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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Welcome to MidWest Bank's helpful guide on how to use our ATM vestibules! Please follow these tips to make the most out of your cash- wanting needs!

    1. We understand that the modern lifestyle leaves little time for exercise. To help you, we recommend parking your car far from our vestibule and taking a walk across the car park. We even recommend this in sub-zero temperatures.

    2. Like all banks we're really only in it for profit. This means that we don't bother paying for locks on our doors. This has the handy benefit of saving you time getting in and out.

    3. Stay calm within our vestibules! Our security cameras are programmed to only film violent actions and gestures. At all other times, they just don't work.

    4. We only install cameras inside the vestibule. There are none outside whatsoever, so if you want to fight – please exit and we hope you win!

    5. We also don't install alarms in our vestibules. The absolute only way of setting off an alarm is by activating the fire-sprinkler system. Smash our machines all you want, as there will be no alarm! Our cameras will activate however – see point 3 above.

    6. We pointlessly heat our vestibules at the moment. We don't build in any insulation, so most of this heat leaves within minutes. To save costs we will probably be removing all heating soon.

    7. All our vestibules are in safe areas. Please feel free to leave your cars unlocked and valuables within, including cell phones and handbags.

    8. Our security guards are hired from the finest stock of fat men that couldn't pass the police exam. We realise they are stupid, so we don't arm them either. But they do get a nice company car and a decent pension.

    9. We really don't want our alarm to go off, so we install the sprinkler system high up and it can only be activated by heat. There is no way a solid blunt hit will smash the bauble and release the water and sound the alarm.

    10. If you withdraw the maximum of $500 in one go you will automatically be entered into our free prize draw! The prize is a stylish Parka Coat to help keep you warm in our vestibules!

    Latest winners have been:

    Killer of Winnipeg – he says he spends a lot of time at our vestibules and this coat has greatly improved his activity there!

    Janitor of Winnipeg – he often withdraws cash at our vestibules on his way to work. Just don't mistake him for Killer!

    Security Guard of Winnipeg – one of our own employees! We even emblazoned this one with SECURITY to help make him feel special!

    Banker of Winnipeg – however he busted up our vestibule so we will not be sending him his coat.

    Yeah, I jest, but this film is a joke. Don't bother with it. If like plenty of other people you're tempted by the trailer, you've seen all the film has to offer.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So here's how the pitch meeting probably went:

    "So we're going to do a thriller, kind of like Phone Booth, but with an ATM machine. We're going to get the Buried writer on board and some young up-and-coming talent to play three saps who get tormented by a faceless killer who traps them in one of those stand-alone bank machine buildings in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night."

    "Okay, so far so good."

    "Except they're not trapped. Like the doors are unlocked and they can leave any time."

    "Wait so... what?"

    "Don't worry about it, okay? They're just like, in there. And the killer, see, he has all these ATM schematics that we'll superimpose over the opening credits, Se7en-style, to show that he meticulously masterminded this whole thing."

    "Alright I'm listening."

    "Except he doesn't bring a weapon of any kind with him. Or tools. Like, he's planning on messing with the heat 'cause it's really cold out and he has to like clang around in the back there to turn the heat off and also flood the place--cause it's waterproof. He just gets the tools out of their car, see."

    "So he has their car keys?"

    "Oh no, they have the keys in there with them. They don't make a break for the car while he's doing other stuff though, because they parked really far away for some reason."

    "I'm starting to see the logic of this. And of course they don't have phones in there."

    "Why would they? It's 2012, nobody has a cell phone."

    "Alright, I'm into this. And this killer--he's some disgruntled guy, right? Like we find out that our heroes actually wronged him somehow so what's happening to them is karma? Twist ending, love it."

    "Oh no, he's a total rando who goes around trapping people in ATM booths and the like because he's really bent out of shape about living in a storage container."

