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  • Acts of Godfrey (2012) is a refreshing original film equipped with a quirky sense of humour that is underlined by contemporary philosophical themes and inventive writing.

    All the dialogue in this film rhymes, lending credence to the surreal, poetic ambiance that interplays with the simple aesthetics. The individual plots smoothly interweave together to provide a satisfactory sense of sociological and metaphysical questioning. The acting from Simon Callow, Ian Burfield and Doon Mackichan compliment the rhythmic dialogue whilst the narration provides adequate insight into each of the characters attending this "empowering" two-days sales course. Callow's narration also criticises the story's own tropes and plot points, which benefits the film with witty self-reflexivity.

    Much of the humour is steeped in British culture, and I can imagine that those watching the film with subtitles or in another language would inevitably lose something from the original or intended experience. The film limits itself to a primarily English- speaking audience, which isn't necessarily a negative.

    Overall, the film is an enjoyable watch with unique humour, poetic dialogue, and nice philosophical overtones about moral choices and love. It's an entertaining, original and low-budget British film - definitely worth a watch.


    Christopher Jacobs