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  • Naman Kapur7 May 2010
    The Six-Day-Script is the real king!
    God provides everyone what they deserve but doesn't fulfill their greed.. This statement holds truth for today's youth who wish to attain the height no one has ever reached without doing the required hard work.. Badmash Company depicts this thought beautifully.. Intelligent script combined with superb individual performances resulted in a 2.30 hrs of light entertainment.. Awesome... Brilliant... Superb... were the words coming out of the mouths of those coming out of the theaters after watching this movie.. Honestly speaking watching the movie was real fun..

    Set in 90's a group of four(Shahid, Anushka , Vir Das and Meiyang Chang) decide to work against the system and earn money and height quickly by their unorthodox methods... They work brilliantly by making unique plans and taking accurate decisions.. The first half is a fun ride with the rise of their company and the chemistry between the friends and between Shahid and Anushka..

    Things start getting little repetitive and predictive in the second half when success gets inside Shahid'd head and he eventually runs of out of his luck and starts claiming himself the spearhead of the group and even starts calling himself the god.. His pride makes him friendless and he ends up behind the bars.. Then the usual self realization comes and he learns that money is not the only thing which makes a man rich but the glory and respect he earns from others by doing a legal job in a commendable manner makes a man rich.. Then he goes back to beginning and starts doing the right job in an extraordinary way..

    Parmeet Sethi has struck the right chord with his first directorial venture.. A script written in six days cannot get better than this.. The dialogues especially the one liners are hilarious.. Cinematography is commendable.. Pritam's music is strictly OK! Amongst the actors its Anushka who steals the show by her performance.. After Rab Ne her transformation is superb.. Shahid is absolutely fine with his role.. His style and way of doing everything will be remembered.. Meiyang Chang too was fine considering the fact this was his acting debut.. Vir Das was absolute delight with his funny yet sensible acting..

    To conclude, Badmaash Company is a complete surprise.. An intelligent entertainer.. A must watch for all!!

    My Rating: 7/10

    Thanks & Regards
  • manish agrawal10 May 2010
    Badmash company: just crossed the break even point
    As the name and tag line suggests there are bunch of guys who do some wrong but smart things to make the money and fulfill their dreams. So this Badmash company start their business with a nice and interesting trick. Till that time everything is good, but from here on the there is a gradual fall. Director unsuccessfully tries to impress audience with some more unrealistic and boring tricks and only one nice trick was not good enough, for two and half hour.

    Indian director always underestimate their audience, and here again the same story. Sahid background voice explaining the tricks becomes annoying after a certain time. The second half of the movie drags too much and you will not be able to connect emotionally with any of the character. Sahid has done a average job, while Anushka performance is a let down. One or two song of the movie is good but as whole the music score of the movie by Pritam do not offer anything special. Overall Badmash company is neither a bankrupt company nor a fortune 500 company.
  • bunnymehra198510 May 2010
    Friends & Company
    So guys this one is a fresh concept of YRF. When I went to watch this movie, I thought this would surely be a copy of any Hollywood flick, but was surprised to see that it is not. Story is good, interesting and new, and ideas which Shahid follows to become rich was amazing. After complete success the thing that comes up is clash of the ego, which was the most let down point of the movie, and here Director was failed to show us the real ego factor between friends.... like it very much looks fake. If we talk about acting... then Shahid is superb and carry the entire film on his own... Anushka was just okay... Chang looks really confused. Vir Das was funny and give you great time to laugh. I liked his work after Mumbai Salsa. Overall movie is good and one time watch go for it and I am sure you guys really enjoy... I will give 7/10....
  • Biswajit Tripathy13 June 2010
    Quick Rich Scheme
    Warning: Spoilers
    Shahid, Vir Das, Chang (Indian Idol Fame), and Anushka Sharma are friends and want to make quick money out of anything and anywhere. Shahid has the intelligence and the mind to make it a success but then once money comes in greed, pride also comes in and Shahid starts believing that he has made all this and he should get all the credit.

    All the four friends are like us, regular guys with a lot of dreams and very little time to achieve. Obviously, they can do it only by going the wrong way. They make scheme after schemes to make it big. But then there are family values, laws of land which comes in between.

    All of them are too good in the movie. Parmeet Sethi debuts as the director. A must see from Yash Chopra.
  • Manoj Arya12 May 2010
    Con ideas can change your life
    Film opens with voice-over by its hero Karan (Shahid) detailing its period. 1994, India, Bombay. He jokes that time it was Bombay and not Mumbai where he explains word FM meant Finance minister and not FM radio, cell phones existed only in science fiction, Mumbai-Delhi calls used to cost 90 Rs and not 90 paise over STD. This is the setting where we see India wasn't this free market and custom-duty was a bitch. I remember Anurag Kashyap blogging that story always needs its milieu. This one has got it.

