Writer and Director Sarah Polley chose to use the song "Video Killed the Radio Star" in key scenes, because it was her brother's favorite song.

Sarah Polley wrote the role of Lou for Seth Rogen.

In 2009, the script was listed in The Black List. The Black List is an annual publication that names the best unproduced screenplays of the year it is published.

Sarah Silverman gives nude debut in this film

In an interview with Esquire in July 2012, Sarah Silverman talked about being nude onscreen for the first time during the locker room shower scene. She said, "Taking all my own mishigas out of it, it's so unsexualized. I'm standing like a caveman. It's very dead. Now, I'm trying to be positive about myself, because I feel like even if you're self-deprecating it's still a kind of self-obsession. So I'm trying to just say I'm a human body -- it works. If I were somebody else looking at my character, I'd be like, 'She's beautiful.' I'm practicing. I'm not succeeding." She pointed out that having several older women in that scene added to the unsexualized feeling. "Women are naked in front of each other every day. It's a very common, comfortable thing. You're trying on clothes, or you're in the shower at the Y. But the female nudity in movies is always sexualized. Sarah [Polley, director of Take This Waltz] said, 'It would be interesting to see this everyday occurrence that's never mirrored on film.' There's no music telling you how to feel. There's no sexy lighting. I keep using the word jarring. It isn't funny or dramatic. It just is."

Sarah Silverman said in an interview that she loved working with Seth Logan because "he is the least neurotic Jew I've ever met in my life. I don't know that it has to do with being a Canadian or that his parents are married and in love and have room to love their kids or what, but he's so undaunted by things. He's like, 'Hmm, this is a line. I'll say it like it's real.' It's simple for him."

Sarah Silverman said she hated what she wore for the premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. She said, "I wore a dress that was loaned to me and high heels that were so high I couldn't stand on them. It was ridiculous, but my manager just wants me to look like a nice lady every once in a while. It fills me with a weird rage to wear shoes that make me not able to walk easily or run if I had to. It feeds into this whole war on women thing in my head. I did the red carpet, and then I took my shoes off. I brought sneakers and warm clothes because it was cold and rainy. And I just hung out in a little holding area while the movie was on."

Writer Sarah Polley has acted on the TV show, Slings and Arrows (2003) playing Sophie. Luke Kirby (Daniel) also worked on the show, playing Jack Crew.