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  • sjspol28 October 2017
    Exceeded Expectations
    I expected the movie to be a standard action movie with a weak plot. This movie surprised me on several levels. First the plot was above average for an action movie. Second, Jackie Chan turned in a subdued and very good character portrayal. Third,the movie was not the typical martial arts laden Jackie Chan performance. There were martial art scenes but they were not over done as in prior Chan movies. Supporting cast led by Pierce Brosnan were also very good. In summary, if your a fan of the action genre you will not be disappointed.
  • atlasmb26 October 2017
    A Gripping Drama With Plenty Of Action
    Terrorists routinely take out civilian targets, killing innocents who just happen to be in the wrong place. The terrorists don't consider reprisals from the victims or their families; they only expect government agencies to retaliate. But what if a victim had unusual abilities that would permit him to take action? This is the basic premise of "The Foreigner".

    Jackie Chan plays Quan, a small, unassuming Asian man whose daughter happens to be a casualty in a politically motivated London bombing. With little left to live for, he commits him self to revenge/justice. Adapted from a book called "The Chinaman", the story allows Chan to use his martial arts in service to a personal cause. He employs stealth and intimidation to discover who the terrorists are, then goes after them.

    Pierce Brosnan plays Liam Hennessey, an Irish politician who is a former IRA member. He wants to identify the bomber(s) for political reasons, and to hold together a fracturing 19-year accord that was never accepted by some.

    The story is complex, but totally comprehensible. The direction of Martin Campbell and the editing keep the action moving and tight. This is not merely an action film; it's a tense drama about conflicting causes.
  • yskwong-255-8482459 October 2017
    Best Jackie Chan Movie in a Long Long Time
    Was a huge fan of his movies made earlier in his career. Lately, most of his movies had been nothing but disappointment, until The Foreigner.

    Jackie Chan isn't young anymore, but he was able to show that he still have some juice left.

    Pure action, his stunt trademarks, and not too much of CGI (unlike recent movies where poor CGI effects really spoilt the films).

    I will not spoil it for you, just got watch it, and you'll not regret it.
  • rbrb6 October 2017
    Desperate Hours Meets Sunday Bloody Sunday
    This is a super engrossing action-thriller-drama.

    An innocent child is the victim in a terrorist bomb but the perpetrators do not know of the desperate determination and grit of the victim's father.

    There are two astonishing performances: first from Jackie Chan as the aggrieved father; and second from Pierce Brosnan as a suspicious and duplicitous politician.

    Jackie Chan is outstanding as the grieving parent out for justice. And despite some action being of the kung fu variety that does not detract from a great show.

    Pierce Brosnan is equally remarkable, displaying amazing realism in his portrayal of an Irish political leader.

    This movie is highly recommended:

  • TheBigSick2 October 2017
    An absolutely stunning thriller
    The film "The Foreigner" is a truly brilliant thriller that holds your breath from the first minute to the last minute. You never know what will happen and have to stare on the screen all the time. The makeup, sound mixing, action choreography, and acting performances are all top-notch. Jackie Chan perhaps gives his career-best performances, both physically and emotionally.

    More specifically, there are two disparate story lines in "The Foreigner". The first is an action line, where Quan(Jackie Chan) seeks revenge after the death of his daughter, and the second story line is a political one, in which Hennessy(Pierce Brosnan), a former IRA member, gets involved in a complicated conspiracy. The two story lines progress in parallel in an extremely fast pace, and converge from time to time. The directing is just amazing in the sense that such a complex story can be told in less than two hours. Some action fans might get confused when they find out that only half of the film is about action, but the political story line only adds to the complexity and depth of the film, making it more relevant to real life.

    In one word, I would give the film a 9/10 rating.
  • stevenclayalcander1 October 2017
    Best action movie with deep emotion and complex politics !
    When i saw this movie release in theater, i cant wait to watch this movie and i'm not disappointed at all. The movie starts with good background story, i can see the bonding between father and daughter, loving each other who are living in London, England. Then the tragic bombing happened, unfortunately Chan daughter was nearby and killed by that tragedy. Someone claim that was their deeds, and it is a terrorist attack. I feel really sad and sorry with Chan, i can see he is really suffered because of his loss. I'm so impressed with Chan acting in this movie, it seems he really does his role so deep and emotional. I can see Chan character who is broken, suffering, mysterious, have a dark past and loss his patience with the investigation which take a long time, because it involve some political issues with Ireland, who is in peace agreement with England. I think this is one of the best Chan acting performa in his entire career.

