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  • cohuman8 December 2020
    A very humbling movie . L B Sriram is the head of a family with many members and problems . He is a bus driver . The conductor Srikanth has a soft heart for Sriam's daughter Rasi . she keeps stalling marriage with him citing her economic status . Thought Srikanth's family is labour class they are more adaptable and belong to upper economic strata through sheer hard work . Rasi's brother Suresh though being a MBA is jobless and pursues rich girls for marriage and finally learns his lesson the hard way . The movie shows the many problems and solutions plaguing the middle class. The parallel comedy track of trickster Bharani wtih Brahmanandam and ali is cliched but evokes some laughs . Over all the movie time and again reminds us of day to day vicissitudes of working classes . Both Srikanth and Rasi fit into their simple roles . This formula is relaant even today .
  • Don't miss it ... EVV's movie magic ... great story line coupled with best comedy scenes ... superb message!