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  • Marda Kaleeko's "Imperfect Angels" series for Girlfriends Films has its merits as a soap opera with ongoing story-line and continuing characters. This deficient 5th episode presents four vignettes that are stand-alone, a fact telegraphed by the DVD listing four different shooting dates extending over a 5-month period.

    Much verbiage is devoted, in vain, to recalling previous liaisons and attempting to knit the action together, all in the form of gossip. So the opening scene has Daisy Layne telling friend Kurious (aptly named porn beauty for this "listening" role) about the bad behavior of her step-mom Magdalene and establishing rather ineptly the series gimmick of a form of Church-run "deprogramming" courses wherein ladies are brought back from the temptations of lesbianism to the straight and narrow. (Both Girlfriends Films and the Canadian label Gamma (Bree Mills as principal producer) whose product it distributes constantly hammer away at religion's antagonism with the LBGTQ community, a tired and dumb refrain.)

    Kurious' all-over tan is a turn-on as she eventually succumbs to Daisy's seductive ways, making for an arousing curtain-raiser after the dull yammering ends.

    Next vignette ambiguously presents, out of nowhere, busty blonde Abbey Brooks as Sam Ryan's mansion roommate, with sex between them inevitable despite Sam's reluctance. Their conversation constantly refers to "mom and dad" with definite implication that they are sisters, making that sex into incest. This is a sexually satisfying sequence, but very poorly scripted by Marda, especially since Abbey does not figure in the series in earlier or later episodes.

    A strange scene follows, that seems to be just a dangling dream sequence and doesn't fit at all into the rest of the DVD. It consists of Faye Reagan asleep, and presumably dreaming of sex with her step-mom Magdalene St. Michaels. It's just filler, and the script merely namedropping Faye and Magdalene in the mouths of the other characters is hardly enough justification for its inclusion here.

    Finale has an actress I'm unfamiliar with - Lisa Neils - seduced by the fascinating Dana DeArmond, again after endless gossip about Maggie. Lisa resembles lesbian icon Heather Starlet, but IMDb's listing of her resume indicates she's another graduate of bondage/fetish (and even tickling) video junkers.