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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Shut Up and Kiss Me" is a disappointment for low-budget gay cinema. What could have a been an examination of modern relationships being approached from an old-fashioned mindset turns into a noxious portrayal of settling for less than you deserve. Our story revolves around Ben, a man in search of love in ALL the wrong places. He tries video dating, internet profiles, setups from friends, all to no success. Finally, by pure fate, his new neighbor, Gray, comes running into his life. For all of Ben's troubles with trying to find Mr. Right, Gray has Mr. Right and a ton of personal troubles. For the better part of an hour, we are given a cutesy development of their relationship as they try to dispose of their emotional baggage. The journey is sweet, though very short-lived, for by the time we reach the final fifteen minutes, we are given stupid choices stacked atop one another by both of the leads. This would be suitable enough if this were a study in how easily one can be blinded by love, not knowing the person you thought you did, or even just trying to look past someone's flaws that will inevitably be a relationships downfall. However, what started out as enjoyable quickly turns into disgust as you will find yourself chastising the characters like you would a friend in an abusive relationship. You know it does no good, but you still have to voice your opinion. For those looking for a sweet, light, decently made low-budget gay-themed film, stop at the one hour mark and save yourself from disappointment, which unfortunately is not what the characters in this film do.
  • A fresh take on familiar themes--this 78-minute movie packs a decent amount of humor and poignancy in a short amount of time. While the main plot evolved around dating, I really enjoyed the friendship between the main character (Ben) and his straight best friend/workout buddy (Vinnie).

    There were a couple of brief sex scenes that may surprise (shock, delight, etc.) some viewers, but for the most part this film focuses on the importance of friendships and the challenges of dating in the gay world.

    This indie flick was likely shot on a budget, and like many movies you need to be in the right space to get the most out of your viewing experience. If you can be patient and suspend your disbelief like a good movie-goer should, I think you'll find this to be an enjoyable film that examines a variety of friendships and romantic relationships.

    P.S. I'm SOOOO glad this was available on Netflix Streaming!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So basically this movie is about Grey's self-centered ideas of love, in which if Ben loves him, he should let him walk all over him, allow him to cheat around and possibly infect him with HIV, because he is honest and tells him from the beginning that he doesn't care enough to compromise in anything, but Ben has to completely change how he thinks, acts and feels about all things for them to be together...

    And Ben insecure, stupid and desperate for attention, allows it all just to have someone...

    At the expense of himself, his ideas and his dignity (He didn't have much of either tho, so the loss was not significant).

    LOVE! *with a sarcastic tone* ◔_◔

    The acting/directing is just as terrible as the script, but kudos for it being very realistic, because the world is full of narcissistic brutes with aids and weak minded losers so desperate not to be alone that they would do anything just to be with someone, even if the person they are with doesn't give a penny about them or how they feel and think...

    This movie successfully depicts the workings of a completely toxic gay relationship!!!

    The movie is supposed to be based in Ronnie Kerr's life experiences and in the movie he plays Ben... After watching the movie i kinda feel in real life Ronnie is actually represented by Grey, but if it indeed he is playing as himself, then he has to be very stupid to have allowed someone treat him like the Grey character does and then dedicating an entire movie championing his selfish ideas of what love is... All in all, an entertaining, but very poorly executed and stupidly written movie about having no self esteem.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Thank God I got to watch this for free as part of my online Netflix account, because if I had paid money for this, I would have been asking for it all back.

    Knowing that it was going to be bad, I didn't know just how bad, and within the first 30 minutes of this thankfully short movie, I wanted to turn away.

    The acting is beyond wooden, no emotional range outside of sad puppy dog face is seen on the lead actor. The secondary actor gets the chance to repeat the same tired old lines from every "you can't love me I'm H.I.V" story that's been done in the last 20 years. I'm a man whore looking for love with the one that will love me and let me play around because that's who I am, like it, love it, love me or leave.....Oh God, I just gave away the plot.