    And one more who is really take this movie to be one of the best in 2017 is Pierce Brosnan. He acts as Liam Hennesy, someone who is an official government. The story then become more complex and slowly reveal the connection between Hennesy and the terrorist. At one point, i really love this movie because it not only pure action movie, but it gives you many political issues and problems. When it involve politics, everything becomes complicated.

    At another point, this movie has a good story with deep emotional background story, and you can feel symphatic easily with those two main characters. They have their own reason for what they are doing, and it feels realistic and deep. The action is amazing too ! I think everyone already know with Chan success in acting movies. We can see Chan who is really skilled and dangerous, but already old and can out of stamina easily.

    At last, i think all aspect in this movie is remarkable. The action movie with deep emotional story and complex political issues makes this movie really amazing. I recommend you to watch this movie asap, even if you watch it twice, i think it will still be exciting !
  • Christopher Simmons16 October 2017
    As a Jackie Chan movie it's great, as a thriller with action it's even better.
    I knew ahead of time going in this movie was more about the story that it was Jackie beating the crap out of goons (which I personally love to see). Both Jackie and Pierce did very well in the respective roles, Pierce's malice really shined through in the story while Jackie's dramatic acting was very believable and really helped immersion. I was impressed by the actions scenes as they were fitting and not ill placed. Everyone added to the storyline and wasn't throw in there to just to give us action. Even though this doesn't fit the standard role we usually see Mr. Chan in, he really brings depth to a story that could have been shallow. If you're debating it, don't just watch it.
  • bankofmarquis16 October 2017
    A good comeback for Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan is back, ladies and gentlemen!  And the political/action/revenge thriller he has chosen as his comeback is a wise choice - action packed, exciting but very, very serious.

    Jackie stars as Quan Ngoc Minh (he's called Quan throughout the film) a father of a teenager who is overly protective of her.  When his daughter is killed by an IRA terrorist bomb (this is not a spoiler, it was shown in the trailers and happens in the first 5 minutes of the film), Quan turns out to have a "certain set of skills" that will help him identify and hunt down those responsible.

    Part TAKEN, part PATRIOT GAMES and part RAMBO, Quan gets caught up in a much larger game of political intrigue and terrorism as he seeks to bring to justice those that harmed his daughter.

    Chan is a welcome sight back on the big screen.  But be aware - this is a dour, serious Chan - I don't think he breaks a smile throughout the course of this film.  His character has a minimal amount of lines and - as we expect from a Jackie Chan film - he is a man of action and not words.

    And the action is terrific. Chan, now 63 years old, seems to be doing most of his own stunts and age hasn't slowed him much at all.  It was great fun to see him jumping around, beating up the bad guys and flying down drainpipes and over vehicles.  Jackie still has it.

    Since Chan is silent and dour, the lion's share of the emotion, plotting and energy of this film falls to the chief antagonist - Pierce Brosnan's Liam Hennessy - who just might know more than he is letting on about the bombing.  Brosnan has aged gracefully, post-James Bond, and he continues to surprise me with the depth of his performances.  He makes a good adversary to Chan.

    Also making a comeback, of sorts, is Director Martin Campbell - who Directed Daniel Craig as James Bond in CASINO ROYALE and Brosnan himself  as Bond in GOLDENEYE.  Campbell hasn't directed a Major Motion Picture since the 2011 flop, THE GREEN LANTERN.  It is good to see the practiced eye and steady hand of a veteran Director at the helm.

    Be warned - this film is not all action - Campbell spends much of his time on the political maneuvering of Brosnan with Chan jumping in (literally) to spoil plans time and again, so be ready for that type of film, not a RUSH HOUR fun romp.  If you do, you'll be rewarded, indeed.

