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  • I don't normally bother to write any reviews for films I have watched. But after reading some of the reviews of imbeciles who CLEARLY missed the point of Dabangg, I felt compelled to add my two cents.

    Firstly, to all those people who are bashing Dabangg because it's action scenes are over the top, or it can't decide whether it's an action film/comedy/drama's a you think maybe (just MAYBE) that was the whole point in the first place??

    This is generally the problem with the nouveau Indian cinema goers of the multiplex era. They will happily watch Bruce Willis in Die Hard 4 bring down a helicopter with a taxi cab. They will applaud when Jason Statham drives a car off a bridge and lands it perfectly on to a moving truck in The Transporter. They will not bat an eyelid when Pierce Brosnan drives around in an invisible car in Die Another Day. Uma Thurman single handedly killing a hundred Chinese assassins with a sword in Kill Bill? "Sure, that can happen. And a very good movie from Tarantino" they might say. But GOD FORBID that any Indian movie has action scenes where the hero launches a guy in front of a speeding train and pulls him back just before the train smashes into him. "NOOOOOOO!!!!" they will scream. "That is so stupid!" they will say. "Where is the REALISM?" they will exclaim. A bunch of HYPOCRITES if you ask me! I mean honestly, any person who expects a serious and realistic action film after the first scene in Dabangg where the two main character's names are established as "Chulbul" and "Makkhi" (and after seeing the trailers of the film no less) is, quite frankly, a moron of the highest order.

    Dabangg is a film which doesn't take itself seriously for a single second (which already makes it FAR superior and a more honest effort than the over-hyped Ghajini that took itself ridiculously seriously while at the same time offering NOTHING new). It is what it is; a complete no-brainer masala film. And tell me, what is wrong with that? Reading some of the reviews here about how Dabangg is "taking the Hindi Film Industry backwards" you would think that other film industries all over the world just churn out serious films all the time. NEWSFLASH! They don't (as you can see from the list above). Then there are complaints about how some action scenes are copied from Western films (namely Salman's opening scene resembling Transporter), second NEWSFLASH! Hollywood copies A LOT of it's action scenes from Hong Kong and Chinese cinema all the time. But do you complain about that? Of course you don't. Because you are either ignorant or, as said before, hypocritical. As long as the scene is done well, who cares if it's copied from another film?

    Dabangg sets it's stall out very early on in the proceedings and it has a fabulous kitsch appeal to it. Salman Khan bites into his role with relish and he is clearly having a lot of fun playing Inspector Chulbul Pandey. This material in the hands of other actors might have gone down in flames, but Salman grabs the film by the scruff of it's neck and runs with it. Make no mistake about it, this film is a one-man show and, luckily for us, Salman carries it off with élan. He plays the role of Chulbul with just the right amount of self-mockery (the type of which Shahrukh Khan was aiming for in Om Shanti Om but failed miserably at). There are moans about how actors like Om Puri and Anupam Kher aren't given enough scope, but who cares? Like I said before, this film really doesn't require brilliant performances from secondary characters. Character development is not the agenda here. However, it has to be said that débutant Sonakshi Sinha does perform very well in her (smallish) role.

    Bottom line: if you are expecting an intelligent and realistic action thriller like any of the Jason Bourne series, then avoid Debangg at all costs. With that sort of mindset you are sure to be disappointed. BUT, if you are in the mood for an old fashioned masala movie in the mould of films such as Die Hard 4, Kung Fu Hustle and Desperado, then you are in for a treat. Just sit back, relax, accept the film for what it is (a pure popcorn and purposefully OTT flick) and let Salman Khan entertain you.
  • Abhinav Kashyap's Dabangg was a resounding success, and yet I did not want to watch it. But I ultimately did, and boy am I surprised. This is one typical action-drama-musical-romance Hindi masala movie, but once you start watching it, there's no way you can stop. It's silly, it's ridiculous, it's mad, it lacks a real storyline, but it's so much fun. The movie has great action sequences, fantastic music, an all-star cast, but more than anything it has Salman Khan, who totally delivers in a role that is a caricature of his own image. That's Chulbul Pandey hands down. He's carefree, he's corrupt, he's cruel, he's tough, he's cool, he's got a good heart, and he's dabangg (fearless). He practically encompasses everything that Salman Khan is known for, and the actor wonderfully displays this fun mixture on-screen to create a role he will definitely be remembered for. In many portions, Dabangg works because it's unintentionally hilarious, and the funniest thing about it lies in the fact that it was actually the intention, and that's what makes it so terribly entertaining. And then it has several moments of drama, and they somehow manage to work. In a few words, Dabangg is one of the rarest of it kind, and is one of the best bad movies of recent years. I recommend you to watch it once, and then watch it again, and again, and again...
  • Salman is way too bigger than movies he acts in. It's always about Salman in his movies. He loves to play almost himself and adds his superstar persona in every role he does and people love it and only he can dare it. The only true star of bollywood, rest others are moons, they need good story, good producer and blah blah blah. If you are expecting drama dose with some character artists working in preachy subject or based on a true story or inspired by some popular book, watch something else. This is strictly Bollywood entertainment and the king is entertainment is at his best.

