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  • I am an avid fan of the Addams family, and rewatch their movies each Halloween season. When I saw there was to be an animated re-make, I pictured it to be a mixture of the timelessness of their previous films and the entertainment of The Nightmare Before Christmas - fun for the whole family. However, as a young adult, I was not in the least bit entertained. The story line was definitely created for children, depicting the importance of inclusion/acceptance and family bond. Which I'm sure is very important for the younger generations. Yet I just was unable to connect with my long-standing enthusiasm for the Addams family during this movie.
  • This adaptation completely disregards (or forgets??) who the Addams' are, and the charm is gone.

    The Addams Family are - as the song goes - mysterious and spooky. They delight in the macabre, BUT are unaware that other people find them bizarre or frightening. THAT'S THE COMEDY OF THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE.

    This adaptation slaps the franchise in the face and gives us a fluffy, cheery and unrecognizable versions of the characters we've loved for years.

    This family is desperate to fit in with the rest of society. They're aware of their own gags. Lurch plays pop music. Grand-mama (called Grandma in this version) even says she loves her Grandkids and has the hots for Fabio. Pugsley is just an annoying kid like any other. I don't know who these characters are, but they are not The Addams Family.

    The story is flat and the villain-turned-voyeur is just bizarre.

    The illustration style is taken from the original 1930's comic strips - which is a great touch - but nothing else, and I mean NOTHING else works here.
  • The Addams family 2019 is a very run of the mill animated film that ends up feeling very average. Being a major fan of The Addams Family from the original films from the 90s I was really disappointed with the film. Our story follows the entire Addams family years after they have moved into their mansion being hidden there for years after being chased away by angry civilians. Now since to a new house flip tv show, they are discovered with the show host wanting to destroy their house to make it fit in with the neighborhood. On top of that Pugsly Addams is having to prepare to do a famous sword pattern that is a tradition to prove he is truly an Addams. In front of the entire Addams family and all their relatives. This subplot with Pugsly is one of many there is even another one about Wednesday Addams trying to fit in at school becoming an issue with the film having too many subplots. The main message of the film is one we have heard 100 times with accepting people in your town who are different because we are all unique in our own ways. This is a good message for kids but the message is shoved in way too much, and they don't reinvent the presentation of the message in any way, or try anything new to make it more interesting. I thought the film never fully did the characters justice especially the family relationship aspect. It had a few great performances that being Chole Grace Moretz as Wednesday Addams and Charlize Theron as Morticia Addams. Some of the imagery can be pretty cool with the house, using the character designs from the original comic strip and some scenes have good humor. Major issues with the film are in the story being extremely basic and not taking many risks. With like I mentioned earlier way too many subplots that can be extremely uninteresting. Overall The Addams family ends up being just okay with a few good moments sprinkled throughout but having an extremely basic story and not going all the way with the family's classic humor, dark style.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There was glimpses in the film that reminded me of the traditional Addams family. But truly the entirety of this film tried way too hard & completely missed the mark. It was extremely cringey & upsetting for anyone who grew up with the traditional Addams family. From the soundtrack to the film which was absurdly pop-y & so obviously forced into the film to reach the younger generation. To the voice actors chosen, Chloe Grace is too bubble gum & you could feel how awkward & forced it was for her to voice someone out of her range, Charlize Theron who constantly applied peaks & valleys during her lines that made Morticia seem stuck up & judgmental, Issac as Gomez was a plain flop, Finn as Pugsley was too "leave it to beaver", but Nick Kroll did fantastic as Uncle Fester. The voice actors chosen were sadly picked to be a star cast to bring in their large, mainstream fan base but they are typecast actors at their core. The plot of of the film being Wednesday wanting to go mingle & meet with the people in the city far below but couldn't because her parents are being controlling over her to never leave their home because their criticized for being monsters sounds too familiar. Because it is. This plot for an "angsty" teen girl to go against her parents has been over done & was most recently done in the first film of the Hotel Transylvania series. When in other Addams Family medias, they are portrayed as individuals who applaud differences & are confident in who they are that they don't want or need to hide. No Addams thinks they're above any other Addams, like the one ancestor judging Pugsley for his monster barmitzvah. Deeply disturbed by the Addams allowing their house to be painted pink because the most cited quote from Morticia is that black is such a happy color. If anything, instead of doing a played out children's theme for the movie, I would've enjoyed it more if they took a plot idea from one of the episodes from the original series to build a movie around. I appreciated the animation style to match Charles Addams original New Yorker style & grandmama being Gomez's mother like it was originally vs being Morticia's in later medias. I also appreciated the ending scene doing the exact intro sequence for the 1964 tv show, that was a good nod to the show. But the mark was sadly so missed, if they took more time to establish a better soundtrack that fit the Addams family, picked voice actors based on talent that properly suited the Addams family & what they stand for (not because of their fame or relevancy at the time), & created a plot that followed the morals & values of the Addams family that wasn't so cheesy, forced & absolutely incorrect with the Addams family nature, then they would've done great. And if you're questioning the validity or nature of the the reviewer, this is a review from a girl who as a child idolized Wednesday Addams & wanted to be her when she grew up, never a Disney princess.
  • The intention here is obviously to introduce a new generation to the Addams Family. The film starts completely fresh and tells the origins of the entire family as a stand alone film. As someone who grew up watching the 90s films, cartoons, and re-runs I actually didn't mind this. They presented a straightforward well contained story that has plenty of jokes for both children and adults, which I laughed at enough of to stay entertained throughout the film.
  • I kept wanting it to be funny. I was cheering it on "ok, be funny now" or something. Anything. With the amazing cast this movie has I thought they could pull something off. They didn't.
  • Blk_Ne19017 June 2020
    I don't really have any nostalgic memories of The Addams Family movies from the 90s. I have seen them but only recently and i thought they were both great but i don't have that nostalgic love for them like others.

