Darth Vader: You're alive.

Starkiller: How long this time?

Darth Vader: Thirteen day in isolation. Impressive.

Starkiller: The Force gives me all I need.

Darth Vader: The Force?

Starkiller: The dark side, my Master.

Darth Vader: You are still haunted by visions?

Starkiller: Yes, Master. I sometimes smell a forest on fire. I see the General falling, and I feel the ground shake as a starship crashes around me. I hear a woman's voice when I try to sleep.

Darth Vader: They are memories of a dead man. A side effect of the cloning process and the memory flashes used to train you. They will fade.

Starkiller: And if they don't?

Darth Vader: Then you will be no use to me. Starkiller's emotions made him weak. You must destroy what he created. And you must learn to hate what he loved.

Starkiller: You can sit this one out, General.

General Rahm Kota: By the Force, I knew you were alive.

Starkiller: We'll see how long I stay that way.

General Rahm Kota: Your Alliance is on the run, and I lost an entire squad here. But now that you're back, we can take the fight to the Empire. A major strike is what we really need in order to rally the troops...

Starkiller: I'm not him.

General Rahm Kota: I may be blind, but I'm still connected to the Force.

Starkiller: I'm not Starkiller! I'm... I'm a clone. I was grown in a vat to take his place.

General Rahm Kota: Is that what Vader told you?

Starkiller: Yes.

General Rahm Kota: I don't believe it. No one can clone Jedi! It's never been done. And I can sense how powerful you are. We can put that power to use...

Starkiller: You have no idea who I am, or what I went through on Kamino.

General Rahm Kota: Kamino? If you could provide the Alliance with information on the cloning facilities there, we could launch a full-scale...

Starkiller: No. I just want... Look, I need a place to think this through. To meditate.

General Rahm Kota: To hide?

Starkiller: Until I find her!

General Rahm Kota: We're at war, and you want a quiet place to think? The Alliance will be destroyed while you're wandering to forests of Kashyyyk, or exploring the caves of Dagobah. You'll let the galaxy die to find yourself?

Starkiller: What are you talking about?

General Rahm Kota: I don't know. Nothing. Go whatever you want. You can take the ship. It's always been yours anyway. Just drop me at the nearest spaceport before you get lose in the stars, boy.

Boba Fett: He has a healthy head start.

Darth Vader: Find the woman and bring her to me. He will follow.

Boba Fett: I'll need a squadron of stormtroopers. They won't be coming back.

Darth Vader: The Empire will provide whatever you require.

Boba Fett: They'll do.

Starkiller: You guard this place?

Yoda: Oh ho. No, only a watcher am I now.

Starkiller: Then you'll let me pass?

Yoda: Brought you here, the galaxy has. Your path clearly is.

Starkiller: You know what I'm looking for?

Yoda: Something lost. A part of yourself, perhaps. That which you seek, inside you will find.

Yoda: What you have seen, follow it you must.

Starkiller: To the ends of the galaxy if I have to.

Starkiller: You have taken everything away from me.

Darth Vader: Your feelings for her are not real.

Starkiller: They are real to me!

General Rahm Kota: Wait!

Starkiller: You want him dead as much as I do.

General Rahm Kota: Yes, but not yet! Not until he's told us the Empire's secrets!

Starkiller: You want to take him prisoner?

General Rahm Kota: To a hidden Rebel base where we can interrogate him, put him on trial for crimes against the true Republic. And then we'll execute him, to show the galaxy that we don't need to fear him any longer.

Starkiller: If I let him live, he'll haunt me forever.

General Rahm Kota: He is the only one who knows if Starkiller really survived. He can't tell you if he's dead.

[Light Side Ending]

Starkiller: You let me live. You tell me I'm a clone, but I chose to spare you. Maybe Kota is right. Maybe this is all a trick, a way to get me so confused that I'd forget who I really am and become your slave again. But either way, I let you live. I've finally broken your hold over me.

Darth Vader: As long as she lives, I will always control you.

[Dark Side Ending]

Darth Vader: You have faced your final test.

Starkiller: What is thy bidding, my Master?

Darth Vader: Take his starfighter, scout the far reaches of the galaxy, find the last of the Rebels and destroy them.

Dark Apprentice: I do not know why you bother.

Princess Leia Organa: There is much you fail to understand, Sith. After my brother fell on Hoth I fulfilled the destiny he could not. Now, I am a Jedi.

Emperor Palpatine: [final lines] A great day Lord Vader. Today marks the death of the Rebellion and a new order of peace for the Empire. There is but one last detail to take care of. Do you take me for a fool? Your feeble schemes to overthrow me using that pathetic clone of your apprentice were pitifully obvious from their inception. Now Skywalker, you will die.

[Vader ignites his light saber, but is shocked to death by force lightning]

Emperor Palpatine: Captain Sarkli.

Captain Sarkli: My liege?

Emperor Palpatine: Take your troops and destroy the clone.

[Starkiller confronts Vader on Kamino]

Starkiller: [shouts] Where is she?

[Vader steps aside, revealing Juno kneeling behind him, in binders]

Starkiller: Juno...

[Using the Force, Vader lifts her into the air and begins choking her]

Darth Vader: Bow before me, or she dies.

Starkiller: Wait! Wait!

[Unable to speak, Juno shakes her head frantically and mouths "no!" Starkiller deactivates his lightsabers, drops them and falls to his knees]

Starkiller: I... will do your bidding. Just let her go.

[Vader lets Juno fall]

Darth Vader: Find and kill General Kota. If you refuse, the woman dies. You will return to me and give yourself to the dark side. If you resist, she dies. And when your training is complete, you will hunt down and execute the rebel leaders. If you fail, she dies.

[last lines]

Juno Eclipse: Prepare for lightspeed.

Proxy: [kneeling over Juno] I can't revive her. I'm sorry.

Starkiller: It's not your fault. I should have stayed here.

[He gathers her into his arms and touches his forehead to hers. To his surprise, she lifts a hand to his cheek and kisses him]

Juno Eclipse: We're alive.