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  • While this series is not yet complete, I have watched all the episodes and enjoyed them very much. I hate to admit it, but I think I liked the shows simply because unlike other Food Network shows, this one made me feel like a master chef in comparison! Heck, most 7 year-olds would feel superior to the people chosen for this odd competition! Plus, it's sad to admit, but I liked laughing at the food that some of them created--it was so scary it was almost surreal!

    In episode one, two big-time chefs recruit teams for each other that are made up of some of the worst cooks you could imagine. Unlike the very closely controlled format of later shows, the potential team members were invited to bring in ANYTHING and have the chefs evaluate their appropriateness for the show. What they did not know is that the ones chosen were NOT those who made acceptable dishes, but those who made the most horrible food--and soe dmishes were amazingly gross and funny. The biggest problem with most of these potential competitors appears to be confidence--they are, in most cases, just too afraid of cooking and it shows in the very scary 'things' they concoct. On the other hand, a few were simply clueless.

    In subsequent episodes, the two teams are given very specific tasks and the two chefs demonstrate a variety of techniques and the participants try to replicate them as best they can. And, each episode the teams lose a member--the one who does poorest.

    Overall, a bizarre sort of show but one that is oddly addictive--and, in a sick way, kind of funny. It's fun to watch and very different from the usual fare on this channel. I'll be most likely updating this review after the series concludes.
  • This used to be a good show. It was interesting to see contestants replicate Anne's and Tylers dishes. Now (which I believe is due to the contestant's amateur comedy shtick's) the contestants are given food and just told to make what they want. With all the stupid cut scenes and faked kitchen disasters there seems to be no time for cooking instructions by Anne and Tyler. This show is being ruined by to much attempted comedy and not enough cooking. The contestants come off as people interested to acting careers not just regular folks who want to learn how to cook. Which makes the show kind of phony from the getgo.
  • This is by far the worst season of worst cooks and I'm a die hard Food Network Fan. Over reacting (and acting). More slapstick than anything else. Carson was horrible showing his gayness and Chips star (glad I forgot his name) was obnoxious. I know they are B and C rated actors/comedians but give me a break it's not watchable. It doesn't even appear real. This insults us as viewers. Last season was great, this season, not so much. Hope next season is more entertaining and enjoyable. Sorry
  • I usually love watching this show, but it is definitely not the same without Tyler!! Alton brown is a bit rude and does not give very good directions. I think he would be more successful if he used a more positive approach. I just don't enjoy watching the way he treats the people on his team.
  • I understand Worst Cooks in America is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, and some of the contestants can be (mildly) amusing. You can see some improvement over the weeks in cooking ability. But I started Worst Cooks in America -Celebrity Edition 2020. First of all it's questionable whether these people are celebrities. To refer to them as "stars" is insulting to people who actually deserve that title. And, sorry, but if these people aren't acting they must be the stupidest, most annoying contestants ever. They really feel they are special; they must be the only ones.
  • Did not enjoy , hard to watch Celebrities if you want to call them that...(Tonya Harding?? ). Seemed most were busy acting for camera than actually cooking. Enjoyed other season so maybe this was due to the lacklustre quality of contestants.
  • I'm not going to make a long review, since this show doesn't deserve any attention at all. The contestants are either trying too hard to seem clueless about the simplest aspects of life (even if it doesn't pertain to cooking) or they were isolated from civilization for the majority of their lives. The chefs are condescending, and will ruthlessly insult the contestants regardless of the fact that they're hosting a show based off of people with "poor cooking skills"?

    The final thing I'd like to point out is THERE IS A CASH PRIZE FOR THE WINNER OF THIS SHOW. This just refines a horrible foundation for a terrible show. It not only encourages these "worst cooks" to know more than they let on. (you have cook well in order to not be eliminated) But it just makes an attraction for greedy people to pretend to be fools in order to earn some quick cash.

