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  • As a transplanted New Yorker who spent years in South Jersey while growing up; I am ashamed of this addition to its so-called reality programming roster for young people.

    This show does seem like something The Science Channel, The Discovery Channel or Animal Planet should be showing. But MTV Networks thought it would be entertaining to show the social retardation and animalistic behavior of these humans raised in this little area by a shore in New Jersey. Understand it's not all of New Jersey, and it darn sure is not indicative of all Italians in New Jersey or living by an 'affluent' shore. (Sorry, I grew up in New Jersey and to this day, I'm still trying to find an 'affluent' shore. Who's kiddin' who here?) An example: New Jersey young women of 30 years ago had problems trying to find out what it is about them that makes them beautiful, wanted, intelligent factors of humankind. To be more than just punching bags, breeders and dolls for their husbands to parade around. 30 years later, this particular enclave never got the word or winds of change. Loooks like those women grew up, married the men that ticked them off and had children and here we go again. Same cycle. These young adults will have children too and 30 years from now you can bet...same cycle. This is appalling.

    I would guess that the most boring show in the world to air on MTV Networks (et. al) right now would be the exploits of a teen trying to get into college (with no sex or violence involved) and the trials of trying to get that sheepskin; or a teen having to take a meaningless job instead of going to college as they wished. But maybe MTV should rethink that because this kind of programming for young people should cease. It's not helping them to understand each other. It's not helping them to love a fellow human being or accept them poor - or fat - or just regular. It shows them that young people have to have an ethnic label; they have to live in grandiose style in the lower middle income of areas. It's showing them how to become animals and fight over that piece of steak from MTV for example...tells them it is Kobe but is actually Kangaroo meat. And it's teaching them how to laugh at abuse instead of reporting it. It's showing them how to be verbally abusive as well as mentally and physically. And its showing them all this gritty behavior, promiscuity, violence, etc. is all okay as long as people laugh at it and you're on TV which makes them think they're the next Spencers or Kardasians or Hiltons instead of the next clowns.

    Bottom line, its showing youth that you have no real value to each other or anyone else: male, female or otherwise. A terrible show among other terrible reality shows geared to young adults.
  • I am an avid movie and television goer, but there has been projects from both film and television I dislike intensely. Jersey Shore is one of those. The photography and editing are nothing to write home about, and the theme tune is forgettable, annoying and dull. Jersey Shore also feels fake and self-absorbed, both in how its written and delivered, the show shows drunkenness, verbal abuse, swearing to a sickening, degrading degree and the people presented are little more than stereotypes that I took an instant dislike to.

    All in all, Jersey Shore is an embarrassment. It does not fit into the so-bad-it's-good category, to me it's just so bad-it's-bad. 1/10 Bethany Cox
  • I checked this show out because I heard it was about a group of young New York/ New Jersey Italian Americans living together. Being one myself, I am ashamed of these people and how badly they treat one another. I checked in about half way into season 2. One of the roommates, who was not well liked by everyone, decided to leave after being tormented throughout the entire season. I'd say that was about the smartest move any one of them made.

    I don't think I've seen so much outright abuse and calculated disparagement amongst any group of people, ever.

    Nice going MTV - go ahead and encourage bad behavior and verbal abuse amongst young adults. Show fighting, swearing, drunkenness, lies and manipulation as being cool and in amongst young adults in their 20s over and over again so other young people can act just like that thinking its something to capitalize on.
  • Out of all of the bad reality shows on the air today, this has got to be the absolute worst of the worst, there is not one single talent in this thing, makes operation repo look like a good TV show and that is lot better than this retread able piece of trash, these guidoly untalented people live in a jersey shore house for what else, sex, sex and more sex, all of them are embarrassing, the music is a mess, the editing is a waste of true absolute time and the scenes are atrocious, Ronnie Ortiz magro looks like a bodybuilder and is terrible, the rest of them are a mess too, bad scripts, silly situations, the whole thing is truly idiotic and I Really Think the state of new jersey is losing faith with it's audience, their too good of a state itself (Cake Boss & The Sopranos), not to know that this show really stunk NO STARS.
  • I'm not going to lie. I hate reality television. I really do. Everyday, everywhere you turn, there's a new reality show on the horizon for obnoxious (mostly young) people who clearly don't deserve the attention they're getting on their own reality show, only to have them become tabloid fodder for the next several months after the show has faltered or been replaced by a new one. Everybody knows about Paris Hilton, the Kardashians (Khloe, not Kim, is one curvaceous Armenian-American bombshell, by the way), Kendra Wilkinson, the various "Love" shows on VH1, and now MTV has put out their latest: "Jersey Shore."

