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  • cohuman13 January 2020
    The first half is good with Karthik and Vijayshanti's romance building up. the second half is mostly for children with a lot of fights and bashing and slapstick scenes . Comedian Brahmanandam hardly has any role to play . Vijayashanti is a doctor who is forced to let go one criminal . Karthik is a private detective called in to investigate this case. A moustache less Karthik is just as good a pleasure to watch dancing , prancing bashing up goons . Viayshanti is tall and slim , wears nice sarees and dances to catchy beats in her pass time . She looks immaculate with perfect make up even while sleeping , operating , drowning , getting kidnapped and rouged up by villains . Her sari wearing style was popular among many women then . Paralelly Kota and Babu Mohan are Yama and Chitragupta sent on this planet . When the goons kill Vijayashanti , her soul exchanges with that of Karthik who is already dead. His own dead body has been burnt so he cannot go back in his own form . Karhik's soul in Vijayashanti's body gives a lot of confusions , slips , laughs , misunderstandings ... and finally the goons are brought to book. Vijayashanti matches Karthik step to step . Wish he had done more Telugu movies . Both were established actors by then . Karthik was on top then . He is perfect for the happy chirpy carefree role . It also a few tapping songs and dances . A treat for the whole family .
  • I watched Mr. Maharani (Tamil Dubbed version of Maga Rayudu). Karthik's acting is Super. First Half is Good. Second Half was average. This movie is logicless and i think only Kids will like this movie. As a Tamil Audience, I was disappointed because there was no Karthik in second half. It was only Vijayashanthi. Ali's acting was good.