    There are 2 good points to this whole movie: Dylan Vox is hysterical as a trick gone wrong....funny stuff, but then he's always funny in these roles. And the other part, sudden nudity....we cut from fighting in the kitchen to "sword" fighting in the bedroom with barely any transition, at least the actors are decent size, otherwise I would had to laugh at that part of the movie too....and the "shut up and kiss me" line was over-used....just like the tired and trite dialog throughout the whole movie...writers should not be permitted to act out the lines that they're written...and this movie drives that point home like putting a steak in the heart of a vampire....kill it now before it makes more! Now that was funny....this movie is just a**
  • stevenw-19 February 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    I love that the notion of a non-monogamist man and a fully monogamist man decide to make it work. They do love each other and, I trust, they continue to set boundaries and grow from this. There are very complicated and "gray" feelings that can come up between people. Often, I have seen first-hand such a couple go through life completely fooling themselves. In this film, the writer bravely shows us a couple who recognize infidelity and decide to trudge ahead. That is very honest. I've seen reviews here where some feel our main character is copping-out in some way. I think he's really willing to accept his man without any false hopes that he'll change in the future. One can go through life waiting for Mr. Right who can do No Wrong. One can wait an eternity and never meet anyone in that process. Life is short, love who you love and accept who they are. Our main character should be confident enough to realize that, although his partner may have quick sex with someone else at any point, it's ultimately meaningless. He may also change since this could be his first truly meaningful love. Most people get really selfish in relationships and refuse to share...but it often happens without them knowing it. It happens to many people gay and straight. This couple is fully up front with that from the start and I find that very brave. It may not be one persons idea of a true, loving relationship but it will be for someone else. A couple ultimately decides what is allowed in their relationship and there is no set template in society that should decide that for them. What is considered wrong for some people and what is considered right is really nobody else's business but the two men involved in this relationship. I found the acting by the two lead men very credible. Ronnie Kerr has long been a favorite of mine and Scott Gabelein (resembling a young Dennis Quaid) is very good as well. I was quite surprised at the main character took the route he did, but I don't blame him one bit. I'm glad he chose to experience this situation at least once. It may work or it may not - but at least they both are trying.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw this title on Netflix and decided to give it a chance. Overall, I appreciate what they were trying to do with this movie. Yes, it was on a cheap budget and the acting was a little less than you would expect from bigger budget and/or professional actors. In addition, some of the film's effects (like the main character talking to the audience explaining terms of the gay world) were unnecessary and a rip off of other films (like Broken Hearts Club).

    On the other hand, the characters seemed genuine and I liked that the main character had a wide range of friends (not just gay hags and queeny gay boys). I also liked that the characters seemed like people you would meet in everyday life. Up until the ending, I liked the story and character development and found myself empathizing with the main character.

    The problem is with the ending. Without going into too much detail, I have to say that the main character sacrificed his values and morals for someone he thought he loved. It almost leaves you feeling upset with him (I hardly felt sorry or sad for him, and I certainly wasn't happy for him). And the story failed to convey to me why the main character would love the guy who hurt him so much.

    I'd say if you have 1.5 hours to kill and its free,watch this film. The characters seem real and not typical stereotypes, plus there are some funny scenes and lines (especially the first half). But don't expect to go away with a warm and fuzzy feeling.
  • "oh, no," The funny thing here is I immediately saw the lead character, Ronnie Kerr and thought "wait...I just saw a total piece of crap/waste of time with this guy in it yesterday" and sure enough, went to IMDb and saw not only was he also the lead in the tragic assault to gay cinema called "Saltwater", but also wrote both of them. I'd say that was the only funny thing about this film at all, but I have to be completely honest and say there are a couple of really good performances which were obviously ad-lib-ed (no, not Mark Cirillo's same tired character he does in every performance that will give him a part because he will do full-frontal) but rather the opening scene with the director...yet even HER awesome performance was butchered through very bad editing and B-roll throughout-style camera-work. Look, I get that everyone needs a hobby...but at this point I'd say this niche genre of cheap, badly written/acted/filmed gay films is reaching saturation; no one gets a "pass" anymore, so come back when you have REAL and NEW to say (or at the very least entertaining).
  • ekeby2 June 2015
    I'm sorry, but as a gay man, I found this really, really bad. I mean, it's offensive, it's so bad. I feel sorry for anyone--especially inexperienced or young gay guys--who thinks that there's anything authentic about any of this.

