Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    Nev suspects that the "sexy" half sister of the 8 year old painter and the painter Abby herself are fakes since when he hears a video of Abby's sister singing, he realizes that the voice is "borrowed' from a pop singer. When he tracks Abby down he finds out she is not a painter and is not in contact with her half sister. But further research through "contacts of contacts" on Facebook shows that the true painter is a homebound woman who has given up a career to mother a severely retarded son,and the Facebook fantasies are all she has. Nev forgives her and retains her as a friend, even accepting a portrait of himself that she subsequently mails him. At the end Angela's husband says that some people are like "catfish" added to preserve the flavor of "codfish which otherwise would fade and become dull in a preserve.