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  • I thought this show would've been one of those cheesy cop shows where they dart around and catch people. But no, my perspective completely change. I love this show and I don't understand why there are only 2 - 3 million views each week. I thought after the 5th episode the whole show would be repetitive but then the writers changed it up a bit, each ending of every episode there's a slight cliffhanger. Well, the main reason why I love watching this is because there is so much tension between Michael and Nikita (they have amazing chemistry on the show :D). Overall, try watching this show without knowing what to expect, because this show is amazingggg!
  • I'm really surprised at the negativity directed at this new "Nikita" simply because it's not the old "Nikita". I enjoyed Peta Wilson's Nikita and I enjoyed Maggie Q in this latest version. I think it needs to be taken on it's own merits rather than compared to the original. If your problem is that this is not a frame-by-frame remake of the 1997 version, just Netflix it or buy the DVDs and watch it. (Incidentally, the frame-by-frame remake thing was tried with Hitchcock's "Psycho" and nobody liked it.) Other complaints seem to be about the shows believability, but how does that have anything to do with anything? How believable was "Lost" or "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "The Twilight Zone" or any of hundreds of great shows? You could sit there and pick plot holes in all of them if you were determined not to like them. So forget the old "Nikita" for sixty minutes and take this one on it's own merits and I think you'll like it.
  • I just finished viewing the pilot episode of CW/s "Nikita" and here are my thoughts on it.

    1. Despite it being loosely based on the French film "La Femme Nikita" I thought the pilot was good. It had a nice balance between action and character development, but with a lot of teasing moments that are sure to raise to exciting results. I would've liked more exposition and interaction between characters, something that the previous entries in the series had, but the introduction to the main character was good.

    2. The action scenes are a lot brutal and violent, showing the dark side of being an assassin and the toll it takes on the human mind and those around to witness such horrific acts. If the violence is any indication of what's in store for Nikita and her world, I can only imagine how dark and disturbing the actions taken by both good and evil will be.

    3. It's not a reboot, or sequel to the '90s series, which is a plus(though I also loved that show dearly) and has it's own vibe going for it. The coolness factor is there and has it's own thing as well. I was tense throughout the whole running time, not sure of what's next. And that's a good thing. A real good thing.

    4. There's no patriotic cheese being introduced. Doing so would damper the overall dark tone of the story. I love the dark humor. Suits the atmosphere well.

    5. It moves at a fast pace, but pauses long enough in order to include some character development and concentrate on the story.

    So from the looks of things, Nikita is shaping up to be an awesome series with everything starting to become established so far. Hopefully the show will grow as it's own and be something really special. I'm sure some will say it's not as good as the '90s series, but I for one am looking forward to how this plays out.
  • Sennara30 September 2011
    Wow is all I can say.

    I just recently finished watching the first season, and before I started I didn't expect that I would be blown away by this show. But after I started watching it, I got addicted to it and couldn't help but watching all of the 22 episodes of the first season in 2 days.

    Maggie Q as Nikita is totally amazing, as is Michael, Alex and all the other roles. The show totally looks like a movie, not just a TV show. It's so entertaining and addictive.

    This show definitely deserves much more attention. I can't wait for the new episodes of season 2.
  • yatty-sid11 September 2010
    Well I read the reviews and then started watching the pilot, with low expectations.Rather I found it very good. I really don't get the fact why people start comparing stuffs like this with previous similar ones. I mean the action is good, storyline is great and I couldn't see anyone over-acting. Right from the beginning,the building of characters was next to perfect. Its exactly what a pilot promises to deliver. A great start to a great storyline. I just hope they don't stretch it unnecessarily like few other TV series. Actors chosen are good, suiting the story. I would suggest to give this a try. Will definitely hook you up. Cheers
  • Maybe not a high intellect show, but lots of action and I like it! I really enjoy seeing Maggie Q's mature and interesting face, which helps make her role as a mentor more believable than if she had some unlined twenty-year-old face.

    Her character, Nikita, is very passionate about love, having lost her love in the past. Nikita is always pro- woman, which I like to see on a TV show. She mentors younger women and tries to enlighten and empower women she is involved with along the way.

