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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Recap: A montage of Jake Gyllenhaal's characters in Donnie Darko and Jarhead with speeches Barrack Obama about the war in Iraq.

    Comments: A fun, interesting idea, which could possibly had hold some edge too, but I thought the cut's didn't really match up. The story seemed to pause and get stuck. The point is obviously to make a statement about the war in Iraq, but what exactly was the point is unclear.

    And a few too many scenes just halted. The movie got very slow and silent, especially in comparison with the more explosive scenes from Jarhead. That actually got me thinking that a 7 minute short movie was too long.

  • Rodrigo_Amaro10 April 2010
    "Jake Gyllenhaal Challenges the Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize" is an unusual name for a title I must say. I was looking for upcoming movies of Chris Cooper (one of my favorite actors) when this enormous title appeared. I research here on IMDb and then I watched. The result was a short movie that sometimes was funny and sometimes was confusing, a little bit senseless but very interesting to watch.

    Here footages of Jake Gyllenhaal's movies "Jarhead" and "Donnie Darko", the movie "Saved" (Jake's not in it) and several interviews with U.S. President Barack Obama, tells what the title says. An challenge between Jake (in Donnie and Swofford's characters) and Obama about War, and what's necessary to do to establish peace, this sort of things. For those who haven't watched these movies they're excellent, 3 must see movies of the decade.

    It was fun to watch because the editing of this short was very good (except that in the first seconds you can see a little kid in the audience standing before a microphone, then the scene moves forward and we see this kid again, running downstairs moving to the microphone, bu that's OK, that doesn't count as a bad thing and it's actually funny). But I have some reservations about it's speeches, meaning, or even a political context. Is it against Obama? Is it a protest against war? I really don't know. And the other thing that bothered me was: We're supposed to believe that it is Jake or his characters in the movies mentioned that are discussing with Obama? One suggestion that could've appeared here is that a young guy protests against the president but then he joins the Army and goes to war. But this short doesn't seem to go in that way and you might feel confused.

    But I must say that the director tried to do something good and he did. Who can possibly imagine that "Donnie Darko" and "Jarhead" could be mixed together in a short without being ridiculous? 8/10