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  • For three out of four episodes, this is outstanding TV that packs so much into one episode without feeling rushed that you've thoroughly enjoyed something in a short amount of time while perceiving it to have been much longer. To me, this is a feature of great writing.

    But all the way through the fourth episode, it falls apart. The tight storytelling is gone from the very beginning of the final part. It meanders along without seeming to know where it's going and, to be honest, gets rather boring. It really does come across as if they ran out of money or the writer quit and walked off the project after part 3 and they decided to give the ending a go anyway and eventually just gave up.

    I am tired of reading pretentious comments about the ending. It is not a misunderstood ending or an anti-Hollywood ending -- there simply is no ending and the story is terminated prematurely. This isn't a clever but unsettling ending that in the end makes you smile like the one in Sean Penn's "The Pledge". It simply stops before it finishes, which is why so many people are wondering about a fifth part or a 2nd series (which the BBC have said will not occur).

    Even with all of that said, I still want to give it a high rating because the first three parts are so good. If I get the chance, I may go back and rewatch the final part to see if it gets better with age. But I don't think it will -- as I said, the problem isn't that the ending is unconventional or ambiguous but that the ending simply isn't there.

    With a better ending, I would have given this a 10.
  • Tweekums16 July 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    This gripping drama which aired over four nights kept my attention through out, as each episode ended I was left enthusiastic to see the next. Set in Bristol the series follows the life of a deaf girl who witnesses the murder of a policewoman while out walking the dog for her uncle's family, being frightened she doesn't say anything when she gets home. Her uncle is a policeman who is investigating the murder and when she sees some CCTV footage he is reviewing she lip reads what the people are saying and it becomes apparent that the Bristol Drug Squad are involved. When he learns that he niece is a witness he should take her to the police station to take a formal statement but not knowing know can be trusted there he investigates alone. When the drug squad learn that there is a witness and who she is the policeman must struggle to keep her safe and bring them to justice before they can get to her.

    Genevieve Barr was fantastic in the roll of Amelia the deaf girl and Douglas Henshall put in a fine performance as her policeman uncle DCI Jim Edwards. They were ably supported by a cast of TV regulars. Once the characters had been introduced and the story proper had started there was an almost constant sense of threat as the drug squad menace DCI Edwards and his family. As the story approaches its conclusion the tension gets even higher and until the last scene I wasn't sure if the case would be solved or not.
  • I found the ensemble cast inspired when I decided to stream this British many familiar faces :). The storyline was intriguing and fresh, which is what got me to watch it in the first place. Going through the episodes, I found a lot to love, even the circuitous route the plot was taking. However, once you get into the final episode, you are left with the decided impression you have been set up, and not in a good way.

    I appreciate good storytelling, in fact I prefer it to insipid and cliché meanderings that are rampant and clog up the tele on both sides of the pond. I do not however, appreciate the multitude of hanging threads that are in dire need of snipping in the end. Whether this was the intent, laziness, or simply a segway to inspire a further episodic endeavor (never to ultimately materialize), the end, which is not an end, leaves you with something of a bitter taste and feeling a bit betrayed. I guess there are suckers born every minute and this serves as a rather unsubtle reminder. It ruins what could otherwise make it a great series, hence my 7 rating.

    There are a multitude of twists and interesting plot points throughout, hinting at the serpentine conspiracy to cover up corruption and murder. So many guilty parties outside the primary two that sit at its heart...but each tantalizing tidbit that hints at other key players is sadly left to dangle. I am fabulous at whodunits....but just because I can see the angles and conspirators, doesn't mean they shouldn't be fact the story demands it. DI Edwards is awash in a sea of conspirators in his own department, in superiors, in the drug squad...but the writers never take the time to fully develop them. There is a great story here dying to be spun out...a conspiracy of corruption so serpentine it aches to be explored...but it seems the interest was not there or it wouldn't have been quashed at four episodes. What a waste, a sad, sad waste of a talented cast and potential at great drama.
  • I love it. And I'm absolutely glad I watched it. I nearly didn't because of the horrible reviews it's gotten but then I thought "what the heck, why not?". Maybe I wasn't expecting anything and was pleasantly surprised or it was just a great mini series, no idea, but I genuinely thought it had all a great show should have to keep you in your seat, good acting, a good amount of suspense and a great story line! So all in all, 2 thumbs up, but come on.... you can NOT let it end like this SMH!!! that's just not ok, Mini series or not. Ughhh...
  • I watched this, potentially brilliant, mini serial for each of its four days. Each day I really looked forward to the next episode. However, having now watched the whole series, I have reached the conclusion that the drama should have continued for five days instead of four. The fourth episode could very easily have concluded with a cliffhanger concerning the main character. This would have enabled the drama to end in a much more satisfying way. Instead, after watching four days of a truly gripping thriller, the ending was very disappointing. I don't think merely leaving your audience with a good idea of the probably outcome of a drama is a patch on concluding with a fully rounded ending. Instead of the series concluding in a way that left me pleased I have invested my time and energy in it, I was left feeling it had been cut short because the writer (or director) had simply run out of steam. On the plus side the acting, especially of those playing the two leading characters, was first class.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yeah, the ending left a bit to be desired. But aren't we all a bit tired of having everything wrapped up in a little bow so we can go to bed feeling happy & warm inside?