  • Warning: Spoilers
    My god, did this movie make me angry. For one, the huge, glaring plot holes make this movie so immensely illogical that it needn't even be watched. I'll give you some examples:

    -parking your car fifty yards from an ATM in sub-zero weather, even though you could have parked right in front, is completely unrealistic; -spending five hours in -5 Fahrenheit wearing only a shirt will either kill you or render you completely immobile and unintelligible with pneumonia, hypothermia, frostbite, etc; -filling a room with water makes little sense when one can just OPEN THE DOOR A BIT; -a security guard asking "are you okay?" twenty times, even though the occupants have clearly and visibly written "HELP" on the window is beyond ridiculous; -the police arrest the blonde guy, but who cares? His story will actually make sense; why would he drive two cars into an ATM while he's filling it with water? Why would they think he killed his friend, even though you obviously see the girl helping out?

    And it goes ONNN and ONNN and ONNN.

    My biggest problem, though, is that the creators of this film are just laughing at us, the viewers. You don't know WHY this murderer is a murderer; you don't know WHY he picks the places he picks; you don't know ANYTHING. Nothing matters. There's no story arc or plot.

    I don't think I've ever been this truly ticked off by a film. I do not recommend.
  • That's quite a claim, I know. But bear with me... we all know from watching horror films, that there's at least one moment where the hero knocks the evil killer to the floor then just runs off, allowing him to get back up and chase them down all over again. We all scream, "No! Hit him again! And again!" but they never do.

    That sort of thing normally happens once or twice in your average horror film. Not in the case of ATM though. You will find yourself screaming at the TV screen near constantly for about forty minutes of the film.

    ATM is about three friends who use an ATM (or 'cash machine' as I always called them) in the middle of the night. They go inside to withdraw some dollars, only to find there's a psychotic killer (who looks a bit like Kenny from South Park in my opinion) waiting outside for them. And that's why he does - waits. He stands across the parking lot staring at them. They could just run away. They don't. It's also worth noting that these are the only three people in 2011 who don't have a single mobile phone between them. The killer then kills a passer by. While he's doing that, they could just run away. They don't. The killer then ransacks their car (which is parked right across the car park). They could just run away. They don't. The killer then wanders round the back of the ATM building they're in to hammer it a bit (why?). During that time he's banging on the back, they could just open then front door and run off without him seeing. They don't. And so it goes on.

    These are truly the stupidest three people in the world. I watched it to the end, just to see if it got any better. It didn't really. And that was a shame as, believe it or not, the characters were actually quite well-written and funny. Plus the production values were quite high, putting it above many other modern horrors.

    If you're expecting something clever and different like Phone Booth then you won't find it here.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Why? This movie not only asks you suspend belief, but it asks you to tear it into tiny pieces, light it on fire and then bury it. I was hoping it might be a 'trapped scenario' film with some good writing and twists to get around a weak premise. Nope. Everything the characters do is beyond stupid and if you have half a brain through the entire film you'll be asking yourself why they don't do the obvious. 1 Guy, 3 of them...umm run in different directions? Maybe..for a start...

    Anyway, the film is boring and predictable (except that you're hoping for some sort of brilliant twist or SOMETHING worth your time at the end), a modest 3M$ budget can't excuse a horrible script, with horrible contrived plot manipulation ( the one character randomly slips when he tries to run to get help? the camera only records 3 second intervals? they couldn't set off an alarm in the span of a full night between three brains at a mall parking lot? Are walk in ATM's randomly situated in the middle of parking lots away from everything else? Why wouldn't either guy decide to team up and go kick his ass, it was apparent he had no gun as he didn't use it to kill the pedestrian and never at any point showed one, I could go on forever.) I've seen many many cheap films with much better outcomes.

    On the upside, the design is fine, the acting is fine, but it doesn't account for the rest of it. I wasted my 90 mins, but you don't have to, go to an ATM, take out some money, and go see another film.
  • So this is a horror or thriller. It is a wise choice for this movie to go without a wide cinema release. It does not really have the horror element and it can only be said to be mildly thrilling.

    The title says it all. It's about three people trapped in a remote ATM and encounter a killer. I don't know if it's just me, but the first 30 minutes when I noticed the constant popping up of the CCTV footage and our title character performing aggressively, I made attempts to guess the ending, and I was right. I'm not going to spoil it here, but I promise it is not going to be a twist or stunt that blows you away. And in movies like this, it is often frustrating to watch when you know what is going to happen anyway.

