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  • A man wakes early in the morning, depressed and barely able to stop himself sobbing. Depressed and distressed he drives himself to a tower-block, parks, gets in a lift and selects the top-floor.

    It is hard not to ruin this film by giving away the point of it but I will not do it as the switch is part of the laugh. It is not a shock to say this is a comedy because it is evident in the first half – which is, admittedly, a weakness in the telling. The first half of the film is the main character crying and wailing but it is done in too heavy a way, a way that tells the viewer that, if this is a drama, then it is a rather badly done drama. It goes on too long and it is overplayed. However when the reveal comes it is actually much better – the wailing becomes self-hate, depressed, that defeated air that people can have about them at times. This is much funnier and works so much better – OK the first half helps the build but it is still the weaker aspect. The restraint and the final word/noise of the short is what made me laugh the hardest.

    Brammall may be partly to blame for not convincing in the first half but his face and his "switch" is great in the second half – as indeed is Dallimore, who puts so much pain on her face that it is hard not to be amused. A simple idea but an effective one, this is a very funny short film despite the slight weaknesses inherent in the first half.