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  • Wendy Malick, Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Betty White are "Hot in Cleveland" in this new TV Land series produced by "Will and Grace" star Sean Hayes.

    It's a slim premise - a soap star (Malick) whose show has been canceled, a new divorcée (Bertinelli), and a makeup artist (Leeves) set off for Paris from Los Angeles only to be grounded in Cleveland. With bleak prospects waiting for them back home, and noting the attentive looks they get from men in a local bar, they decide to stay a while. The Bertinelli character rents a house, where the caretaker is Elke (Betty White).

    So far, this is a very funny show, with marvelous performances. With Malick and Frasier's Daphne starring, that's to be expected. White is amazing - 88 and still going strong and still a master of timing. The weak sister for me is Bertinelli, whose comedy seems forced.

    As a baby boomer myself, I like seeing shows relating to my age group featuring older actresses, who, like the Malick character, really do find the going rough in Hollywood, particularly if they're too attractive for character roles. And it is true, particularly in a youth-oriented town like L.A., older women are pretty much invisible to men their own age. It's probably true anywhere, but particularly there.

    I'm really enjoying it, and I hope it's picked up for more episodes.
  • Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me), Jane Leeves (Frasier), and Valerie Bertinelli (One Day at a Time) are all sitcom veterans who play best friends who decide to take a trip to Paris but are sidetracked in Cleveland, Ohio. There, they rediscover themselves as their hometown of Los Angeles has appeared to have forgotten them. Malick's role as a soap opera actress was cut short by it's cancellation after 27 years. Leeves is the eyebrow plucker to Oprah until she goes elsewhere. Valerie's character has written a book about 200 things to do before they die. Once in Cleveland, they are rediscovered by actual middle American men who try to pick them up at a bar. Valerie's character Melanie declares that she's moving to Cleveland and renting a Victorian house. After all, her kids are grown and her ex-husband has moved on. Even the men in Cleveland appear to appreciate the older woman, that was their reason for going to Paris to be appreciated more instead of discarded. I wished the show would have more than 8 episodes but it's nice to have anything. Betty White steals the scene from all of them as the caretaker, Elka. At 88 years old, Betty White is at her best and funniest. Okay, I'm sure people in Cleveland have a sense of humor and will enjoy the show. Just enjoy the show! We have such few sitcoms on the air! the more the merrier and the laughs galore!
  • When I heard about this show, I figured it would be "cute." What I was not prepared for was how spot-on it really is. I've lived in the L.A. area off and on for over 20 years, and all the L.A. references are painfully HONEST.

    Wendie Malick, Jane Leeves, Valerie Bertinelli and Betty White are hysterical!

    The story lines are very realistic ...L.A. is really a very SADLY over-rated place to live, for many reasons. The sunshine is nice, but even that gets boring after a while. Between the high price of living, the traffic and the shallow people, it's really an awful place to live for any "average" person. Ironically, this show comes at a time in my life when I have decided to relocate to my home town of Chicago.

    I routinely experience just about all of the ones depicted on this show whenever I go back to Chicago. While it is true that there are shallow people everywhere in the world, L.A. seems to be the U.S. capital of "the beautiful people." Living here is very exclusionary; everything is about money, status, power and looks. If you have those things, you'll be included; if not, you are SOL, no matter how good or nice a person you are.

    It is true that in Chicago - and other Midwestern cities, most of the real men are not salaciously panting after women 1/2 their age. It is true that in other places, mature women are appreciated more than merely discarded after the age of 30.

    My only regret about this show is that it is not on a major network ... it would get more exposure that way! So glad that it got picked up for more episodes.

    If you're a fan, let's all get the word out and keep this show on the air!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I came across it by accident and oh my god am I glad I did... I haven't laughed so much in a long time, perhaps it is because the story line is so lame.... but I love all 4 of them and they just crack me up...who cares the lines are not original..they are still is not suppose to be a classic, it is entertainment and god was I entertained :-) recommended it to all my girl friends...:-) I love Jane in Fraser and I am glad she is not depicting the same character...the eyebrow is hilarious how she is obsessed with it...and Betty White is so herself...and Wendy is glam as always, the role really suits her, Melany is a bit naive for giving up Paris for Cleveland and trade off french men for the younger plumbers in the town, but hey who hasn't done a crazy thing or two in their life...good on her.
  • ghosthostanth16 June 2010
    This is a great show! The three main cast members work perfectly together, and of course Betty White in the show is the VERY sweet icing on this cake. Too bad we only get 8 episodes this season, but that's better than none!

