and now allow him to exercise any of the pathetic expressions or over-acting that is allowed in his other movies. Furthermore, this movie required tight editing, remove all the fluff and scenes like wanting to know what karva chauth is and there is a movie in there somewhere but in the process the viewer is left feeling no connection with any of the characters, style takes over substance and the story is G(.)ONE.

    c. Background score - Most of the time I felt the background music was from the 70s, loud and screechy. Every time G.One appears on the screen, there is a loud shouting noise sounding something like 'eeerraaaaa', this gets repeated so many times that towards the end of the movie you are secretly hoping for to look towards the camera and shoot a fireball at the crew.

    d. Story - I did there is a story in there somewhere. Unfortunately it is surrounded by so much of that Bollywood fluff that the whole movie turns into a very expensive joke. Sample some of these: 1. Shah Rukh Khan is shown to be a Hindu Tamilian, but when he dies, he get a Christian burial with everyone dressed in black..CLASS!! 2. In the beginning of the movie, the scene is set in London for a conference on 'some-nonsense' to a mixed group of individuals from different parts of the Hindi!! 3. The whole movie sits on the foundation of a video game that is designed by Khan to take action to the next level - this video game which has been funded by a huge conglomerate has only two characters and three levels..whatay beauty!! 4. Ra.One can take any bodily form, yet when he is broken upto into pieces and needs a body, he decides to take arjun rampal's shape from a poster of a perfume, but not an actual guy who came to put up that poster.. You get the idea, watching this movie is like watching a brainless David Dhawan comedy, don't even try to make sense of it

    e. CGI - the CGI is not great, but good. But because they had the budget, they tried to do everything in one movie. The speeding train - SPEED, Shah Rukh Khan landing on the ground holding Kareena - Batman, the train crashing out of Mumbai central - any US disaster movie, the blue HART thingy in the chest - hello major Iron Man rip-off, the whole train sequence - inspired from Robot and the list goes on and on..

    It truly is a shame that a movie that has taken so long to make with a budget of 175 crores really fails to stay with you once you leave the theatres. This could have been the right opportunity to present what Bollywood is really capable of when it really puts it mind, effort and talent behind it..if anything this movie is a lesson for future film-makers in how NOT to spend your money and if you are going to make a serious movie, do it by avoiding stereo-typing (which is so 80s) regional or sexual differences, by taking a serious actor who can become the character completely (aka Aamir) and with a director who has the balls to stand by his vision and not be led by a narcissistic actor.

    Word for advice for Shah Rukh: your days are numbered, stick to dancing at weddings - no one will judge you for that, you still make a buck and spare us the torture.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First of all I will start by saying that this is not a sensible movie for sensible audience. In fact there is no particular audience that this movie caters to. If this is a 'super hero' movie, it should ideally be for children but then content and language is far from a children's movie! Kareena's first scene itself talks about moving from abuses that are towards mothers and sisters to fathers and brothers and many, many such shady words.

    Another irritating aspect is the innumerable kick to the crotch scenes which are over-used and not funny at all.

    There is talk of this movie taking the 'special effects' in Bollywood to a different level. That is hardly the case. There are only a few actions scenes where the special effects are good. I would say Krrish was handled way much better, although it's not right to compare since the two movies are quite different.

    Another thing is that this movie is utterly illogical. If you want to watch this, put aside all your logic. The game has 3 levels and the only way to die is if they are wearing the 'hart' and that too they get only a single bullet on the last level. If this is the only way to die, what does it mean then that they have to survive for a certain amount of time on earlier levels to move forward! The end is the worst. Arjun ( fires the gun first even though Shahrukh ( is the one who gets it earlier and the bullet hits Shahrukh ( but he doesn't have the 'hart' on so he doesn't die. Before fires, turns into 10 Ra.ones instead of just removing the 'hart' so that he won't die. It seems that the script has been written by a child. Also Shahrukh is shown a madrasi who speaks with that accent but soon it disappears. Also when he dies, he is buried in a Christian way and still his ashes are dispersed by Kareena and their son!! Figure that one!

    They also brought in Rajinikant for just a minute or 2 for no reason whatsoever in the movie but just to get southern audience!

    And if you watch Hollywood movies, you will be able to see the innumerable movies from which Ra.One has copied. The only credit to the film makers goes for this, that they have really worked hard towards copying from so many sources. One of the main movie is of course Terminator, besides Iron man, Batman, Spider-man, even a particular step like one from Jet Li's The Fist of Legend and bit from Mr. Bean and so many others it is not even possible to mention.

    Finally about acting, Shahrukh might be fine in a few scenes but it's almost as if he enjoys being himself too much and forgets that he is a Madrasi with an accent and later even forgets that he is a machine. Kareena is totally redundant except the song.
  • What in the hell makes this crap the best Indian movie? I've found none. Sure if you lived in cave for some 20 years and never seen any movies you may find the VFX new and fresh but for all others it's same soup with awful ingredients added. A similar (but far better) movie in Indian cinema, Robot, does far better job in CG and VFX department.

    This movie ripped from Hollywood/Bollywood movies and games.Iron Man (the Hart), Batman (the poster), Infamous (Cole McGrath's dress), Jumanji/Zathura (Game coming to life type), Terminator (powerful villain chasing hero to kill), Mortal Kombat (how else you count one-on-one fight n sets?), & Robot (running on the side of train - exact rip-off!) are few examples.

    Somebody must tell SRK that good looking costume with constipated look on face doesn't actually make you a Superhero. It's acting, stunts, etc. that make one. Also, the highly rated Akon songs are just ordinary (if not bad) Akon quality (not his fault though). Maybe fresh for those who never heard him, his fans will surely be disappointed. This movie doesn't have any appeal, and even SRK fan will be heart- broken (or is it Hart?).

    My final verdict - Go and see this movie if you lived in caves for past 20 years and never saw CG/VFX movie or played any game, you'll be less disappointed then. Also, never look for story, this sucker movie has none. And why the hell I cannot rate 0, Mr IMDb??
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was a little suspicious about its maker's(A Sinha) ability in making a sci-fi thriller since his previous movie was 'cash', but i thought with Srk in the team, he would not let its recurrence. But the movie comes out to be an even bigger piece of trash.

    What to say:- Full of overacting (both by SK n Karina), trying to create humor by cheap lines(which makes it unsuitable even for kids), spineless story and plot. Worst part being SK not able to understand the character of G-One and giving emotional expressions, dancing on chammak Chlo. Most of the scenes were copied from various flicks, even the first dialogs of Karina (gaaliyan) were already filmed in golmaal 3, a scene was copied from SK'd own movie 'baadshah' (tum mujhe yaha touch nahi kar sakte). SRK still believes in gay comedy scene which seems a pity.

    Other bloopers are when accident occurs in the barron industry only two people (out of which one is a kid) are there to investigate. How G-one is brought out of the game none of the viewers will ever know. The movie disappoints you so much that till chammak Chlo arrives you are not in mood to enjoy it. Final verdict: Do not watch it even if you 'don't' have brains.
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