    Salman is a corrupt but golden-hearted police officer in a small town of U.P. He dotes on his mother (Dimple) but hates his stepfather (Vinod Khanna) and stepbrother (Arbaaz Khan). He is at loggerheads with the local politician, Sonu Sood, who sets the two half brothers against one another. Sonakshi is Salman's love interest in the film.

    What's Good: Salman Khan's performance; the songs, particularly Munni badnaam huyi and Tere mast mast do nain; the action and stunts; the humour.

    What's Bad: Not bad, but the story offers absolutely no novelty.

    Verdict: Dabangg will rock at the box-office. A sureshot and a huge hit!
  • Before watching this film i had doubts about if i am wasting my money on it , but no . The movie is worth it . Very rare bollywood films are liked by me and this is one of them . From start to end its filled with entertainment and those who think it has only meaningless comedy , please refresh your mind and go watch it. Comedy is great and the best thing is its not just about comedy but about relationships . Never expected Arbaaz Khan to direct such a great film , Salman Khan's acting was awesome and as the title says was pretty DABANNG . Sonakshi , daughter of Shatrugan Sinha making her debut through this film . She looks very cute in the film , very lovable . She has a good future ahead

    OVERALL REVIEW : A must watch . Some of rare great bollywood films .
  • Dabangg means fearless. Someone who doesn't care a damn! As much as this film doesn't care a damn for any innovative storyline. As much as Chulbul Pandey tries to hide his tears behind his sunglasses, the film tries to camouflage its conventional storytelling behind Salman's style.

    Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan) is a totally fearless but corrupt police officer with unorthodox working methods. He can't stand his stepbrother Makhi (Arbaaz Khan) and detests the dubious Cheedi Singh (Sonu Sood). But when Cheedi tries to put Makhi against Chulbul for his personal gains, the brothers unite to fight back Cheedi.

    Try to find a novel storyline and there is none in Dabangg. Try to find Salman Khan and there is nothing else.
  • 'Dabangg', 'Dabangg', 'Dabangg', 'Dabangg'.... the most-discussed chat of this week, finally has hit the silver-screen! And fortunately, 'Dabangg' lives up to it's gargantuan expectations!

    Let me get this straight: 'Dabangg' is no path-breaking, life-changing cinema. It has an outdated story, which worked big time back in the 1980's, but it's presentation & execution is mind-blowing. This one's an out-and-out mass entertainer, with perfect direction, clap-worthy dialouge, Marvelous Action, Meldious Music & Salman like never before!

    'Dabangg' starts with a bang, slips in the middle, but picks up big time in the final 30-minutes. The climax is bombastic, it's kick-ass & worth whistling. One more thing that works for this film, is that, it's not a violent experience. It has loads of Action, but there's hardly any bloodshed.

    Abhinav's direction is perfect. The Screenplay is Mass-Meant, it has Action, Romance, Comedy & little bit Melodrama. Cinematography is satisfactory. Stunts are marvelous. The Music is a chart-buster!

    In the acting department, Salman is the life of the show. As Chulbul Pandey, he performs fearlessly & leaves you in awe of him. Chulbul Pandey is sure to go down as a legendary character. Sonu Sood is another topper. He excels as the conniving villain. Sonakshi makes a good debut. Dimple is wonderful in a brief role. Arbaaz Khan is decent. Vinod Khanna is able. Om Puri is wasted. Ditto for Anupam Kher. Mahesh Manjrekar is good. Tinnu Anand is effective. Mahi Gill is casual.