    The three best friends land in Cleveland, expecting it to be a boring, uncultured town, and to their delight it's a fun and incredible place with men who find them very attractive, and the feeling is mutual.

    They decide to stay, but then they find out that a caretaker named Elka (White) comes with the house. Elka is a perfect foil for the trio.

    And all of the women in this new "Fab Four" looking amazing!
  • With all the reality TV shows that are nothing more than people cursing and generally being cruel to each other, this show is a welcome breath of fresh air. There's nothing necessarily all that unique about the format, and of course it has the standard sitcom canned laughter, but the 4 actresses really are funny in their respective rolls and have great chemistry together. Maybe some of the jokes aren't even all that original, however few sitcoms in history actually made me laugh out loud, yet this one does. And good lord, could Valerie Bertinelli be any prettier at 50?! I'm glad to hear this show will be back next year. We need to be able to turn on the TV and watch a new show without being assaulted by nonstop reality garbage.
  • I really hope this show is renewed! Funny, silly, likable comedy served up by four of the best comic actresses ever! Malick, Bertinelli and Leeves are show biz types from LA who accidentally land in Cleveland en route to Paris, and decide to stay in a house where White is the caretaker. The three middle-aged gals were ignored in L.A., but get a lot more attention from men in Cleveland -- and that's much of the premise of the show.

    I love the characters; Malick is an egotistical former soap opera actress, Bertinelli a ditsy romantic self-help author, Leeves a hard-drinking yet clear-eyed British beautician and White an astonishingly tart-tongued senior with the best love life of all the ladies.

    I've tried to like more modern sitcoms like 30 ROCK and PARKS AND RECREATION, but have found them so mean-spirited, strange, and depressingly devoid of laughter. HOT IN CLEVELAND is sometimes predictable, but the actresses put it over anyway with impeccable comic timing. The characters bicker constantly, but are good friends who love and support one another, which makes it a pleasure to watch.

    Comparison with GOLDEN GIRLS are inevitable, but this is more fun because the 3 main characters are much younger and don't have to think about the problems of old age.
  • This show is written and produced and STARS all my old favorites. As a woman of "a certain age" I can tell you...I am tired of shows I am embarrassed to watch with my 15 year old or with my mother.

    This show reminds me of when T.V. was funny, actors were talented, and t.v. didn't have to be a guilty pleasure. I want EVERYONE to know that I am a Hot in Cleveland fan. And how great is it to see Betty White, yet once again? I hope this show has a great run! One of the posters said she hated that it wasn't on a bigger network, so that it could attract more viewers. I don't. A bigger network would cancel this show in a heartbeat - there are no loud, drunk fistfights, no whorish sluts cursing each other out, no vampires, half dressed girls, no misogynistic men,or gratuitous sex.

    For those who don't have the cable network, the way to see this show is to join Netflicks, MegaVideo, or I-tunes. The price is worth it to keep this show coming.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched the pilot in the audience. This was one of the funnier shows along my lifetime. I've been so a few pilots about 4. This one i believe will have much success. Perfect cast. Friends decide to get out of LA and fly to Paris. Oddly, the plane has to make an emergency landing. IN CLEVELAND! A random city that many people think is a run down city that used to be fun but turned to a scooby doo ghost town. It shows that this show supports what Cleveland still has to offer to the public. I think using it through comedy shows is perfect. The last show based in Cleveland was the drew Carey show which was a success. But not an instant classic. I think this show has a good future ahead of it. Oh and did I mention? Betty white stars in this show!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mehki_Girl16 June 2011
    Love this show. Watched for the first time as streaming video from Netflix. Betty White steals the show. Actually, I laughed out loud for the first time when she said her first line in the pilot. I've lived in California so I know how plastic it is. Three women of a, ahem, "certain" age are on their way to Paris for fun and men when their plane makes an emergency landing in Cleveland. They go to a bar and find that "real" men are giving them the eye. There are some really funny lines in relation to that scenario ("They're looking at me and not through me!") - so true after you hit a certain age. Anyway, the Valerie Bertinelli character decides to rent a Victorian house for a monthly rent that would be the amount charged in LA for one night and stick around a while. Betty White's character comes with the house as the caretaker. It's a fun show, especially for women of a "certain" age who can relate.
  • JessDewitt23 July 2010
    Yes, the writing's mediocre, and the laugh track is really annoying - However, there are four actresses here that are fun to watch, and I'd rather watch this than some lame reality show.