    To summarize my review, this show is terrible. Its easily Food Networks worst show in a line of terrible shows recently released in order to boost ratings. Everyone responsible for this abomination should be ashamed of themselves.
  • I love this show. It's good to see the growth and development of most horrible cooks. I like the different personalities that either help or hinder them from becoming better. I love it when the chefs show the cooks "how to" so I can also learn although that does not occur too often or sometimes with enough detail for me to learn the lesson completely. I love the "aside" pieces where the wannabe chefs speak to the camera and the entertaining embellishments such as sound effects or camera effects. It's a fun show with great hosts.
  • I am a Food Network junky. I love to learn and try new recipes, and master old ones. I started watching Worst Cooks in America with my teenage daughters seemingly just for the comedy aspect of the show but it didnt take long for us to get hooked. I love the competion between the two teams, I truly enjoy watching the contestants (however experienced or inexperienced they are upon arrival to bootcamp) grow in the kitchen and the slapstick comedy as some other reviewers have called it actually really adds some much needed entertainment. Anyone that reviews it as over the top or too rehearsed should maybe just tune in to Chopped or something similiar. Chef Anne is truly a force in the kitchen and the additional hosts (Chef Bobby, Florance, Irvine and also Rachel Ray are all great mentors. I have implemented several dishes from all of them, soley from watching this show. Want to laugh, learn and even get teared up, then tune in.
  • ScottAmundsen20 February 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I see quite a few writers who feel sorry for the contestants on this show. I do not.

    For starters, we all know that Americans will do anything for a buck, and the promise of $25,000 bucks is quite a carrot to dangle in front of people.

    As for their cooking skills (or rather the lack thereof), my mother started me learning to cook when I was eight. Nothing fancy, just things like hamburgers, hot dogs, fried eggs, etc. It is a life skill that IMHO should be taught to most children. At the very least I think that a kid should be able to put dinner on the table by age twelve; there's a lot of simple stuff out there that young people can learn to cook and have fun doing it too.

    One thing I have to point out which seems to be a constant on this show is people's reaction to fish and seafood in general. In a word, "EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Well I am sorry but I find this extremely comical; why Americans appear as a species to be intimidated by fish is a mystery someone will have to explain to me someday.

    As far as laughing at the contestants is concerned: they seem to accept it and I do think most grown-ups would have an idea as to what they are getting into.
  • Ok I have always enjoyed this show. But this season has me wondering two things. First why can't Tyler Florence stop harassing his team with endless directions and tossing out stupid facts. Second are the celebrities this season as stupid as they seen do they live in caves simple things seem to elude them. I'm not college educated but I know more than most of them. I'm a big fan of Ann Burrell she seems to be the best part of the show at this point.
  • dpenna328012 February 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I just finished season 4, and although it is a little goofy at times, I get a big charge out of the contestants. Although Carla wasn't crowned in the end, she sure gave Bobby a major ego boost. I absolutely loved her, and she kept me laughing throughout most of the show!
  • Overall, Worst Cooks in America leans more toward being mean than constructive the majority of the time.
  • Littlelep1 February 2010
    This series of programs highlights how really difficult it is to be a competent cook and is mildly educational, but it truly encapsulates the sad side of all reality shows. The competitors may not be the very worst cooks in this country, but they are true novices and the viewer learns more about how not to cook than about techniques that can be helpful in the ordinary home kitchen. Furthermore, there is hyped tension between the chef-instructors and among the competitors that is not as dramatic as on other reality shows, but that makes the viewer uncomfortable and is not entertaining.

    One may empathize with the pitiful people that are being humiliated, but there is nothing satisfying in their performances to offset the depression gathering over the weeks. These are like simple children who have been denied a mother's example for their whole lives -- not just in the kitchen, but in life. The chefs are somewhat interesting; but at the end of each hour, the viewer feels cheated. The idea may have seemed good on the planning board; but in reality, it is a true dud!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As a home cook with restaurant experience, I really enjoyed this show. The only objection I have is the occasional exploitation of people who should not even have passed the audition. Some of the contestants have clear "issues" from the get-go which could have been respected prior to selection. I'm not talking about contestants who are just plain funny or klutzes in the kitchen. I am talking about those who are obviously troubled or challenged beyond following recipes.

