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  • I think Netflix's Ultimate Beastmaster shows what this should could have been if it was actually executed correctly. They endlessly rehash events and skip the actually interesting runs in favor of showing "sob stories" that no body cares about. I am sorry but if you can't complete the course then I do not care at all about your back story. And even if you can complete the course I still don't care enough about your back story to watch it for 5 minuets instead of watching other competitors compete. Just simply say "this guy makes pizza" or "this person is dealing with autism and there is his mom supporting him" and show a few shots of them doing something cool-- not their home life or them in the hospital, that is not why people watch this show-- know your audience! Also, the obstacles are way too focused on upper body strength. Make it more diverse like Beastmaster, but don't lower the bar for the woman like you are doing. If you want to give more screen time to woman, make a woman's set and a men's set like the Olympics.
  • kwakkles17 August 2017
    When this show started, it was great!!! I enjoy quite a bit the episodes circa 2012 (and thereabouts) with hosts Jonny Moseley, Angela Sun, and Iseman. That's lean meat, no fat.

    The producers and et al wanted this show to gain popularity. This show has gotten obnoxious as a result of their efforts.

    I tune in to watch athletes do crazy stunts and wow me with their athleticism. THAT'S WHY I WATCH. Nowadays, half the show is sappy backstories. There are 4 minute long back stories of each athlete. It's about the athlete working with mentally disabled people, losing family members by death, doing the ninja course for cancer, et cetera.

    If these lame stories were 20 seconds long, it'd be tolerable. But no, they are literally at least four minutes each. Then on top of that, lots of commercials.

    This show was a 9 out of 10, before it got ruined. I give it 4 out of 10.
  • I have been a huge Sasuke and ANW fan but the last couple of seasons of ANW have gone way overboard on fluff pieces.

    I think it is very disrespectful to the other competitors to have their runs skipped over to make room for all of this uninteresting backstory. Let everyone tell their story on the course, not in a lame bio which runs longer than their actual obstacle course run.

    Everyone has a story and issues in life to deal with... the ones who hardly get to be seen are not being treated fairly. Maybe show some of the fluff in a little window while they are running, but these overproduced segments are just terrible TV and are hogging up the whole episode ...just NO...STOP IT!!!!

    Between commercials, fluff pieces and fluff after interviews on the sideline, there really is only about 10 minutes of actual competition. If this trend continues, I will be skipping ANW alltogether as the skip button is getting worn out on the remote as it stands now.

    Since Casey's run and climbing of the wall, women have been included more and more on the show and I think it is good to have women included, but the courses are getting too nerfed to cater to lesser athletes and this is also taking away from the sport. Additionally, it is disrespectful to women to have a female announcer relegated to the sidelines and only get to ask fluff questions instead of being able to announce the runs as they are happening. I think if you want to be inclusive to women , that needs to be changed as well.

    TLDR, cut out the fluff which runs longer than the contestants actual runs and toughen the course up to make it a legitimate competition again.
  • Hi, Used to be a fan, but now the episodes are all talk and profiles. I was just watching one and I only saw two contestants attempt the course, this was in a span of 16 minutes. And after some ads they showed highlights of around four others who undertook the course ... How about we see these attempts in full instead of all of the profiles, interviews and repetitive talk.

    It should only take around one episode per region. However, it is being stretched out and distorted. But not with the competitors attempts but with talking and other stuff. This is a disadvantage to the competition as viewers like myself lose interest.

    I did not finish watching and switched channel.

  • Too much cheerleading, over glorification, political correctness. The show tries to make all the contestants appear to be heroes and just goes over the top with all their Ra Ra. If they were just wipe off all their candy coating and just focus on the actual competition it would be so much better. They are just running an obstacle course for crying out loud not saving the freaking world.
  • Here's a thought: 1) Cut the lengthy video montages for a special few and dedicate that time to the sport itself.

    2) Post a leaderboard online showing all the competitors, their stats, their background and any videos (emotional and/or competitive), if applicable.

    3) Once the playing field is down to a handful, THEN run the video montage of what they had to conquer (physically, emotionally, whatever) to get this far. At this point viewers should recognize the competitors and have picked favorites. This is the appropriate time to dedicate a minute to each player's backstory.

