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  • This game was one of the most anticipated releases of 2010 for me. I'd been watching the trailers on loop and downloading the wallpapers (which is very unlike me). There had been such a hype surrounding The Force Unleashed 2, that, when I actually got around to playing it - it seemed a little disappointing in some areas.

    Aesthetically, this game is amazing. The graphics and physics engine really make it a lot of fun to play. Force-gripping Storm Troopers and then impaling them with your dual-wielded light-sabers never got old. The ability to collect and change your saber crystals, effectively enabling you to change your light-saber's colour, was also a fantastic touch which enabled me to give my character a more personal feel. In addition to the colour changes, each crystal had a unique effect. For example, equipping a green coloured crystal would enable your character to heal faster; a white crystal for force regeneration; an orange crystal to set your enemies on fire etc etc.

    The downside, however, to this game, is the story itself. You begin the game on Kamino, the cloning planet, where you're told that you are a clone of The Force Unleashed 1's main character - Starkiller. After being declared a 'failure' by your master, Darth Vader, you escape his clutches by jumping out a window, and then commencing to face wave-after-wave of storm troopers. The idea is that your character attempts to discover, or perhaps, re-discover his identity.

    Combat in The Force Unleashed 2 is initially a lot of fun, however, after facing the same enemies over and over, you quickly learn how to defeat them very easily, leading them to become more of a hindrance than a challenge. The boss fights are lengthy; unnecessarily so, and I found the game's cut-scenes, whilst impressively pre-rendered, were a bore to sit through as the 'Skip' option wasn't always available.

    Overall, this is a great game if you're up for a bit of hack-n-slash before work, however, the combat's formulaic design, the lack of well developed plot and the length of story, left much to be desired. This game took me a total of around 3-4 hours to complete.

  • I'm a big fan of star wars, I loved the first one and when I heard about a sequel, I was very excited, but when I see the bad reviews about the game, I decide to rent first, and it's a good game for me, but I must say that I was expected more about this game and here is my pros and cons:

    Pros: -Great graphics. -Some mistakes of the first one have been repair. -I enjoy playing with 2 lightsabers. -I see how I can cut off heads, arms of the stormtroopers, it's something that I never see in a star wars game.

    Cons: -The game is too expensive. -The story. -It's too short. -Repetitive enemies and levels. -It's too easy than the first one. -I was not satisfied with the limited appearance of boba fett and yoda (I was expected a battle with boba fett).

    In the end, this game it's not great but not terrible just could be better, I recommend you rent it first and that's all.
  • With reading on both of these games on this site and others it really seems that your gonna like this series or your gonna hate it. but for me i love it. i am a pretty big star wars fan i love all the movies and enjoy most of the games (jedi academy and republic commandos being my all time favourites)but the force unleashed is my second fav 1and 2 and i got to say for this one is tones more better then the 1st every gripe i had in the first has been fixed and it was with game play. its so fun and easy to pick this up and just go for it and unlike the first were it was fun in the beginning and just got stupid later on for game play the 2nd has none of that. repetitive? yes but its the fun kind (for me anyway)But the number one thing that I'm sooooo happy for is that in this one the enemy's don't land a cheap shot on you knock you down and you get you and they just keep doing it over and over and over again. this one has none of that. do you get knocked down... duh but does it keep happening over and over no. My second fav thing that i loved and u may too is that lightsabers actually chop body parts off thats awesome. finally! and of course the graphics. the graphics are amazing for the c.g.i cut scenes to the in game cut scenes and in game graphics... WOW. but now for the bad as i have said the game is repetitive and yes i said i like it for others though this may be an issue its much like the first one in that way but there are better boss fights (minus the end boss fight) and the story. this is why for me its not a ten the story in this is kinda flat but does have a few good bumps in it but not like the first but i still found it enjoyable and the last thing is length I'm not usually one to complain about this but i finished this in 4 to 5 hours yeah i know pretty short. But thats why i would recommend borrowing this or renting first then make your choice to buy or not to buy (no pun intended) but i highly recommend that you give it a try if your a fan of this series.
  • The game follows a successful part one, which was actually an engaging and testing game (with the SIth Lord difficulty), accompanied by extraordinary graphics and a "curiously fitting" story.

    This game is in continuity with the previous one and carries on where it left, so it is essential to first play through part one and then pick this one up. It improves upon the already great graphics, has some added and removed features (eg. Starkiller has 2 lightsabers and is faster and more agile, he can perform mind tricks etc. whereas, the force crystal concept is scraped and replaced by "Force Points", holcrons concept is improvised and Starkiller has an awesome new power, The "Force Fury"). Mouth watering right !? But wait, even with so much good features, when you play the game you will find it less challenging, less engaging and less enjoyable than its predecessor.