    Seriously, what is our American culture coming to? Have we really been reduced to an "idiocracy"? According to Mike Judge's 2006 film, yes we have.

    "Jersey Shore" became a huge hit when it debuted in December 2009, and also sparked a myriad of controversies stemming from its negative portrayal of eight Italian-American young people (according to Wikipedia, only five of the eight 20-somethings are actually of genuine Italian ancestry), who have a summer share on New Jersey's Seaside Heights community and thus bringing a lot of unwelcome notoriety to the area. These eight self-proclaimed "Guidos/Guidettes" (four Italian-American men and four Italian-American women) - alpha male Mike "The Situation," DJ Pauly D, Ronnie, Vinny (my personal "favorite," meaning he's the least annoying and he is essentially a nice, good guy who for the most part stays out of the worst trouble), Sammi "Sweetheart" (the only one of the cast members who is actually from New Jersey), Jenni "JWoww," Angelina "Jolie," and fan-favorite Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi - spend their summer on Jersey Shore partying, hooking up, tanning, drinking, fixing their hair (guys and girls both), clubbing, fighting, and engaging in every other form of debauchery known to man while also finding some time taking turns working in a boardwalk t-shirt store.

    "Jersey Shore" is pretty atypical when it comes to reality television. The show is pure trash, pure unbridled trash. But like most guilty pleasure television, "Jersey Shore" keeps you watching no matter how much it goes against your better judgment, and however many brain cells you might kill by tuning in to watch new episodes every week. It's an instance in which you'll be watching it one minute, and then kicking yourself the next for doing so. The characters are typical reality show fodder: the alpha male, the entertainer, the bitch/drama queen, the slut, the troublemaker, the instigator, the stalwart nice hero guy - you get the point, because we've seen it all before. None of the characters are particularly likable or sympathetic (except for my "favorite," of course, Vinny), but they are engaging and have over-sized egos and personalities that have launched them into pop culture stardom, whether they are deserving of it or not.

    In other words, they're here to stay, whether we like it or not...

    MTV really outdid themselves with "Jersey Shore"; not only was the show a ratings success (as of now, a third season is already in the works), but it has become a bona-fide pop culture phenomenon complete with t-shirts, endorsements, and its own "Jersey Shore"-esquire lingo ("yo, that ugly chick in the jacuzzi's a 'grenade'"). Already, "The Situation" is set to gain $5 million by the end of the year in a planned autobiography book deal, a workout fitness routine, and various other endorsements. Ronnie was charged with aggravated assault stemming from an incident in which he knocked out a guy who had confronted him at a nightclub. And poor little "Snooki" was recently charged with annoying people on the beach while heavily intoxicated; and she also got her lights punched out by some guy at a bar during the first season (poor "Snooki" - she's got a big mouth, all right, but no one deserves to get hit like she did by a big drunken coward like she did, no matter how annoying she was being).

    "Jersey Shore" is trash entertainment, purely. I'm addicted to this show now, I think, after having purchased the first season on DVD after scattered viewings on TV got my mouth watery for 20-something New Jersey-style antics and debauchery. I can't stop thinking or talking about it with people who care for it. Yes, sir, that's reality TV infamy for you, and it worked its magic on yet another poor soul who will be feeling very sorry for having watched it on an ultra-curious whim...
  • These people are so disconnected from reality that they put themselves in these situations to create unnecessary drama. its fascinating to watch these people fail at being adults because they lack common sense. two of them are almost thirty years old in the show's first season, and they lack just any kind of rational thinking. its amazing. absolutely hilarious show on every single level, even when its not trying to be.
  • ... Another bad reality show. Stereotypes of Italians or not, this was awful. First off, It reminded me of one of those Animal Planet Shows where they take animals and put them in special environment, to strive in awesome conditions for the particular species of animal. Also, It reminded me of some of those Twilight Zone Eps where humans are lured to certain situations supposedly conducive to human behaviour and than like that .. end of the world type scenario. In other words, This show was degrading. The whole guido and guidette theme was ridiculous. NJ is just like any other state with a multitude of different ethnicities , religions and races. These early 20 something folks had to be the dumbest of the dumb to not realize how they were being used. Paycheck or not, dignity is most important. At least in my opinion. I must be honest , I watched just the first half of the first episode. I got bored quickly. It was basically one f bomb after another...bleeped out of course. I am far from a prude. I just felt the language got old quickly. I truly felt I was watching 'Animal Planet' with animals being substituted by people.The kicker is , the animals are smarter than this gang of assorted nuts. None of these people were even likable. I wonder if these folks realize that most viewers are laughing AT them.They were a caricature and a bad one at that. Very depressing. This was just a bad show , with lousy stereotypes and skimpy clothing.Contrived or not they did offer ,somewhat of a plot. I wont give away here. Thus the 2 rating instead of a 1.Still this was very lame . Summertime on the Jersey Shores , has to be better than this.
  • Even better than "Shark Attack" and "Lamas In Trouble".