    Whether or not you are OK with the ending, you'll be glad you took the ride. And it was a ride. I was clenched up, completely tense for practically the entire 4 episodes. It takes a little while to get moving, but once it does the pressure is relentless.

    Describing this to my wife I said that it was like the movie Legend, in that nothing good ever happens to anyone, ever. Until the end. Sort of.

    Every time you think "finally, he/she's gonna get some help here" it doesn't happen. Every time you think there's gonna be a breakthrough & one of the "bad guys" is gonna get found out, they don't. Every time you think "it can't get any worse than this," it does.

    After the first two episodes I kind of didn't want to watch any more it made me so tense, with my heart beating out of my chest. I don't need everything wrapped up all nice and clean, but a little break from the relentlessness would've been nice.

    I say all that & it sounds like I'm telling you not to watch it. Don't pay attention to me. This is fantastic drama. Gripping, on-the-edge-of- your-seat drama. Fast-paced drama (after the first 45 minutes or so.)

    That said, I have to say that I didn't really like the main character, Amelia. It's been a while since I've been that young, but she seemed totally clueless & a bit selfish. OK, she's just seen a murder & is freaked out, so I probably shouldn't be too hard on her.

    Regardless of whether I judge her too harshly & think she could've been a bit tougher, Amelia & her mom were just not very likable. Which is fine, but I have to admit I didn't really care that much for her specifically.

    The character that really drew me in was Douglas Henshall's Jim, Amelia's uncle, the detective. I saw him recently in Collision & he picks up here where he left off there with a really intense performance. He's really the most unlikeable character of any of them, but I cared about him more than anyone. He put his career on the line to protect his niece & everyone shits on him for it!

    This is really good stuff. I love the shorter format series you get from UK television. Much more intense, compact. Not the drawn out, drip drip drip over 22 episodes.

    These kinds of series serve to emphasize that today television is the most compelling medium, as most wide-release films become little more than special effects extravaganzas. And now that everything is in HD there's no real difference in the actual experience when watching TV or film at home.

    Do yourself a favor.

    Watch The Silence.
  • I really enjoyed the series just released on Netflix. The main character being deaf and able to lip read was interesting. I can't believe the left me wanting and waiting for more. A Season 2 would really help the curt ending. So much more to explore ... A courtroom drama should ensue wrapping it all up but we need twists.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Reviewers have already done an excellent job of giving you some idea of the storyline so I'll cut to the I said: 'Well, the trailer looked alright.....'

    and yes, edchin2006 from Canada - I agree with everything you have written here.

    When you, me watch a detective drama and actually like this genre, then you already know a certain amount of suspension of belief is often - well nearly always - required, but really.....this one just takes the p***

    Look at all the acting chops listed there......think about that - then wonder what on earth was going on to make this so plain irritating. This is not a criticism of the acting, Douglas Henshal (a much underused actor on film and television), Gina McKee (one of the most beautifully subtle actors), Hugh Bonneville (excellent) Dirvla Kirwan and the young Genevieve Barr as Amelia - all do their best here.

    I only made it half way through the second episode and just could not stand anymore.

    Again, there is horrible reliable cliché and stereotype, for example:

    The 'we're all mad!' family home of Jim and Maggie, with Maggie being made to behave for all the world like the mum in 'Bless this House' - I don't know how or why this image of family life is so prevalent at the moment, but someone just stop it. Most of us were lucky enough to grow up in a family home, we also probably visited lots of our mates' homes - so why this 'Bless this House' (hyper- rushing around put upon mum, frankly stupid teenagers.....) nonsense all the time? Why is it on 'TV World' that anyone over the age of 40 acts as if they are ready for the retirement village while anyone younger than 25 is a burke?

    The deaf young woman: I am not deaf, but if I was, would probably be ready to throw a brick at the screen if made to watch just one more representation of a deaf person which equates hearing difficulties with being a bit stupid and promiscuous to boot. Come on! As if she would not tell someone what she had seen? As if she would go in the loo at the pub and give a stranger a blow job? As if she would not be encouraged to WRITE DOWN precisely what she remembered (not of the blow job you understand, the murder....) to help the investigation while the memory was fresh. Just not buying it at all.