    On the whole, The Legend of Chulbul Pandey is worth your time and money. A Fearless, Thumbs Up!
  • Salman was having a no of flops after wanted but in 2010,director Abhinav Kashyap teamed with Salman to give a masala entertainer which changed Salman's career at the box office.Salman became the biggest crowd puller at the box office and even some worst movies like BODYGUARD broke many records at the box office The story of dabangg is very simple.It is about a corrupt police officer who faces challenges from his family, gangsters and politicians.But what made DABANGG stood out was how it was directed.Director Abhinav Kashyap did a fantastic job And what made Dabangg more special is the presence of Salman in an action masala after Wanted.Dabangg was indeed made for Salman.Truly Dabangg is among the best Salman performances.The comedy was also very good.The music "munni badnaam" became an instant hit and had the item girl herself dancing to it.Sonakshi made her debut with Dabangg but had less to do since it is all about the hero All in all DABANGG deserved the success it had at the box office.
  • Undoubtedly this is the second best blockbuster of the year. A mind blowing action film with a best performance by Salman.Everseen best action film after a long time which will entertain all ages of the people.The music is fantastic which will make audiences to enjoy the movie to a great extent. The debut actress is also fantastic.The songs are really superb and a musical hit of the year.Truly one of Salman's best action blockbuster ever seen.The plot even old it is good.Surely this film will make a record in India.The debut director has given his best that people who see this movie will become a fan of him.Definitely an awesome action movie which will do a record in all regions.
  • I saw this film recently, because of all the hype around the film and breaking 3 Idiots' box office records and I could say for the first time, I enjoyed watching Salman Khan in a 'mass' movie!! :) I watch Telugu/Tamil films a lot and when I say 'mass' movie, I mean like masala (songs, fights, dances, senti-scenes, all that good stuff). It was a difference experience watching a Bollywood star do this kind of film, whereas in South India, there are hundreds of films like this one. But still, DABANGG is the BANGG!! I don't like to watch much of Salman khan's films like MAMK, Yuvvraj, films with David Dhawan, etc but this movie was great to see Salman Khan perform. I know there are a lot of cheezy fight sequences and silly dance steps but it was fun to see Salman in it.

    Camera work was really good. Nice brown and reds throughout the film..I did not like the camera-work/Artwork of Salman's previous film WANTED because it looked too colorful..these kinds of movies need to bring down the color..Story is very weak but directions takes over. The movie is only 2 hours, 8 min. so definitely no boring scenes..

    I recommend this film for one and all. Have a Blast!!
  • 9.5 out of 10.

    This movie was such a good movie that I was totally taken back. I always thought Bollywood films were cheap budget project with 0 action but this movie was totally vice versa.

    Salman and Soni played their roles so well romantically along with the perfect action execution that was done.

    This movie contained brotherly love and debate and remains a perfect example of a high quality Bollywood film that would possibly have a chance of being a Hollywood film.

    I recommend watching this movie no matter what. I mean your watching movies for entertainment right? So, go ahead and enjoy this little flick presented by Salman. Indeed there should be a sequel to this movie. Perhaps even more depending on the next film's performance. Amazing. Just amazing.
  • achyutktelang12 September 2010
    What was this about?? The very fact that the characters have the names of Chulbul and Makhi tells it all.

    The very first action scene is copied from Transporter but only done many times worse! In fact all the action scenes are more or less like that. 'Wanted' was so much better. Don't know what some of the good actors were doing in there- Om puri, Dimple Kapadia, Vinod Khanna. Only good thing might be the debut of Sonakshi.

    Nothing more to say.

    They say it has got a great opening and broken 3 idiots record which is ridiculous. Do today's movies only work on hype??
  • buckeyejoe8025 September 2010
    Warning: Spoilers
    My dear Salman and brothers, please quit and do it now ...!!!! After such a ridiculous movie, it comes out very clearly that you people are nowhere close to the class that you once were. Horrible movie / ridiculous story / crappy direction / cheap choreography ....!!! I don't believe that this movie worked at all forget being a big hit. And if it really is, it must be in places like UP / MP / Bihar.....Not in the civilized world. And what is with Malaika doing Item numbers ???? So is old enough to play "MAA" in the daily soaps and these folks are getting her to do Item nos.....HAHAHA !!!

    High time to stop cheapness in movies and start some class and finesse.... Look at Aamir and learn from him ..... People...once again ....stay away from this one
  • Due to his hallmark of unorthodox, meaningful and adroitly narrated movies, Anurag Kashyap would've exiled to Rajasthan's deserts to bury his head in shame after watching his younger brother's entertainer-for-the-masses - 'Dabangg'. While the film goes against the tide of new age cinema, it does one thing better than most films. It entertains. With over-the-top sequences, exaggerated circumstances, incredulous action and Salman Khan at its helm, Dabangg not only explodes with its outlandish style to entertain but garners more money than all of Anurag's films combined.