    Boy is from typical working class with father whose life he doesn't want live of 25 years sitting behind same desk. Fresh graduate topper believes gains of his efforts should be entirely his own and not of his boss or firm. Soon he devices a scam and gathers his crew to help the con. He is smart for sure. An idea to get away with custom duty. They buy foreign stuff cheap at Bangkok. There is a twist in the shipment which you better catch on screen. Then make phony scene refuse to claim the shipment leaving it in custom warehouses only to buy it back at customs auctions without custom duty now, so at scrap prices. Profits are huge.

    Con is successful and crew is happy. Love-interest perky, bold, wannabe model Bulbul Singh (Anushka) with slang (f off) who while kissing hungrily inside car warns Karan, panting, this is not serious to which guy replies that should be my line yaar. Their romance connects well. Other two are rather two dimensional ones can be summarized – one is womanizer (Veer Das) other one is drunk (Chyang). Foursome makes good company till first half of the film. Really good.

    But all is not always ends well. It's kind of perennial screw up, filmmakers continue to botch the second half of a promising film. Turning a fun-con into boring predictable morality lesson. Shifting story to US where new cons, more success, then success getting to head, egos, fights, alcohol, aiyaashi, inevitable break up. Protagonist learning lessons hard way. Papa don't preach or do it well.

    When they stop having good time, how can we? Audience slowly realized film is sagging. "How much more is left?", someone asked sitting behind me. She was right though. But still for its better half it's not all bad company.
  • bobbysing11 May 2010
    Too easy to be a con-movie.
    After taking a long deliberate gap from his acting assignments, Parmeet Sethi returns sporting the cap of a director, story-screenplay and dialogue writer. With his debut movie based on con acts practiced by a team of four, the actor turned director positively shows some sparks which may turn out to be more brighter in his future projects. But in his first attempt he only reaches a marginally acceptable level as the movie is unexpectedly slow and drags greatly post intermission.

    Actually a project belonging to this particular genre of a thrilling con-movie, needs to be very fast, intelligent and exciting with some last moment gripping sequences in its every con-act, bringing the viewer to the edge of his seat. Unfortunately "Badmaash Company" hangs in between a good and average product because even when it has some well made plans unfolding on the screen, the narration fails to excite you enough to sit straight and take notice.

    The various schemes thought of and executed by the group of four, move too smoothly without any surprises or minor hic-ups. Moreover in the first half, there is only one plan on which Shahid and his team goes on working differently which becomes monotonous and makes the viewer restless. In fact all those getup changes and interesting moments shown in the promos are entirely used in only one trick, tried with different vendors and customers in the first half. Post their first plan, all other cheating tricks, involving the repeated selling of a house and disposing the rejected lot of shirts towards the end are quite unbelievable in realistic terms. Besides this, I strongly felt the fun element missing in the narration, which is a must in such a project based on con-men.

    Further, the second half dips drastically when the love & betrayal angle takes over in the script. As per the demand of the subject, this section should have been avoided or dealt in some other interesting way, not hampering the pace of the movie. For instance, the conflict between the group could have arise with a plan going wrong and they all escaping in different directions, blaming each other for the failure. But somehow our directors are habitual or forced to include the usual Indian emotional elements into the storyline irrespective of the fact that it's a con, heist or a murder mystery movie. Frankly speaking, I couldn't understand what was the need of the girl getting pregnant and still participating in the last plan carrying a large belly? Another worth mentioning point about this pregnancy sequence in the movie is that when Anushka discloses this to Shahid for the first time, then they both just start talking about The Baby Boy..!, taking his fresh breaths in the belly. Not even once they both discuss about the baby being A Girl. And that I think, clearly shows the Indian ancestral fantasy of a male child which is now being widely accepted, due to the boy-girl ratio going through some scary changes in the country.

    Coming back to the movie itself, it's too easy to be a thrilling con-flick. With only few good performances you can't expect to play the trick with the viewers. Though Shahid is simply brilliant playing both the white and grey shades of his character, but he once again gets a not so good script to work upon. Anushka, looking for a serious image transformation, reveals a lot along with her fine acting, but she still doesn't look too sexy or inviting in those short outfits. Still the image shift will work for her for sure. Vir is fine but not great since he fails to make a mark with his funny one liners and comic scenes (except for one small in-flight sequence). But Meiyang, more famous for his Indian Idol act surprisingly delivers a polished debut performance and impresses. He is sure going to get some more assignments soon with his exceptional on screen presence. Among the veterans, Anupam Kher and Kiran Juneja get to play the same old parental drama seen many times before, whereas Pawan Malhotra is enjoyable with his Punjabi accent.

