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  • A bit much at over 3 hours, this fifth volume in the high-concept series presenting May/December lesbian romances emphasizes huge tits, certainly a satisfying decision a decade ago by Girlfriends Films, and likely proof that the target audience is male, not free-thinking women. It's porn after all, and most free-thinkers of the female persuasion have better things to do than watch porn.

    My favorite segment pairs the label's top predator Nicole Moore with British fetish model Goldie, who has even bigger breasts than her elder. Goldie's a hitchhiker and this vignette serves to relieve the audience from the claustrophobia of these bedroom exercises, as we see some highway and even a setting in a slanted roof ski lodge cabin loft for sex. Goldie has a great smile and tries in vain to represent shyness and even "first time" jitters as a lesbian, while Nicole of the wandering hands is not to be deterred in her conquest.

    Huge mammaries appear in the opening segment upon the frame of Susan aka Laura Meadows, who resembles a throw-back stripper (boasting a vintage '50s physique and styling) pawing at Courtney. I don't understand Courtney's popularity, as Girlfriends featured her frequently, as she seems like an am in a pro-am video.

    Similarly nondescript is Kimmie opposite mainstream star Penny (Flame) in a filler of a finale.

    For superstars one must turn to Puma Swede seducing little Brianna Love, who talks with a little-girl shyness and tries to resist big Puma, even though the fans know she's a much-exposed, bona fide icon of amazing sexual abilities including her own John Leslie-directed classic vehicle bearing her name in the title.