    While the plot does not have serious errors, the story is an overall unsatisfactory work. The acting is not top-class but okay, but the plot development and the ending are not pleasant from where I stand.

    I've seen worse thrillers, but still I do not recommend this. There are better choices.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The plot, how to trick ATM surveillance cams. Level of excitement, none. This movie is too predictable, you can tell what's up next. Stupidity, a lot in this movie.

    1. If you are in a party, and you know that you have a retarded office mate that tugs with you for a ride, will you care to go back to say goodbye, if you will be with a hot chick? 2. no one will walk a dog at 1am, in freezing weather 3. and of course the slip of death that cast out her girlfriend. 4. can you fill an ATM booth with water? new bar for water tightness. 5. a janitor walking beside the ATM, not noticing the dead man and police outside, being mistaken to be the serial killer and getting himself killed.

    jeez, i hate going to bed with this mood.
  • ohsokool20 March 2012 all honesty, ATM had a small chance to be modern day thriller. The actors are decent. They can certainly get into character and that's were it all ends. All logic and common sense goes out the window from the point they reach the ATM, and park 100 damn feet from it. LOL. The thought process these 3 main characters go through trying to escape one man, leads me to believe Poppa Smurf could have held them hostage at Disneyland. Successfully. Forever.

    Everything the ATM "stalker villain" does makes sense, because the 3 captives simply have zero.

    Watch this flick if you're a fan of "b" movies, or simply bored and want to pick it apart and cringe and a very bad script. Again, I think the writers and directors could have had something, if only they put in a bit more thought. Great idea, horrible execution.
  • In all honesty, I can really see why the film-makers thought that this movie would be a good idea and something that could work out well. You can really tell that this movie had some good ideas in it but things aren't really thought out well enough and the movie is incredibly flawed, mostly due to its story.

    These sort of thrillers/horror movies set mostly at one location, are somewhat popular now days and this movie obviously tried to have a go at it as well and ride on the success of the genre. Nothing wrong with that, as long as the movie is good, which obviously isn't the case with this movie.

    Problem is that its concept is ridiculously flawed and not thought out properly. The movie doesn't exactly feature, what you could consider, a tight plot. It's build around the concept of 3 people being stuck inside an ATM because outside there is an hooded maniac, looking to kill them, as soon as they get out. Now, this is something that could had worked if things got written a bit more tight and complicated. But this is all there is to the movie really; 3 people being stuck inside a small building, with 1 guy lurking around outside. It's really silly, once you really start thinking about it. First of all, it's 3 versus 1 and it's not like the guy has some sort of superpowers, or is armed to the teeth. I'm not saying that they should had taken on the guy but surely they could had ran out quite easily, the moment the guy was at the back, trying to break into the ATM. The movie is filled with moments like this, that just are plain stupid. It just far too often doesn't make sense and because of that, there also really is no true tension in this movie.

    The movie still thinks it's being really clever at times, mostly toward its end, when the 'twist' comes but let me just tell you, the ending simply makes no sense at all and doesn't explain anything. It only makes things look more flawed and ridicules and besides forced. Why do these sort of movies often feel the need to have a 'surprise' ending in it? Sometimes a movie is simply better off when it's being more straight-forward and not by trying to be clever and surprise its audience.

    This was an obvious low budget production, which becomes apparent through its looks but also really its acting. No, I definitely wasn't impressed by any of the acting in this movie, which was perhaps another reason why I just wasn't taken at all by it.

    But it still wasn't a movie I hated watching. I guess it's too short and harmless for that. Maybe the more casual movie goer can still get some enjoyment and entertainment out of this movie, as long as they don't spend too much time thinking about its plot. But even those people have to admit at the end that this is a far from great or effective enough movie.

    Really can't recommended it.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    There was absolutely no point to write a screenplay for movies like this. Absolute nonsense.

    All the events of the movie are absolutely "forced". Car parked so far away. Security guard getting knocked out. Guy walking a dog in the middle of the parking lot getting killed? (all seen from the trailer). Come on... I empathize with the actors and crew members who had to be part of this nonsensical project.

