• WARNING: Spoilers

    STORIES USA comprises six short films about desperate lives in America.

    Member (starring Josh Hartnett). A 19 year old boy is driving around Los Angeles. He is looking for the perfect Mercedes, BMW, Lexus... Preferably a late model. A late model rolling through a stop sign, or breaking some other traffic law. He is looking for the perfect car to crash into and claim on the insurance.

    Club Soda (starring James Gandolfini). When a kid steals money from a bar, he awakens the supernatural spirit of man who causes him to re-evaluate his life and make some tough choices.

    Street of Pain (starring Steve Carell). A man wants to take revenge for a terrible incident with dodgeballs, that happened when he was young.

    Life Makes Sense When You Are Famous (starring Paul Walker and Scott Caan). A car accident brings together a down on his luck man and a movie star.

    The Little Things (starring Ioan Gruffudd). After a failed suicide attempt, Claire has nothing better to do than go to work. During a cigarette break, she meets Simon, a man with a few issues of his own.

    L.A. Knights (starring Paris Hilton). A blonde heiress to her family's fortune gets a shock when a man breaks into her local bank and steals all her money.