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  • This is the 200th movie from late Dr Vishnuvardhan for his fans across Karnataka .

    This movie is complete justification for the previous version Aaptha Mithra. Avinash and Sandhya has done a great job . Vishnuvardhan does justice to the role.Vimala Raman as Nagavalli does a fine job.

    Bhavana , Ramesh Bhatt , Lakshmi Gopalaswamy as supporting cast has done a descent job .

    P.Vasu has executed the movie well . I liked his work in Aaptha Mithra and does a descent job in this flick too .

    Songs in the movie are okay type .Gharani Gharani track does stick with you.

    i recommend you to watch it .

    I go with 7/10 ...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Those shining eyes are back in their second outing and so is the dreaded Nagavalli and she is not alone this time. A 30 ft Anaconda cross Indian cobra accompanies her for no reason. And the snake charmer has the audacity to tame it with his 1 ft pungi. :-) Its a treat to watch our captain Vijay single handedly bat the evil spirits off a house filled with beautiful babes. Just when u thought he will score a century, the audience is left dejected as he gets out in 90's ; that's during the last few reels of the movie which has no logic of any kind. The climax appears to be lifted from Hollywood flicks like Twister, 2012, The Mummy combined with low end graphics,-- courtesy our neighboring state ;-) . remember director " its always No graphics at all" :-) The movie starts with a Nagavalli painting flying like a hot balloon across the streets of Mysore and finally landing at an artist's dwelling. 5 yrs later the haunted portrait finds itself a place in a bunglow and creates havoc to its inmates. Then enter our 6-pack witch doctor(Avinash) and the family pack psychiatrist( Dr Vishnuvardhan) to solve the mystery behind deaths and over 120 decibels screaming from "I have nothing else to do" royal city belle's . The doctors take a conflicting approach to find out the psycho Nagavalli in the house. The witch doctor gets retired hurt in the process and our captain is shouldered the responsibility to carry on the innings which he does it successfully and gets a Man of the Match award.

    Gurukiran's music is above average and the cinematography fails to make it an edge of the seat thriller . The supporting crew does a fine job and slim and gorgeous Bhavana needs a special mention here. She has a potential to rule the drought hit(in terms of female protagonists) sandalwood.

    The movie is worth watching once if you can tolerate 70's graphics and Paapa Pandu genre of comedy ;-)
  • A sequel to "Manichithrathazhu" was the sole reason I watched this movie. However its more of "Chandramukhi II", with focus predominantly on the actor rather than the plot owing to which it doesn't size up quite well. Had the "Nagavalli" been the core premise it would have taken the movie on a different level altogether.

    The opening scene doesn't integrate quite well to the the actual plot. If you have seen "Chandramukhi" then the sequel gets quite predictable leaving the novelty/ suspense wiped out completely (infact there is penny dropping moment which should have been avoided). In addition, there are too many family members get associated with the "Nagavalli" plot making it confusing. The CGI's are shoddy and the production values remind of 1980's. Comedy is appalling. Vishnuvardhan smirks were unwanted.

    Hopefully the Telugu remake should deliver a product with a greater impact and tie up the loose ends.
  • This is a must watch movie for all Dr Vishnuvardhan fans as it is his last movie.

    It is well made movie with good graphic work.Acting is well done by all esp., Dr vishnuvardhan,Komal,Avinash. Vimala Raman excels as Nagavalli. Ramesh Bhat is wasted and so is bhavana. Vinayaprasad has done her bit.

    I wasn't much impressed with some scenes in the movie particularly the snake scene which is ditto copied from tamil movie Chandramukhi. Also Dr Vishnuvardhan as vijaya Rajendra bahadur doesn't help the cause either

    In the end i must say that its a good movie with decent storyline. It would have been an awesome movie if director had concentrated a bit on the nativity of the subject.