    When Snooki complains to her father about her boyfriend, he shouts: "Remember, it's all his fault!". Snooki's parents need to win some kind of Parent-of-the-Year award, because the way they reared their little duckling should make any other parent red with envy. So all you people out there, bring up your child so that it knows that it is ALWAYS right, no matter what it says/does/breaks. Never punish, admonish or correct; just let the little chipmunk run amok, and you can't go wrong. Total freedom as the wrong way to push your child in the proper direction? Wrong. Who wouldn't want to have a daughter with as little inhibition as a wild animal, while taking such pride in dressing up like a wasted middle-aged hooker? Rear your child as Snooki's parents have done, and it need not ever use a public toilet again: we underestimate the uses of street pavement.

    To be fair, there is the issue of genetics, too; Snooki was adopted. And yet this should by no means serve as a deterrent to future adopters. Traveling to a remote mountain-region in Chile where someone you'd never even met before hands you the child of an unknown set of parents - now that's true idealism for you. They didn't even care when told that she is the offspring of a pair of exiled village idiots. They took the tiny Indian girl with open arms and treated her like an exotic souvenir monkey for the next 25 years, indulging her every whim.

    JS consists of 4 guys who want to be black, and 4 women who want to be prostitutes. I don't mean "black" just because they are so obsessed with tanning, I'm referring also to the incessant YOs and BROs and "da hood" arm-flapping. JS is a unique sort of televised zoo in which all eight animals are (more-or-less) free to roam around the park. But, as all critters, their interests are essentially limited to sex and food. Tanning also, and laundry: our eight chimps need to smell nice just hours before they sweat it out on the dance-floor, fist-pumping ("air-hitting") to the rhythm of "music" which only lower species of primates can find inoffensive/enjoyable. The fact that LMFAO, the worst corporate product on the planet, was asked to "write" for the opening credits says it all. JS is much better than any "Real World" season because MTV found an even more primitive and decadent bunch of attention-seeking, fame-hungry exhibitionists than ever before. Guidos are ideal for this format because (like all animals) they ignore the cameras and aren't too self-conscious. In fact, they aren't conscious at all.

    As with the show's predecessor, Animal Planet's "Monkey World", the apes all look alike but have these wonderfully different personalities. A unique characteristic of the young females is that they - instead of emulating older females – impersonate the young males: they're violent, aggressive, go to the gym, burp/fart, and then drown in alcohol at night. Ironically, they never try to imitate the young males in their neatness or willingness to prepare food: the females party like animals and they live that way too. Stumbling over broken glass or an old pizza-slice on the floor is a way of life for the chimpus guidoae female.

    Unlike other mammals, the young Guidette is actually even more aggressive than its steroid-pumped male counterpart. The Guidette proudly displays her "femininity" (hence willingness to mate) by cursing, yelling, sticking out her "kuka" in public, getting into cat-fights, and "smooshing" with other females. However, the Guido is usually unimpressed with any of that and mates with the Guidette only when he can't capture a blond non-Guidette female. The snatching of the non-Guidette, a prized possession for the horny non-picky gorilla-juice-head, usually takes place in the primate's natural habitat: the nightclub. It's there that all the most ridiculous elements of guidotic existence unite: the crowded, smoky, smelly, noisy disco is what Guidos call "home". In this pointless jungle they are free to engage in their ritual mating dance without having to worry about looking utterly foolish.

