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  • Lee Roy Myers hit his stride in the lowliest of lowly genre of porn-parody (or ripoff), but also was involved in New Sensations' successful series of Romantic porn, as evidenced by this sincerely sentimental tripe-fest. An attractive cast manages to pull it off, but the genre has since falllen on hard times, and been dropped completely from NS/Digital Sin's release schedule after Myers' successor Jacky St. James jumped ship.

    Rocco Reed plays the ghost, appearing translucently in several scenes after shooting his wad in the opener on lovely heroine Tori Black. She has recently made a comeback, specializing in girl-girl action, but is mainly heterosexual here.

    Her pining for the deceased RR is a bit hard to take, but superior to the sibling rivalry subplot that has her competing, in her mind at least, with sister Jasmine Delaton for the affections of Brit-accented hunk Danny Mountain. Jasmine is singularly unimpressive in this otherwise big-name cast, and her list of credits in IMDb is so crummy I question whether IMDb has correctly matched up her pseudonyms.

    Lexi Belle, before she let her body fill out a bit much a la latter-day Allie Haze, brings freshness to the BFF role here, and for some reason (to make a buck?) New Sensations coughed up a sequel starring the supporting cast.
  • This is adult movie as i like them so like a real mainstream movie: so there is a story, nice production and for sure a great cast: for one time, sex is not dissolved into bad things but is the natural expression of adults feeling attraction. The action takes place in a cozy mansion and we meet Lexi and Tori Black. It's a pity the two have not a scene together but they are great in action. I don't realize that this movie has already 8 years but that's tight: Lexi has now a few more pounds while Tori has become an incredible model - mother! At the end, this is the kind of movie for which i still watch it, all adult scenes cut!