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  • If US production companies and networks were truly creative they would be grabbing some of the drama's regularly appearing on French TV screens and "Marion Mazzano" is yet another excellent example. In this instance, were I a US TV exec I would buy it as is and credit the audience with some intelligence by not messing it up in transitioning it to somewhere in the US with an English-speaking cast. This multi-parter covers our title character who was once a cop but having survived a shooting has now become a prison administrator. Marion's husband was and still is a cop and that causes some tension in their marriage and work situations. The first prison situation we see her in involves a prisoner who has taken a hostage, Marion offers herself instead and learns from the prisoner that he has seen a prison guard who killed one of his cell-mates at another prison and feels he is marked for death too. This story provides the second of two primary stories running through the series. Without spoiling the enjoyment, suffice to say there's great writing and acting with some very graphic violence for US viewers but not anything Europeans would deem unusual. Realistic situations akin to HBO's "Oz," which it sometimes manages to better.