    But the male impersonates the female, also; the Guido gets manicures, pedicures, plucks his eye-brows, utilizes an array of perfumes, visits hair-salons very often, and even roasts himself willingly in tanning rooms on an almost daily basis. In that sense he reveals his latent homosexuality. Perhaps this is why the guidus baboonus has a need to over-compensate i.e. prove his machismo - both to himself and others; this can best be observed, in its most extreme form, in the case of a sociopathic chimp called "The Situation". Mike's inferiority complex and continual failure to become the alpha male of the group leads him to a series of near-fights - when he provokes another male(s), but does so very carefully so as to avoid getting involved in an actual scuffle (which would end poorly for him).

    Sending these 8 entertaining mammals to Italy was right on the money. Merely to watch these "patriotic" Italo-Americans stumble around cluelessly in their "mamma-mia-land" – worth the price of admission alone. No tattooed apes with steroid muscles and very few girls spreading their legs for the first guy why winks at them; what a disappointment this must have been for them. Even more telling was that none of these "Italia!"-shirt-wearing clowns speak the language (apart from Vinnie, who is slightly smarter – or shall we say "less stupid" than the rest). Nevermind that their parents are mostly fluent Italian-speakers or that it's one of the most popular/easiest languages. On the other hand, Mike & co can barely speak English, so a "second" language would be simply asking too much.

    One complaint: when Angelina became unhappy with the quality of bananas, she left – to be replaced by Snooki's pal Deena, an orangutan juice-head disguised in a Robert Loggia costume. Why couldn't they have cast the beautiful Ryder instead?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Jersey Shore....oh where to begin. I'll sum up the show from a first person perspective. I live a good 50 - 75 feet from the Jersey shore, and every summer we're treated to some vacationers from Pennsylvania, north Jersey, and New York. Our benefactors, if you will. For the most part, these people are considerably normal and don't cause any disruption or annoyance, but there are some people, mainly from the cities (or burros) of Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Newark, who are worse than the common fraternity brother, or fratboy, or, as for the females, worse than your typical jezebel, or slut. These people are usually in their early to mid 20's, their bodies covered in tattoos, skin spray tanned orange, men have nasty spiking hairs and steroid induced muscles, women are wearing very revealing clothing and they all act like meatheaded morons who only know beer, drugs, sex, and violence. Guidos, if you will. I often deal with these people up front, as I watch them destroy my town with their antics. A fair amount of the trash talking, and joking about what a "f**ked up" place it is comes from these people. So let me give you a short bio of the show, guidos come to New Jersey, trash the place, then get their own TV show, and then New Jersey gets joked about because of it, only because people don't bother to do the research to know that most of the cast isn't even from New Jersey! Does that sound fair? NO! I won't stand for this, the people who ruin my home town, and those surrounding, who pass out drunk in the streets, urinate in public, start fights, break stuff, They get their own show, on a famous network live MTV, and kids will watch this and think "hey that looks like fun, i should go to the jersey shore and do that!" In the end, the show is nothing more than a glorified documentary about the guidos who destroy my home state, who i have to deal with first hand. And it's been called "awesome"....It makes me sick to my stomach. It'll pass, but, no matter what, it will always be New Jersey that's the joke, the victim of the situation, and not the cause. Politicians from New Jersey forever damned to not be taken seriously by any others. And nonstop jokes about New Jersey from people who probably haven't even ever been to the state. Kids will look up to these people and think they're cool. Adults will find it entertaining and laugh at it when it's really quite sad, and to us, the citizens of New Jersey, the people who actually live there, will be forever enraging. And when people say they love the show, in the words of James Rolfe, "That brings my p!ss to a boil"...I hope you guidos are proud of yourselves.
  • I can't believe it only has a 3.6 rating. Sure it's no Game of Thrones but this is binge worthy, trash tv at its finest. Think Friends but everyone's drunk and arguing 70% of the time. It's hilarious, and always cheers me up. I love it!
  • jaiami23 November 2011
    I can't imagine anyone finding any entertainment value in this train wreck at all. Please people, RAISE YOUR STANDARDS! Fake fights. Fake personalities. Wretched acting. No redeeming value whatsoever. I can only imagine a group of fifty or sixty-something pseudo-executives at MTV dreaming up this drivel and allowing it to be put on the air knowing that teens and preteens will be watching. SHAMEFUL! How do they sleep at night? I bet they don't let their grandchildren watch this. And, the cast looks like they photo-shopped fifty year old faces on thirty-five year old bodies. I shudder to think how these so-called executives think they will be able to top this, or to what lengths they will go to do that. Maybe they should be cancelled along with this embarrassment.
  • I normally don't have a problem with stuff like this. Usually, I can watch any reality show and laugh at the stupid problem that the characters make up. But somehow, I just get irritated when I think of Jersey Shore. It's not entirely because it's bad, or that people actually watch it. The problem arose when I saw people taking after it and acting like arrogant idiots. I'm 17, and I can safely say, for the sake of everyone older than me and every generation to come, I apologize for my generation because clearly, if we are able to sustain a show like Jersey Shore, then we are the worst that humanity has to offer.