    Again, it's just a slap in the face to those who have trained so hard just to get on the course only to be granted a 2 second recap after commercial because the producers chose to air long background videos on competitors who ended up disqualifying themselves on the first challenge.

    I wish I could get access to the original Sasuke competitions.
  • Why has the show gotten filled with so many background narratives. We record and fast forward past all the useless filler fluff. We want to see more athletes on the course. Please just get back to showing the athletes running the course! If the stories get cut out, we'll increase our star rating.
  • ColeCharlesTurner10 March 2021
    The first around five or so seasons of this were great with a good mix of both competition and stories, high production and still not feeling like some giant corporate show, extreme difficulty and motivational moments, and so on. After that, it went completely downhill for many obvious reasons that all of the other popular reviews sum up better than I ever could. All I'll say is that if you want to watch good shows like this then watch Ultimate Beastmaster and the original Ninja Warrior from Japan. MCX, Takeshi's Castle, and Unbeatable Banzuke aren't the same but are also fun watches. Even the meh newer version of American Gladiators that was cancelled after a couple of seasons and fricking Wipeout are somehow a billion times better, more entertaining, and more competitive than what American Ninja Warrior has been for a while now. At least they don't take forever to get to the obstacles. This and Survivor for the last eight or so years are abominations compared to what they once were. I'm not giving it that low of a rating because of the seasons worth watching and since there is the odd moment in between all of this that's great and reminds me of what this show once was. Not all of the sob stories are bad either and especially since some of the contestants with them are legit and would probably make it onto the first few seasons such as Zach Gowen. Those are few and far between though so it's still getting a mediocre rating. The first handful of seasons get a high 7/10. The other seasons after that get a 2-3/10.

    On another note, I watched most of the episodes of that other side thing they've done with Japan, Europe, and Latin America yearly. It's even worse than the main episodes of the show and sums up everything I hate about American television. It's basically the best Ninja Warrior contestants from the United States having a huge hometown advantage with being used to their courses and not needing to travel or anything like that facing off against a bunch of washed up Japanese contestants from the past, whoever they could find for Latin America, and Europe's best Ninja Warriors from their version of the show where the obstacles are nothing compared to what the United States have yet.
  • I loved this show, but it has a 6.7/10 on here along with a 1 and 5 star out of ten reviews. Why!? Well I really like how unlike Wipeout, where the contestants are one dimensional and you laugh when they fail, the contestants get a back-story of their living and they are often kind-hearted, unlike some of the Amazing race contestants. It has cool obsticale course too. My only flaw here is how the back-story's are a wee bit long, and the commercials are too. This show does not deserve the hate and is just pure great. This is as good as the amazing race, a show that brings you to other countries. This deserves a 9/10 by me, and should go from 6.7 to an 8.6 average IMDb rating out of 10!
  • I think the obstacles are very challenging and creative... but the show is absolutely RUINED by the constant, insufferable hardship tales. Almost every contestant has a "woe is me" sob story and a "cry on camera" scene. Some of them aren't even legitimate, they just make something up. "I was bullied from the ages of 9 to 14... Now I'm 32 and I'm here to prove I can do this thing!" GIVE ME A BREAK.

    And when the contestants aren't crying all over the place, they have the most insipid and clichéd personas.

    The corniest thing I've seen on this show, and maybe in my life, is the contestant that screams "I HAVE ICE IN MY VEINS!" at the top of his lungs upon completing an obstacle. -___- Who comes up with this junk?

    Stick to the obstacle and competition factors.... cut the unnecessary phony emotional drivel.
  • carletonclements24 April 2019
    My goodness, those have to be the worst commentators I've ever heard in my life. The atmosphere of this course is new-wave generational crap, and I absolutely hate it. I still give it a par rating since I adore Sasuke and competitive obstacle courses, but I won't ever watch this show again until they sack those yapping meatheads they call commentators. Almost as bad as Battlebots'.
  • I'm continually disappointed with each season as they get worse and worse. I watched the new season 12 and in the first 25 mins they have shown 5 competitors with a course time of about 1.5 minutes and a back story of about 3 minutes and the rest is replays, coming up ahead, and the announcers talking it up. It's amazing how they can have a good thing and totally ruin it with over the top sob stories, fake drama, autism, school teachers and what else you might want to thrown in in order to be socially woke.