    One look at Salman's entry in the film and you know what's in store for you. No superhero can walk like him, pack a punch like him or jump over obstacles in one breath. This is Inspector Chulbul Pandey in the hinterland of U.P where the lawless land is a haven for the corrupt. Regardless of his weird mannerisms of placing sunglasses on the back collar, his silly expressions or the brashness under his kindest self, Pandeyji is unmistakably charming. He will tend to let himself loose at times by dancing to Wanted's ring tone that plays on a sidekick's cell phone while he's about to beat the life out of him. Try controlling your laughter at that point. Dabangg draws much of its strength from a screenplay that keeps the action rolling with Salman's presence seldom missed. Witty dialogs in Bhojpuri add the most to the fun element while Salman's rendering of them will leave you craving for more.

    Director Abhinav Kashyap puts Salman Khan in Rajnikant's shoes in action sequences while the film's setting in U.P gives it a grand scope to explore the bhojpuri realm and take advantage of it for entertainment through dialogs and characters. Although the plot is dead simple, it still has enough juice in it to keep its momentum going with action, romance, comedy and Salman's screen presence. There is something about Salman's performance here that may not necessarily be charismatic but it engages you enough to make you whistle even in a multiplex (although this is totally a G7 or Chandan movie). This is Sunny Deol on drugs and Rajnikant revamped for Bollywood. Dabangg is different from 'Wanted' yet similar in Salman's prowess against adversaries.

    The music by Sajid-Wajid-Lalit is hummable with Tere Mast Mast and full of masti with Munni Badnaam and Humka Peeni hai. Reminiscent of 'Omkara's title song is Hud Hud Dabangg with excellent cinematography. Salman in all these songs is a charmer and looks to be enjoying the filming completely. There is no choreography. Just some drinks on- the-house.

    As the unstoppable Macho-man, Salman Khan excels in action sequences. He is, of course known to be stiff and it becomes very apparent while he is dancing but it is fun to watch no doubt, when he lets loose in most songs and just goes wild. Delivering bhojpuri dialogs, threats and romanticism, Salman Khan earns your whistling and hooting. Wanted and Dabangg both would've been catastrophic flops if it weren't for Salman re-inventing himself. Here, he doesn't look like he is out to prove that point. Most of the time, you can see him simply enjoying himself. Arbaaz Khan is passable but could've been sillier to add to the fun as Makhi. Om Puri, Vinod Khanna and Anupam Kher in cameos were superlative while Mahesh Manjrekar delivered a shockingly good performance as a drunkard father. Sonu Sood has been better in 'Jodha Akbar' but he is quite adequate as Chulbul Pandey's adversary. Newcomer Sonakshi Sinha looks beautiful, can put up a straight face pretty well and can compete well against her contemporaries.

    It goes without saying that Dabangg was never going to be an intellectual enricher. This is pure, flawed entertainment and that is how it needs to be enjoyed. The action seems like a spoof of our southern counterparts and therefore, is fun to watch. Dialogues, however rude at times: 'haraamzade se yaad aaya, aapke sasur kaise hai?' are thoroughly laugh worthy and the sensational cinematography around Salman's entry at various points in the film augments his heroism. Considering these factors, Dabangg offers tremendous value for money and is no surprise that it opened to such an overwhelming response. Nevertheless, this is not going to be a revolution in Bollywood but just a passing tide and it better remain that way.

    If you have read this all the way and have now decided to go watch it, then it should suffice to say..... "Kamaal karte ho Pandeyji...!"