    SPOILER: What was the motive of the killer? He just hides in his storage unit drawing up plans on acetate that he can overlap. Give me a break. If one of the characters had a cell phone, a lighter, or A BRAIN, the killer would have gone home.

    I can't wait for the reviews to start pouring in... or perhaps, no one would watch this straight to "cassette" tape movie.

    One of the most ignorant movies I've seen in my life.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you've seen the trailer, you've seen about 80% of the movie itself. If you've seen the trailer, you either don't watch it cause it's lame, or you DO watch it cause you want to know HOW lame it really is.

    So I sacrificed myself for you so you don't need to waste your time on this.

    To be honest this movie is probably the biggest piece of $#!/ I've seen in a long, long time.

    Watching the movie really made my brain hurt because I simply could not believe how stupid they were.

    ***SPOILER*** For Instance: The murderer parks the car right in front of the ATM door so Posh-, Scary-, and Baby-Spice wouldn't be able to get out of the ATM. As Baby Spice tries to open the door he can at least open it a little. It might not be enough to squeeze their bodies through (not if they had it planned) but it's enough to let the WATER through so the ATM wouldn't fill up with it. And that is just one out of many many MANY other stupid moments in that movie.

    Of course no one has a cell phone. (If one of them would've had a cell there would be other common problems like low battery or now connection... or they forgot the number of the cops. Yes, they are that stupid)


    Apart from that the acting is OK and the ending is not THAT bad but that's about it.

    Like I said, if you've seen the trailer, you know most of the movie. You won't be really surprised by anything - It's much too predictable.

    I would not recommend this to you at all.
  • Yes OK, this movie gets you angry especially towards the end and the ending in general. BUT it definitely was a movie that had me on the edge of my seat. It wasn't creepy or necessarily scary but it had its jumpy moments and the 'killer' was pretty creepy himself. It wasn't the best, the acting was good, I enjoyed the plot, it wasn't as predictable as you'd think, the ending could of been done differently but if you enjoy 'edge of your seat' movies and have some free time I'd recommend giving it a watch! All in all it wasn't at all as bad as some people are making it out to be. It killed time and if I'm honest I kind of enjoyed it, but that's coming from a 16 year old. Haha.
  • When I watched the trailer I wanted to see this movie, as it seemed intense and dramatic! However, after I have seen it now, I wished I would have done something else with my time. The three main characters are acting dumb and unrealistic; I don't even think there was anything to act because there was no real story line. I kept wondering where I have seen a killer like this before and then I remembered... "Urban Legends". I loved Urban Legends, nice and interesting story, cute actors, nice ending. But this Movie is nothing like it. Urban Legends was a master piece compared to this sad piece of ... I don't even know how to call it... Disappointment I guess... STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOVIE.
  • ATM – TRASH IT (C) ATM is a mediocre movie, which doesn't make any sense. It's just when you are watching it, you are watching. There is nothing believable or relatable at all. It stars annoying Josh Peck, good looking Brain Geragthy and a different kind of bombshell Alice Eve. ATM is about three co-workers (Eve, Peck and Geragthy) stop off at an ATM late one night and soon find themselves confined to an enclosed area made up of an ATM booth and car park by an unknown hooded killer lurking outside. There premise is good for a thriller but it's the execution which lacks thriller. Overall, ATM is trash-able, wait for Star movies or HBO to show you late at night. That's the only way you should watch it for FREE.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This isn't going to be a long review, and its hardly about the movie but the only reason im writing it is because people are giving this movie a 1/10, which just is not right. I feel a 1/10 means it is the worst movie imaginable, that there is no plot, there is no acting, the camera is blurry, the sound is trashy.. EVERYTHING. it has got to be the WORST movie you have ever seen in your life

    the worst movies I've ever rated are Red Dawn at 1 and Happening at 2/10 (in light of this review i might even change those two.. might). I gave ATM 5/10. better than movies at 4/10, not as good as movies at 6/10, simple. You cant honestly say this is worst than a movie at 2/10!! The people that rate this 1/10 are the people who either rate a movie 1/10 or 10/10 because they either love it to death, or think its the worst garbage ever.