    There is some blood, but it is not overdone. High-tech computers and spy techniques are included, but I would like to see more creative high-tech devices involved in the spy situations. I recommend this show as some light, refreshing, enjoyable spy action!
  • I never really new what Nikita was about and when it 1st came out i did'NT really think any think of it but i started to watch it in 2016 and thought i would give it a go and i have to say can't believe that i waited so long this is the great show ever and i don't think any other show will be any good after watching this and I'm in love with the show and don't mind re-watching it again thats how good it is. Can't believe that i didn't watch the show before when it was realised but now i have finished watching all the seasons i really want to watch it again and don't know what to watch after watching Nikita.

    P.S Haven't watched the show go and watch it you wont be disappointed trust me.

    This is the 1st review that i have written on IMDb and i'm glad that i did.
  • I used to be a fan of the original series and picked up this remake pretty late,only in 2016. So overall i did find it to be much more than i expected. Most of all I find the screenplay impressive and that unlike most American TV shows, the characters and the atmosphere in this one is actually quite believable. What most contributes to this is the characters speaking Russian where it see, most US shows just leave you to believe that English is the mother tongue for Martians, while this one gets you to believe that Americans actually do speak another language. Whilst it isn't perfect, that contributes to the overall atmosphere of the show and the usual action and suspense.

    So yes, I really loved this show and would definitely recommend it.
  • segzz20 December 2010
    Nikita, is a different and entertaining new show! I have not seen the original Nikita films or series but I think anyone who bags out this recent edition is being just plain ignorant. I watched the pilot one night when nothing else was on. I came into the show with absolutely no expectations, no idea of the story line and unknown to some of the actors. But I found it as entertaining as ever and if i could give any advice to anyone considering to get into it, that would be "why not?". The show isn't for everyone and if we are being quite honest, it's not a highly intellectual series but it get's the heart racing and is great quality stuff. It is a sensational new drama that actually shows the characters in depth. Each episode you learn more about the characters and each episode literally has you at the edge of your seat! I have a thirst for action and spy-type shows and especially hate it when the fights look fake and are too choreographed to even watch. But let me assure you, this show has some classy action moves that will take your breath away and leave you in shock. So hat's off to Nikita. An enjoyable and quality show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had no idea this series, launched in 2010, even existed until I recently scrolled across it in NF. And now I'm binge-watching the first season and hoping the series continues on until I am old and gray. I saw the original 1990 film when it was released and it remains one of my favorite action films of all time. This series is quite different, but sticks closely enough to the original premise and style, and is treated with enough talent and respect to make the inevitable differences a trivial matter.

    The cast is fantastic and there is never a weak link in the talent chain. As a guy, I have to add extra entertainment points for the stunningly beautiful women in the cast, from the gorgeous Maggie Q to Melinda Clarke (oh my GOD!) to Lyndsy Fonesca, the list goes on and on. The work is great, the action sequences are great, the plot lines are consistently clever and perfectly plausible within the realm of suspended disbelief.

    I am hopelessly addicted to this series, and I suspect any fan of clever action fiction will become addicted as well after watching the first episode. The series starts at 100mph and the ride only gets more intense from there. And in addition to the action element, the writing, direction and cast do an exemplary job of really making the viewer care about the primary characters (whether you love or hate them). It is fascinating to watch Michael's perpetual tightrope-walking in attempting to balance his personal feelings for Nikita (portrayed with exquisite subtlety by both Shane West and Maggie Q) with his loyalty to Division and sense of self-preservation.

