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  • If Hiccups was handled differently it could have been a success. The cast are all superb, and the writing whilst not rib crackling funny is whimsical and heartwarming enough to make it more than watchable. However, it suffers from the weight of expectation and its gestation time was far too short.

    After the mega success of Corner Gas, and much to the disappointment of its millions of adoring fans to its much to early demise, Brent Butt et el wrote produced and aired the first season of Hiccups less than a year from the CG series finale.

    Not enough time had past to allow the general public to move on from it's beloved sitcom. All eyes were on Brent Butt to repeat the success of CG and a lot of it's former fans were still hurt from it's passing to give the new show a chance.

    The other problem is it's accessibility. One of the main reasons of Corner Gas' success was that it was relatable. For the majority of it's audience they identified and loved small town Canada with its collection of adorable eccentric locals. Dog River was a place where most people grew up in or wanted to live in. Hiccups is a world of millionaire authors,publishers and slick slimy agents - High flying City Dwellers. The first episode of the long delayed second season takes place partly in LA. How many average Canadians can identify with that?

    The show could still be a moderate success, however it needs to ground itself firmer in reality, tone down the central character of Millie who at the moment is still far too unstable to make a connection with the audience and for CTV to show it some love and to not pre-empt it on a whim, and recommission the show early to allow Brent Butt & the writers the time to create stronger more 3 dimensional characters.

    Though in reality what the people are truly waiting for is not a third season of Hiccups or more projects from former Corner Gas alumni but a Corner Gas movie, or even better a full seventh season of Canada's greatest sitcom of all time.
  • andrejcauchi17 March 2010
    I waited along time for Hiccups to arrive and now that it's here, I'm loving every minute of it! Brent Butt is a genius and has transplanted the magic of Corner Gas to urban Vancouver in Hiccups. The writing is superb and the characters are wonderful. The premise of the series is that Millie Upton (Nancy Robertson)a children's writer with anger management issues finds therapy in Stan Dirko (Brent Butt), a life coach who with Millie as his only client fumbles his way to setting her on the right path. Surrounding these two are Joyce Haddison (Laura Soltis), Millie's straight-laced editor and chief, Taylor Rhymes(David Ingram), Millie's slime ball agent who seems more interested in picking up women than Millie's career, Crystal Braywood (Emily Perkins) the ditsy, know-it-all receptionist and Anna Dirko (Paula Rivera), Stan's loving and devoted, way to hot for him wife. Together, they provide the perfect ensemble that sets this series apart from so many of the other recent sitcoms. Hiccups gets two thumbs up!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Like the Hiccups, this show is annoying and sometimes painful. There is something seriously wrong with Brent Butt. Could they just not afford a real actor? This guy is the show runner, writer, creator, and a character. He plays a broke life coach with an attractive wife. I understand that in a comedy you don't have to act completely realistic, but Brent Butt just sounds like he is one small step away from reading lines strait off the script. Speaking of the script, its your basic pilot script introducing the characters and their quirky, yet unfunny personalities and outlaying the concept of what the show is. I did like Laura Soltis in this show, but Nancy Robertson was too over the top even for a zany, wacky children's book writer. The bottom line is that the show is just another generic comedy that got no laughs from me. Keep in mind that this is a Canadian show and I am American, so maybe Canadians find this piece of garbage funny, but I recommend that you pass on this if you value your time.
  • joan635027 August 2010
    This show just isn't funny.

    I liked the first two seasons of Corner Gas but after that the show just seemed to repeat itself. It was of course a huge success though so no surprise that they are putting those people into some new shows, namely Hiccups and Dan for Mayor.

    The problem with Dan For Mayor is that we are getting the exact same tired character of Hank, he is absolutely the same stupid character with the same act, delivery, etc.

    The problem with Hiccups is bigger in that the story isn't funny, the characters aren't funny and the scripts are really really NOT funny. This show is painfully bad. I have tried and tried and still have only got through one episode all the way through.

