Mr. Sexton Mipps: Why do you go on taking these chances, Vicar? You're not getting rich on it. Since they don't know, the Parish don't thank you.

Dr. Christopher Syn: Well, they can live, and clothe themselves and their children, and pay the taxes in a countryside bled white by the King's Parliament which represents them and which buys and sells votes as if they were dealing in cattle.

Mr. Sexton Mipps: You can't change the way of the world, Vicar.

Dr. Christopher Syn: No? Unjust laws can be altered as well as made by men. There's a new spirit in the world, Mipps. Taxed out of existence, robbed of their independence by the King's Government, the people must fight back how they can.

Mr. Sexton Mipps: Well, men can't beat armies, Sir.

Dr. Christopher Syn: Ideas can. Faith can move mountains. What we're doing here is just a pinprick but a thousand pinpricks put together will...

[he is interrupted by a knock at the door]

Dr. Christopher Syn: .

Dr. Christopher Syn: You're dead! Run for your life!

Squire Thomas Banks: I don't care for your manner, Sir. There's a definition of a gentleman that says he's one who never wittingly gives offence. And what do you think of that, Sir?