    The other major drawback of "Badmaash Company" is its soundtrack with Preetam giving one of the most uninspiring scores of his career. The OST strongly points towards two things prevalent in the Industry.., One that the music directors tend to go partial with their selected projects and two, the director should himself have a good ear to extract some melodious compositions from his music director. The songs are a big letdown, especially if compared to an otherwise appealing cinematography capturing the foreign locations, casinos and lavish cars in a splendid style.

    The debutant director Parmeet Sethi surely shows his capabilities of making it big in the near future. But in his debut project, he stumbles taking a mid-way path trying to cater all sections of the viewers in general. The movie could have been a different experience all together, if only it had a crispier script, concentrating mainly on its base theme of a con-team and had a few more enjoyable con-acts for the viewers. In all, it's once again a just OK movie coming from the big production house and Shahid Kapoor together. But I was really expecting a lot more from Parmeet.
  • kimi_layercake7 May 2010
    Fresh But Predictable
    2 Things.... This movie is FRESH cause it has an ensemble cast which looks good together. Also the performance is very good considering the fact that 3 out of the 4 lead are virtually new comers. Also the background is cool as is the music. And most importantly, Anushka Sharma is looking smoking hot throughout the movie which inevitably raises the oomph quotient.

    Second...this movie is PREDICTABLE in the way the movie progress and eventually we get a movie that says "honesty is the best virtue". What was supposed to be something in the mold of "21" turns out to be typical good-over-bad, right-over-wrong bolly movie. Also at nearly 2hours and 30 minutes, its too long to handle.

    On the whole, Badmaash Company is a watchable experience for various reasons, the prime reason being it offers entertainment, but doesn't insult your intelligence.

    My verdict: 6/10
  • DICK STEEL7 May 2010
    A Nutshell Review: Badmaash Company
    Some may come to the conclusion, from the trailer alone, that this looks like 21 with the characters having spend time in Las Vegas probably scheming against the casinos in their get rick quick ploys, but the truth is much further than that. Credit has to go to actor turned first-time writer-director Parmeet Sethi who adopts the same glitzy look and feel of the Hollywood production, but steering clear into his own story, allowing the characters to rest and relax instead at Sin City, and hatching plans that even Danny Ocean will be proud of.

    The film opens in the mid 90s Bombay, and spends considerable time in the opening credits scenes with shots of the streets, setting the stage for Shahid Kapur's Karan, a bright young man whose plan is to make a lot of money, being quite averse to the life of an average salaryman like his father (Anupam Kher). Together with his friends Chandu (Vir Das) the womanizer and Zing (Chang Meiyang, from the 3rd season of Indian Idol) the drinker, they meet up with the attractive lass Bulbul Singh (Anushka Sharma) during one of their early forays into the smuggling business, and soon strike up a fast friendship, with Karan and Bulbul hitting it off extremely fast as a romantic couple.

    Taking the advice of big plans churning out big money, they form Friends & Company as their front for their get rich quick schemes, exploiting business and loopholes in the law, as well as society's innate corruption in order to get ahead on India's position on the cusp of a consumerism explosion. Karan hatches plan after plan for Kiran's Quartet to execute, which allows for plenty of montage opportunities where the players don different disguises and personae in order to cheat their way through their pathway to riches. And like yuppies, they spend as hard and play as hard, since at that age the sky's the limit, and the feeling of invulnerability is seductive.

    It's akin to Ocean's 11 with the mantra of greed being good, and the film examines how the excesses of money can influence and change relationships, and corrupt the inner soul of a man into thinking he's a god, especially when his ego gets super inflated, thinking that they are all nowhere without his ideas. Shahid Kapur shines in this transformation from rags to riches, and puts on quite the charismatic charm in order to pull off his schemes. In his Chance Pe Dance he plays a man looking for his big break, and here his Karan scores both the girl and the cash before ego gets in the way and begins that systematic destruction of what's dear to him.

    But being a Bollywood film, there's plenty of room in its 144 minutes to set things up and down, and made right again. The supporting cast also made this film a delight to sit through, with Anushka Sharma in only her second film outing after the highly successful Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, and what more for a Bollywood film to have featured her first on-screen kiss with Shahid as well, which of course is a big thing besides having to don her obligatory bikini to frolic in pristine beaches. Being quite the clothes horse here, her role is a departure from the more demure one in her film debut, being a lot more joyful and playful, and hardly sulking.