    Both shows are bad but Hiccups is definitely worse. Brent Butt made a huge mistake making this show and it needs to go the way of the Dodo.
  • I really did want to love this show after being a huge Corner Gas fan for years, but I couldn't. I did like it though. It didn't capture the magic that Corner Gas had for so long, but I think it's a little bit too early to decide that the show is going to be amazing or fail miserably. I started watching Corner Gas in season 4, and going back to watch season 1m I discovered a very different show. I love watching Nancy Robertson playing a nut-case because, though Millie is over the top sometimes, she is still fun to watch. Some of the show seems unrealistic and forced, but I think things will settle into place over time. If you are a Corner Gas fan, at least give the show a chance to become really excellent.
  • I'm Canadian. I understand references to Canadian culture whether they are topical or not. I was a fan of Brent Butt's stand up comedy long before his sitcom days and I was a fan of Corner Gas, especially during the first few years. Then the humour became stale and forced. Hiccups, in a sense, cuts out the middle man. It starts off being stale and forced without first being funny. I've seen only two episodes and I have no plans to see more. The show has a long way to go before it can be considered mediocre let alone good.

    The problem with this show lies in the writing. The actors are talented but what can anyone can do with a lame premise and lame lines? Because of the status that Butt and Robertson enjoy in Canada this sitcom may be back next year but, judged on merit and not reputation, it needs to be terminated as soon as possible.
  • The show has a weak premise, but promising talent. Love the B side of the cast (the agent, the receptionist and the publisher) more than I love the A side. My REAL problem with the show is how absolutely annoying I find Nancy playing Millie. It is so over the top, so absolutely exaggerated that for me, it's like nails on a chalk board. Out of loyalty to an extremely talented Brent Butt, I have continued to PVR this sitcom, but can only get through it by fast forwarding all of Nancy's scenes. This show needs to shake things up in a big, BIG way. Millie needs a love interest or maybe the agent and the publisher can start an affair, and OF COURSE, Nancy needs to tone down her portrayal of Millie. Eccentric yes, total moron no.
  • Worst Show I've seen in years or ever... It is absolute dribble. The time taken to watch this show is time I could have spent watching paint dry... that would have been more interesting. The acting is bad, the script sucks.. I could go on for hours but you get the picture.. Don't waste time watching this dribble. What do they think we are....stupid.... not! Don't waste time and money making such terrible shows and expect us to watch! I cannot believe anyone would find this interesting and worth watching. Who on earth could find this interesting. I don't write a lot of reviews but this was so bad I thought I would drop a line or two and maybe someone will read this and decide to do anything else but watch this stupid dribble. Are they seriously marketing this show or is it a joke or a test to see how many people will watch anything regardless of quality.
  • I just found this show and I am so glad I did. I'm a fan of Corner Gas so I thought I would give Hiccups a try. I wasn't hooked right away. Robertson's character Millie was pretty outrageous, which at first struck me as too much and out of place...but then by the second episode I found her character endearing and hilariously oddball. Robertson and Brent Butt are great together in the show. All the other characters start to fill out as the show progresses and bring more subtle, but added flavor to it. Robertson is amazing in this and her outrageousness really becomes a natural, dynamic aspect of the series. Her facial expressions, body language, and line delivery are comic gold!
  • theannakostan11 January 2014
    It was a bad idea for everyone involved with Hiccups to do this show. After doing Corner Gas both of these talented actors should have taken time off and waited for a very good script for a movie or another TV show to come along, or just retired since they must have a ton of money saved up from doing Corner Gas for so long. Hiccups just is not a good show at all. Dan for Mayor was a very bad show and if anything this show is at least as bad as that. All of these people should have been more careful and selective before diving into these new shows, which just were not funny at all. I really wanted to like these shows and kept giving them a chance but it just disappointed every week until I gave up. Bad show and bad idea to do it. I hope they wait a few years and then when the right idea comes along they do that and are very successful with it!
  • steveadams-119 December 2010
    I do not even see what they were even trying to do when they decided to make this show. I understand that after Corner Gas ended it was a hit for Canadian TV standards in the ratings so they wanted to get those people back on TV in other series right away to kind of capitalize on that success that they had before but these shows are just awful in every way. The writing is terrible with real bad jokes and the acting is just awful, this show and Dan for Mayor are both awful. The characters in both shows are so useless and unbelievable and just not funny that it makes me sad and upset that my taxes help pay for these shows, it is like they did not even try to make something good/funny.
  • lauriepatm15 July 2014
    We loved Corner Gas and were sad when it ended after 6 seasons. This show is not funny at all and the characters are not interesting. Brent and Nancy are good, but the writing is poor and not of the same caliber as Corner Gas. The side characters (publisher, agent, wife and receptionist) are bland and not funny at all. Their comedic timing is nil and their acting is wooden and unnatural. Everyone knows that the success of good situation comedy is in the side characters. If they aren't good, the show is not good. Brent and Nancy are not enough to carry this show by themselves. A successful show must have excellent writing..This show does not have that.
  • Hiccups is so awful that it is actually physically painful to me to watch it. As bad as that other awful, former-Corner Gas-cast-members show Dan for Mayor is, Hiccups is a hundred times worse.

