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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was able to see "After the Snow" at the Florida Film Festival. "After the Snow" is poorly acted, pointless, and ghastly for the sake of being ghastly. The film follows a pregnant woman who confronts her attacker at his house. There is no build-up, character development, or underlying message. The director's intent was purely to shock an audience with a thinly construed scenario. The pregnant woman wants revenge and the rapist is deprived. There was a huge hazard of caricature here, and for a film that subsists on a sustained dialogue between two people, poorly acted caricatures ruined the film.

    The cinematography is the all-too-familiar hand-held digital look, color corrected to look bleak and cold. We get it.

    The editing style and production value are both lazy. It felt like an undergraduate school exercise.

    The Jury at the Florida Film Festival should be ashamed to award this film the Special Jury Prize. There were dozens of other short films more deserving of the award.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had a chance to watch "After the Snow" at the Florida Film Festival with an audience.

    The film is hard to watch in the sense that the subject matter is ghastly, but I do feel that MooRampage is a little too harsh in his or her review.

    The hand-held shot-design didn't bother me, and the actors poured their hearts into their performances. The writing seemed natural and unforced, as did the production design. The film is most certainly in the same vein as Winter's Bone, in that it shows us a moment where a character must rise to an occasion.

    It's uncompromising in its portrayal or a rape victim and her attacker. This may make some people uneasy or uncomfortable. Personally, the style is not in line with my own personal sensibilities and tastes, but I do commend its boldness and bravery.

    I highly recommend the film to anyone who would enjoy a film like Winter's Bone.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I got the fortune of seeing this film in Florida Film Festival and I logged on to find out more about the film's actors and director. It was a wonderfully dark, well written piece that leaves you wondering what will happen to its characters and empathizing with them all.

    I thoroughly feel that the other review I read is from a person who didn't agree with the film's win, and perhaps a loss on their film.I say see for yourselves, and know that the director has a history of wins and great reviews and this work only furthers this truth.

    It will leave you with a powerful message, two wrongs make a right? Is justice really served by the end of this film? Morality is in question when this young woman sets out to confront the man who supposedly brutally raped her...