The crew created a rig of six cameras, called the Panocam, which was mounted on a helicopter and covered nearly 180 degrees of the action. During post production, the directors could combine the overlapped filmed footage, essentially creating a camera that could swing around the action independently of the helicopter's actual flying path.

The chase sequence in Chicago was codenamed "Fifty-Two Part" by the film's crew. It was the longest sequence in the script and involving some of the film's most difficult stunts. To complete it, Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum had to film every day for six months.

On the date for the wide release of this movie, February 6, 2015, Jupiter was at its opposition, meaning it was at its closest point to Earth, as well as have its face fully illuminated by the Sun.

Channing Tatum had to wear a mouthpiece to change the shape of his lower jaw to realistically portray a part-canine character. This unfortunately prevented him from closing his mouth and gave him trouble when he had to talk.

When arriving at the planet Ores, the Station V from 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) can be seen in the distance amongst the space ships.

VFX supervisor Dan Glass cites European architecture as a major influence on the designs in the film, including Renaissance architecture, modern glass and Gothic art.

Natalie Portman was originally cast as Jupiter Jones, but dropped out. Rooney Mara was considered to replace her, before Mila Kunis was finally cast.

The beautiful interior of the Natural History Museum designed by Alfred Waterhouse in London was used in the filming of "intergalactic space palace" scenes, housing film and stunt crew numbering over 400 and 150 cast and extras

According to the directors, the script was over 600 pages long.

The film was originally slated for release for July 18, 2014, but the studio delayed the film's release and pushed it back six and a half months to give the production more time in the post-production process.

Channing Tatum apparently kept most of his prosthetic ears from this film.

Douglas Booth describes Titus Abrasax as "a bit of a playboy" mentioning his spaceship, as described in the script, is a cross between a Gothic cathedral and the Playboy Mansion.

While doing a Q&A with fans on Reddit, one asked Channing Tatum what the movie was about. He responded "good question. I have the same one myself."

Filming was completed in 2013 and spent more than a year in post-production, being released in early 2015.

After Terry Gilliam appears in this film, someone informs Jupiter that she needs to fill out a 27B/6 form. This is a reference to Brazil (1985), directed by Terry Gilliam.

Mila Kunis describes Jupiter Jones as unhappy with her job and life, but also lazy and with no aspirations to do anything about it until Caine Wise finds her.

The Wachowski sisters' second movie that Natalie Portman dropped out of, following Cloud Atlas (2012).

In the second overview scene on Zalintyre, at the end of the bridge you can see the Nationale-Nederlanden building, or "Dancing House" from Prague, Czech Republic.

Panoramic scene of Zalintyre correspond to Bilbao City in Spain modified by computer. Famous buildings as Guggenheim Museum (Gehry design), La Salve bridge or Zubizuri bridge (Calatrava design) are easily identified.

Stinger Apini is semi-retired on Earth and keeps bees, a reference to Sherlock Holmes, who had retired to the Sussex Downs to keep bees in the original short story "His Last Bow".

Jupiter Jones' family is Russian. Mila Kunis was born and spent the first few years of her life in the Ukraine which, at the time, was part of the Soviet Union. Not long after her family emigrated to the United States, the USSR collapsed and the Ukraine became an independent country.

This is the first 3D movie directed by the Wachowski sisters.

Jupiter Ascending is the Wachowski sisters' second movie to receive an MPAA rating lower than R. The first was Speed Racer (2008), which was rated PG. Jupiter Ascending is rated PG-13.

This is the first movie by the Wachowski sisters to be set entirely in the same year as the release of the film (2015) since Bound (1996).

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was considered for a role.

Natalie Portman was cast in the lead role, but dropped out. She was replaced by her close friend Mila Kunis. The two starred together in Black Swan (2010).

The name of the "pilot" of the good guys' spaceship is "Nesh", a shortening of the Hindu god, Ganesha.

Douglas Booth and Vanessa Kirby previously appeared together as Pip and Estella in Great Expectations (2011).

From the viewpoint of Jupiter, the Abrasax family are very long-lived. But to them, even their mother lived for only 91 millennia while their business operates on a much longer time scale. For example, Earth is ripe for harvest 65 million years after they eradicated the large dinosaurs - over 700 of their generations ago.

Tuppence Middleton (Kalique), Doona Bae (Razo) and Kick Gurry (Vladie) also had roles in another Wachowski project, Sense8 (2015), as Riley Blue, Sun and Puck respectively.

The bureaucrat scene is homage to Brazil (1985), directed by Terry Gilliam who played the Seal and Signet Minister.

Cain Wise's gun makes a distinctive "barking " sound.

Sean Bean and Eddie Redmayne, respectively, both starred in the horror film Black Death (2010).

Ondra Dorian was considered for a role.

The film's main protagonist Jupiter (Named after the planet Jupiter) becomes an intergalactic princess. In Doctor Who: The Curse of Peladon: Episode One (1972) The Jon Pertwee version of The Doctor and his companion Jo Grant (Played by Katy Manning) met the ruler of the medieval planet Peladon - King Peladon (Named after the planet which he rules). Both Nikki Amuka-Bird and Christina Cole had appeared in the revived series. Eddie Redmayne had expressed interest in playing The 13th Doctor, but Jodie Whittaker was cast.

Stinger Apini, Sean Bean's character, does not die in this film. As a result, there is an in-joke remark that his character "made it through".

When Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) is captured and taken onto a spaceship in the middle of a corn field, as soon as the spaceship takes off, you can see a commonly known crop circle is left in the middle of the field. The crop circle is a common shape seen in hoaxes before and it happens to be the exact shape of the ship Jupiter is taken onto.

This is the second movie by the Wachowski sisters where the main character ends the movie flying toward the camera. The Matrix (1999) is the first.

The massive refining plant within the dark spot on Jupiter is destroyed, which would conceivably have some impact on the spot. In actual fact, about the time that this film was released scientists noted a change in the dark spot, with some scientists speculating that the spot may fade.

Douglas Booth and Eddie Redmayne also appeared in The Pillars of the Earth (2010). In Pillars of the Earth, Douglas Booth's character dies while Eddie Redmayne's character survives. In this film, it's the other way around.