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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Solsidan ("Sunny Side"), is something of the most hilarious I have ever seen, and definitely the best Swedish comedy series in all time! I have watched the first season, and have just began watching the second - and it it still so good that I laugh so much that I am afraid my neighbours are going to think I have gone mad! And then I am not even very fond of comedy normally (as you can see from my voting and reviewing history here). But this is so incredibly good!!! "Solsidan" captures a thousand small issues and little episodes that people in the same life phase as the main characters - professional couples in young middle age with small children - can recognize their neighbours and friends in. And sometimes, if they are honest, also themselves. When I am not laughing like mad, I am blushing and cringing with embarrassment in front of the computer because an episode reminds me of some similar embarrassing moment in my own life.

    Here we have the mean and clinging neighbour, who only uses you in different ways and is impossible to get rid of. The rich and spoiled mothers who compete with each other about being the best mother - in terms of making the most healthy and nurturing home-made baby-food (or having someone else make it for them...), and having the biggest and most expensive children's parties for their older children. The old mother who at first doesn't want to let you grow up and release her hold of you - and then gets herself a lover so that you have to hear them having sex... *YUCK*! ...and many more issues people recognize all over the world, I think.

    But for me as a Swede, "Solsidan" also has this typical Swedish flavour... which is hard to describe, but which they have captured perfectly. I feel a stronger bond to all my fellow Swedes when I watch it, because I suddenly remember all the things we have in common... And I realize, that although everything is not positive of course, I could never feel at home and be really happy anywhere else. For a foreigner, I think "Solsidan" could instead be used as a "get to know the Swedes" crash course! :-)
  • In Solsidan we follow the lives of various characters living in the posh neighbourhood with the same name. We have the stereotypical rich people, Mickan and Fredde, the kooky weirdos Ove and Annette and the "hippies" Anna and Alex. Throughout the show we get to see the hilarious interactions the characters have with each other and other people. Alex is hilariously awkward and anxious, which constantly gets him into trouble. Together with his slightly hippie wife Anna they are the misfits in the fancy neighbourhood. Mickan, however, fits right in. She doesn't work, wears designer clothes and is obsessed with seeming perfect, especially in front of her "friends" who are constantly competing about who seems to have the most perfect life. Fredde is impulsive and obsessed with having all the newest gadgets. Ove is the annoying neighbour that you always try to avoid, but somehow always run into at the worst times. This mix of people, combined with the setting and the social commentary results in a great comedy series, appreciated all over Sweden. You don't have to be Swedish to get into it though, because it brings up topics and jokes that can be appreciated universally. A guaranteed laugh!
  • I have always loved this show and the jokes are always there to make you laugh. The characters all work together and it is simply one of the best comedy-series made in Sweden.
  • jussit-289584 April 2020
    First seasons are obviously the best, but the sixth season is just rubbish in my humble opinion. Something about it is just awfully off. Actors are the same and everything but the magic's gone. I don't think I smiled even once during the last season.
  • jmkl-4136824 November 2020
    I like this series. But it's so obvious that fredde and alex are much older in reality than they are supposed to be in the series that it ruins a lot of the joy of watching.