    The game tends to be extremely easy and will only be enjoyed by the first time or naive gamers who seek to kill every enemy without depleting their "lives". The enemies tend to be repetitive and the bosses are easily defeated. The game lacks the "Oh, I am getting bored, Lets play The Force Unleashed Part II" Factor. Whereas the part I completely got me hooked and I found myself playing at the time I shouldn't be. The game lacks any novelty factor despite the cool new additions.

    The makers have shifted more of the emphasis on "stylizing" the game rather than innovating it or make it more engaging.

    Coming to the story, the previous game featured a curious bridge story which tries to bridge the gap between the two star wars trilogies. Though it might not have completely justified the story but it certainly was a good attempt with a strong and nice concept. Whereas, the sequel totally falls apart in the story aspect, its a no-brainer which could have been a good one. The concept was good, but the story and character development was lacking. You don't tend to feel attached to the characters, whereas in the previous installment one was bound to feel the emotions of the protagonist.

    Direction: Average.

    Story and Script: Extremely bad.

    Gameplay: Very easy.

    Music: Good.

    Graphics and setting: Jawdroping!!!

    Overall an excellent game for a novice, and a smooth time pass for the typical gamers!
  • powell_kellen17 July 2019
    I enjoyed playing this game. I love the character Starkiller, and wish they'd put him on the silver screen. This game is very entertaining, especially if you like playing around with lightsabers.
  • This is a short and simple review. I like it more than I like the first one
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well I guess I was the only one who didn't like the story for the original Force Unleashed game because this game seems to have the story leaped on even more-so than the original. Now Star Wars games were a big part of my childhood and some of them like the Jedi Knight series were ones that I still love to this day. From the get-go the story was disappointing.

    Okay so the story, Garen Malek is cloned... I said from the get-go it was disappointing and he begins to remember his past and he races across the galaxy to rejoin The Rebellion and tell Juno and they can live happily ever after and take down The Empire yadda yadda yadda.

    Onto the positives. The game-play is really fun as usual and it does have some new powers that were awesome like the Mind Trick and using force powers to enhance your lightsaber combos. This is easily the best element of the game and if you're into the hack n slash games that are almost literally button mashing then you'll probably enjoy the game as a style-over-substance even more than the first game.

    Onto the complaints. Where in what world does this story feel needed. I mean the first game does have a decent set-up and it does tie in some of the continuity well. In this game... It ends with more holes in the continuity of the series than if they established that C3PO and Chewbacca were related. Didn't the original game already end where the story needed to end? I mean what else could there be to tell.

    Not to mention the actual investment of it. First of all - in the first game Juno and Malek are only on screen together for a short period of time and Juno was on her first mission as pilot in the second level of the game. They don't develop the relationship any more than that in this game because Malek's first conversation with her in this game takes place once you've finished it. I'm sorry was there a lot of cut-scene footage of the first game that we missed for this one? This is a legit question.