    Letter Grade A-

    8 stars (out of 10) and you can take that to the Bank (ofMarquis)
  • trbartel27 October 2017
    Best Action Movie
    Best Action Movie...why? Certainly not over priced special effects and huge explosions. This movie was attention. The plot is intricately woven and suspenseful. Jackie plays an Oscar worthy role as a deeply mournful parent looking for answers and won't take no for an answer. Pierce was sensational and very believable. One of the best all around casting jobs I've seen in a while. If you know nothing about the Brits and the IRA conflicts, spend 5 minutes on Wikipedia before going to see the movie. This is a must see!!
  • kashidomar30 September 2017
    Jackie Chan and another masterclass action providing thriller.....
    I have always been a superstitious fan of jackie chan...a kind of blind one i think...from the early age of my watching movie time i was thrilled by those action packed movies of him.and yet again he proved me right this time.This movie contains jackie is enough for me to say it a good film...but when i saw this i found besides him many crucial parts of it had to be watched and to be thinked for...the plot,the twists and turnes ...the music...all this adds to the flavour...I realized jackie is a small part of this fabulous movie....May be maths..

    This movie offers many aspects of sudden and chronic mind blowing thoughts and executive and the movie build up is so progressive that it pulls u into it. As the movie starts with a simple londonian buisenessman, accelerates with the death of his beloved daughter,rides with the truth revealing actions full of terrorism, buried past and a British government official. The movie gently will be blended with u...will generate a storm in ur brain....will particularly play with ur thoughts and at the end will toy ur perceptions.

    The movie moves on dynamically towards a thrilling climax...touchy one as well..acting is u know will be always excellent with jackie chan...but others also have done well including pierce brosnan.... Good to see him in a very good form after a time i can say...the actions are also eye soothing....u can not ignore those when jackie is around ...can u ??????

    such movie should not be missed.....never say no to this one....never.......
  • autisticreviewers19 October 2017
    Autistic Reviewers Opinion Of This Movie.
    From the director of Casino Royale comes the movie starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan The Foreigner! Humble businessman with a buried past seeks Justice when his daughter is killed in an act of terrorism. His name is Quan Ngoc Minh (Jackie Chan). He will stop at nothing until everyone that was responsible is killed or brought down!

    Jackie Chan real life is now 63 years old and for someone who is 63 years old he is still doing his own stunts and is able to carry the entire movie without any need of pointless CGI or stunt people. I know a lot of people will be disappointed due to the fact that the film relies heavily on it being a thriller and drama rather than an action film. There are still very many fight scenes in there the Jackie Chan fans will love but the whole point of the movie was Jackie Chan's loss of his daughter. Pierce Brosnan also gets a lot of screen time and his scenes are quite powerful. Not everyone will love it but it definitely just goes to prove the Jackie Chan still has enough juice left in him to do his own stunts! 3/5 stars
  • RforFilm18 October 2017
    The Foreigner delivers on some Jackie Chan action, but be aware that this is a political thriller first
    I'll admit that I was excited to see The Foreigner. Not for the story or the action, but for the fact that we're getting a new Jackie Chan movie in America. Though a lot of kids today don't remember him, but from the mid nineties through the early 2000s, Jackie Chan was a Chinese martial artist who unexpectedly rose up to the action hero ranks of Stallone and Schwarzenegger. But unlike the big stature of Schwarzenegger, Chan had some of the fastest reflexes and spectacular fighting skills that we haven't seen since Bruce Lee. His playful personality made him popular worldwide, especially with children. So what happened?

    Where Jackie Chan went wrong was picking film roles that were either too fantastical (which doesn't work well with martial artists) or simply not funny. After the travesty of The Spy Next Door, Chan seemed to go back to China do films over there. His presence in the US was limited and seemed to fade out. Even with his age, Chan has proved that he still has the skills to pull off action scenes. So with The Foreigner, Jackie Chan not only has a chance to show that he can still carry an action film, but he can even play against his type.

    A retired special forced Vietnam veteran Quan (played by Jackie Chan) immigrated to the UK years ago and now runs a Chinese restaurant. A car bomb goes off, killing his teenage daughter. With no family left, the only thing on his mind is justice. He first goes to Scotland Yard to try and get then names, but finds no information. He then turns of Irish deputy minister Liam Hennessy (played by Pierce Brosnan) who was outspoken of his past a part of the Irish Republican Army. Phone calls don't seem to be working, so Quan travels to Ireland to confront Hennessy.

    I honestly don't want to give the rest away as anymore would spoil certain parts of the story. The Foreigner is a political thriller in a disguised action movie. Does it pay off. I think it does as long as your willing to sit through a lot of political talk and corruption. It's stuff that we've seen before, but I found it intriguing enough to want to see through the end. It's helped by the fact that both Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan are phenomenal in their parts.