    Credit too must go to the co-stars who make up the quartet, with Vir Das's Chandu given plenty of chances to get into disguises as he plays an integral field agent in their plan to pull the wool over their unsuspecting victims. But the one who will invariably get the attention is Chang Meiyang as Tanzing, or Zing. My only wish is that I can converse in Hindi as well as him, undoubtedly being the butt of most race related jibes (in good nature I must add), but holding his own just as well.

    Shot in India, Thailand and the USA, Badmaash Company's strengths lie in the chemistry amongst the main leads, as well as the little moments of nostalgia and cheeky references put in to good effect. It's not the perfect film, but it has plenty on offer especially when learning how to make it good while doing all the bad things, which at times does call for a certain stretch of the imagination to work, sprinkled with doses of humour in between the more exciting scenes of witnessing Karan's bold plans unfurl. Recommended!
  • harsh_trvd7 May 2010
    best movie of 2010(till now)
    so guys I watched this movie on first day first show with a very low expectation because the director was new,cast was new(except shahid). i went to watch this movie because of yash raj banner.

    But when i came out of theater there was a big smile on my face because the movie was so good, it went above my expectations. this feeling was the opposite feeling of house when i had to say movie was good, but didn't want to because there was no movie in comparison so not only me but every people had to watch that movie.because there was no big movie that time.

    but in badmash company i got entertained. and there is not only a con job in the movie but there is a good message also.

    if you watch this movie,you wouldn't say that director is doing debut by this movie and this is his first script. hats off to director(parmeet sethi). shahid has done a great job in the film as well as other members of the cast.anushka is looking sooooo hot and idea of conning people is fresh(not copied from the Hollywood or some other film) this movie is far more better,superior,excellent than last week's release housefull. i watched this movie in 70 rs. but now i am regreting that i should've seen this movie in a red lounge or e-bony lounge which costs 350 or 400 but this movie worths that. i am going to see this movie again this Sunday but this time in red lounge. as a audience i guarantee you all that you won't get disappointed. two thumbs up for badmash company.
  • Imran Zunzani11 August 2010
    Chaska rocked
    I was very reluctant to watch this; but after hearing praises from a friend of mine; decided to give it a shot. Boy; wasn't disappointed at all. What I liked most about the movie is Meiyang Chang's role. As my friend said, he has been fully utilized; or should I say, exploited in this movie (LOL). His character is what usually made me laugh. The scene where the Reebok manager bows to him is really sidesplitting.

    Now; Shahid has started acting surprisingly the same (blinkered) in every movie. So, this was where I felt mediocre about his acting; but the scenes where he has bickering with his father are really well acted and depicted.

    The two songs; Chaska and Ayashi are really rocking. Chaska still lingers with me.

    To my surprise; I really didn't care much about this movie while the trailers were being aired; and now, here I am writing a review about it.

    Although, it was not a smash; is what the general consensus is. But I'd give it a full; as I was entertained. Maybe you should try it and form your own opinion about it. You might even love it.
  • manish suryakant9 May 2010
    Top film of the year so far...
    I read most of the review and I think I disagree with most of the people, because this movie has done more than I expected. This movie gave the audience comedy, crime, and romance which seems to go together. I personally wasn't expecting a lot from this film because the plot was predictable but thanks to the actors who have changed my mind as the actors made the movie entertaining. Let's talk about the cast:

    Shahid Kapur – show something new from him, which was him playing a bit of a "dark" character that was Shahid impressionably acted well.

    Anushka Sharma – from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi local dances/house wife to a sexy model and a great actor in the movie because "bulbul" (her character) made me laugh.

    Meiyang Chang and Vir Das - FUNNY and a great combination for newbie's! Without these two I think the movie would have been dull, because these two kept the humour going throughout the movie. I would give credit to the writer/director Parmeet Sethi who gave us a mind blowing movie for this year so far.
  • Monos Z.10 November 2010
    Boring . . . . .
    The opens with an interesting voice-over that tells us about the lead played by Shahid kapoor as he begins to describe Mumbai or Bombay as it was then called in the nineties. Little do we know is that the voice-over is one of the few interesting things that will happen in the movie over its two and a half hour runtime. The movie is about a bunch of nobodies just fresh out of college trying to earn the proverbial quick buck. They have amongst them a schemer who realizes that ideas and not capital are the cornerstone for a business. They begin to earn money and make use of the extremely high import tax on branded shoes. Now at this point in the movie audiences will believe that they are in for a good movie that will have thrills and will be at par with one of those good Hollywood blockbusters. But they would be mistaken. At little over an hour into the movie the plot that had been chugging along begins to derail with the four head on to America to try their fortunes. The plot begins to fall into the same ole' pattern where there is a fight and everything becomes so predictable that it becomes almost embarrassing to watch. Parmeet Sethi writes and directs his debut feature in a very half handed manner. What could have been a great movie becomes embarrassing. He had a good idea and capital but he still failed. Maybe business need more than that. They need good execution. At least the dialogue in parts was funny . The acting was average. Anushka Sharma could barely play the part of the macho tomboy from Jaipur. It's as if there are only two girls in India. The homely kind and the one who is like Anushka Sharma in this movie. Shahid is busy trying to become more like Shahrukh Khan with each successive movie. And also continuing with the exact same performance in each movie. The other two are pretty okay since they didn't have much to do anyway.

