• WARNING: Spoilers

    Henry Goodson was a 27-year-old writer who lost his job when the magazine he worked for went under. Now, with no job and no place to go, Henry is forced to move in with his estranged 72-year-old dad, Ed, who is notorious for saying what is on his mind. Also on hand was Henrys goofy half brother Vince, and his inept wife Bonnie, who were realtors. Tim was the gay housekeeper, who Ed hired when he got him fired from his job (s). Henry meanwhile, found another job with a different magazine, using Eds one-liners as his story. Early episodes focused on Eds words getting him into trouble and him having to go to extreme lengths at times to make things right. Midway thru the season, Vince and Bonnie were convinced by a self-help guru to quit their jobs, and unable to afford their condo, also had to move in with Ed. Later on, Ed decided to run against his determined neighbor Rosemary Pernworth (Jean Smart) for president of the Homeowners Association, when she criticized him for his corn being too high and he ended up falling for her. In the last episode aired, a girl Henry liked, who had read his artcile about Ed, turned out to be the girlfriend of a guy who thought he was Eds son. Since the show was canceled, audiences never discovered what the outcome was. Memorable guest stars during the 18 episode run included Missi Pyle, John Mahoney, Cybil Shepherd, Curtis Armstrong, Ed Begley, Jr., and Lee Majors. The series was inspired by the Twitter feed of the same name by Justin Halpern, who chronicled things his dad Sam said.