    People who speak in a way that people in day to day life just don't speak. Suspension of disbelief is a lot easier when the characters behave and speak in a believable way. It helps if we like a few of them as well.

    This is the second awful police drama I have watched on Foxtel Australia's Crime Month - the other one was 'Case Sensitive' - if you go and read my review of that - then disagree with both my reviews - chances are you will enjoy this. Good luck to you.

    .....and judging by some reviews here, if they thought the final episode was a let down, so pleased I pressed STOP as early as I did. Clearly, it just wasn't going to get any better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The premise is so unbelievable. Why would anyone who witnesses a murder not report it immediately? - Especially, when one is related to a murder investigator!?!

    Even the youngest of children know to seek help when they see a threat. With a perpetrator approaching you, would you not run or hide? If seized by fear, would you not do anything when the danger is past and your nerves are calmed? Would your rational thoughts not lead you to believe that you might become a victim, too? Would you keep silent hoping everything would blow away?

    What about the lost cochlea microprocessor - there must be a lot of those floating around!? We are to believe that she is so stupid as to think that she might not be identified as the one who lost the microprocessor!

    Suspension of reality is necessary in many drama/action pieces, but this story really asks too much. And, all of this is in the first episode! I'm afraid after this one taste, I cannot generate the energy/endurance to watch another episode.
  • timschatten29 March 2011
    Speaking on the behalf of a few people here... We all very much loved this TV series and couldn't wait until the next episode would come on as the story was so incredible; full of suspense and drama. The acting was fantastic and we all were really attached to each character quite fondly. It was great to see a profoundly deaf actress take a lead roll in such a unique story and not just because she's deaf, but more so on her "other" skills that she has. The only thing that could possibly be said that is remotely negative about this series is that... "FOUR EPISODES?" - There are so many unanswered questions that are not portrayed here, so many things that have not been finalized, so many other possibilities that "could" happen! To just end it like that, just wow... We here who have enjoyed these episodes very much and expected another episode to air are quite upset and shocked, to be honest; that there's only four episodes. This could have been just so much better if it was, at least 5 episodes. To anyone who does watch this show... You'll be drawn in like crazy and then let go, at only four episodes deep of this bizarre TV series. My advice? Don't bother to waste your time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As with the other reviews, I enjoyed this series. There were lots of twists and turns, but it ended too soon. It is not clever to leave you with too many loose ends. It is also difficult to see how they could conclude the story over another 4 episodes. Die he die, was the conspiracy uncovered, what about the boss?

    There seems to be a pattern developing with BBC drama where they finish abruptly, e.g. Luther. You spend four days watching a gripping series and then are left in limbo. It makes you wonder if there is any point in watching them. Good as they are the time could be better spent playing solitaire on your computer. At least the Americans leave you with a catchy tune.
  • I enjoy Douglas Henshall in Shetland so I thought I'd give The Silence a go. Although the characters were hard to be empathetic for, especially the whiny pip-squeak older son, I gradually got into the storyline of the 4 episodes about a young deaf girl that witnesses a woman getting killed by 2 corrupt cops and her Uncle, Henshall, trying to bring them to justice. BUT then I had to endure one of the worst and most poorly written endings of a multi episode show that I've seen in a long time. A middle schooler in creative writing class could have written a better, more complete and satisfying ending than the writers of The Silence. If you start, know what you're getting yourselves in for!
  • Headturner120 June 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this last night after wanting to see it for a while. Has a good cast, good acting and I've only read 2 reviews but this was definitely not finished. Usually UK series are 3 or 6. I think this was a intended 6. There's definitely footage laying around somewhere. While I was watching I had to google ( because I just finished 3) to see exactly how many episodes in total. I mean SPOILERS