    If it's ever coming on t.v. and you are really bored give this movie a watch but other than that there is not much going for the movie.
  • Sherazade30 July 2010
    This could have been so much better but Yash Raj Film messed up big time
    Warning: Spoilers
    I am not only a Bollywood fan but also a Yash Raj Films(the makers of this film) fan which is probably why I did not enjoy the film as much as most. It was a rehash of so many of their past hit films films like 'Salaam Namaste', 'Dhoom II', 'Bunty aur Babli', 'Rocket Singh' and 'Ta Ra Rum Pum'(which wasn't a hit but you get the point) just to mention a few (that I saw scene for scene similarities in).

    Let's not get into the historical and location inaccuracies because that might just make me so ticked off that I would drop one more star from the rating. The cast was excellent but the script was weak, tired and old.

    It was supposedly set in the 1990s but the cast members were sporting all the 21st century latest fashion and gadgets. A place that is supposedly in New York City has a Laudromat with a sign that says 'Philly Laundry', the friends arrive in New York City and are heading to Queens via the Brooklyn Bridge (when the only two NYC area airports are situated in Queens) even if you arrived in Newark, New Jersey the fastest and most logical way into New York City is via the Verrazano Bridge. In a house that is supposedly in New York City has Palm trees. The accents of the supposed New Yorkers, The Michael Jackson concert, I could go on and on about what went wrong with this film. It could have been so much better.
  • ashdoc5318 October 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Back in the mid nineties ,when the economic reforms had just been launched ,and India was still grovelling in the chains of socialism ,one young man dreams of big , indeed spectacular success.

    Indians are strangers to high quality imported goods , the common man cannot do air travel , foreign countries are still ' foreign '.... even a call from Mumbai ( oops.....its still called Bombay ) to Delhi costs a bomb ( by the standards of those times anyway ).......and even if you are willing to pay , you have to wait half an hour for a trunk call.......

    How is one supposed to achieve success in this stifling atmosphere ?

    But behold the ambition...........Our hero dreams of snazzy cars , superposh houses ,gambling in casinos ,cool drinks in glitzy bars and a sexy woman......though he is willing to go massively underambitious on the woman part short ,is willing to stick loyally with one woman ( to the extent of refusing to go to massage parlors while in Bangkok , a temptation many cant resist in Mumbai nowadays ),especially because she delivers on the sexy part.......wearing bikinis......opening her clothes in the middle of a volleyball match to entice him......kissing him uninhibitedly in a car in blinding and making love with him without the entrapment of marriage.....and saying obscenities in style......

    The way to achieve this undreamed of success in socialist India........crime , of course......and crime , in the beginning , does pay.......

    So out hero teams up with his cool friends and his woman and launches one scam after another........till India becomes too small for him and he has to go big in the land of the free.......

    The scams........interesting stuff .........but go and watch the movie.......i am not telling them.......

    The film delivers what it promises in the first half, but turns preachy in the second half........robbing you of all the fun

    Arrey Saar ( this to the director )........the name-- Badmaash company ........and the promos........ promised cool babes , even hot babes ,shady but lovable characters ,living life to the full......and some real partying.....some real entertainment......and to be honest , you delivered up to some extent in the first half........but do you think the college kids who swarmed to the movie hand in hand with girlfriend / boyfriend came in for preachy sentimentality in the second half ......

    The film ,in short , promises ......but does not deliver.......
  • Chandru Bhojwani16 May 2010
    Badmash Company Stock Rises
    Not a fan of Bollywood movies I often have to be dragged to the viewing of a 3 hour song and dance fest which is usually a poor copy of a Hollywood flick. As a result, I expected very little from Badmash Company and what seemed like another predictable copy. Instead, Parmeet Sethi present an answer to Sodebergh's Ocean's 11. Sethi enlists the talents of a young and exciting cast that, uncharacteristically deliver in their performances. Sure, there is always room for improvement but as far as performances go, one must applaud their efforts especially that of Vir Das. Anupm Kher, in an almost cameo performance, gives the audience what they expect, a role that he makes his own and smacks out of the park.

