John Lechago specifically wrote the role of Batty Boop for Victoria De Mare.

The language that the behemoth hobo clown "Punchy" speaks is an actual language, and not "made up". It is called "Carny lingo". Carny lingo is an alteration of English much like pig Latin. It is popular with professional wrestlers and it was Al Burke who suggested to have all of Punchy's lines spoken in it.

During the heaviest day of filming John Lechago was passing a kidney stone. Because of the extremely hot and humid weather the director was not able to hydrate himself sufficiently and as a result developed a kidney stone that passed while shooting the final scenes. No one on the crew knew that John was in pain, even though he was pacing more than usual.

It took three to five hours every morning to apply all the body make-up that Victoria De Mare needed so she could play sexy succubus clown Batty Boop. Moreover, said make-up took about two hours to remove at the end of a day's shooting.

John Lechago originally wanted Killjoy to wear a jester's hat, but had to nix this idea when said hat wouldn't stay on Killjoy's head because of his crazy hairstyle.

The movie Zilla is watching before Killjoy takes him is Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge.

Was filmed simultaneously with another full moon film Puppet Master Axis of evil in summer 2009 in China.