    So he gets drugged and attacked by these corrupt coppers and then they only find him in the last few minutes and you see Amelia still at the boxing hall where Frankie is seen walking out of his fight and says" I'm going to try to make things right". So I'm thinking everything will take place off camera and they will show him talking with AC and them arresting the 2 and then cut to the family surrounding Jim in the hospital the end. But that wasn't even the case. It wasn't that great any ways. The story was weak and all that with the cohlear implant did nothing for the plot and even that like the rest was done half a####. Any ways if you want to watch an ok UK series with zero closure then this is it.
  • It was a good police drama, a good cop against a bunch of corrupt ones. Then it stops, you'll never know what happens, who wins. Save your time and watch Shetland instead, same leading actor, also as a policemen (a better character than in this one) and, imagine, each season has a finish or continues on the next season. If you insist and watch this one you'll be upset when it suddenly stops on you.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After two hours of the Fighting O'Hooligans in their messy house, I gave up and went to bed but I was too tensed up by the drama to sleep. Next morning I decided to finish watching, and they were at it again. Most annoying was the Scotsman, Jim, with the explosive temper who really needed anger management, followed by Amelia the deaf niece who was difficult, to put it mildly. I was quite glad to see her mother give her a good slap. She asked for it. I am deaf myself, having only 30% hearing in one ear and about 2% in the other, so I understand the denial and reluctance to use hearing aids. We have learned to live with the silence and enjoy it, compensating for the lack of hearing in many other ways. Unfortunately, we are often assumed to be standoffish because we don't answer when spoken to, rude, and stupid. It can lead to a withdrawal so I can understand Amelia keeping quiet about the murder. I object to the inclusion of the oral sex in the lavatory as another inclusion which today's filmmakers seem to feel is required, however, they spared us the lesbian policewoman and the gay friend and I did not notice too many F__ words so I should be grateful. Thank heaven for small mercies.

    My take on the unsatisfactory ending is that ambiguous endings are suddenly in vogue and 'trendy', although it is possible that the producers expected to be picked up for a second season and had not thought to hedge their bets with a satisfactory conclusion just in case. I am not one to subscribe to the American demand that the bad guys get what is coming. Life doesn't always go the way we want and some times the bad guys get away with it, but to leave the fate of Jim in the balance, and not to know if the killers were brought to justice, and whether Rocky and/or Eli turned them in, and would Maggie finally file for divorce, is just plain shoddy and shortchanging the viewer. I for one feel I wasted my time watching it. Yes, another episode was definitely needed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    We loved all four episodes even though they were completely stressful and tense, then it ends with the main character fighting for his life and the bad guys not apprehended?????!!!!!
  • Great acting. Great suspense but I felt like there's no ending.
  • 4 stars for 4 episodes. Wish I had come here and read the reviews about the show first I would've never started it. I absolutely hate shows that do this leave all these loose ends hanging with an ending where you're supposed to try to figure out what "you think" happens. This show was really good- tense, interesting unusual story line, some great acting. I was enjoying watching it and then I pause it for a minute during the last episode to see that there was only four minutes left and knew immediately this is going to be one of "those shows". A show with no real ending. I am really angry right now.
  • bgps-6829325 September 2019
    Ok, I'll admit it started getting a little dragged out in the end of Season 1, but I still wanted more!! Wish it hadn't ended. :(
  • Great story and script (except for the last episode). Wonderful performances from all actors, especially Genevieve Barr and Douglas Henshall.

    I did not quite like the ending. It was like there is a missing episode. Did not seem like an unconventional ending if that is what the creators were aiming for. Liked the series despite that.
  • Not even one remotely likable character in the entire series. Characters are continuously doing ridiculously stupid things. And the "ending"-don't even get me started. No closure or resolution of even a single plot line. I don't think I've ever been this angry with a TV series. No one involved with creating this dung should ever be allowed to work again. Seriously infuriating.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I will just pick one of the many ridiculous scenes to rant about. In the final (and worst believable) episode, Amelia goes to the police in a neighboring town. After initially telling them part of her story she recants and says she made it up. The police leave while discussing charging her with false crime reporting. Then when her uncle comes to get her and the bad guys are chasing them, he tells her to go to the same police for a ride back to his house. Now why would they give a ride to someone who just wasted their time and money with a supposedly fake story? And then the officer who does give her a ride back drops her off at a boxing club at her request instead of at her uncles home where he was ordered to take her.

    The entire story is so unbelievable and then it just stops...
  • jaredius16 February 2020
    I really wanted to watch this as I am a fan of Henshaw from Shetland, but the frequent jerky camera movement irritated my the point my head began to hurt. Such a shame because I was getting in to the story.
  • toff-216 February 2020
    I knew I liked a lot of the cast members from other shows, so I gave it a shot. First thing, I don't think I've ever seen a show where so many people do such dumb things. Whiny kids abound. Doing more stupid stuff. Somebody out there trying to kill you? Why, heck, let's just leave the safe space and go out to smoke a cigarette and stumble out in the dark. People following you around. Go ahead and stand in front of the open blinds so they can see you better. Idiots. Then there's the dad/cop who works 90 hours a week and screams at his stupid kids. And then the lazy, terrible ending. It's like, the writers wrote 3.5 episodes so let's just wrap this up as quickly as possible and leave all the loose ends we can. This isn't 2001: A Space Oddity where you leave everything open so you can wax philosophically for decades. It's a four part series where you want some closure and satisfaction watching the good guys win. But, noooo!
  • bill-1924416 February 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Great premise and a fabulous cast. But..? Plot hole after plot hole kills this series. Aggg, so frustrating.
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