    People who loved the old movies seem to hate these movies and i can agree. It wa very very basic. I know its a children's film but so were the 90s ones but they were wrote great, the actors were fab and this is just chock full of things i hate about recent children's movies like stupid pop culture things, over use of phones and like social media. I get it these are big things for kids but it is so pandering and you can tell its like an adult writing it that's like "You know what kids love Tock Tic and Twittergram so lets have people in the movie love social media and instead of people using an actual on fire touch in a mob scene lets have them have pictures of lit torches on their phones because kids will find that hilarious".

    The other issue plaguing children's movies these days which this movies suffers from is stunt casting. I get it, it helps sell tickets but some of the voices just don't work. Finn Wolfhard just doesn't fit well as the voice of Puglsey and he isn't the only one i didn't enjoy Nick Kroll as Uncle Fester he was just annoying to me where as Christopher Lloyd makes him a loveable oaf-type.

    This movie was also very unfunny. I know i am not the target audience but the jokes were just like ??? i can't imagine that people thought that they would be funny even to a child.

    It is a children's film so i didn't expect much and its like fine. Your kids might like it especially if they have no reference for The Addams family prior. I do think people who like The Addams Family property will not like this film though as it removes the darkness and sarcastic nature of other incarnation and replaces it with a very basic story.
  • The plot was lame, and pretty much a remake of the first Addams family movie, they could have done so much more. Wasn't funny and the characters were rather muted. Morticia and Gomez were particularly one dimensional.

    The animation was pretty average, I didn't really like the art style much.
  • canttiion26 October 2019
    I took my 2 younger brothers to go see this since we all had time off from school and wanted an excuse to binge eat movie theater popcorn- this movie is made for literal children, im talking 5-8 year olds. we're all in our teens so its somewhat expected, but the PG rating was enough to convince us that there might be some actually funny stuff. there's are a few jokes here and there that are laughable for older audience members, but the movie as a whole isn't very exciting. they stress the idea of accepting the 'outsiders' so much that it loses the whole macabre spooky Halloween type movie feel, and instead its like the Minions trying to befriend normal people. the animation is predictable and fine but the stylistic choices and overall art style is VERY ugly, and not in a charming Tim Burton or Hotel Transylvania type of way. one of my brothers compared the whole family to 'fancily dressed crackheads' after the movie and we laughed. at least Morticia looks okay. Gomez just looks like Hitler. just wait for this to come out on Netflix or something
  • Look, I like kids films. Simple, funny. Pixar nails it, Illumination is a close second, but I'll say that even the subpar Abominable was better than this. This was...what? Halloween? A dig on HGTV? A chance for actors to make a paycheck between blockbusters by lending their voices to make a decent cast? I rate kids movies based on the reactions by my kids. I've never seen my kid sit for 90 minutes waiting for a punchline then look at me wondering if we're supposed to leave or stay for the movie to make a point.
  • Bad watch, won't watch again, and can't recommend.