    What's unfortunate is that both of the leads are just as good as they were when they were popular, and yet we don't see them as much as we used to. Though it's hard to place blame, I think it's definitely an age discrimination issue. The studios assume that audiences are only going to want to see younger stars take on the world, and leave their older actors out in the rain. It's bad for film and doesn't paint ourselves in a positive light.

    Going back to the stars, Jackie Chan is just as much of an action hero as he was before. What he does different in The Foreigner is that he's forced to give himself a more vulnerable look. On the surface, he looks like a quiet older Asian whose nonthreatening. He accomplishes what Liam Neeson couldn't do in Taken; He appears that no one would ever suspect him. This could have not been easy for him (especially later on when we see how fit Chan really is), but this shows how well of a dramatic actor Chan is as well of an action star. Speaking of which, you definitely get the action you'd expect. It's not as much Kung Fu, but simple defense.

    I'll give this six Irish Republican Army propaganda posters out of ten. This movie doesn't offer much new in terms of revenge stories, but it was at least entertaining. Those that want simple Jackie Chan action will get it, but they have to be willing to sit through a political thriller to get it. Check out and see why Jackie Chan is still worth our while.
  • themadmovieman30 September 2017
    An entertaining action thriller with good drama early on
    Warning: Spoilers
    This really isn't the film you expect it to be. Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan in the lead roles points towards an action-packed revenge thriller, but for the first half of the film, it's actually a well- balanced, dark and often dramatically intense film. Then once you're settled into that, it switches back to the Taken-esque action thriller you were expecting in the first place, providing some good entertainment, but getting a little stuck in developing a genuinely enthralling story.

    Let's start with the first, more dramatic half of the story. The film starts off quite literally with a bang thanks to an impressive and memorable terrorist attack sequence, and one that perfectly sets up the story of Jackie Chan's character for the rest of the movie.

    What's great about the first half of The Foreigner is that it knows you're expecting action, so still satisfies that with a couple of big bursts of action, but it most impresses when it comes to the slower, quieter sequences in which Chan begins his quest for justice after his daughter is killed, and he is left feeling utterly battered and alone.

    Jackie Chan himself is one of the real stand-outs of the whole movie, proving that he's actually got the dramatic chops when it comes down to it, and impresses with a genuinely nuanced performance early on, bringing home the tragic nature of his character's situation, easily letting you sympathise with him.

    So, throughout the film's first half, we see Chan becoming more and more engrossed in the search for the terrorists who killed his daughter, to the point where he travels from London to Belfast in Northern Ireland with the hope of gaining information from an influential politician.

    At first, the film continues the character's tragic story, and continues to impress in that degree, even showing some hugely unexpected lengths to which a man will go in search of justice.

    However, the second half of the film is where things start to change, and unfortunately disappoint. Despite the first act's dramatic intrigue, the story runs out of genuinely interesting development, not managing to bring anything further to the plot than watching Chan get more and more impatient in his quest for answers, something that really does get repetitive eventually.

    From then on, the movie turns back into the big action thriller you were expecting when you first went in. Despite his character's age, Jackie Chan abruptly bursts into his trademark martial arts action, and although it's a plot point that is eventually explained, it's not something that feels all that organic in the middle of the story, instead feeling like the dramatic story ran out of ideas, to the extent that it could only resort to Jackie Chan's trademark stuntwork.

    A lot of the action is actually pretty good, and Martin Campbell directs a lot of the fighting sequences with an impressively brutal and striking style, meaning that the film remains an entertaining watch throughout, even if it doesn't manage to keep up the impressive drama it had managed to establish earlier on.
  • Paul Allaer22 October 2017
    Complex and serious political action drama (Pierce Brosnan steals the show)
    "The Foreigner" (2017 release from the UK and China; 114 min.) brings the story of Quan, an older Chinese restaurant owner in London. As the movie opens, Quan picks up his 16 yr. old daughter from high school to take her shopping for a dress. He drops her off at a boutique, and while he parks the car, a bomb explodes, killing his daughter and 11 others. The "Authentic IRA", a previously unknown IRA splinter group from Northern Ireland, claims responsibility. Northern Ireland's Deputy Prime Minister Hennessy fears this may end the 19 year old peace, and calls in all political leaders. Meanwhile, Quan decides to do to Belfast himself to track down the killers... At this point we are 15 min. into the movie but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