    When I wake up in the middle of the night and want to watch something I've recorded, I would choose a new "Hot in Cleveland" episode over an episode of something that I've seen three times before. Sure the situations are not realistic, but it's fun to watch Valerie, Wendy, Jane and Betty work at turning those silly scripts into something funny.

    P.S. Love the look on Huey Lewis's face as he asks "Victoria":

    "Is it magically delicious?"
  • I came across this show almost by accident and am now in the process of binge-watching on Amazon Prime. I love the characters and the ridiculous situations they find themselves in. They gel so well together and the amazing Betty White is phenomenal! Could happily watch hours of this show every day.
  • Hot In Cleveland is certainly the new Golden Girls. They're all smart, funny, beautiful "mature" women who are not ready to fade away quietly just yet. They prove that you don't have to be young to make a hit TV show. And although Betty White does carry a fair bit of the show the other women are vital contributors. There is a lot of comedic talent in this show and the cast and the many celebrity guest appearances only serve to add value.

    The premise may be a little odd at first and may not be completely plausible but when you learn to roll with it you can really enjoy all the craziness and zany antics. It brings me back to the times when comedy shows were organic and didn't take themselves so seriously. It's refreshing to see and most importantly makes me laugh.
  • When I first heard about Hot in Cleveland I was pretty excited; a brand new female-led sitcom featuring the stars of Golden Girls, Frasier and Just Shoot Me! But you would not believe what an embarrassing disaster this sad show has turned out to be.

    Not a cliché is left unturned in this tired, unfunny career-low for all those involved. Three rich spoilt women of a certain age end up living with an over-sexed even older woman in Cleveland, which is portrayed as a poor red-neck city full of walking stereotypes and desperate men. poor old Betty White should really have retired by now as she has reached that age where she tends to mumble her lines so that not everything she says is entirely comprehensible, although it doesn't seem to stop the screams of hysterical fake laughter either from a can or a drugged-up(or bribed)studio audience. It's also extremely distasteful to hear a once great comedy actress reduced to swearing and uttering dirty jokes just to get a cheap laugh. Shame on all the writers and producers!

    The other actresses don't fare much better and if Wendie Malick got any thinner I'd be worried that the neighbourhood dogs might try and bury her in the backyard. If you're looking for a genuinely funny, witty sitcom then look elsewhere as Hot in Cleveland will just leave you cold.
  • Thinly disguised updating of Golden Girls, except that Betty White plays the "Sophia" character. There's no mother/daughter dynamic here, but it's still just a group of women "of a certain age" finding out they're not the has-beens living in Los Angeles has lead them to believe.

    We haven't discovered how all three of the "Girls" wind up in Cleveland yet. Apparently the reasonable real estate prices and men not looking for girlfriends half of their age is enough to get these three La women to chuck it all and make the move to Drew Carey City.

    Betty White is as cranky as "Sophia" ever was, but by the end of the pilot she seemed to warm up to the "Girls" and should be one of them by episode two.
  • SanteeFats7 June 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was not sure if this show would be that funny. Boy was I wrong!!! Betty White is a fantastic treat. I can not believe she is still going so strong at 91. Her character is refreshing as a very elderly person who is still interested in sex and her rips at the three younger women are hilarious. The three women who stay in Cleveland when they find out that they are attractive to men their own age and the men do not go after the twenty something youngsters is nice to see. I have always loved Valerie Bertinelli and her role here is entertaining and she carries her character well. They get some well known guest stars to appear and that helps to keep things moving along.
  • This lame sitcom is receiving some pretty high marks which leaves me a bit bewildered. Worn out plot, regurgitated anti-male jokes, leftist political remarks and a very old and ugly Betty White who just ain't funny. Bertinelli has always been a terrible actress and should stick to losing weight. Her innocent little girl looks don't rescue her here. Leeves is passable but nothing to write home about. Malick's comedic instincts and sense of timing is always top notch but her talents are wasted in this idiotic show.