    I like the Addams Family, conceptually, and I enjoy the live action movies, but this seems maximize everything I dislike about the Addams Family and minimize all the things I do like. And even then, the movie is widely inconsistent. It basically does whatever it wants whenever it wants without regard to the established rules.

    This was something that the previous iterations did with some finesse, they always left some mystery to what the rules were, but it never contradicted itself.

    The aesthetic alone feels pretty grating, and they use it as an excuse to do things that don't make any sense to facilitate the gags, but it again eludes what makes the Addams Family special, that it is weird and crazy things happening in reality.

    While I do like the attempt to modernize the movie, it ruins some great potential to extend the universe and create new characters in the next generation of things: something more movies need to do.

    Overall, this movie is just irritating, it has some basic structure to it, but the content is just dull.
  • I'm a huge Addams family fan, and this movie completely missed the mark. I think the whole story of "don't treat people badly because they are different" is great!, however the charm is completely lacking and overall just plain boring. I found myself squirming in the theater and even falling asleep. I'll put it this way..I'd choose to watch it over Addams family reunion...but not over any other Addams family adaptation
  • What used to be a childhood favorite, The Addams Family fails to recreate, or even build, the classic family. The main focus is on a gimmicky culture shaming plot, which focuses on Pugsley and Wednesday finding their identities. Save your money.
  • I thought this was a horrifyingly good time. I thought it was funny and got some genuine laughs out of me. Yes, there are jokes that are going to be more geared towards kids like fart jokes for is a family movie afterall. But plenty little nods and winks for the adults to enjoy as well. It had nice message to it as well..embracing people for who they are and all, and there was some possible coding in the movie that I thought was interesting too. I didnt bring any kids with me but this was plenty of them in my theater and they seem to be quite engaged with the story and were laughing along with it. There were a couple of things - mostly character wise - that didnt always ring true. Like at one point (as Wednesday is going through a bit of rebellious phase) decides to run away...and you'd think the family would like that sort of thing considering how opposite they are to modern society. But they don't. That didnt really detract from my overall enjoyment though.

    Other things I liked, I thought the cast did a good job. Most notably Charlize Theron as Morticia and Chloe Grace Moretz as Wednesday. I really thought they had the essence of their characters down. If I had to pick a weak link, I'd say Finn Wolfhard. Its not that he's bad....but it felt like he could be voicing anyone, you know. There wasnt a moment where I felt "Yes, that's Pugsley".

    Overall, it was cute and I enjoyed it. And I think this will be a fun movie to re-visit.
  • elmerflp18 October 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    How anybody could attempt another mining of the rich Addams Family comic vein and come up with something this boring and pathetic is beyond me. Gomez strikes out. Morticia strikes out. Pugsley is mildly funny. Wednesday not so much. The interior-designer villain (Margaux Needler) is dumb. I don't think I got one chuckle from the whole film. Sad.
  • daniellawsonrt12 October 2019
    Watered down, "safe" and completely bland version of The Addams Family. This is what you end up with and deserve in the PC culture we live in now. No one is offended and no one is entertained. Boring....
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It kind of stays true to the movies of Paramount and the TV show of the original show

    But it shows that the daughter Wednesday yearns for a more better life outside of his goth style house and family that were trying to protect had and her brother Pugsley from being hurt like Morticia and Gomez did centuries ago.

    The parents mean well but do not want to see their children hurt. But by chance, Wednesday meets Parker the lonely daughter of a spoiled brat H.G.T.V. hostess like Margeaux whom is the main antagonist of the film.

    It shows you should never judge people on the outside. As they are not all bad. And that they just want to be family despite being different. From both sides.

    A lot of so so reviews. But I am a kid at heart. And really kind of stays true to the original TV show and the Paramount movies. But has a different kind of soul there.

    Will not win awards but really shows you never judge a book by it's cover like.
  • Yep you can blame the new Hollywood for putting a film devoid of humor but full of political bashing. Subliminal hints of toxic masculinity, feminism and conservative bashing. It seems unless you're depicting everything wrong with America it won't be watched by audiences. Wow when can we start making humor funny again without the political overtones!
  • rcyoung-0242612 October 2019
    I have been a big fan of the Addams Family since I saw the first movie, and looked forward to seeing this on the big screen.

    The movie was OK. It was an entertaining hour and a half, but it does not inspire repeated viewing. It actually seems more appropriate as a movie pilot for a new children's show than it does for a movie.

    The people who created this obviously had a lot of love for the property, and seemed to have fun with it, which translates well to the screen. But coupled with the thin plot and less than stellar design, there is a lot to be desired.