    Couple of comments: this is the latest movie from British director Martin Campbell, best known for directing the James Bond films "Goldeneye" and "Casino Royale". It also marks the reunion of Campbell and Pierce Brosnan (who plays Hennessy). I know little about the movie going in, and was surprised (in the best possible way) that this turned out to be a complex and serious political action drama. This is MILES away from the silly (if entertaining) "Rush Hour" movies. In fact Jackie Chan (playing the role of Quan) disappears from the big screen for significant stretches of time (I'm talking more than 15 min., and more than once). The biggest surprise for me is the outstanding work from Pierce Brosnan, in his best role in YEARS, and in that sense Brosnan ends up stealing the movie. The photography of London and Belfast is eye-candy. Last but certainly not least, there is a wonderful electronic score for this movie, courtesy of composer Cliff Martinez.

    "The Foreigner" was already a big hit in China by the time it was released in the US last weekend. I finally got a chance to see it this weekend. The Saturday early evening where I saw this at was attended okay but not great. Perhaps it was because I had no specific expectations, but I was more than pleased with this movie. If you like a complex political action drama, I encourage you to check out "The Foreigner", be it in the theater, on VOD, or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray, and draw your own conclusion.
  • Mark Thomas19 October 2017
    From start to finish excellent, can't say anything more.

    There are very few films that impress me much these days, either the story is rubbish, the acting terrible or the effects just dull, but and this is a HUGE BUT, this film is THE BEST JACKIE CHAN FILM!

    From start to finish excellent, can't say anything more.

    One film you must see.

    Previous films were humorous with amazing stunts this is real in your face.

    A new Chapter of Chan!

    Rating 10 out of 10
  • Wanderer7 October 2017
    One of the best action movie in recent times
    Another masterpiece by legendary jackie chan, the plot is bit predictable, but the way it's executed is way too good :) Please watch it :) summary- Quan (Jackie Chan) is a humble London businessman whose long-buried past erupts in a revenge-fuelled vendetta when his teenage daughter dies in a senseless act of politically motivated terrorism. His relentless search to find the terrorists leads to a cat-and-mouse conflict with a British government official Hennessy (Pierce Brosnan), whose own past may hold the clues to the identities of the elusive killers.
  • svhot10 October 2017
    Emotionally-charged, Impressive Action, Garnished with "dirty politics", nice acting and direction
    Warning: Spoilers
    The basic plot of "The Foreigner " revolves around an Asian businessman (Jackie Chan) with a hidden past whose life gets turned upside-down when his teenage daughter is killed in a politically-motivated act of terrorism. His search for the elusive killers leads him to a British / Irish government official (Pierce Brosnan), whose own "muddy" past holds clues to the killers and their motives.

    Jackie Chan gives the best performance of his career. He has finally managed to prove the fact that he is totally capable of giving an emotionally-charged performance, when given the opportunity of doing so. Of course, he will impress the action fans once again in this movie(Don't worry, there's enough of his cool martial arts and stunts).

    Pierce Brosnan delights everyone once again, with his well-acted complex role. He definitely proves that he is one of the most versatile and genuine performers from his generation of actors.

    The direction is very impressive. The director of "The Foreigner" really knows and displays the true meaning and atmosphere of the word "thriller". I would love to become a story-screenplay writer for movies. Employers can contact me at
  • Anurag-Shetty17 October 2017
    Gripping film.
    The Foreigner is based on the novel 'The Chinaman', by Stephen Leather. Quan Ngoc Minh(Jackie Chan) loves his daughter Fan(Katie Leung), a lot. Fan is killed in a bomb blast. Quan will go to any means necessary, to find the people behind the bomb blast & bring them to justice.

    The Foreigner is a great movie. Director Martin Campbell has maintained the suspense throughout the film. The action set pieces are superb. The performances are the highlight of the movie. Jackie Chan is spectacular as Quan Ngoc Minh. Chan flawlessly portrays the gamut of emotions that his character feels, during the course of the film. Pierce Brosnan is brilliant as Liam Hennessy. The supporting cast is fantastic. The Foreigner is a must watch for Jackie Chan fans & fans of action thrillers. Go & witness an intense Jackie Chan movie.
  • batbhai22 October 2017
    Nice comeback from Jackie Chan!
    When I came to knew that Martin Campbell directed Brosnan in GoldenEye (1995) and Daniel Craig in Casino Royale(2006), I knew that I was going to experience something refreshing. China-Man and Ex-Bond in one flick! A composed and crafted script from the crew. Much better than Blade Runner 2049. You don't need IMAX/3D "immersion" if you can deliver it to the audience!