    Okay the characters are boring and don't go through a single story arc, the story is completely unnecessary so why did I give it a 6 if the story is this bad you may ask? Well lets just say I'm a sucker for having the kind of power you have in the game at your fingertips. I mean it is a much worse game than the original which I think is a real shame because there was so much the first one didn't get right that I thought "Okay, I'm kind of open to a sequel to this so will this fix the problems with the story that the original had?" If you've played the first one then let me advise you - this sequel is completely unnecessary.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dear god, i would love to give this game a brilliant 10 out of 10... It would deserve it too if it had had the decency to actually last longer than a few hours game play. The story wasn't anything special, and the ending didn't really tell you either. At least, the light side ending doesn't tell you whether or not Starkiller is truly a clone. Not too sure about the dark side ending, but really? REALLY? The first game was absolutely amazing and incredibly... BRILLIANT! It took me a week to complete it and this game was disappointingly not so satisfying. It took me 4 days (technically 3 because i had a break) and so... 3 days x 2 hours of game play is possibly the shortest game ever. About 6 hours maybe. I don't know. Just, the animation is MUCH better, which is a definite 9/10 from me. The story was meaningless and completely unnecessary and overly disappointing: 7/10 from me. Gameplay was slightly improved, and i loved the force charge that let you unleash your total power and burn your enemies to shreds. But there wasn't that much difference. 7/10. Oh and as for cut scenes... 6/10. The ending is one of the most incomplete and abrupt endings ever, so don't be expecting anything amazing. Maybe rent it from a store.
  • OK Yoda you are wrong on this one, although not a bad game, is not very good either in almost every way especially compared to the last game. Let's start with the good, the graphics is better that the original, even though, sadly they did not improve the controls as much as I still had a problem focusing on one enemy or to another. Another thing is the sound and voice acting was top notch even though the old player of Juno and Proxy was not in it too much. Juno was the main focus of Starkiller's rage to get back with her, which is a complaint because, unlike the main motivation would be the rebellion and freeing millions, Starkiller is focused solely on Juno. Other things was the scenes of Yoda and Boba Fett which was so over hyped, but I felt ripped off as combined they might be in the game for less than 5 minutes. And when Yoda was talking to Starkiller nothing very important to the story that couldn't have been done by meditations like he did last game. The "bad ending" made no scene at all, but the real ending gave me hope to a better game next time....which will hopefully happen in less than two years. The places he goes is few as he only arrives to three places the rest are on ships. The ending was good and guarantees a 3rd game.... and hopes they make it a bit longer because us Star Wars fans expect longer and frankly better.... I really wanted to like this game, too bad I bought the special edition, because it was not worth it. And now I hear they have enough balls to start with the DLC sending Starkiller to Endor, this pisses me off because after spending over $70 it should have been included in this ridiculously short game.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    George Lucas is full of it. They try to trick you with this game, putting in all kinds of stuff that people will think are cool, distracting you from the massive plot holes and horrible story. Games like this are cool, but not if the story is terrible. It's the exact same thing as God of War, so George Lucas saw God of War and said, "Hey, we need to rip this off and put in some ridiculous story, while leaving in huge embarrassing plot holes." Boba Fett being in this makes absolutely no sense. He's just there because they didn't have anything to show for the game, they were just like, "Hey, let's just toss Fett in there, and we'll figure out the story later." Wow....genius...Continuity obviously is wasted on the people at Lucas Arts. This is supposed to take place between Episodes 3 and 4, so why is Fett here when technically he would only be 15 years old by now? And don't tell me it's because of the cloning process, that was a stupid excuse to begin with. The Clone Wars are a joke, and the entire Star Wars universe goes against it's own ideals. If you think about it, Yoda started the Clone Wars. Anyway, the game is too short for the lack of story, it was just there for convenience. There is a part in the game where the main character gets sucked into space and goes through the atmosphere of a planet, which is of course impossible, and no I don't want to hear how it's because he's a Jedi, he's a human, and would've died instantly. In God of War it made sense, but here it's embarrassing. They also don't even pay attention to their own characters traits, the blind Jedi constantly makes remarks that goes against the fact that he's blind, how embarrassing is it when your game does that? You keep asking yourself with his dialogue, "How did you know that, you're blind?" George Lucas then puts into the story, "Let's have another arena battle for no apparent reason, only because we did it in Episode 2." Here's some news for you Lucas, just because you come up with an idea, doesn't make it good, and frankly why does Lucas get a say in anything, he's just the owner of the company, that doesn't give him creative control on films or products. The main character goes to Dagobah for no apparent reason other than to show Yoda because they writers knew they had a horrible story, so let's just throw in a character that everyone loves for no reason or purpose and hope that no one notices. I play video games for the story, story is everything, otherwise we wouldn't have Pixar, Citizen Kane, or any of the classics. Lucas' handprints are all over this thing, no matter who the writer is. Has some cool moves, but otherwise, that's it. It's also not considered acting when your main character shouts and screams his head off for every bit of dialouge. It gets really irritating in the game, especially in the fight between Vader, he's just screaming all his lines, mistaking screaming for being dramatic, it's not, it comes off as hammy and overcompensating.
  • The game is fun and adrenaline pumped but it's just not a very strong game. The story is all over the place. There are plot holes that Jupiter could fit through. The action was strong but not the game. See if they did it like the first game which was a overall strong game. Why not this one? I'll tell you why. Money. End of story they wanted to cash in on how successful the first one was with this sh*t they call a game. Ya know what why in the hell did I pay 50 f*cking dollars for this? Oh that's right because the sequels to Dark Forces were good. So I though what the hell why not ya know? It's a Star Wars game sequel it must be pretty good.But nope it was crap. You know I feel stupid sitting here talking about

    My review's rated PG-13 for brief strong language.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I bought this game with tons of excitement, I've been following it since it was announced and loved the first one.