    Teen pin-up Shahid Kapur, in spite of his school boy features, comes through and gives a credible performance which is refreshing in an industry that is plagued with over acting. The uncharacteristically original plot starts to wear on and become clichéd three quarters in but manages to pull it back with an interesting twist at the end.

    The attention to detail is impressive as a majority of facets are kept true to the time line in which the story takes place, such as video cassettes and not DVD's and the vintage stock exchange. Although this isn't consistent throughout the entire movie, it is a step in the right direction and once again, refreshing!

    All in all, Badmash Company is a original plot, atypically directed and puts forth a cast that portray their characters convincing. Thanks to Sethi and the Cast, there is still hope for Bollywood!
  • brijbhasin10 May 2010
    Entertaining and intelligently made movie
    We went and watched the movie Badmash Company this weekend. It was an entertaining watch and by Hindi movie standards was an intelligently written and directed movie. I actually went with no expectations expecting the worst and came out pleasantly surprised at the quality of plot, storyline and directing while the acting was OK. I would give it 7 on 10 and considering the vacuum of good Bollywood movies out these days, would recommend it for a theater watch. The movie is about a bunch of recent graduates who want to make a lot of money and instead of slogging it out in the corporate world, want to start their own business and make it big. That is an awesome idea, only problem being their obsession with get rich quick schemes that while working a lot of times, get them into trouble too.
  • Ganesh Salian12 April 2011
    The first three of the movie letter justifies it
    Badmaash Company,is an overlong movie based quick money scheme.

    The screenplay is erratic.

    The movie has a brilliant start but an average middle and a weak ending.

    Direction by Parmeet Sethi is bad.

    The music is good.

    The cinematography is very good.

    Performance wise-Sahid Kapoor is good.Anushka Sharma looks gorgeous and acts well.Vir Das is funny.Meiyang Chang is good.Anupam Kher and Pawan Malhotra are wasted.

    Overall Badmaash Company is a loser.
  • CupcakeLovesMuffin28 July 2010
    Watchable, though predictable
    Warning: Spoilers
    A mark goes off for length (lots of scenes could have been made shorter) and one goes off due to how predictable the movie is.

    Shahid Kapoor, Anuskha Sharma, Vir Das and Mi Yang Chang are four friends looking for a way to make money. They use different methods to get where they are, but what follows is the usual: lies, betrayal, dishonesty, and fights.

    Shahid Kapoor has acted extremely well. Note the scene at the restaurant. the way he explodes is just wow. Anushka Sharma is really likable as Bulbul and the pain she goes through. Vir Das acts well, especially in the emotional scenes.

    MiYang Chang handles the "cheeny" insults very interestingly, and especially towards the end where the two friends find out he's stopped drinking.

    As for songs, Ayaashi has a great video which makes you want to go shopping, at least in my case. Fakeera is a very good song which fits the situation perfectly. Chaska & Jingle Jingle are hummable.

    Overall, a worthwhile watch, good for some time-pass entertainment.
  • Mayank Sahu7 May 2010
    old wine in a new bottle , but still has a fresh look
    I wasn't thinking of watching this movie by seeing the trailer , but my brother insisted me to go and see this movie, so I decided to go. I was expecting same old bollywood flick type movie , but to my expectation it turned exactly opposite,

    We have to agree that director Parmeet Sethi has done a good job, we all have to agree that it really has some great cinematography .I could not say that this has a truly authentic original concept. but the presentation is not bad.

    This movie follow the same rule like those followed by Fashion , Victory , Jannat/21 and so on , the story outline is just simple a struggler/looser person tries to get success , then gets success . after that he/she is corrupted and looses all that they had. then some emotional scenes , after that they again try to succeed in their mission , and then finally succeed/fails.

    this same funda has been repeated here. but what makes this movie other from those is the acting of shahid and the cast. also it feels different than the class of movies nowadays bollywood is releasing.

    overall i would say that do watch this movie for a difference.
  • Lover-UD9 May 2010
    Movie with awesome music and full bollywood masala
    Its' the Idea that change your life. Running on this punch line, this is a movie of 4 friends, who are deadly fascinated about luxurious and ravishing life style and wanted to make some quick bucks. Shahid Kapoor as Karan has his own ambitions, which got sparked after meeting Bulbul and some fast tragedies in life. The nice thing about the movie is it's its fast moving story with it wonderful music. With the beauty of the music, their life also moves on a Rapidly swift pace, from "Dust to Riches", all riding on Karan's Idea. How things change, friendship perishes, an ordinary guy turned to savage, enraged chap and finally life throws him some lessons. Movie has all the masala, one expect in a bollywood movie "Love, Romance, Music, Emotions, fight and above all heroism of Shahid with punch of heart touching friendship". Anushka is looking awesomely hot and gorgeous and turns on the heat in few scenes. Chandu and Zing played their roles at par expectations and made a kind of good debut. Shahid also played his flamboyant, infuriated, Godlike role as it was demanded in the movie. Good work by him. Overall its a movie with full bollywood tadka. Full points for good cinematography and location selection. That was commendable.
  • Saayer16 August 2010
    Ejoy it with your own badmaash company
    When I saw the trailer of Badmaash Company, I knew I had to watch it.

