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  • An obvious and consistently incompetent paste-up job, this awful VHS porn feature has Jerry Butler and Tamara Longley cast as failing pornographers, shooting a new video as last-ditch effort to remain solvent. Some amateur-night animation of a green space alien is added in a failed attempt to make the show interesting.

    Dialog is improvised in embarrassing fashion, and the sex scenes are mechanical filler. An attempt at a serious moment, when director Butler has an argument with his leading actor Buck Adams is preposterous.

    The green animated alien, reporting back to his home planet as a transmission of the human sexuality he observes is seen there, is laughably crummy, especially in a final scene of the alien violating his orders and (superimposed on screen) humping Longley during her masturbation scene for Jerry's video. The entire plot premise of the space alien seems tacked on to the show from start to finish, as merely an afterthought.