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  • It's rare to find a film that prompts an array of emotions throughout - anger, happiness, despair, fear, satisfaction, contempt, pity, enthusiasm... Every single character in this film is multi- faceted and you learn to understand every single one of them, whether you like them or not. There are no stereotypical archetypes in "Blue Collar Boys", just a glimpse into the life of an imperfect family that is so authentic you feel like these are people you already know. It's refreshing to find a filmmaker brave enough to make a film that does not pander to audiences or push an agenda, but rather provides a gripping story that showcases realism through art.
  • flintytea11 March 2014
    I really enjoyed this movie because it seemed true to life. I thought I was watching a real family. I especially liked the scene between the mother and daughter. I thought the writer did a great job with that relationship. It reminded me of some arguments I had with my mother when I was that age. Even though I didn't agree with the way the characters behaved, I understand why they were doing what they were doing and what the filmmaker is saying in this film. I have two brothers and I grew up around "boys" like this. I can also understand how people who did not grow up around people like this may not be able to relate to this film. This film is not easy to watch because its subject matter is one that I think many people choose not to look at, but it definitely exists. I think this film tells a story that many families are going through in the hard times of today. I thought that the filming was gritty and the music was great!
  • We all need a periodic escape from the harsh realities of life. Blue Collar Boys does not afford this luxury. Instead, director Mark Nistico's debut feature shoves us headlong into working class veracities we would sooner ignore. This film is not for the easily offended or those lacking in general fortitude. It digs into the unstable crust of the current capitalist system many of us have come to recognize and accept as here and now. It challenges our morals and values. It frustrates, provokes, and irritates while navigating the shadowy margins of right and wrong, necessity and greed. It is a timely film, a microcosm of the large scale struggles, globally and nationally. People pushed to the limit are bound to rebel. The direction, acting, script, editing, score, and soundtrack are all impressive...and all serve well, the layering of themes and sentiments within the piece. Raise your glass to the salt of the earth.
  • I loved that this movie takes a deep look at the dynamics of an average American family floundering in a bad economy. The economic downturn effects everyone in a family and not just the bread winner. I could totally relate to the mother who is trying to take care of her kids, her home, her husband, and then also have to work long hours for a measly paycheck. The stress of working for so little can tear a family apart and this movie shows what happens when money is a constant issue: parents can't provide their kids with the type of care they need and a married couple can't nurture their relationship when they are being pulled in different directions by a multitude of responsibilities. Slowly but surely the strain takes over and frustrations are taken out on the ones you love. It's a tough thing to look at, but it happens every day in this country and I applaud the director for showing that reality in America right now. Marriage and children is a dream for most people and the current economic climate make it nearly impossible to live comfortably and properly care for your family - especially for the middle class. The director tackles an extremely topical and significant subject and does it in an astute way. This is not just a typical action male-centric film about blue-collar life. It's an in-depth look at how the blue- collar lifestyle can cause resentments, envy, anger, and dissatisfaction.
  • This movie grabs you from the first frame and grips you until the very end. There are no stereotypical characters in "Blue Collar Boys" that you're supposed to root for or are supposed to hate. You feel for everyone and are introduced to all of their internal struggles and you get to decide who the hero is and watch the characters progress, or regress, as the story unfolds. These characters are all at their breaking points and the audience gets to experience and feel their pure and raw emotion - something that is rare in films nowadays. The movie also deals with blue collar problems in an extremely authentic way and without an agenda. "Blue Collar Boys" is not just a one-dimensional genre picture, it's a real life film about real life people dealing with real life problems, which is very refreshing. Nothing in this film is idealized; everything from the construction sites, characters, situations, conflicts, and relationships is shown in a genuine manner. This is an uncompromising glance into the lives of everyday Americans dealing with the stress and struggle for money and how it can change your viewpoints on the world. "Blue Collar Boys" was such an innovative and frank film that I'm glad I got a chance to see it. I definitely recommend it! The DVD also has a very cool documentary about how the crew made the film.
  • This movie gets what it's like to be a working class American right now. It's nice to see a hero that is struggling to stay afloat and fighting to get what he deserves - especially when he's constantly being mistreated by the big guy upstairs! Nice work all around. The acting is great. There are some actors in this movie that I've seen before. One guy plays a main guy in the Americans. I also recognize the guy that plays Red. The music is awesome from the score to the soundtrack. If you like the Blues you will love this movie. I wished that the film didn't end when it did because I wanted to see more happen, but I understand what the director is saying with the ending. The message behind this movie is important and it deals with a very complex issue. This film was worth the rental and I plan on buying it.
  • I recognized a bunch of people in this film. The Russian guy from the Americans is good in this. Also the lead actor that plays Red is in that Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper cop movie. He plays the bad cop friend of Cooper's character who works with Ray Liotta. I like to see actors in independent movies because they usually have a bigger role than they do in bigger Hollywood releases. I also liked the way this movie was filmed. The colors and tone were so dark and beautiful. What you saw on screen was what the characters were feeling. The environment and visuals imitated the strife and conflict of the characters. The music was also very appropriate to the mood. Very exquisite filmmaking.
  • It's nice to see a movie made for the working man. We're the hardest workers in this country and without blue-collar guys white-collar guys would be nowhere. This movie shows how hard it is to be a blue-collar worker in the US, how under appreciated we are, and how often we are looked down on for doing manual labor. In this movie it's the working man who fights back to get what he deserves after being Sh#t on constantly. It's the oppression and abuse of the men in charge that fuel the anger of Red and his friends and they decide to take action - out of necessity and out of revenge. You can feel the rage seeping out of the character's pores and I could totally identify with their frustrations because I've experienced a lot of what they experienced working on a construction site my whole life. This movie is real. It's authentic. It doesn't sugar coat sh#t or cater to the big wigs. I went on a roller-coaster ride watching this movie and I loved every f#*king minute of it. It's amazing to watch a movie for they everyday man that was made by a guy who gets the everyday battle we face and this movie captured it all.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The tagline is "Steal Back the American Dream". Maybe, I missed this, since the movie is boring without any real structure to speak of, but it never happens.

    Instead they just keep talking about the same thing and dealing with the same problem over and over again. The characters aren't likable at all. Unless you consider smacking women in front of babies and attacking anyone psychically that disagrees with you in the slightest likable. The worst part is they never have any remorse. Instead they usually celebrate.

    They would have been better off making an MMA movie with all the unnecessary fight scenes. The filmmaker could have then hired real fighters so that the fight scenes would actually look believable.

    To me this movie is more about proving your manhood than anything and I don't mean that as a story plot. I mean that in the writing, directing and acting. It's as as if a group of insecure teenage boys got together to make a movie.

    I will admit there are few good moments of acting and the occasional scene that is put together but it really goes nowhere. Mostly, it's a bunch of one dimensional characters and caricatures drifting along complaining but never really doing anything accept acting out like frustrated children.