    It's fakey. The dialog is not only trite, it's boring. When it tries to be funny, it's cringe-making. But when the dialog is dealing with love, commitment, or just trying to show how two gay guys talk together, it's just fake. It's too writer-ish. People just don't talk that way.

    And that's one of the big problems with this kind of movie. It's people *talking* about life. It's not a movie that *shows* people living a life. And if you've got a dialog-driven movie, you better have A+++ dialog or why bother?

    It's not that this movie doesn't depict situations that gay guys deal with, it does. It's just doing it really, really badly.
  • ofumalow1 July 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    Though pretty poorly crafted (it looks like it cost $1.50 to film, and that includes craft services), this romance struck me as rather sweet--but then like the main character, I'm a romantic rather than a sex-driven pragmatist. Calling it a "comedy" is a huge stretch, since it's pretty much entirely a drama with relatively little humor. The performances were decent and while some people here clearly can't relate to the protagonist, I do. The biggest false note (SPOILER) is a strange, abrupt ending in which the hero suddenly seems to accept his lover's promiscuity without any actual working-through-this preparation on screen. It's one of those endings so arbitrary that it makes you think "Did they run out of money to finish the film properly, and this was the best they could do?"
  • This is a Really cute story, & I love the characters but the story kinda jumps & the scenery is very poor, but all in all I have this 10 stars because most of us have lived the storyline of this movie. It's a sweet movie & it's worth watching. Just don't expect a blockbuster movie.
  • thesar-216 February 2011
    Warning: Spoilers
    With a hilarious opening and promise, unfortunately Shut Up & Kiss Me went south fast…in regards to quality.

    My guess was $10,000 budget, and I thought was being generous. In reality, I was thinking $5,000. It turns out it was $15,000 and it shows in the After-School sets, exterior shots and fake-café/gym scenes. I'm putting that all aside – as, kudos to them to making an independent movie. Let's see if the heart was there.

    Yeah, for the most part. These aren't professional actors. Obviously. Did they give it their all? Absolutely. They believed in the product. And the lead (and writer) Ronnie Kerr, who plays Ben, was actually not only good, but at times, sweet and funny. Does he have a while to go to go beyond porn-star-status? (More later…on the porn part, that is.) I hope.

    Ben's looking for love. He tries video dating…internet dating…and friend setting him up dating. Only stalking will help him come out of his shell. End justifies the means…take it for what it's worth, but he meets jogger Grey (Gabelein) and they strike it off. Only, Grey states up front: he's not a one-man man.

    Get used to him reminding everyone, especially the audience, that he said that up front…

    Anyways, he proves it, at least twice and you'll wonder if this will damper the relationship. Well, watch the incredibly short 78-minute feature to find out.

    Despite the extreme low production value, I liked the feature. Kerr had me rolling in scenes, as did other characters, namely his best-straight/stereotyped-buddy and business partner, Vinnie (Russo). And believe it, the opening was a great shot. Original, funny and looked like it was set to take this feature to the stars. Unfortunately, it didn't, but the rest was worth a shot. Even if you don't agree with the end "message."

    On a side note: there is gratuitous full-frontal male nudity, for roughly twenty seconds during a sex scene. Kerr seems to be some kind of body-builder, and the first reaction when I "saw him" was: "Well, I guess he doesn't use steroids."

    Side Note II: I can't believe how much I had in common with the character of Ben. It was uncanny. Now, before you judge…I wouldn't agree AT ALL with his final decision and before you think I'm a "stalker"…fail to interest me, and you have nothing to worry about. :-)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK, I am a Ronnie Kerr fan. I admit it. I wish he would write and produce more films. He's likable, built and likes a happy ending even if he has to invent one.

    Look, making indie gay films isn't easy. It''s a miracle most of them get made at all. They almost never have enough money. They have to use peoples houses for sets. They have to shoot video because film costs a fortune.

    The lighting is only tolerable. The sound too. The dialog is sometimes lame. But there's some very good scenes in this movie. The sidewalk soaking is one. But the opening with the silly woman from the video dating service is, I admit, annoying.

    Ronnie likes to market his movies to the 30-40 year old gay crowd and older. Some of us want to see more mature gay mean dealing with their own issues. There's more than enough twink stuff out there as it is.

    I wish Kerr would come back. I'll buy when he does.