    It shouldn't come as a surprise that the ones listed who liked this empty headed show also liked "Golden Girls" and who's the boss rip off "Mike & Molly".

    Unfortunately, this has been the trend of sitcoms in the past decade. I am hopeful that someday a truly funny show will emerge once more.
  • I have tried to watch this show a few times.But I can't get past Bertinelli's non acting.The characters are horrible.The comedy is awful.And they keep relying on Betty White to carry the show.It's not even entertaining.The Ex's r a LOT better. Soul Man is annoying. I just wish producers would stop and look at what they are trying to feed us. I can't stand the whining,annoying sounds of this show.What makes it even worse is every 10 minutes,we are subjected to the really grating preview of the next show over and over and over....Every commercial break of any show is this preview like they are trying to convince us to watch the show.It's a complete boring fail.And to have previews shoved down our throat every 10 minutes is abuse. The actors need to break up and find something else.Leeves was great in Frasier.Betty needs to take a long vacation somewhere,Valerie needs to go home and just stay there locked up in her house.And the other one should learn to age gracefully.Please cancel this show.It's torture.
  • BeatlesFan720 December 2010
    I stumbled upon this show by accident. I was reading about Betty White being named Entertainer of the Year (well deserved) and the name of this show was in the article, so i decided to watch it. I watched the pilot and now writing this review. This is one of the funniest shows on TV. I haven't laughed so hard since i watched the "Golden Girls", and this show is the modern update of. Even though this show doesn't quiet measure up to Golden Girls, it still has plenty of laughs.

    Betty White is the reason why i would recommend this show to everybody. Impeccable timing. Perfect delivery. Jane and Wendy are good, but for me Jane just not convincing enough, not enough sass. The weak link of this cast is Valerie. May be the characters not written well enough, but good actors would be able to make those characters look great.

    Overall - it is a very funny show, and it will make you laugh hard, and if you love Betty White (you should) - you will love it.
  • First of all, what is this, 1970? Filming in front of a live audience and using canned laughter or laughing soundtracks? It was probably to cover up the groans that the dialogue received. What is original in any of the writing? When Betty White and Jane Leeves say "Where have I heard that before?" probably from forty different TV shows of the past. Though the cast my be good, Betty White is great, the rest cannot keep a straight face through the lame humor.

    Sad, sad, sad. How do television shows like this even get made. Who would believe that anyone would give up Paris for Cleveland? Who would ever believe that they had to give up a life for a brief encounter?
  • Oh, my God! Yes, it's an update of The Golden Girls, but come on, people - it has none of the wit and style of that classic program. All of the principal characters overact like their lives depend on it, the scripts are flat and unfunny, and the half-hour drags on interminably!!

    Wendie Malick is arguably the best of the bunch, and Valerie Bertinelli's performance make her weight loss commercials look like Shakespeare. Jane Leeves was nearly unrecognizable, with none of the sass and spunk that made her a fixture on Frasier. Betty White is a force of Nature, but her cameo in Bringing Down The House is way better than her role in this disaster. I can only hope the producers are giving her a big paycheck.

    Frankly, this show could be a career killer for the cast writers and producers. I cannot recommend that anyone spend time watching this dreck - the Weather Channel is more entertaining!
  • I know that this show has been popular among many. But I just can't get behind it. I think that the premise is ridiculous;four women on their way to LA, who get stuck in Cleveland, OH, and decide to stay there. Can't believe that anyone would actually want to stay in Cleveland, if t they could live in LA.

    I also thin that the dialog and jokes, are flat and lame. It's tasteless, to say the least, that they keep trying to present Betty White's character, as an elderly foul-mouthed thug of a woman. The producers obviously think that this is humorous. To me, it's just tacky.