    • 8.279 on a scale of 1-10.
  • siddharthkunwar21 September 2010
    Dabanng, as the name goes meaning fearless, the movie is really fearless in making claims that it will hit the audiences well,and trust me it does so.First of all let me tell you that this is not for those who will like to compare it with WANTED, and this is entirely different,because once you start comparing,you cannot enjoy the movie.. Sallu lives up to the expectations,and the film also delivers it. Sonakshi is a pleasant new face in the industry,packed with good acting skills,reminding us of beautiful old age heroins like madhubala etc. Sonu Sood's Presence made the action sequence at the climax more exciting to watch. all in all movie recceives a thumbs up,and it wont let you down. Full On Clean Entertainment.
  • prabhanshuverma13 September 2010
    all that anyone can say about Dabangg is that this is the best and maybe the perfect movie made this year and believe me you wont regret watching this movie at all,in fact you would love it so much that you would probably want to see it again. Now i can go on writing and jabbering a whole page about it or you could just go and check this movie out. Its an entertainer and you will love the experience since Bollywood goes to Hollywood standards, at least as far as the action scenes are concerned and the best part is that this movie doesn't even have the clichés that one would expect from big budget movies. Salman gives his one of his best does Sonu Sood! don't listen to naysayers or the haters after all their names speaks for themselves! Its got a refreshing view on action and comedy so go watch this movie and you will be in for a treat if you like action blended with perfect mix of comedy!! perfect score 10/10
  • Dabangg breaks all the expectations which audience hope with this movie its because of dull story & direction. when i was in theater i felt that i was watching a 'B' grade Bollywood movie. there have no sense that for what the basic theme of movie is pursuing.Is it how Salman look's in dress of cop or how he fight like Murugun?. If we compare Dabangg with Salman's previous movie's where he played role of a cop 'Garv' or 'Wanted' the movie can not stay a sec in front of them. Effort of Anurag Kashyap to make Dabangg is better than Salman's earlier movie wanted is failed and also failed to reveal themselves as a good director. If we talk about the story then every story has some kind of secret and if secret is revealed then all the fun of movie is spoiled. But in Dabangg we missed a secret in story behind that all characters of movie running. Stunts of movie do not relate with reality it shows that Salman is some kind of super hero having super-natural Powers and some of action scene's are copied from other Hollywood movies. when we talking about dialog's the movie doesn't give any single hit dialog as we found in 'Wanted' that "Once I have made commitment after that I can not change for my own." Some of characters of movie are wasted as Dayal Babu(Anupam Kher),Prajapati Pandey(Vinod Khanna) & Mahesh Manjerekar. Story of the movie relates from 1970's to 1980's Bollywood films stories just simple & easy.A children can assume whats going in next or last. "The Overall review Of movie is if you expect that its repeat the terror,secret,fame & victory of 'Wanted' then Don't go to watch this movie its totally waste of time & money." And If there is no option for another movie then you go for Dabangg otherwise you'll feel like a fool after watching this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I got persuaded by my wife to see it based on all the hype and hoopla generated. However it turn out bigger dud than i expected. I wonder what critics saw here to reward 3, 3.5, 4 out of 5, but to me it was a movie without any soul and character.

    Salmaan khan proves again that he can't do any justice to a movie unless in hand of a seasoned director. Sonakshi was just an eye candy and probably this is the biggest break she can get. She has got looks but her dialog deliver and emotional were avoidable.

    I was amazed to see what a marketing hype can do. There were loads of families thronging theater as if they are about to witness a master piece. for 2hr 15min it was pin drop silence in the darkened hall with only a few chuckles here and there. I could easily see people loosing interest and playing with their mobile phones.

    The only high being music, but I would have better spent my Rs 180 on a Dabang CD than watching and wasting my time in the theater.
  • If Anurag Kashyap redefined Bollywood standards with his off-beat movies, here is his antithesis in the form of his brother.

    Brilliant direction with popular tunes and hold-onto-your-popcorn-fellas dialogs, Dabang is a study in the art of making caricatures. It is unusual, at least with the audience being intelligent now, for an actor to pull off a movie solely on his charisma. Salman Khan is the man, make no mistake about it.

    Dabang not only captures the zeitgeist of rural UP with its topical dialogs but renders an otherwise dark aspect of life outrageously funny. Don't expect any high-brow insights here, this is sheer ribaldry. Salmaan, Salmaan and more Salmaan. this is the Wild West of India, where every character has a mouth and can dodge bullets with élan. None of your high heeled sophistication here.

    The idea is old, two step-brothers, one favored and the other relentless for love and acceptance. Sonakshi Sinha would have been better off with a more substantial role, though. Music is average, with a couple of songs made in the typical Bollywood Masala style. This is a movie where the hero's shirt doesn't follow the laws of Physics, this is a movie where poor potter has her hair layered and wears more paint then the toys she makes, this is a movie that oozes bollywood in its every frame.

    Watch it if you need a break from life, but don't expect anything intellectually stimulating.
  • I was avoiding it for a long time but atlast watched as I had heard enough of the hype. Now I just don't know what to say. Am truly astonished how they won so many awards for it. Well I wonder how many movies they copied from. Mmmmm Inglourious Basterds, Matrix, Desperado, Planet Terror, The Transporter, Sherlock Holmes, The Dark Knight, Romeo must Die, District B 13, Kill Bill of what I know and etc etc. There is no character development and they have not tried to characterize any other character than Chulbul Pandey's. Dialogs are pathetic for me. There is no scene where I could laugh. Action scenes are much more pathetic and its foolish to say that why can't we like such scenes in bollywood if we like such mindless action in Hollywood movies. The answer is simple they are screened with perfection making them realistic with efficient direction. Abhinav Kashyap here simply tries to grab the style of Tarantino and place it exactly over his project but he even could not do that. Sonakshi Sinha has nothing to do with the movie and it would not have mattered at all if they removed her completely. She should at least learn to speak the dialogs if she's been given two or so. There is practically no script involved and its like someone wrote a story in childhood over which they tried to make a movie.Especially the climax is where you'll wanna bang your head. On whole the movie is below average. Songs are nice and are only savior. It got the hype of Salman and became a blockbuster. Obviously Salman fans must love it but others stay away from it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    EXPECTATIONS - Just log on to any Ticket Booking Site and you will get the answer. Maximum shows of this weekend is houseful already. After the path breaking success of "WANTED" last year, nobody's gonna miss Salman Khan at his macho best this year. The stylish promos have also influenced the public for this flick. After 3 Idiots and Khan, This one was the most expected movie this year and nobody would have give a damn to miss this one. And If I come to Sallu fans, no wonder, they may see this movie again and again the same day after watching the first show.