    They still haven't fixed the main issue with ANW, and that is all the events are grip based and upper body. Hanging, climbing and a few agility obstacles made for a rock climbers body. Heavier body builders, and other athletes don't have nearly the same chance of succeeding as a 120 pound agile nerd. And women mostly have zero chance of finishing. I don't recall any obstacle ever using the legs besides the warped wall.
  • Here is the problem Pros Cool Obstacles Cons Too Many Sob Stories Not Enough Contestants Shown Celebrating Even Know They Failed Really Early Terrible Disqualifications Annoying Commentators Terrible Awkward Sideline Reporters And Wrong Obstacle Names can this show POSSIBLY get any worse than this???
  • If this year's incarnation of American Ninja Warrior is presented like in season's past, then it will be a complete waste of time. I started watching this two years ago but had to stop after just a few episodes because they took about 08 minutes worth of usable footage and stretched it out to an hour-long show. How? By endlessly rehashing events after every commercial break; by having way too many commercial breaks--and commercials; and by creating completely false drama in order to try and make this Lame show more exciting. Too bad the producers missed. This could have been a great competition show. Instead, they turned it into a boring, endlessly redundant snooze-fest that is totally unworthy of the Ninja Warrior moniker.
  • Based on the Japanese version of obstacle TV, ANW has turned from a physical challenge into a constant display of people using skills to overcome some kind of physical or mental life obstacle. I don't think this is the intent of obstacle courses in general. We have the Olympic games where athletes compete and we have Special Olympics but somehow, ANW has managed to confuse the two in the hopes that these will bring ratings. So if a person is competing for their own challenge, which should be enough given the difficulty of these courses, it's only valid if it is viewed as some kind of selfless act for some cause.

    So why not take the gloves off and take this to what may be the ultimate conclusion: Politics. The show can only highlight athletes running who think President Trump should be thrown out of office or that AOC really, really, really needs support because she so. . . so. . . photogenic, charming and just plain stupid. But hey, she won a seat in congress and her causes could be made into backstories at least as compelling as those currently shown.

    I wish ANW would dump the stories designed to show how "special" are the competitors because they either represent some disability or cause. It's bad TV but reminds me of another dip into the needy and that was a show called "Queen For A Day" where contestants were lifted out of near poverty by ever so wonderful sponsors and given a new life. The back stories belittle the achievements of the athletes.
  • It was entertaining but more and more it's getting gimmicky with contestants (and the hosts) acting like idiots. Just like all of the rest of today's game shows.
  • Boring we-all-have-problems sob stories, idiot commentary, obnoxious commentators, ads for "the Olympics on NBC" as if this was an equivalent athletic competition, laughable "inspiration to millions of young people" nonsense, offensively insincere Woke pandering, non-athletes embarrassingly included exclusively for their supposedly interesting uninteresting backstories, and ads ads ads. It's a freaking obstacle course. The only entertainment here is watching athletes run it.

    Turn off the sound, fast forward the rubbish, and you have maybe fifteen minutes of non-insulting content worthy of your time.
  • Yes, too many commercial breaks after the break-thru popular Season 7.

    I find ANW more watchable than Olympic gymnastics. Due to the intense judging in Olympics, every athlete approximates the same-single judge-friendly style. BORING! In ANW, each athlete competes ONLY WITH THEM SELF. I have a separate article in me about what I've learned about athleticism from watching varied people tackle the same obstacles.

    Many competitors are gymnastic trainers and trainers of kids and teens in real life. We also have the handful of aerospace professionals, the occasional TV weatherman, stockbroker and TV cameraman.

    The bio pieces illuminate the life-morass each competitor arose out of to stand up and become their best self. The biggest excitement of one amazingly competent guy competitor was buying a $600 used car.

    Many competitors perhaps have not much of a life outside of training for and competing in ANW. To their credit the producers never exploit the potentially maudlin-sentimental back-stories. All goofy and poverty-stricken stories are leveled as part of creating a level playing field for everyone. That's ANW, a true American meritocracy.

    Many stories are way better than Olympic back-stories; such as, the rooky woman competitor whose day job is one-to-one caring for a wheelchair-bound cerebral palsy teen who she deeply cares for. The teen attended her first stage trial, priceless joy on her face.