    The best Jackie Chan movie till date. Last but not least , I like this dialogue: "Politicians and terrorists,they are just 2 ends of the same snake. One end bites and the other doesn't."
  • rexer-1894223 October 2017
    What a great movie
    Warning: Spoilers
    I love believable characters and believable stories in action movies. This is not a normal Jackie Chan movie but he's the right guy for the role. He just does the things that makes you feel good about his character. The story has a progression that's absorbing, it's mesmerizing and continues to get better all the way to the climax. I want to tell you all about this but I'd spoil it for you. Go see it!
  • Hullumaja Puffet14 October 2017
    Jackie Chan vs. IRA?
    'The Foreigner' is quite formulaic action revenge thriller that doesn't offer much new or fresh, but still somehow manages to stay away from the path of dull clichés. Dedicated and masterful performances by its two leads, Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan, who both are little bit in a different water than most of us are used to see them. For me (I think I'm not the only one), the two actors were the only reason I watched that film, and I felt not a second of time wasted. It was nice breath of fresh air to see Jackie Chan's darker, and more serious side. Also, it seemed that writer had put some effort into plotting the 'cloak and dagger' situation between government officials with hazing the clear borders between good and evil.

    Quite OK action piece that is enlivened by great performances.
  • pal050520034 October 2017
    A former Chinese soldier out for vengeance for his daughter changes the equation in a political intrigue involving the Irish Scottish Deputy Minister
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is a dark, and gritty political action thriller featuring Jackie Chan. Chan is surprisingly good as a grizzled father out for vengeance, and you could completely overlook the fact that he used to play comical action heroes. Chan's demeanor portrays the vulnerability, heartbreak, and repressed anger of a parent. His character can be compared to a combination of Jackie Chan because of his acrobatic stunts, Liam Neeson's Bryan Mills for his dogged determination and questionable tactics, and Jason Bourne for his ability to outfox his opponents. Pierce Brosnan, the former James Bond actor, is a perfect antagonist to Chan. He plays a politician who has to resolve the problem or he will receive consequences from all sides. In fact, his character was as likable as Chan, but in the scenes where he is with Jackie Chan, Chan dominates every take. Acting-wise, this is a great surprising coming from actors not known for dramatic roles, yet both leads (especially Jackie Chan) manages to keep a gripping performance that makes the audience rooting and feeling sympathetic for them till the very end. The action scenes are reminiscent of the Bourne series. They are brutal, and grounded. There are scenes of Chan's trademark acrobatic and improvisional fighting style, but they look brutal and deadly. The filming of the fight scenes is also similar to Paul Greengrass's work, but is more effective and less nauseating than in the Bourne Supremacy. Another interesting aspect of the movie is that the theme is very dark, and grim for a Jackie Chan movie. It is a very smooth transition for Chan from comical action hero to straight action heroes. I look forward to more interesting works like this from Jackie Chan.
  • rgkarim13 October 2017
    Not Foreign To Plot Or Edge
    Jackie Chan a legend in the cinematic world for many famous roles many will remember for years to come. With epic Marshal Arts sequences, a sense of comedic delivery and great chemistry with a variety of actors, it is no wonder the man has been involved in so many projects. And after a hiatus, the legend seems to be making a comeback lending his voice to Lego Ninjago and now returning in a live action film the Foreigner. Does the man still have the magic, or was he better left sitting on the sidelines? Robbie K here to review another movie and as always let's get started.


    Edgy: The trailers promised Chan would be returning with some sharper, and darker, edges and sure enough they delivered. Mr. Quan is certainly one of the darker roles I've seen him play, as he seeks out his own brand of justice in a manner only a vigilante could. No punches are thrown in this role, and this more intense role is a nice touch to Chan's normal lighter roles. Saying few words, Chan has the look down with sullen wise eyes filled with a hateful, hopeless stare, and scowl that seems permanently fixated in a faithless fury. This darker role was fascinating to watch, primarily to see how far he would go to crush the opposition.

    Fairly fast pacing: No surprise here, but the Foreigner moves at a fairly brisk pace, starting out with a literal bang and diving into the search to come. Information is provided in a fairly linear manner so that you get all the answers you need, all the while maximizing the "action" at the same time.