    I propose that we Ban Jersey Shore from Television.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I guess it is true when they said the cancer of Reality TV killed the actor & this is an exception.

    I don't know if the Sumner Redstone & the MTV execs like creating Trash TV such as this. It's the fall of creativity & the rise of stars who become famous for doing nothing era in the TV business.

    To be precise, Jersey Shore is more of an embarrassment to our society. It's showing not only Italian-Americans but also how ignorant half of the countries population can be when they are put on TV for being without any acting abilities or schooling. Is this how anyone can get famous now? For doing zero? Nothing? Zip? This is one viewer who won't on the Jersey Shore wagon, I'll forget it even exists, controversial or not.
  • I'm Scottish and had never heard of a guido before until I watched this show. At first I was disgusted at their vulgar antics, lack of class and drunken behaviour etc and decided to turn it off. But one night I was bored and decided to watch it again.. once you get to know the individuals and their personalities It's actually thoroughly entertaining! Some of them are surprisingly intelligent and very heartwarming. I became hooked on every season and fell in love with the cast. Yes there's booze, fights, drama, fake tans but once you get passed all that it's a very interesting observation of young people and growing up. It's about friendship and growth. There's also some very entertaining episodes and one-liners, heart warming and sad moments. Give it a chance before judging harshly
  • As I was scrolling through the comcast guide I saw this on MTV. I usually don't watch MTV but I had seen this parodied on SNL multiple times so I thought I'd check it out. I gave it 15 min and was mortified at these self absorbed idiots who pride themselves on Italian heritage. It was funny to watch them be idiots, but they shouldn't be rewarded for this behavior.

    In all fairness I gave it another shot and watched a different episode. I admit I laughed at them but was still disgusted at their behaviors. Entertaining to someones who's not in the mood to think and just laugh at the losers. But the show all in all is trash and makes me embarrassed to call myself Italian.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have nothing in common with these people expect that I am of Italian decent (2nd generation). A lot of what they get up to makes me sick but I think i enjoy this show so much because its entertaining to see the different personalities and strange behavior. Its definitely not boring. The girls show a lot of booby flesh, dance crazy and provocatively, fight, make up and sometimes have sex. The guys, Vinnie and Pauly D in particular, often pick up chicks for one night stands. Its fun to watch the relationships within the group, the arguing, making up, and its hard not to find something to like about each one. I don't think most of the low scoring reviews are being honest. I think people should get off their high horses and rate this show truthfully. You might not agree with certain behavior, but you still watch it. Whats up with that?? My rating is based on my enjoyment factor. I want to own the series on DVD. 10/10
  • Out of all of the reality shows that has been on during the past decade I can say upfront that MTV's "Jersey Shore" has to be one of the worst if not the worst of the decade. Its ranks right up there with the rest of the reality shows that are total crap.."Frankie and Neffe", "The Real Housewives Of...", "Making The Band", "College Hill:Atlanta", just to name a few. "Jersey Shore" is pure unadulterated trash.

    From a previous comment,it is a sad representation of our youth and he is right,but what moron executive at MTV came up with the idea or the thought of it would be entertaining to show to social retardation of a bunch of twentysomethings each week make fools of themselves and others in public? All this shows is acting out with all of its gritty behavior,promiscuity,violence(oh yeah,each week..the fights..OMG the fights!)all in the name of getting ratings. Another bad reality show? Yes. Stereotyping of ethnic groups(Italians)or making fun of other minorities? Yes. Its not fun nor its not pleasant. Its stupid. Beyond stupid. "Jersey Shore" is one of those shows that has no intelligence(what intelligence?),no real morals or complexity. Its self-absorbed, and completely ridicious. The characters on this show along with the people who produced it are nothing but lowrent sand-for-brains. Its not only an embarrassment to us,but it shows how half of our youth are a bunch of morons,and its a diss. Come on,MTV you used to show music videos here. What the hell happened????
  • I accidentally paused while channel surfing and couldn't believe the depths of this show. Drivel. Mindless. Mind-numbing. Mind-altering! But.... oddly alluring. Like the altered state you achieve after being kicked in the groin one too many times (is once not too many? Tune in and find out!), I was transfixed, until the automatic desire to both breathe and flex some muscles kicked in and I was able to get the hell out of there.