    I regally resent the fact that TVLand, has stooped to broadcasting lame sitcoms like Hot In Cleveland. The other sitcoms that come to mind, are Retired At 365, and Happily Divorced, aren't any better. TVLand is obviously trying to be 'trendy', by adding these new sitcoms to its line-up. But they're way off the mark.

    TVLand specializes in the old sitcoms, from the 60s and 70s. They broadcast quality shows, like MASH, All In The Family, Sanford & Son, The Jeffersons, The Andy Griffith Shiw, and many others. Their new, silly sitcoms like Hot In Cleveland, don't belong on TVLand. I wish that they would see the light, and quit cluttering-up their programming, with these idiotic shows. Let the regular TV networks have them, since they broadcast such drivel nowadays anyhow.
  • muchfan126 March 2014
    Hot in Cleveland is an okay show. I was definitely not expecting much other than to hate it and see it as another Golden Girls type show for older ladies with really bad jokes but it's actually better than most of the awful shows on network television nowadays, and some of the jokes are actually good.

    Betty White is not as funny as I usually think she is (I took part in the petition to get her to host Saturday Night Live and on it she proved she's still funny!) but she's getting really ridiculously old, hope she's healthy.

    Jane Leeves is good and she's still a very beautiful woman since leaving Frasier.

    Valerie Bertinelli is a bit annoying to me and I'm not sure why, I just don't find her very funny.

    The other actress is okay too.

    Over all not a great show by any means but there are definitely worse ways to waste a half hour in front of the TV.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    An actress who is so into herself, a make-up artist and a divorcing writer take a plane ride to Paris only to be sidetracked to Cleveland, Ohio when the plane must make an emergency landing. While there, Valerie Bertinelli, the writer, who the show seems to center on, finds love and decides to remain in Cleveland. The other 2 gal pals decide to stay with her.

    A lot of this is far-fetched. In the house they are staying in, they meet up with the caretaker, played by Bette White. I almost thought I was going to hear Rose Nylan again from "The Golden Girls." White has that magical timing, but her line on fleeing with the Nazis had better not be used again. This will only tend to trivialize the holocaust. (Remember in "Golden Palace" when the late Estelle Getty chided a Spanish boy seeking to be hid by stating: "What is this Anne Frank?" That line drew much criticism and didn't help the show.)

    Am just wondering how much can be further developed from the premise. After all, unlike "Golden Girls" these 3 ladies are in the prime of life and not retired. The actress who is really into her self has the potential to carry some hilarious lines with her.

    We shall see.
  • I saw this show up on Netflix and decided to give it a try because I adore Jane Leeves from 'Frasier' and Wendy Malick from 'Just Shoot Me'...the other two, eh, I like them OK. First off, I could, unfortunately, tell right away, after 5 minutes into the season premier, that this was NOT going to be a great show. There was a sense of flatness about the dialog, and the laugh track is ridiculous! The premise of the show is shaky at best--the 3 women ending up in CLEVELAND and forgoing Paris?! OK, if you can get past that....I have watched the first 8 episodes over a period of the last two days and while I love seeing Wendy Malick prancing around, elegant and thin as a wraith, I pity Jane Leeves--her character is written so that she comes off as far too bland for her comedic talents--also, looking as beautiful as always yet she has no boyfriend, even in a more accepting Cleveland-- unrealistic. While I have high praise for Betty White's continuing to work at her age, I tired quickly of the age jokes--enough all ready! Valerie Bertinelli is just ANNOYING, cloyingly cutesy and her story lines are boring--she becomes tiresome quickly and doesn't seem AT ALL to belong in a group with the other two. I love Wendy, but honestly, this role is just another re-hash of Nina--yet she is the most vital personality in almost every scene. It seems as if the writers are trying too hard to smash Betty's image from the Golden Girls, as a sweet innocent older woman with a good heart, with this dirty-mouthed old thug she plays here--one grows irritable at her constant use of the words Whore, Prostitute and the related jokes. I know this is a Sitcom, but please, give us more witty dialog, more interesting characters, better plotting! Just because it's a sitcom does not mean such a low quality of writing is acceptable! I'm ready to drop it entirely.
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