    Brent Butt is back in a much less funny role (even compared to the last couple seasons of Corner Gas when it was not a very good show at all). He is a life coach who is inexplicably married to a much better looking and much, much younger Hispanic wife, and who is out of money. As luck would have it, another former Corner Gas employee, Nancy Robertson, needs to hire him to help her because she often overreacts and has complete fits in front of people even though she is a.... wait for it.... children's book author! Get it? She writes books for kids but she freaks out about stuff! Imagine it.... now whatever you are imagining, know that it is much funnier than this show actually is.

    The writing is terrible and every performance is wooden. Half the time what the characters are doing doesn't even make any sense. I can't believe this show is actually on the air.... it's shows like this that give Canadian TV a bad name.
  • Guys this show isn't perfect. Nobody should've thought it would live up to corner gas. But it's not by any means a bad show either. It's not hilarious but it's not worth cursing at either. It has some lovable characters and some funny moments so it's not worth getting so angry at. Overall a pretty good show which, because of its short time on the air, is worth watching.
  • I hope there is a cure for Hiccups because this show is completely awful in every possible way a TV show can be.

    I thought Dan for Mayor was a stinker but Hiccups is way way WAY worse than Dan for Mayor. Hiccups is maybe the worst show I have ever seen in my entire life.

    Corner Gas was okay but I didn't really watch it and seeing these two shows, Dan for Mayor and most especially Hiccups, I wonder how these people were able to make a decent show to begin with.

    These shows are both terrible but if you can only avoid one Hiccups is easily the worse of the two.

    Hiccups stinks!!!
  • laddcl227 July 2012
    Delightful and funny. Canadian television shines again. Nancy Robertson plays Millie Upton, a successful children's book author. She sees the world as a child. She overacts to difficult situations with what her editor calls hiccups, these hiccups inspire her books. To deal with her hiccups she hires a life coach, Stan (Brent Butt), who has no formal training has his hands full trying to defuse her hiccups and help her understand them and why she reacts the way she does. Her overreactions are how most of wish we could say or do. Nancy Robertson is as wonderful as she was in Corner Gas. Kudos to the writers on creativity and freshness and not relying on vulgar offensive language, violence and nudity to tell a story.
  • Being that i'm in the US I don't get this show =( But the fact that I watch a vast majority of my TV programs on the internet I happened to stumbled across this show. Upon Googleing it: Brett & Nancy looked a little familiar (probably from their stand~up days) & it sounded cute so I gave it a shot. I was hooked after the first episode!!! It's cute and funny! I love Nancy Robertson, she is absolutely Adorable & Hilarious!!! Also, upon getting hooked on this show I learned about their previous sitcom, "Corner Gas", which was considered to be a big hit. I think "Corner Gas" is OK but but I don't think it holds a candle to "Hiccups"!!!
  • reachkiramurphy29 September 2018
    This show was not very funny or interesting. Sub standard writing and acting, it just was not very good.
  • Yes, I was a Corner Gas fan, too and yes I was not ready for Hiccups. I needed time to heal and blah, blah, blah.

    But, come on, this is a really good show. The over-the-top main character, Millie Upton, is a joy to watch and Nancy Robertson delivers in every episode. Since the genre of man-child movies and sitcoms (commercials, etc.) has forever been (obviously) a No Girls Allowed Club, it's great to see a woman take on a "chronic child" character and nail it.

    The supporting characters that orbit around Millie's planet are well-developed and likable. Yes, the stories are sometimes far-fetched and unbelievable but so were the story lines on Curb Your Enthusiasm (yet another man-child show) and it didn't stop that show from being a huge hit.

    The writing and comedy style still has notes of the wry, understated nature that was common on Corner Gas. But even though this is not Corner Gas, it's still a good watch.

    I'm hoping for a Season 3!
  • This is not the worst show ever but it's not close to the quality of Corner Gas (like it or hate it it was a big success on TV). Some of the characters were very annoying and the premise wore thin very quickly. Better than Dan for Mayor though, that show was incredibly annoying.