    Each competitor's family is present to cheer them on. This includes Dads who were formerly in prison and aged grandfather-mentors. Brothers, sisters and spouses of competitors get "converted" to at least training if not competing.

    The stories of kids inspired by ANW are too numerous to count. The shots of local ANW fanclubs and gym sessions around the country, are legion.

    ANW is a rare convergence of the best of honorable American multi-cultural spirit, exceptional athletic preparation, intention and expertise, two positive announcers; as well as, each and every competitor cheering for and encouraging every other competitor.

    Season seven was the breakthru season for popularity. I went and looked at the original Japanese TV show and the current version of this same Japanese show. The difference between how athletes treat each other; and, how the producers treat and engage with their athletes differs so widely between American and Japanese counterparts, as to make your jaw drop. American ideals of equality, fairness and human dignity are 100% to 1000% higher in the American edition.

    In my mind, exporting ANW to foreign countries would be one of the greatest conveyances for POSITIVE, HEALTHY American values and culture. No other reality show comes close. The Amazing Race probably comes closest. I give it an 8/10 compared to ANW.

    See also the user "bumblebee" review, a premise which makes no sense on paper, works in reality.
  • I have a sob story, you have a sob story, your freaking pet rock has a sob story.. and guess what? It lasts 14 minutes and your rock competes for 30 seconds before failing at it. That is what this show is, it was better in Japan/G4 because they weren't focusing on the stupid pointless SOB stories. I'm tired of these and it needs to stop.
  • Each episode has it all heart touching moment, jaw dropping action, beautiful women, money grabbing opportunities. Everytime this show is on drop everything and watch it ALL ALL the time
  • grlym-4684928 July 2021
    I love watching adults tackle these obstacles. They have full and stressful lives but still manage to succeed athletically

    While saying that, season 13 introducing teens in the show has me looking for something else to watch. There is no thrill seeing kids do things that are expected. Kids are supposed to be fit and agile. Maybe they should make a spin-off teenager version.
  • In my reviews I refer to certain movies and shows as "bumblebee" because on paper, according to pure theory, they should not work. But in reality they soar.

    Ironically, there are so many "obstacles" that this show itself has to overcome, and the other reviews have touched on many of them.

    The editing is awkward, the producers deliberately choose in advance which contestants to focus on, and which ones to avoid. If they guess wrong, you end up with successful contestants that we know nothing about, and failed contestants we just watched an entire "video package" on.

    And the pacing is off too. The post-event "wrap up" with the obligatory ex-beauty queen hostess serves no useful purpose whatsoever, and the mind boggles at the otherwise useful things the producers could have done with the wasted time.

    But real shocker for me was when I asked friends about the show and discovered many who considered it a "guilty pleasure" -- watched it, enjoyed it, but did not really want to talk about it.

    TV is a tough business and I think the producers have achieved something special with this show, it is addictive and entertaining even with all its flaws.

  • This show can really pump up a person, you are at the edge of your seat running with these remarkable characters. I do find they spend too much time in too much stories. I would like to see more people running and less stories, its too much and just make the more touching stories lose value when you try to make all stories touching. Still, always waiting for he next show!
  • First things first, I was a competitor a few years ago on the kids version, so I am experienced with this show. Seasons 5-7 were some of the greatest seasons of any show ever, but the newer ones have gotten more forgettable, and are trying to hard. I miss the days when the show was not as much of a company and you could really get to know the competitors, but every show runs it's course (pun intended), and I think that this one has finished.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I cannot believe these people are having such a hard time with this. "American Ninja Warrior" – pffft – what a silly…I laugh at you in broken English, "ha-ha-ha-ha." Climb – fall; run – fall; crawl – fall; jump – fall – too many clumsy oafs…I show you how it's done, without falling. Remember, "To fall, is to fail" or, "trying is for losers, doing is for winners" or "kittens are cute." To think these folks are really struggling and then falling…and they are the best? The best of what – Second-placers? This stuff is so easy…I have a blind turtle, with no legs…or head…who could do all these challenges in record time. I hope you know I am kidding. This is really a good show and very enjoyable to watch. My daughter and I will watch this competition religiously. I highly recommend it.
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