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  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you decide to watch the 90 minute "Wer zu lieben wagt", you are in for an extremely cheesy romantic comedy (as most of these TV movies based on books are these days) where the only real excitement lies in the discussing what the weakest thing about this film was. Probably the script, especially the dialogs. Or Neubauer's performance. Zero face expressions or talent to display emotion in a credible manner. It's all screaming. All over the top. She is free of talent in pretty much everything she is in and I wonder how she still gets cast. The sad thing was that the supporting players all were acting gods next to Neubauer, but none of them can save this extremely predictable film with her being in every scene. That said, none of them were really good either.

    There's all the drama they could fit in this film: mother-daughter relationship, sister-relationship, illness, unemployment, relationships, faith in God... They were truly shameless here. The best thing about the film may be that it stays clearly under 90 minutes. Director wolf Gremm has worked on many television films already, but this one here is a definite contender for his worst movie. He seems way past his peak judging from this piece of crap and it may be not too bad that he has not made a film in four years. Please don't watch this.