    Complete story: Despite the quickened pace, this movie does manage to close all the convoluted loops established in this film. The Foreigner has a lot of dramatic elements integrated into the action that include affairs, conspiracies, and betrayals that feels much like soap opera plot lines. Rather than taking episodes to finish these tales, the writers provided all the answers one needs to be satisfied with the closure. Not saying it's the best closure mind you, but at least it finishes the tale quite well.

    Chan's moves: While certainly not the freshest or more convoluted stunts he's ever done, it is satisfying to see Chan still have some of his magic. The Foreigner does a nice job of giving our star chances to show off his acrobatic skills. After leaping around like an old squirrel, Chan next dazzles with his close combat choreographer, still executing his close style fist fights in a smooth dance. And with the new edge, Chan's darker combat is unleashed, losing the feeling of being planned to the adrenaline rush we love to see.


    Pierce Brosnan's accent: A minor dislike at best, I couldn't get on board with Brosnan's attempt at sounding Irish. While certainly better than me, the former Bond star has a little more refining to do in order to sell the angry Irish man to me. It was comical at times and took away from the threat he was trying to bring to the table, well that and the fact that he didn't seem to have many skills himself. Sorry Pierce, you've got debonair down, but not the fury of the fiery reds.

    Editing: While dramas are sometimes a bit overbearing to me, I could handle most of the character antics in this film. However, the storyboard team dropped the ball a few times for me in how much they crammed into this film. Some of the relationships were not needed, merely extra branches to take up space in attempt to fill up time. While the tangents expand a little on our two lead characters, they could have been left out, or kept in small bits of dialogues instead of full out sequences, especially when it came to the wife scenes. Drama lovers will certainly enjoy this element, but the rest get ready to yawn. Speaking of which…

    Not as action packed: I thought the Foreigner was going to have more bite with Chan finally emerging from his retirement. Instead of the energy that Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon brought, the Foreigner slowed the pace down a bit. Those extensive bouts of fist punching are brought to a minimum in terms of time, reduced to some covert moves that would make Rambo proud in their pyrotechnic awe. The few bouts we do have maximize the new tone and provide some satisfying stunt work, but for me… it paled to the classics I grew up with. Still not a bad display for the aged master, I just would have liked more of that and less drama.

    The VERDICT:

    The Foreigner is a great restart to Chan's career giving him a new edge I haven't seen before. It's a film that does its part as an action drama, trying to craft more of a story with the action to support it in the long run. And while the tale is decent, and complete, it's still a bit too slow and drawn out when there could have been more fighting. The result is still entertaining, but with enough drab parts to outweigh the extent of action we got. Chan may still have some moves up his sleeve, but I'll take revisiting the classics any day. Nevertheless, there is enough kick to warrant a theater visit for this one, primarily in regards to those satisfying, climactic fights that occur.

    My scores are:

    Action/Thriller: 8.0 Movie Overall: 7.0
  • A K14 October 2017
    No More Mr. Nice Guy !
    I've been a fan of Jackie Chan since I was a kid. I grew up watching movies like Rumble In The Bronx, Rush Hour, First Strike. So I was excited to see him back and he proves he is one of the best action stars ever.

    The Foreigner provides on plenty of action, suspense, thrills and a surprisingly fair amount of drama. You may be used to his movies of the past that are light hearted and fun. This was not your typical Jackie Film, as it is quite serious with little to no humor and more like his films "Crime Story" & "New Police Story" which also differ from Jackie's usual style of action films. Both Jackie & Pierce were both solid in their roles and the acting was quite good with the characters being allowed to develop along with the story. It may seem like a typical revenge, Taken style action movie, but as the film progressed it turns more into a story involving political intrigue and conspiracy which I thought at times slowed the movie, but still was entertained and thrilled throughout.

    Overall, if your an old school Jackie Chan fan and love his films like I do, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. One of the best action movies of 2017.

  • Michael Ledo22 October 2017
    I have no family
    Warning: Spoilers
    In London, the UDI blows up a British Bank which kills the last family member of Quan (Jackie Chan). Quan suspects the First Minister of Ireland (Pierce Bronson) knows the identity of the bombers. He will not stop until he gets them.

    We get some background information on Quan at about an hour into the film as well as confirmation of the clues scattered about. This was a serious role for Jackie Chan playing a 61 year old Rambo. While the plot was fairly simple, the story kept me engaged, even knowing where it going.

    Guide: F-word. Implied sex. No nudity.
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