    I can't get enough, and I hope the series outlives me.
  • I have to say, I saw the adds for it and thought "woah this is something different" yet I never watched the first episode. Only on a Thursday night when nothing was on TV did I decide to take a look. And I was impressed. I've continually watched it for 9 weeks afterwards and never fail to miss an episode, if there's a party or disco on on a Thursday night, I won't go. Though I am slightly depressed there are only 2 episodes left of season 1 for me to watch, and I hope that CW pick up from the awesomeness of this show and make a season 2. Maggie Q is a great Nikita, and Shane West is a great Michael, even the little roles such as Jaden, Thom and every other minor has been cast perfectly, and it's a great script. WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • llopez_050731 December 2013
    This is a GREAT show! It is very entertaining and never gets boring. It is underrated and it was not promoted the way it deserved to be. I would have never found out about it if I didn't come across it on Netflix. Disappointed that it ended but glad it ended well. Even more disappointing that such a great show is over and many shows that are not worth watching continue. I definitely recommend this show to everyone. I hope a lot of people discover it and tell others about it so it will never be forgotten. I know I won't ever forget about it as it is one of my favorite shows and that's that I am kind of picky. Good luck to the cast. They did an amazing job!
  • zaenkney7 October 2010
    'Nikita' is a fast moving, action packed series that garners glimpses of the back-stories and personalities of pertinent characters. This PG-13 conspiracy thriller surprises, mysteriously holds back, and smoothly slips snippets of dry humor into unexpected moments. Nikita operates from a damaged but determined and focused point of view. This is a strong woman who does not depend on her sexuality, but who is also not averse to pulling it out of her bag of tricks as a means to an end. She will bring these bastions down! She once was one of them, and retains slightly mixed affections towards certain individuals, but that will not stop her quest. Those affections go both ways. Will Michael(her ex-handler), or will he not, turn and aid her in her objective? On the other hand, might one of them kill the other? Alex, embedded within the enemy's lair, is Nikita's loyal cohort, collaborating in the ultimate conspiracy to tear down this gargantuan abuse of government power. Xander Berkeley embodies soul-less evil as Percy, the Director. Furthermore, the lovely psychiatrist, employed by Percy, is also the interrogator/ torturer. Hmmm…? The story is just complicated enough to keep it very interesting. This is a new Nikita, not a remake. Watch and enjoy! 10/07/2010
  • Hey guys, After reading a few leading reviews about the show - i was baffled that how could people just jot random buzzwords without considering the excitement and the entertainment factor this new airing provides. So for everyone who says that this show ain't any good - well i strongly disagree.

    This show is a perfect blend of the tomboy fetish of viewers with the glamor and storyline. I haven't seen the previous series but i have seen the movie though. And the real truth is - that as a viewer - the show sells. And it does that really well. Nikita is a nice one hour entertainment which provides completeness i once felt in prison break.

    Thumbs up!

    Bharat Singhvi
  • After having watched all seasons of Fox's "24" series, I began to go through what I jokingly refer to, as "Jack Bauer Withdraw", and was DYING to find another action/ drama/crime show to take it's place, but, I soon discovered that anything I found, wasn't quite "there". What I was looking for? An ongoing story line, that started in the 1st episode of a season, and was resolved at the conclusion of the season. Unfortunately for me, almost NONE of the shows that were recommended to me, just flat out didn't have an ongoing story behind them : (

    Then, I found Nikita!

    NOT ONLY, does the show HAVE that ongoing, "forward moving" story line, but, much to my surprise, throughout the series, more than a handful of characters from '24', were also in Nikita! I was THRILLED (and still am)! Definitely a recommended TV show to watch, especially for anyone who may be looking for something similar to what I had been looking for..AND FOUND! :)
  • I watched this before watching the original Nikita and I found it very entertaining. Maggie Q might be small in size; but she sure makes a kick butt Nikita! I also greatly enjoyed Lyndsy Fonseca's roll as Alex, she makes an amazing spy. The story itself is well done and leaves you wanting to watch more! The series takes place after Nikita has left Division, and her journey to try and take it down. The newer Nikita may differ then the old, but personally I find this one more entertaining then the older version.
  • The show has great characters and awesome fight scenes. In addition, the plot moves at a fast pace.
  • I started watching this show when it first came out, because I wanted to hate it. I know that sounds perverse, but I loved the original French La Femme Nikita and everything that's come after has just annoyed me.

    I watched episode 1 and 2, got my requisite fix of hate, and wrote the show off. But I forgot to cancel my DVR subscription. A while later, I had a cold or something and was lying on the couch miserable and went through everything I had saved on the DVR.

    I watched every episode of Nikita I had (I think it was up to episode 9 or so) and then I REALLY hated the writers. How could they leave me with such a cliffhanger? There had to be just one.more.episode. Right? Right??

    Suddenly I cared about the characters, the story was gripping and intriguing and twisty-turny in the best possible (read: non-cliché) way, and the actors had all gelled with each other in a fantastic amalgam.

    These days, somehow, Nikita has become my only 'must watch' show. And I'm still not sure how that happened...
  • Excellent cast, excellent acting and even better writing. Razor-sharp dialogue and complex constant plot twists make this for a very rewarding series of an extremely underrated and under seen show. A very adult show for the CW and it's light years away quality-wise from any other show on the network right now. Brilliant and will only increase in popularity over the years, as well, as this will look fresh for still a decade or so, since every episode is so visually stunning and beautifully shot.