    It is truly, TRULY awful. How many times need we say this - just what is wrong with people that they think their lives are enriched by going on shows like this?
  • I just wanna start this by stating that I hate reality shows: that out of the way: I honestly doubt this is what MTV was going for, but as a whole, jersey shore is about character development. In season one, we meet characters who are truly obnoxious and annoying and by the end, everyone has experienced an extreme character arc. It's the kind of stuff you could only right but for a show that's unscripted, it's amazing to witness.

    Sure somethings were scripted, but for the most part, everything you witness is legit, they have the cameras rolling and you just see these people go from being little worms, to cocoons, to beautiful butterflies. You will laugh until you cannot laugh anymore. You will cry until your eyes are dry. Jersey shore is the show. The one. The master. My savior. No satire.

  • elizawallace25 January 2020
    Season one of Jersey Shore is the pinnacle of reality television. The cast of characters ranging from the massive and alcoholic Mike "The Situation", to the iconic gremlin "Snooki" are pristine casting, reaching where trashy tv had never been before. From public urination to street fights with neanderthal strangers, this show is the perfect cocktail of grotesque entertainment.

    The derelict Shore House becomes just as much of a character as any of the cast, functioning as a zoo-like observation deck for drama, messes, family arguments and fist fights.

    This show is a masterpiece of garbage, with each ingredient elevating it to another level of iconic. A must-watch.
  • jcthomas1013 January 2010
    I gave this a high rating based on one thing and one thing alone. Comedy.

    The cast members are blatantly stereotypical, self-absorbed, and completely ridiculous. This is a show about a group of young individuals that are spending the summer working and partying in Seaside Heights. By working, I mean selling novelty garbage from a tee shirt store; where they seem to never be. By partying, that is another story. This group seems to he almost hell bent on drinking as much alcohol as humanly possible between the hours of right before Noon until finding some sort of something to pass out in. Be it a bed, gutter, jail cell, or orifice.

    If you are looking for television with no substance, no intelligence, no real morals or complexity. This is the show for you.

    At the very least, you will be truly grateful that this is not your life. You will also thank the cast members for providing you with social banter when you are out with your seasonally pale and sensibly dressed friends.
  • Jersey Shore is probably the worst programme on Television I have ever laid my eyes on. It's not only stupid but it discriminates against Italians. On the show they are being depicted as people who always go tanning, partying, always acting like idiots(also known as "Guidos/Guidettes"). In reality a lot of them are very smart and hard-working people. I know at least one person who looks like a Guido and every time I see them, I always make faces like I was disgusted at them.It's because I really hate this show.

    Of course, it's MTV and there is not much to be surprised about when watching that channel. I could let it go if they weren't depicting another culture so negatively.
  • I was a little curious about this show after seeing the Southpark ripping. I had no idea what was going on because i don't watch most TV shows. I've never seen any of the people on the show except the "Snookie", i had to google that after seeing southpark. So anyway last night i was watching a show at a friends house and they had "the situation" on it. It was a roast for Trump on Comedy Central (DAMN they can say anything on TV nowadays) I didn't know most of the people on there but was well acquainted with them by the time "the situation" came up to do his "comedy" OH MY GOD he was so awful, i think people started feeling sorry for him after he wouldn't stop. It was like seeing a little baby laying on the train tracks, the trains coming but you can't stop it.
  • Jersey Shore is the most heart-wrenching show spawned by the reality television craze. Watch as desperate 20-somethings with names like Snooki, JWOWWW, and The Situation slave in a t-shirt shop by day and infect the Garden State's club scene by night. They search for meaning in their tristate-confined lives using alcohol, herpes-infested hot tubs, and melanoma. Whose heart will Sammi "Sweetheart" play jump-rope with next? Will The Situation let his six-pack fly to the wind, just as his morals did long ago? And will JWOWWW ever realize that her vile extensions look like Pepe LePew camped out on her head? These, viewers, are the questions that grip our generation.
  • The best reality show of its era. Whatever you think of this type of plot, this is easily the most satisfying one. Out of the very few reality shows I've watched cause I truthfully can't stand them, this one sticks out. 10/10
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