While filming on location in Veracruz, Mexico, Mel Gibson learned that an elderly Mexican extra was suffering from cancer. Gibson got the man a visa by writing to the American ambassador, and then personally arranged for him to be flown to an alternative cancer therapist in Arizona.

Payback (1999) is also a movie where the character, Porter, played by Gibson has only a one word name. In this movie, Gibson appears in the credits as Driver, and many, such as Harry Knowles of "Ain't it Cool News", have speculated that this movie may be the unauthorized sequel to Payback (1999).

In addition to this movie, only one other Mel Gibson movie has been narrated by him, as the lead character, Payback (1999). In this movie, Driver (Mel) explains how he was once married, but his wife ran off with his former business associate. This same situation actually takes place in Payback, where his wife and business partner double-cross Gibson to run away together. Also, Gibson is a thief in both movies.

According to the "Making of Get the Gringo" featurette, Mel Gibson had originally contacted Steve Jobs to play a part in the film. Steve showed initial enthusiasm, but eventually declined the offer, citing that he wasn't much of an actor. Gibson then resorted to the hilarious Clint Eastwood impression.

The only subtle difference between the character of Porter in Payback (1999), and of Driver in this movie, is the military background, and associated tattoos. In Payback, Porter was an ex-Marine, with a U.S.M.C. tattoo on his arm. In this movie, he is a former U.S. Army Sniper, with a Sniper tattoo.

After Driver (Gibson) is released from El Pueblito by Javi, in order to kill Frank, he is tailed by two hitmen on the way to San Diego. Hitman number one (Mark) is played by William Gibson, Mel's son. Hitman number two (Jesse) is played by Owen Dunne, Mel's nephew.

Alejandra Cuervo, a member of the production team, was hired by the producers prior to the commencement of principal photography to do extensive research, a living history, on El Pueblito that included talking with several of its ex-inmates, for first-hand experiences.

Several character actors from Man on Fire (2004) appear in this film.

Has the title "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" in the UK.

Both Mel Gibson and Dean Norris have featured in the movie, Lethal Weapon 2 (1989).

In the opening scene, the vehicle driven by Gibson is either a Ford or Mercury, however, when the speedometer is shown, it is that of a Chevy pickup truck.

In some places of Latin America, the title of the movie is Vacaciones Explosivas (Explosive Vacations).