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  • Good film. Solid. Film is very poetic, lyrical without missing a beat in the narrative. She packs a lot into 20 minutes -- politics, eroticism, desire, solitude, mental illness a lot, and she does it well. What I found to be really wonderful about this short is how she dealt with two people that are apart of something expansive, but they both felt all alone. The lead Adepero and Anslem Richardson are incredible. The lead has a feature coming out called Pariah that I saw at Sundance. She is really, really talented.

    I hope to see these two again, as well as the director. I think she has a future ahead of her.
  • This short film is the first I have seen. I loved it and look forward to watching many more! This view of what could and may happen everyday is heart wrenching. I always have felt that if you put yourself in a situation that you don't want to deal with then you must accept the consequences, whether in your own conscience or knowing that others may know. "If I Leap" is worth watching to see a view of a world many are not familiar with. I hope to see more short films by Jackie Stone as she seems to be a very talented writer/director. I wish it could be made into a full length movie. The plot is very different then I have seen and it is very hard to find a good movie these days. I would love to have seen more...