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  • I have just bought a copy of Capture fables and fairy tales after a screening of it at my film society. We see a lot of feature and short films and I have to say the quality of these on Capture are amazing none of them where overly arty and all had very strong stories. They have obviously been carefully chosen with an eye for general audiences but some of the extra features are pitched for filmmakers! My personal favourites are Happy as Larry a look into the mind of the worlds happiest man and Made Backwards a fun look at the world of a writer and an amusing looks at film clich√©. If you like short films, check this out and add it to you video shelf.
  • I always try and catch short films when they are on TV and enjoy buying them from I tunes for when I travel. I also own several other short collections, however this is where capture differs as its films all have a similar theme and are narrative based rather than purely artistic. Each of these short films are very entertaining and you don't need a degree in film to understand the plot, characters and themes. I tried watching as an hour long experience with the play all option and I was taken on a real emotional journey. Love it. I can happily suggest getting this as a DVD for your collection, you won't be disappointed. power to the shorts and roll on volume 2.