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  • I suppose Brazzers, operating out of Canada by way of Chatsworth, has cornered the market on dumb XXX vignette porn with specific themes, but this British effort from Bluebird Films is an okay Blighty variation.

    Main drawback is a probably intentional carelessness. The sex scenes feature a large roster of breasty female performers, but the set-ups to 7, count 'em, 7 sex segments are truly awful. The thick English accents aren't helped by poor sound recording and the wall-to-wall sex effect drowns out any pretense at making a feature film.

    Several of the girls are among my favorites (Michelle Thorne, Isabel Ice, Jodie James) so I can't complain about the XXX content. But the ugly, dreary settings and some poor male casting detract seriously from the creation of erotic situations. Picture displays only acting credits, so the behind-the-camera artisans had no wish to claim credit for their efforts.

    In the pecking order of British porn, this is an example of why Bluebird is in the lowest quarter percentile, when compared to "we try harder" outfits like daring! media, Harmony and JoyBear. They hire quality talent but then tend to fritter it away.