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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just saw the movie and honestly, I think this is such a good movie, especially for kids.

    In this movie, Doraemon actually managed to risk the safety of everyone in Tokyo by releasing sea animals to float around on the streets, and that includes a huge bull shark. It nearly killed Dekisugi too. How interesting.

    Not to mention, Nobita's most loyal & helpful friends: "Giant and Suneo" which always accompanies him in hundreds of his adventures, and yet for hundreds of times always managed to betray & dishonor their friendship with Nobita by bullying, sizing up, cornering him, being only-a-friend-scenario-and-opportunity-wise, and discards him on his daily life; Instead of offering a helping hand, sincere friendships and encouragements as what real friends would always do. Therefore as expected, in this movie Giant and Suneo still lived up to their expectations by teaching Japanese kids about the values of "friendship, honor, and good will." Nevertheless, in the end our little heroes managed to capture hundreds/thousands of their enemy's soldiers, and ordered them all to be put to death by being fed alive to the giant shark. Too bad, the movie finished before we can see how their enemies' limbs were ripped apart and eaten by the shark. Must've been censored then.

    But hey, now that these grade five children have contributed to the gruesome deaths of their enemies, then I guess there won't be another sequel to the mermaid series, therefore it's a happy ending, and the mermaids will live happily ever after :) Well, I'd personally give this movie a 10 out of 10. This truly is a magnificent movie. A true Quentin Tarantino's style movie made for kids. What a genius!
  • I love this Doraemon movie so much!!! XD

    It was in fact My favorite Mermaid Movie of all time!! :D

    I love Sophia, The Mermaid Princess of "The Planet Aqua", who ends up landing on Nobita's and Doraemon's backyard, thinking She's so cute and beautiful! XD

    It always reminds me of Ariel from Disney's Little Mermaid (1989) and Ripjaws from Ben 10! XD

    Sophia from Doraemon, according to the Japanese Wikipedia says that She might have been inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's The little Mermaid from Denmark in 1837.

    and she speaks "Aquarian", a native fictional language of Planet Aqua (In Japanese language websites only, of course.).

    So, happy "Mermaid" day!! XD