    People who're saying "oh god did this movie makes me angry", its a suspenseful thriller, its supposed to make you angry you idiot! "oh there's so many plot holes" yeah, the director DOESN'T CARE, hes done his job, hes made the producers happy as they got your dumb ass to the theatre. "i cant believe this movie even had a screenplay" yeah, the writers don't care because the director doesn't care because the producers don't care. do you get it?

    this movie isn't made for winning Oscars, its made for making money, and guess what... they did that. can only find foreign theatre stats at £1m, but theatre AND bluray AND TV WORLDWIDE for the next say 15 years, easily!

    people who're saying "but who is the killer and why's he killing them", i bet they didn't say that about Phone Booth.. why because that guy's got a code and this guy doesn't? so what, sometimes killers kill for no reason other than because they can, you're just upset that you fell for it and payed money to see it.

    is it suspenseful, yes it is. does it make you angry, oh yes it does. could the actor have put the actress on his shoulders first before trying anything else because shes lighter and they can get to the sprinkler, definitely. is it stupid that the actress was OK with staying in the ATM booth to get killed, yes. did i laugh at the way she died, immeasurably! is the acting terrible, eh I've seen worse. are there plot holes, erm duh yes which horror thriller doesn't have them. are the people rating and reviewing 1/10 because they're salty asses who payed money to see this in the theatre, yes. did this movie reach its target audience and hit its KPI's, you betchya. is the movie studio a business which did its job, again yes. would i recommenced this movie, never. are there better movies to watch, absolutely.
  • As someone said, ATM means A TERRIBLE MOVIE. For sure this is the most silly, stupid and ridiculous dumb movie ever. I could name it worse, but you probably don't need that.

    The idea of 3 people trapped into an ATM is kinda interesting, but that's it and only. The movie is full of goofs, holes, bad acting, extremely predictable and full of absurd situations. I could point them all, but I will not waste my time as other reviews already did that better.

    The killer and his Jason-esque walk is hilarious, they could probably run 3 times around the block before he gets to the corner. But the most hilarious and maybe outrageous thing was the fact that the movie is so full of goofs to a shameful level.

    How could a movie like this possibly be accepted by a producing company. How could someone accept direct this kind of thing? Fill up an ATM cabin with water? Are you kidding me??? Really, people who like this kind of crap never watched a movie before. And believe me, there are reviews calling it amazing. These people are sick!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is probably one of the most lame movies I ever saw. What was this director thinking!?! Moreover, what were the actors thinking?

    First off: Why are we given the impression that the main character's best friend has something to do with the killer (because of his broken bank card and the door)? If you do this, than please follow this direction up. Don't let this suggestion bleed to death and never speak of it again.

    Second off: Why didn't they just run the three of them in the first place. There is no sign of a gun, the actors look young and agile and there was a main road very close to the parking lot.

    Third off: there is no real suspense. There is just one (supposedly strong) killer, walking with a very slow pace around the ATM. There are loads of opportunities to run off. The ending made me even laugh more. As if it was a thoroughly thought through plan. Man, there were loads of possibilities for all of them to escape and the factor coincidence was way too high to think this idea through. The killer is simply dumb and it is a fact that this dumb idiot could be caught way too easy.

    Fourth off: The impression the movie gave that the man character was the killer????? Come on, awfully ridiculous. By showing little parts of the security camera which made him look like a killer?? Come on, we all know that there was more to be seen on the camera and that he could've never killed his friends and a complete (supposedly innocent non- speaking) stranger (made me realize again how fake it is that they killed the guy who entered the ATM, because you always enter an ATM without saying a word and attack the other people inside) when you are just an innocent bystander.

