Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    A father is his child's best superhero. Shekhar, after facing criticism from his son, tries to make him feel happy by creating a game in which the villain is comparatively more powerful than the hero. This is what his son exactly wants. Shekhar even gives his face to the game's hero, G.One. He however keeps on ignoring the issues in the game, but knows little that the game would turn out to be deadly. Ra.One, the villain, using a device invented by Shekhar's friend and colleague, Jenny, comes out of the game and starts to search for Lucifer, who is none other than Prateek. The lives of everyone turn upside down, when one small imagination turns out to be something that can't be imagined. As of now, it's the responsibility of the game's hero, G.One, to protect the family, not only from the torment of Ra.One, but also from the very danger of being captured by him.