    I am always biased towards Shahid Kapoor movies. I like him. He puts an honest effort in his work and after the Khan's, Akshay and Hrithik, he is probably the most sellable star in India. A Solo hero star. A feat low caliber actors like Fardeen Khan, Aftab. Tushaar Kapoor and even Suneil Shetty and Sanjay Dutt could not achieve. Sanjay Dutt's major hits like Khal Nayak, Munna bhai franchise and Sajan were multi-hero films. I think Kaminey was probably the best film of last year, even better than Three Idiots.

    And then there is Meiyang Chang… I named my cat Chang after seeing him in Indian Idol a couple of years back. Again, what I liked the best about him was his honest effort in singing as compared to other contestants who went overboard in pretending to be better singers. He is a good singer, a good host, a good writer, a good photographer and now a good actor.

    And then there is Vir Das… does anyone remember the guy in Namaste London who runs a compatibility test for Katrina Kaif as a suitor in a small hilarious sequence? I absolutely loved him in that scene however small it is.

    And lastly, there is Anushka Sharma. I was to in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi because I didn't get the patience to sit and watch it completely. Anushak got ignored.

    They all got together in Badmaash Company (BC) for an adventurous thriller. It's a movie that feels like a Sidney Sheldon novel. Lots of unbelievable but possible coincidences and the low-end guys making it big. The first half is swift, funny and gripping. Even though believability factor goes down in a couple of scenes but entertainment never does. Watch out for Vir Das in the flight and Bangkok scenes. The way Chang's Chinese looks have been treated for humor in the movie are too good. It looks as if the character was written only keeping him in mind. Confrontation scenes between Anupam Kher and Shahid are also well done especially where Shahid tries to control himself despite being irritated with his father.

    Second half is weak in comparison. It drags, scams become predictable and there is a bit overacting by Pawan Malhotra. Hard to believe though but there is. However, the best scene of the movie is also in the second half on the terrace of the hotel when Shahid tells Anushka he feels like God. Shahid's turnaround from evil genius to nice-man is not convincing nor are his low-wage jobs. The last scam, if it can be called one, is very well written.

    To me, BC is an all and all writer's movie. He had a nice plot and he knew what he was doing even if the audience were baffled for brief moments. The screenplay by Parmeet Sethi is also very nice despite the weak scenes. Talking about Parmeet, he has done a great job for a debutant director. For those who don't know, actor turned director Parmeet is Simran's fiancée from DDLJ. Debutant directors have lately done very well in bollywood right from Nishikant Kamat of Mumbai Meri Jaan to A Wednesday. Of course, Farhan Akhtar of Dil Chahta hai. Parmeet has handled the script well to explain a bit complex business deals. Make-up and disguise has also been nicely shown. Given more chances, he will come up with much better results I hope. Editing is sharp and cinematography is excellent. One of the high points of BC is its camera work.

    Shahid has again done a great job. If the film goes down at any point, it is not his fault at all and I am not being biased at all. He has still not achieved box office collections up to his potential. He looks good, is probably the best dancer in the industry along with Hrithik and manages to carry a film on his shoulders well.

    Meiyan Chang is amazing. What a multitalented good pack. To me, Vir Das is a show stealer in BC. He is funny and down to earth. Very convincing in his portrayal of simplicity. Anushka does well too. She needed this movie to show that she has variety and she does. She looks good on-screen too; who minds a few bikini scenes of a cute looking girl anyway. Does very well in Car Scene with Shahid and the modeling audition scene. She needs to improve the emotional bit.

    I watched BC with a group of friends and that's the ideal setting for watching it. It is not a movie you should watch alone first time. When I watch it again, which I will, I might watch it alone. It was impossible for me to dislike BC just by looking at the cast it had. The negatives I have put on are not negatives for me. As I said, I will watch it again… for sure!

    PS: Manmohan Singh was not the Indian Prime Minister in 90s. The Writer missed that one.
  • Bollywood Blu-Ray Dvd15 June 2010
    Not up to the mark
    A youthful film often offers a good opportunity to a composer to go ahead and get some funky tunes in place. Especially so, when the film is spearheaded by Shahid Kapoor, who has more often than not been quite lucky as far as music of his films is concerned.