    People who give this movie a higher rating than a 3, must be sponsored because I just simply can't believe their words...
  • miracleflan4 March 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    When you think of a premise, it's terrific: 2 guys, a girl and a psycho. The setting and situation is awesome, yet the actual story is absolutely nonexistent. I mean, the three hostages are so STUPID, there were so many solutions, unused opportunities it was lamentable. 80 minutes of my life wasted and ruined. Not even Alice Eve's cute smile made me give it a better rating. As for the Psycho, he was laughable at most. Did he really think he could hold three young people hostage, they could each easily run in different directions and one of them was bound to escape. He was distracted so many times they could have ran away at any point during the first 2 minutes of the situation. This movie sucks
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After a party in the company, David Hargrove (Brian Geraghty) gives a ride home to his colleagues Emily Brandt (Alice Eve) and Corey Thompson (Josh Peck). Corey decides to have dinner and they go to an isolated ATM to withdraw cash. Soon they are threatened by an unknown man (Mike O'Brian) and they become trapped in the ATM trying to survive.

    "ATM" is among the worst movies that I have seen with an awful, unrealistic, moronic and illogical plot, characters and plot point. The stupidity begins with David that has a crush on Emily, but he is shy. When he finally has the chance to drive her home, the douchebag Corey asks him to take him home instead of taking a taxi. Therefore, the douche is not a real friend of David, messing up David's flirtation with his dream girl, and David is a sucker, losing the chance to stay alone with Emily. Corey decides to eat a pizza in a location in the United States of America that does not accept credit card. I do not live in this country but I have never had trouble in using credit card in this country. Then they see a stranger menacing them. In my country, ATMs have a hot line direct to the central of the bank to report problems, but I do not know how it works in the United States of America if client has a problem. The trio never runs at the same time, each one to one different direction, instead of doing what they do. When David and Emily finally run out of the ATM, they bring the wounded Corey back to the insecure ATM chamber. The stupid situations go on along 90 minutes running time. But the plot point, with David becoming the prime suspect of the murders, is laughable. My vote is two.

    Title (Brazil): "Armadilha" ("Trap")
  • Warning: Spoilers
    this movie is so poor in all of the aspects of the movies that it should have never been allowed to premier in theaters..... Movies are mostly a problem and it's solution or solution of a well known problem.... this one is just a problem, a problem that has no beginning and no ending or solutions..... A random 1 hr story from my day to day life would be more interesting than this movie...... this movie gives nothing but disappointment.....

    somebody please sue this movie for wasting my time, money and disappointing my feelings......

    This movie deserves 1 star for giving hope that something that makes sense will happen at the end....... but after the end there is only unsatisfaction and disappointment.

    I'd take this movie as an experiment of new genre.... which is No Sense Movies.... and I'm pretty sure we'll see more of these in recent days to come....
  • Labeling this movie as "horror" in disrespectful to horror movies fans. This movie is pointless. The only good thing about watching this movie is that you will realize you can buy a good camcorder and make something better by yourself. The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity, the first ones, only took imagination, creativity and someone skilled enough to edit the film and finish the work.You can pick one of the thousands "Wallmarts" or convenience stores out there and start right away. Invite a couple of friends, you don't need more than 4 weeks, maybe a month to do it. and I am considering you or your friends have at least part time jobs. Total cost of your own movie will not go beyond USD 500, maybe USD 1,000 if you need to buy your camcorder. Get on the job friends! If someone had the nerve to take this thing to be a movie, there is hope for us, amateur movie makers and horror movies fans.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ATM, David Brooks' first feature, has everything that a first feature should have. One moderately big name actor, a moderate budget, and a storyline that is "cute" as a first attempt. ATM brings Nickelodeon's own Josh Peck further into the adult acting world (not XXX) and shows that with a little bit more practice, Brooks might be able to make a name for himself.

    The film starts off cross cutting someone's hands drawing on blueprints of the aforementioned ATM and our protagonist, David, played by Brian Geraghty, walking to work. As he continues his walk there is a different timeline (the 'future' for our active audiences) being spliced together as well. It has some remnants of Se7en itching to get out and the campy Christmas music doesn't help it one bit. As the intro fades out and we see that David is a young, not very successful stockbroker of some sorts, we are introduced quickly to Josh Peck's Corey, a cocky, shallow coworker that seems like fun.