    Beyond that objection, I enjoyed everything about this show, but I watched it on Netflix without commercials and could fast forward through repetitions and recaps. Big plus there. The educational value of the show for a novice cook is impressive. Consider that the viewer is getting food education from top chefs and food educators while being entertained. That's a win-win any way you look at it. But, it means you have to like working with food and feeding people good food.

    Just watching this as reality TV would get very tired because of the repetitive nature of the competitions. I myself would like to see all eight seasons on Netflix.
  • sgtmikey1318 January 2021
    Funnier than any sit com or !!!! Yes, you learn plenty about cooking also. Anne is great. Carla is an incredible addition to the show.
  • This is one of the most fake shows in reality television!
  • alyssiablue4 September 2020
    There are a lot of cooking shows that got me hooked. This one is somewhat entertaining, but I can't say I'll binge watch all 20 seasons. I watched season 20, 19 and it was enough for me. While it is true that it is called the Worst Cooks in America, by the end of the season the last two competitors can cook better than the first time they attempted doing so during the show. You do see how the competitors evolve and you find out some things about food or cooking, but I can't say you'll become wiser after this show. The information is quite basic and sprinkled throughout the show in a way that cannot provide a decent structure of actually learning from it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first episode portends what I assume is the rest, and why I did not watch it when it was new: the fun part is not Tyler or Anne Burrell, but the others. We KNOW that Tyler and Anne are geniuses. Stop WASTING air space reminding us why we are watching.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    These horrible cooks are funny! They do not cook very well but in the finale the cooks are really good. There is a baseline challenge and the foods in the baseline challenge are some of the worst foods I have seen especially in seasons 12, 14, 17, 18, and 19.
  • hilary_mae-912-805618 January 2019
    I had never heard of this show, but then I'm not an American. It was on a pirate site so I watched a few episodes. I am convinced that most of the contestants are mentally ill. It's not funny, or's stupid.
  • I truly dislike these contestants personalities. I would say hate but I don't say that about people I don't know but it rises to that level.
  • I know that the producers select the contestants and they try to find not only the worst cooks but also the worst personalities. These people are the weirdest people. My kids said I should "sandbag" and try to get on the show to win the show. I told them I couldn't act as crazy and idiotic as these people do. Let's concentrate on how bad they are at cooking and leave the theatrics to sitcom. I am hating this show and the people.
  • The contestant's ham it up so much. Worst cooks or not, they play it up for stupidity. none the less it is good fun. This last season, they are adding idiot voice overs. Basic cooking is just paying attention. some of it is "goofy" &are just annoying. They have to do well enough to stay in. but some things are just idiotic. Also, as noted the winner gets $25K. so there is a lot of motivation to do well enough to stay in, but play for the camera. what about the others who give hours of show; or the runner up. do they get nothing.

    Tyler made a big deal out of a small fire- the pan lit up- it happens. the cook didn't know what to do. turn off the flame, and smother the fire. Tyler yelled "Producer put a pan over it.". I guess they were waiting bec. it created "drama". She almost got eliminated & He said she could have burnt down the kitchen. Not really, the flames were high but in the pan.

    Ann says cooking water is salty like the ocean. I find that makes the food way too salty. I hate soft boiled eggs, poached eggs- runny yolks onto the food, Ugh!.

    Ann & Tyler have a lot of personality.

    Again, the foodies, eat many animals. If one more person talks about bacon, as if it is some divine inspiration. It's pieces of pig flesh. Pigs whose skin is like humans, And who people who know say: Pigs are smarter than dogs.
  • sherilcarey13 February 2019
    I love this concept. And I usually really enjoy the results on the screen. It's good entertainment. The chefs can take terrible cooks and teach them even in just a short number of weeks. There are a ton of bad cooks and non-cooks in our sweet land but people can learn and can have a lot of fun with it too. Wonder if they can fix my kitchen flub ups from my fibro fogs. Probably not. Lol
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