Jessie Graff is the most accomplished female competitor to ever appear on the show. In Season 8 she finished stage 1 to become the only woman to ever do so.

Only two Americans have won the show.

The infamous "streaker" is actually Thomas Tapp of the Tap Brothers, well known among fans of parkour and American Ninja Warrior. Tapp is one of the course testers and tested under his Johnny Rocket alter ego, wearing nothing except a headband, shoes and underwear.

American Ninja Warrior (2009) was nominated for the 2018 Emmy Award in the Outstanding Reality Competition Series category, but lost to RuPaul's Drag Race (2009).

One of his famous contestants, David "flip" Rodríguez confessed on the show that he was raped as a Child.

The first six seasons the bigger prize was $500,000.00

Geoff Britten and Isaac Caldiero became the first ever American Ninja Warriors in the season 7 finale. Caldiero took home the $1,000,000 prize as he finished stage 4 with a faster time than Britten. Isaac promised sharing the Money with Geoff.

The first three seasons contestants had to travel to Japan to compete in the finale. But that changed in season four, the first time the finale was held in Las Vegas