    After being coerced into sticking around for a Christmas party in the office, David eventually asks Emily, played by Alice Eve, if he can drive her home. Corey, much to my lack of surprise, decides to join. The movie then turns into what I like to call a 'bottle movie', where the rest of the movie, due to lack in budget and/or creativity stay in one location (see Abed from Community talking about bottle episodes and you'll understand). David, Corey, and Emily are then terrorized by a hooded psychopath who is deciding to try to freeze them in an ATM in the height of the winter.

    The lack of knowing that the characters demonstrate of why they are being terrorized mirrors the quality that Saw made so famous and it serves as a point of thought for the audience to dwell on and an argument for the characters to have throughout the night. The scares and thrills however, are no more than cheap Halloween-esque scares, loud noises, the hooded man coming from a corner, and some excess blood that they wanted so desperately to garner their R rating.

    The ending, for me, was extremely disappointing and I won't spoil it for you (god do I hate spoilers) but it was a cop-out for everyone in not digging deeper into the material they had. They could've gone in a certain direction and make up for the weak moments in the rest of the film but they chose to take an easy way out. Very disappointing indeed.

    I think in order to truly enjoy this movie, you should watch it by yourself, at night, and don't think too much about what you're watching. If you give it too much thought, this movie will not take you by surprise and you will be severely disappointed.
  • ATM is actually a pretty good horror movie. It focuses more on suspense than blood and gore, which I appreciate, and it maintains a sense of realism throughout. Yes, it is fairly contrived and yes, the ending is unsatisfying, but the movie, as a whole, does a good job of creating tension. Plus, each member of the small cast gives an excellent performance. I'd watch this one again.
  • No this movie isn't the greatest thing ever, yes there are a few things that make you go Hmmm. BUT... It is a tense movie. It's scary cause something like this could happen. I have a fear of being at an ATM and having someone rob me. Tho plays on that fear but adds more to it. There is a lot of hate on here about the film like plot holes and what not. Which there aren't as much as some would say. The obviously haven't watched the whole film. Things are answered in a way that actually makes you think about the motivates of the killer rather than big it down with why why why!!! And more of here you think about it. The characters may not be the best written but that's life, not everyone in the world are nice and that you can stand. It isn't a horror film but more of a thriller suspense like panic room or joy ride.
  • ATM is, without a doubt, one of the most fantastic movies ever made. To call it a modern masterpiece would be an understatement. This film dwarfs all other movies in terms of its script, scope, scale, acting, visuals effects, sound design, cinematography, and sheer majesty.

    Josh Peck is a triumph. He brings countless years of expertise to his role of Corey. On the surface, Corey at first appears like a typical jerk by forcing his coworker to stop at an ATM on the side of the road late at night. But as the film progresses, the layers of Corey's character begin to peel back, and you start to realize that there is much more to Corey than meets the eye. Alice Eve and Brian Geraghty are no less mesmerizing as a pair of coworkers turned lovers who, along with, Corey, are in for a wild ride at a seemingly ordinary ATM stop.

    But the actor who steals the show is Mike O'Brian, playing Man. Man is, in a word, bone-chilling. His posture and blank, ominous stare are the makings of sheer terror that you will not be able to shake for weeks. His graceful yet harrowing movements make every second of ATM a hair-raising experience. Not to give anything away, but the final moments of ATM left me bone dry. Many modern film critics cite one of the greatest Oscar snubs of the 20th century as Jack Nicholson's performance in The Shining. I predict that critics will look back on O'Brian's performance as Man as the biggest Oscar snub of this century. My jaw literally hit the floor when I saw that he was not nominated in 2012.

    The winner of this film however is director David Brooks. From the first frame of ATM, I was sitting on the edge of my seat. David Brooks and his esteemed cinematographer, Bengt Jonsson, guide the camera with the skill and grace of a modern day Francis Ford Coppola and Gordon Willis. The extended and sometimes horrifying shots of the ATM and parking lot tingle the spine and boggle the mind. The fact that Brooks is not getting paid millions of dollars to direct Marvel films is an atrocity.

    ATM is modern filmmaking at its finest. I have purchased several Blu-Ray copies of ATM in case any get scratched, as I plan to re-watch the film roughly once a day for the rest of my life. Do yourself a favor and check out this movie.
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