    With Pritam, he has seen some good tunes coming his way in 'Kismat Konnection'. Even 'Dil Bole Hadippa' wasn't bad with the title song at least managing to do quite well, till date. However, off late Yash Raj Films has become quite inconsistent as far as music of their films is concerned and hence one plays on 'Badmaash Company' with mixed expectations.

    It's signature Tarantino influence is quite obvious in the manner in which 'ayaashi' begins. A celebration number written by Anvita Dutt, where the bunch of youngsters are happy with the change in lifestyle due to their newest conquest where they have played the 'wrong game' in a 'right manner', 'ayaashi' has a Western treatment to it. The song number (which also appears in a 'remix version') is just about situational and its popularity is dependant on the visuals that appear on screen to go with it.

    Just when one had started wondering that 'Badmaash Company' was totally going downhill, comes 'chaska' which is certainly better than what one has heard in the album, so far. Though the beats and the manner in which Krishna renders this song reminds one of 'dil haara' (Tashan), one suspects that this could just be a coincidence. Reasonably foot tapping, 'chaska' also works due to the kind of infectious energy that it comes with. Yet another number about celebration about life and love, 'chaska' comes in a deserving 'remix version' and has a good potential of doing well if supported by an eye catching video.

    Just like the way one was surprised to find Mohit Chauhan rendering 'jingle jingle', it's a similar feeling on hearing Rahat Fateh Ali Khan crooning 'fakeera'. Though the soul is Indian here, the presentation is out and out Western, which makes you feel that something is truly amiss here. It could be attributed to the choice of singer or the uncertainty which surrounds the mood (whether it's happy or sad). But the fact remains that 'fakeera' makes you believe that if presented in a different space by Pritam, it could have done better.

    Finally, comes the title track 'Badmaash Company' which bears a funky presentation for the first 20 seconds (courtesy it's 70s feel). However, the moment Benny Dayal begins his rendition and the sound of 'Badmaash Hey Hey Hey....' comes along, the song takes on a predictable route. If it's signature tune is included as a part of the film's background score, then it may still make some impression, but overall, it doesn't work in entirety.

    Last word here: Believe it or not, but there is no trace of a female voice in the entire album. Do we already see Anushka complaining? Overall Impact 'Badmaash Company', sadly, doesn't live up to the expectations. This could have been a far better album, but despite it's Western presentation for most of the duration, it doesn't quite cover the whole distance. An aberration for fans of Pritam and Shahid Kapoor.
  • PD22 June 2010
    Morelikely the best Con Movie after bluffmaster,
    I really gotta say a lot of things about the movie.

    The movie started kind of,in a average pulse, and started picking up with a steady rate and finally proved to be a good bollywood movie with the right and best aspects.

    Direction - Excellent. Script - Awesome. Casting - Good.

    Overall - One of the best Con movies.

    I really should say that the movie had a unique "CON" script,Differential thinking, good storyline, Good Aspects, Sweet ending, Good Dialogues, Wonderful thoughts.

    I m just over-excited after watching this movie. Its just mind blowing yar.

    Just watch it, to experience the feel.

    U ll really enjoy the movie if u like movies like Bluffmaster,Ocean's 11,Italian Job etc.

    I really have to appreciate the director Parmeet Sethi once again for the wonderful movie.

    Hats off...!
  • Avinash Patalay29 October 2010
    Quite original
    One of the rare movies under the Yashraj baton which sans its usual ingredients. "Badmaash Company" has its own distinct flavour and is quite original. A bit of polishing under the hood would have turned this into a wonderful product. Nonetheless nobody can steal the thunder from Mr. Paramjeet Sethi for the recognition it truly deserves.

    The period drama transporting back into the era of pre-liberalisation is praise-worthy. The current generation can get a taster session of the so called duty-free shops of Palika Bazar and Singapore Bazar. The movie has a social message to impart. Any vice in excess comes with a collateral damage. In this case, money triggers the base instinct for power and more money for more power leading to strain in the relationships. The father-son relationship and the clash of ideologies is easy to relate.

    Shahid gives his very best in every movie and he is no exception here. Anushka Sharma breaks free from the mould of "Rab Ne..." and she does it naturally without being crass. Meiyang Chang, Vir Das and Jameel Khan lend adequate support. Anupam Kher and Kiron Juneja are reliable. Pavan Malhotra deserved more screen space.

    Songs are not up to the standards of Yashraj but passable. Moving to storyline to US, it could have been amended to make it domestic to give a realistic touch. The Michael Jackson part definitely needed a re-write and perhaps another "thinking out of the box" idea.

    Parmeet Sethi as stated earlier handles the reigns quite well and doesn't show signs of a first-timer.