    Good And Bad - The fight between them was a common plot in 60's to 80's. It used to entertain the viewers when Good almost defeated Bad, but Bad abruptly strikes against Good but at last Good wins. This grown up to masala movies at a time by adding Comedy, Romance, Emotional Scenes etc. etc. in it. Bollywood recalls that genre again this decade in a fully masaledaar manner in assistance with Salman as The Symbol Of Good & Tough.

    Ghajini, Wanted, A Wednesday etc. are the masterpieces this century representing the Social/Action genre. Dabangg brings back the macho feel in bollywood long time after where Action holds no bar and Dialogues no limit. Dabangg is the type that will make the college gores dance, whistle, shout, clap and also present the other audiences two hour of complete fun ride with excessive good dialogues, distinctive action sequences and peculiar scenes of which some contain enjoyable humor.

    The story revolves around Laalgunj, Uttar Pradesh(Which is said Lawless in the trailer) where crime, politics and socialism is at one place and police, government, administration is at the other place. Here in Laalgunj, Prajapati Pandey is the head of PANDEY Family where his own son Makhanchand Pandey(Arbaaz Khan), Wife Naini Pandey(Dimple Kapadia) and his step son, the extraordinary being of the family Inspector Dabangg(Fearless)Chulbul Pandey(Salman Khan) are the members. Chulbul never liked his step-father and step-brother which was unlikable for his mother. His mother was the only reason he lives in the same house with his step ones. When Naini died, Chulbul was thrown out of his house. Meanwhile, his love interest Rajo(Sonakshi Sinha) and he got married and were hopefully living happily in Chulbul's government given house when Chhedi Singh(Sonu Sood), supporter of MLA Dayal(Anupam Kher) & his troops were desperate to demolish Chulbul. The Fight between Good & Bad starts here which passes through many depressive & heroic moments.

    In an action movie, a Hero always steals the eyeballs but in Dabangg, separately everyone delivered a commendable performance. Arabaaz as Makkhi(Chulbul's Bro), Sonu as Chhedi Singh and Dimple Kapadia in a small role of Chulbul and Makkhi's mother deserve appreciation. Meanwhile, Sonakshi as a Debutant was allover fare and did a well job in her sweet, soundless and unimportant role.

    Younger brother of famous and appreciated director, Anurag Kashyap, The director of the movie Abhinav Singh Kashyap deserves great applause for embodying his and Dileep Shukla's fully masala-maarke story. The Dramatic & emotional scenes were handled quite well when he tried his best to avoid over-drama in some places. Action by R. Vijayan was fantastic in a word because it holds many sequences that will make the viewers wow at places. Dialogues which are also a element to take care of in a action entertainer had a newness and hardcore attitude in it which will be greatly greeted by Claps And Whistles by the audience especially, "Hum Tum Mein Itne Chhed..." & "Un Kamino Ka Main Bhagwan Hoon".

    Composing music for a action entertainer is a tough job, but Sajid-Wajid does a splendid job by some foot tapping numbers like "Humka Peeni Hai" & "Hudd Hudd Dabangg", Soulful numbers like "Tere Mast Mast Do Nain", "Chori Kiya Re Jiya" and a Super Dance number "Munni" which is composed by Lalit Pandit.

    Salman Khan was the one and only reason to run theatres and let me tell you that he bosses the movie all the way. When it comes to masses and heroic dialogue throwing, None other than Salman can handle it perfectly. Dabangg also adds to his blockbusters and the reason is none other than himself. Many known names like Om Puri, Anupam Kher, Mahesh Manjrekar, Mahie Gill, Murli Sharma & Tinu Anand holded very unimportant role in the whole movie but they did their best they could to hold the roles they were given. Especially, Malaika Arora Khan was the apple of the eye in the "Munni" song sequence.