    Though the action and the missions are awesome, the relationships and morals of the show are amazingly strong. The character development plays a huge role, both for Nikita, Alex, and supporting characters. The plot line never gets stale, there is always a new motivation for Nikita or an unexpected turn of events. The way the fourth season finishes up is a killer--while I hate to see the show go, CW ended it right. Nikita is a show that is real; from it's treatment of issues like drug addiction and human trafficking, to the evolving relationships, to the strength of a heroine who has complex emotions and is still a total BAMF. I love Nikita and recommend it highly. This show hits deep, and it changed me forever. It's a sublime journey.
  • This show is an example of taking an already been done concept, tweaking it a tad to change it but not take away from the original concept, and then go forward with the vision unafraid.

    The storyline made sense, which is so refreshing in today's television world.

    The dark natured theme was pulled off so wonderfully. One had to be invested in the story to watch this and it was written, directed, and produced so well that it was easy to follow along and enjoy the adventure.

    This is a sensual show, not sexual...big difference and was so wonderfully done. The humor was intelligent and put in the right places at the right times...if one paid attention to the characters, the humor was quite obvious even when hidden within the dark serious overtones.

    Maggie Q is beyond amazing. It was as if she was born to play the role of Nikita. Words cannot describe how she flowed through the scenes as this multi-layered character evolved before our viewing eyes.

    The other actors were solid. A great blend of serious, complex, and action actors. Each brought their own dynamic assets to the screen and were given an opportunity to show their character's strengths and weaknesses.

    I can go on for hours expressing the delight this show was and why, but I'll leave this review by giving one big shout out to the greatest villain ever....PERCY!!!
  • kashiwana4 March 2012
    This is one of most rock solid series I have watched for a long time.

    I don't usually follow TV series unless it's really good. The storyline and the pace of each show is tight, the acting is really good and sometimes it feels more like a movie than a TV show.

    Maggie Q brings with her depth of character, her fight scenes are great as well and Shane West as the tortured agent is just excellent to watch, so is Division's head, Percy. This guy is so evil and cool at the same time you wonder when will he ever really lose his calm!

    I could watch entire episodes while at the edge of my seat. Keep up the great work.
  • This is actually my first review and I'm personally excited that Nikita will be my "kick-off". I just loved it since the first trailer. It looked so stunning. The characters, the actors, the story lines are incredible. I love it how there are so different story lines and characters included in every episode but still the plot is going on so great. I wish I could get more of it and I'm sure I wouldn't get bored of it. I haven't watched any of the other versions or the movie but I'm sure that they can't take the love I have for this series. I'm literally addicted to it, I've watched it more than twice, especially the last season. I was very disappointed to hear that it was canceled. It deserves to get more attention than other really overrated series.
  • First I would like to say I am very happy to watch a show where a girl takes the lead not the guy. just saying. Anyways, every time I watch this show I get goosebumps and I'm always excited. All the characters fits perfectly. I love Shane West, he is doing an excellent job being Michael. Every time he plays Michael, I can't help but think of A Walk to Remember. I guess its because they both are alike, tough yet soft on the inside. And Maggie Q. KICK A$$ as Nikita. As for Lyndsy aka Alex, I didn't really like her character at first. But when she got kidnapped and did the whole "I am Alexander daughter... blah blah." I couldn't help but smile because her character matured so fast, now its kinda exciting to see how her character plays out.

    Lastly, I wish I could kick a$$ like Nikita and Alex :]
  • Nikita is simply brilliant. The storyline, casting, portrayal of emotions and screeplay is perfect. The director and the lead cast have done a remarkable job. The twists and turns keep you glued to the series.

    Its good that the moral of the story has always emphasised on the importance of giving people second chance and the utmost importance of always doing the right thing without thinking of success or failure.

    Maggie Q & the rest of the cast have nailed it!
  • The series is an adaptation of the Luc Besson's French film 'La Femme Nikita'.

    The lean and athletic Nikita Mears (Maggie Q) is rescued from death row by Division, a secret government organization, wherein she is trained and hired to do off-the-book assassination of dangerous and threatening personnels.

    With the course of time, Nikita realizes that Division has been created and is managed by Oversight, a black operations centric organization and ever since it's first director and founding member has gone rogue, Division is actually undertaking private killing contracts!

    First she goes into three years hiding, then surfaces with the resolution of terminating the entire aforementioned net of black operations.

    It's an ultra complex series with a lot of layers and a bevy of important characters. The series is quite well scripted and manages to keep the audience guessing till the end. Maggie Q is simply fantastic in action scenes.
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