    One bright spot was the first 10 minutes, which served as a sort of an origin story for the clan. I really wish that they had gone that route instead of the by the numbers route they chose for their final product.
  • This movie reminded me so much of the 2012 version of The Lorax. It was a bland, uninspired rehashing of something we all know and love, created for the sole purpose of making money. With the same run of the mill "family friendly" animation we've all seen a hundred times. It even smashes you over the head with it's lesson in the same way.

    First of all, the characters are beyond ugly. Morticia and Lurch were the only ones who looked decent and Gomez was the worst of all. In a movie where everything else is bland and washed of originality seeing random characters who looks that gross and greasy is nothing less than a shock. At first I thought it was to contrast the pretty plastic people in town, but many of them look just as hideous as the Addams family,

    Second of all, the message. Honestly the fact that they took the "be yourself" message and included the Addams family themselves in it was a nice twist, instead of having the towns people be the only bad guys. However it's difficult to appreciate that when the only reason the towns people ever show up is to drill the point home, they literally sing a song with the lyrics "why be yourself when you can be just like every body else!" if you couldn't tell, subtly is not this movies strong point.

    Third, the jokes were boring, they were the exact same LOOK HOW WACKY THIS FAMILY IS which is alright but when it's the only joke the movie knows how to tell it gets boring. Also there was a really weird foot fetish joke thrown in that made no sense. I only laughed once in the whole movie and that was because they made a joke about divorce that came out of nowhere and it surprised me.

    Fourth, Snoop Dog. Who was in the movie as cousin IT however his voice is jumbled and pitched up, so you can't tell it's him unless you know already. That just makes it so much clearer that they only called him in to have his name on the box and make more money.

    And lastly, the song that played at the end credits was atrocious, it sounded like an old Pitbull song, which if you couldn't tell, doesn't exactly fit the Addams family too well.

    Overall the movie is harmless and if you need to shut a kid up for a couple hours this should do the trick. But don't waste your time on this movie if you're over the age of 11.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw "The Addams Family", starring the voices of Oscar Isaac-Poe Dameron in the Star Wars movies, The Bourne Legacy; Charlize Theron-Atomic Blonde, The Legend of Bagger Vance; Chloe Grace Moretz-Greta, The Equalizer; Allison Janney-Mom_tv, 10 Things I Hate About You and Finn Wolfhard-the new It movies, Stranger Things_tv. This is an animated version of the 1938 popular Charles Addams series of cartoons about a ghoulish family that moves to New Jersey. There was a live action tv series and a few live action movies and animated tv series and specials over the years but this is the first animated theatrical release. Oscar voices the father of the family Gomez, Charlize is his wife Morticia, Chloe is their daughter Wednesday and Finn is their son Pugsley, each with their own twisted behaviors and mannerisms. After moving to New Jersey-they had problems with their neighbors in the old country-the Addams family try to fit in but Allison, the local celebrity, doesn't make it easy for them. The character artwork is influenced by the original 1938 cartoons and there is plenty of the ghoulish style of humor that you are probably familiar with from previous incarnations. There are also other cameo voices you might recognize-Snoop Dogg, Bette Midler, Nick Kroll and Martin Short just to name a few. Whether you are a fan-I am-or not, you should enjoy this interpretation. It's rated "PG" for macabre and suggestive humor and some action and has a running time of 1 hour & 27 minutes. I enjoyed it and would buy it on DVD.
  • sukmydikbeaotch28 July 2020
    This is absolutely the worst adaptation of the addams Family and being a long time fan of the original comic and tv show this movie makes the 90s remake look great and even then they messed up a few things...I hate this version of the family
  • This one lands in my bottom 10 of all time. The animation was fine but the script was thin, everything was completely predictable, and all of the humor had been done better somewhere else. This felt more like a straight to DVD type thing.
  • elizabethvaiana12 October 2019
    It's a children's film and it was great. I laughed, people around us were laughing. It was funny, had life lessons on acceptance and was kooky like it's supposed to be. Anyone who is hating on this movie has problems and just has to deal with hater issues.
  • deothor25 December 2019
    Story is pretty generic, not mind-blowing but not terrible.

    But Jesus Christ those character designs are atrocious. And not in "addams atrocious", but just god awful. I just couldn't focus on anything else than those caricatures moving and talking.

    And I know whoever made this could have done better, All other animations in the movie are amazingly good... But god damn, they have went with just most obnoxious shapes with eyes and mouths
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