Everyone worked on this film for free.

Shot in twenty-one days.

All the bathroom scenes were done in a single day.

Five different actors played the killer dressed up as Abraham Lincoln.

The opening scene was shot on the last day of shooting.

This movie was filmed during an extremely hot summer.

Director Chris LaMartina did the drawing of Abraham Lincoln.

This movie was originally going to be filmed at director Chris LaMartina's old high school. When that particular location fell through, this movie wound up being shot at a private school instead.

This film was initially conceived as a thirty minute segment in a three story anthology movie.

Three different locations were used for Mr. Roemer's house.

Many of the characters are named after various Republican and Democratic party candidates for the 2008 Presidential election.

Shawn C. Phillips sent the filmmakers an audition tape.

Chris LaMartina: Student smoking pot under bleachers.