    Allover, Dabangg is a full on masala entertainer with action in its heart and good dialogues in assistance with superhit performances and music in the side. The opening of the flick will be huge and at last it will stay as a remarkable investment for the distributors in their life. It will create a great hubbub in the box-office defeating the collections made by other movies this ace. It's Salman all the way and if you are a die-hard fan of his massive avatar, you just can't miss this one. The people who are not so fond of masala-mardhaar movies can try their luck for a splendid time-pass. For others, this one's strongly Recommended. Final Word? Dabangg is a first-class entertainer with captivating essentials in assistance with formidable violence and fearlessness in it. It's not to be missed for any excuse.
  • If you love and yearn for the bollywood masala of the yesteryears, then look no further than Dabangg. I do not remember the last time I went to a movie theater and actually whistled at a hero's entry/dialogues/dance. For Sallu Bhai I did all three. Make no mistake, its a very thin plot, almost non existent, its made with a purpose, and that is to provide Salman Khan the canvas to prove his screen presence. And he has made the most of it!

    Set in the backdrop of rural UP, Sallu Bhai for the first time acts in a bhojpuri avatar as Chulbul Pandey, a corrupt but good at heart police wallah. You got the typical filmi elements...larger than life villain in the form of politician Sonu Sood as Cheddi Singh, evil step father (Vinod Khanna, wasted in this role is what I feel, he is too classy for this stuff), bumbling step bro Arbaaz Khan. There is even the typical item song to round it off! Incidentally, thats the highlight of the movie! Watch this movie for Sallu unleashed, playing himself...dancing to unchoreographed steps. The mischievous brat we adore!
  • subir_vit13 September 2010
    Please guys, avoid watching this movie. Utter waste of time and money. All i can think of is over-acting of Sallu and mindless PJs. Also, everything seems so fake be it people living or dying. The chic has a nice body (the only good part of the movie).Please do not be misled by the high ratings it has received from some of Sallu fans and idiots.Its shameful for actors like Om Puri, Anupam Kher and Mahesh Manjkrekar to be a part of such flicks to earn their bread and Butter. Arbaaz needs to settle down with his wife and save the audience the pain. This movie takes me back to Jewel Thief days when Dev Anand was let loose and he killed the audience with overacting and stupid talk and walk.

    I hope Bollywood comes up with sensible and original movies in future. People please stop patronizing such crap in the name of entertainment.
  • Some robbers celebrate their success in their hideout after a daring heist, only for one man to come knocking on their door, a lowly police officer whom we think will intervene and bring justice to his town in Uttar Pradesh. Like a western film, he's a one man show taking on every thug in a no nonsense, no holds barred fashion, employing deadly force without remorse, and blessed with the skills seen by the Transporter with a hosereel, Neo's bullet time technique in the dodging of bullets, Ong Bak's Muay Thai knees to chest, and well, even The Incredible Hulk at a much later point in the film!

    That in itself should indicate the attitude Dabangg adopted, especially when during the intense introductory fight sequence the proceedings got interrupted by a thug's mobile phone ring tone, and the cop pauses to dance a little jig, before adding that he likes the tune so much it should be sent to his mobile. Directed by Abhibnav Kashyap and co-written by Dilip Shukla, the filmmakers have created an awesome alpha male type whose shoulders they firmly rely on to carry the film from start to end, and rightly differentiated itself from the tons of cop films available from Indian cinema with having a character that lives and breathes its title Dabangg (Fearless), alongside being an awkward romantic, a filial son to his mother, and pretty much multi-faceted in all dimensions.

    The character of Chulbul Pandey is one of the most charismatic that I've seen coming out of Bollywood recently, and Salman Khan adds his own fine touches to make him really over the top, complete with an unmistakable swagger, attitude and wit. Chulbul instantly becomes one of my favourite anti-heroes, whose threat made to his enemies include the pumping of so many slugs into their bodies that they won't know which hole to use for breathing and farting! But from the onset we know that he's not an honest cop, giving himself the moniker of Robin Hood because he robs from his prey, and well, pretty much keeps the loot for himself, sharing some spoils with his colleagues. Rather than getting promotions for his many successful exploits, he prefers to live life as it is with his lowly paid job and a bunch of merry men type colleagues, where his reputation is stratospheric amongst the local community, and being quite the go-to cop to assist the down and the trodden.