    Finally bought the game after a lot of debate as it was big time outside of my budget for entertainment.

    I got it home and promptly finished it in four hours...

    I should explain that I am a crappy gamer, it takes me forever to beat most games, I have a stack of game I've been playing for years that I still haven't beaten. I have been playing World of Warcraft for 3 years and only have one character over 80. In summary I suck at video games. So if I was able to beat this game in four hours I can only imagine how long it would take someone more skilled than myself.

    50 dollar game for 4 hours of game play, wow, really got my money's worth.

    Now I could have let this slide if the four hours were great really enthralling game play...nope! I think there are only about a half dozen different enemies (certainly no more than 10) you fight throughout the game and really only two bosses a big monster and Darth Vader. Both fights being incredibly easy and underwhelming.

    The story was weak. They fit of course had to fit Yoda in so they designed the most boring level I've ever seen in a game. The ending was pathetic. Oooooo Darth Vader gets taken in for questioning! That's if you take the option not to kill him.

    I actually tried to take this game back where I bought it after a lot of yelling the most they would do was exchange it for a different game of the same price. So I'm out fifty bucks from my tight budget and George Lucas has added yet another disgraceful piece of garbage to his cash cow franchise.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was, honestly, one of my favorite games of 2008. Some people may criticize it for it's lack of longevity, but that's OK with me. They made it short(it's 8 hours) to be like a movie, or I think they did. And, there's DLC to keep you playing, so that's good too. WARNING: some spoilers ahead although they do not spoil the ending of the game or major plot points-twists.

    Gameplay is not as fun first playthrough, due to lack of some force powers and upgrades, but that's why it's good to play again with the new force upgrades. First playthrough(especially on first level) you have barely any powers, not even Lightning! Just very weak force push. But you get lightning later in the game, and you can upgrade it and Lightning, and get some new powers you never saw in the Star Wars films, such as Lightsaber Throw and Repulse, the latter force power being one of the reason's this game is truly unleashed. Lightsaber combat without force powers can only do 2 combos, but you can also infuse your lightsaber with force power to do more combos. The first level(after the prologue), sends you to a Tie Fighter factory, where the Jedi survivor of the Great Jedi Purge, Rahm Kota, is battling the Empire with a hired militia to get Vader's attention(this is not the Rebellion seen in the movies, however, it is Kota's own army). But, instead, Vader's secret apprentice comes. He supposedly kills Kota. He then hunts some more Jedi. The story gets better(and less repetitive) from here, and, I won't spoil anything, but Vader's jedi hunter gets a change of heart sometime in the game, won't say anything else about that. And, one of the levels is on the Deathstar(my favorite level), an iconic location from the Star Wars movies. But there was also 2 levels I had a slight problem with. 2 planets were revisited again, but the levels are different and the place is different, so it still feels like a new level. And, one level got me really frustrated. There is a level when you have to bring down a Star Destroyer, with the Force! difficult as this sounds, pesky TIE fighters come every 30 seconds to make it more difficult, and it takes 5 minutes to take it down, so they have to be destroyed quickly or the Star Destroyer will get back in position. This was one of my most frustrating gaming experiences, EVER. But other than that, this game is great.(warning, slight spoiler alert) You even battle the Emperor and Darth Vader at the end, I won't say why.

    Overall I rate this game 9 out of 10, almost perfect, except for that Star Destroyer level............

    BTW: I am not an experienced reviewer(of games or movies) so sorry if my review wasn't very good. I did my best.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is possibly the shortest game I've ever played, I slammed through the campaign on Normal within five or six hours. The story doesn't exactly go anywhere, depending on the ending you... choose (light or dark). You only play on two different planets, but the final mission has a nice touch (Kamino Orbit anyone?). The combat is this game's saving grace, as well as the amazingly done cut scenes. You can no longer just slice and force push your way through enemies, you actually have to use strategy when dealing with AT-ST's and the new battle bots.

    As for the endings, I did both. Personally I prefer the Light Side (mainly cause I'm a sucker for such happy endings. And the Light Side deals just that) but the Dark Side ending is very cool as well and actually moves the story a bit further, showing the truth of the "Am I A Clone" question. Either way, expect a Force Unleashed III within the next couple years (LucasArts has confirmed it anyway).

    It's a renter... I only bought it because I have the first one and I'm one of those types that likes to have the collection of game series I like (for example I still have EVERY SINGLE Halo game and both Gears Games, as well as all the Battlefield games available for 360)