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  • Rather than a big-budget spectacular of either the epic story genre or all-sex exercise in style, Brad Armstrong's "The Alibi" is simply a B-movie police procedural, frankly designed like any of the innumerable TV episodes cranked out by Dick Wolf or the CSI and NCIS teams. It plods along in uninteresting fashion.

    Jessica Drake is the central protagonist who needs an alibi, as her husband Tommy Gunn has been murdered. There's plenty of adultery going around, and Mark West (played by Eric Masterson) is her alibi, having had sex with her at the time of the murder.

    Saving grace here is a fine performance, both in acting and in the sack, by the underrated Veronica Rayne as a police detective working on the homicide case with partner Randy Spears. Brad's screenplay even writes in a role for him to play, married to the great Raylene.

    There are enough suspects to create a modicum suspense in this whodunit, but it adds up to a very dull saga punctuated by the big-name cast humping away XXX style. Those lovable B-movie classics of old (think '30s, '40s and '50s), were peppered with colorful characters and snappy dialog, both elements sorely lacking in the uncredited screenplay.