    Dabangg is a play up on the corrupt cops and politicians in India, and it's done in an extremely cartoony manner that provides sheer entertainment in the form of its kinetic action done with a tinge of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, and plenty of over the top moments for laughter. It ribs counterparts' cop films, though never disrespectful. If you think that Indian films have rather exaggerated fight choreography, perhaps the treatment that this film adopts will change your mind about it, and adds a lot of fun and colour to a film that doesn't take itself too seriously when it comes to entertaining the masses with some over the top action that as a finale, seemed like that of a typical epic Western shoot-em-ups with plenty of explosions thrown in for good measure. In fact, there are plenty of Western elements put into the film, from action as mentioned, to even the music - Udd Udd Dabangg remains my favourite from the film for its cheesy looking moves that tells us in one song, just what Chulbul stands for.

    Central to its story are a few sub plots running in parallel, involving Chulbul's falling in love with and the romancing of the headstrong Rajo (Sonakshi Sinha in a film debut), the Pandey family problems with the non-recognition from his step dad Prajapati Pandey (Vinod Khanna) to whom his mom (Dimple Kapadia) marries, and his step brother Makkhi (Arbaaz Khan), a non too bright, good for nothing who finds support in Chulbul's political enemies. Yes, politics does get mixed up into the film, with corrupt, power hungry politicians (Sonu Sood) looking to consolidate power, with everyone not hesitating to seek out the point man in the community to collaborate with, in a mutually beneficial partnership sealed with hush-hush yet open secrecy. Being the man with the plan, Chulbul has his hands full, and it's half the fun just to see how he solutions each situation primarily for one man's benefit - himself, especially when enemies come at him both from within his family, and externally.

    I can continue to wax lyrical about Salman Khan's performance, and I will be honest to admit I haven't been quite convinced with his roles in Veer and London Dreams, though I must say this role of his has converted me into a fan. He plays up the caricature of Chulbul really well, achieving a spectrum of emotions required and delivered where it mattered - the action sequences, to put his rippling muscles to good use, when not kept under wraps in his impossible tight uniform, slicked hair, pencil thin moustache, and a pair of large shades he has a penchant to hang backwards on his collar, for a reason you have to watch the film to find out! Not every actor has natural charisma, but Salman Khan here just oozes plenty as he makes this role his own.

    Dabangg swaggers its way into my shortlist of some of the best films this year. Do yourself a favour, especially if you are in need for a film that strikes that fair balance between seriousness, comedy and great entertainment!
  • DABANGG – CATCH IT ( A ) Dabangg is really taporish and complete Bollywood masala movie, which never disappoints. The actions sequences of the movie are remarkably done in South Indian movies style just like before in Salman Khan's super block buster movie "Wanted". The End fight between Salman Khan & Sonu Sood is simply outstanding. Salman Khan has rocked the new Avatar and showed how immensely entertaining he has become over the time. From his first movie till Dabangg he has shocked us with great roles and performances and Dabangg is surely one of the best performances of his career. I loved every part of the movie; sometimes it's better to watch plain full on fun movie rather than smart and clever ones. Salman Khan is the soul of the movie and he is stronger than ever. New comer Sonakshi Sinha is really gorgeous though she doesn't have much dialogue still she impresses. Suno Sood is always delightful to watch, immensely talented actor and finally getting his due though in negative or supporting roles but still really strong ones. Dimple Kapadia is first rate, simply Amazing. Arbaaz Khan, Vinod Khanna and Mahie Gill are fine. The music of the movie is enjoyable and two songs stand out. Salman & Sonakshi's "Tere Mast Mast dou Nane" & Malaika Arora Khan's Item Number" Munni Badnam". The Item Song is simple remarkable, makes you wanna groove along with it. Overall a great full on action, comedy and masala movie. A must be seen by every one!
  • I would have been less disappointed with the movie, had I not known about the record collections (>14Cr)!!

    To start with, the story is weak in first place. Direction is so feeble and there is no connection from scene to scene. Salman's role is improperly established and his stand always appears volatile. Clichéd dialogs test your patience. They copied (or at least tried to copy) action scenes from Hollywood movies...not to mention how they spoofed the very first Transporter fight in a crappy way. Sumos in climax fight are absolutely unnecessary. Too many stunts with Sallu's goggles, Rayban ad or what?

    Another interesting aspect is...this movie (story, up to an extent and some action scenes too) were inspired from some south-Indian movies. Many big actors got wasted due to inadequate screen presence and unimportant roles...No one knows what Om Puri, Mahesh Manjrekar and Anupam Kher are even doing out there. My rating goes up to 4 due to few positive factors like débutante Sonakshi, good background music, and Sonu Sood's performance. 'Munni' song is refreshing.

    Beware! Don't let the hype fool you!!
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