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  • Weary7616 June 2011
    Why the low rating?

    So far I've seen two episodes and I really liked both of them very much. To me it's a kind and well written show. Also fun to have one show that does three plot lines in one episode, and stays with a story until that's finished before moving on to the next story. And every story is a one-shot. The main characters get involved with guest characters as they have their own troubles. They're just short bites of peoples lives. Love Bites.

    I hope the quality of this show will remain as high and fun as it is now. And it definitely deserves a higher rating!
  • chrisksc10 July 2011
    Think of 'Love Bites' as a series of mini romantic comedies. There are three small plots within each episode, but the main character(s) in each plot line somehow connect to the three main cast members Becki Newton, Greg Grunberg, and Constance Zimmer.

    The stories all have a basic theme, either 'love found' or 'love lost'. The writers have done a great job in providing variety so far, and one could imagine similar situations happening in reality. The show does not shy away from the nitty-gritty details of relationships. The humour is spot-on, especially with Becki Newton, who played Amanda from Ugly Betty. Becki is so brilliant in comedic roles.

    Many of the guest stars are recognizable from other TV shows. My personal favourite so far is Matt, who plays Joey on Mad Men. And Michelle Trachtenberg is thankfully more bearable in this series.

    It's nice to watch a RomCom series that has a brilliant group of actors and actresses, that's not cheesy, and serves plenty of chuckles and even some laugh-out-loud moments. Hopefully this series is here to stay.

    Love it!
  • rcompton74010 June 2011
    I wouldn't consider myself a movie or television snob.

    I like something to be fun, make me laugh, all while being well done.

    I love this show!

    Sure, there's a lot of plot lines going on, but that just means that there are more stories to explore.

    As for the quality of the show,

    I would say that as far as summer television shows go, this is among the best I've seen.

    And you can't get a better cast.

    I absolutely recommend!
  • SnoopyStyle2 September 2013
    The show is sub-divided into 3 stories for each episode. They are ostensibly related to somebody in the on-going storyline involving the three leads Becki Newton, Greg Grunberg, and Constance Zimmer even in a tangential way.

    With 3 separate vignettes in each episode, it's hard to maintain the flow except for the most well written ones. Some are inevitably better than others. When it works, it's hilarious and compelling TV. When it doesn't work, it's just boring.

    It is certainly unlike most other shows. Maybe this is the problem with the show. It's just too structurally out there. It's tough for people to switch stories like that. They're not used to it.
  • rosica_dr2 March 2017
    LOVE IT! It's very dynamic jumping from one story to another. Every episode is different and funny and even nicer is that the stories are connected somehow. One of a kind. Never seen that kind of TV show before. I never get bored watching the series and i had lots of fun doing that. I am really sorry that there is only one season.
  • I don't understand why ANYONE is upset about this series being cancelled, because it's ridiculously bad, by which I mean ridiculous AND bad. I watched all eight episodes over the past two days and barely cracked a smile. And trust me, this kind of series should be right up my alley. I'm a 26 year old woman and I practically live for sappy romance, but this series just plain sucks balls. It's as though the writers had a brain-storming session to think up as many clichéd romantic scenarios as they could, then took the very stupidest and most obvious - not to mention HIGHLY unfunny - ones, and came up with fifteen-minute-long skits based around each one, which they then lumped together to fit eight hour-long time slots. What you're going to get here is the homophobic mom who can't deal with her gay son's relationship, the frumpy husband who gets the chance to join the mile-high club with the ZOMG #1 CELEBEAUTY ON HIS FREE PASS LIST (!!!), the saint who's having her sister's baby and is so fake-nice that you're going to want to punch her face in every time she shows up on screen and demands that her parking ticket be taken away because, like, *choosing* to be pregnant with someone else's kid is, like, TOTALLY the same as being handicapped, the woman who can't buy a house with her frumpy husband because she previously had sex in said house with some other douche-nozzle, the heart-broken weirdo who's seduced by the sleazy older lady and taught to be a less clingy boyfriend ... etcetera. Oh, there's also some cancer thrown in, but don't worry: you won't actually care. There were three skits I genuinely enjoyed: the one with the school dance, the one that followed, with the astronauts, and the one with the creepy dad who was ruining his eight-year-old daughter's life. They make up one episode out of eight. The rest had me staring at the screen like this: o_O So, no, I do not recommend that you watch this series, because it's utter crap, and I am now going to do a happy dance because LOVE BITES has been cancelled, which means I will never under any circumstances end up watching another episode EVER again.